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  1. The Crown’s response to the Proposal of Senntisten “For prosperity, we must engage with the average civilian.” 17th of Malin’s Welcome, 1655 After convening with one Michael Dingleberry, had both he, and Constantine Horen discussed the proposal set forth by the citizen of Senntisten. Ergo, the following is a written statement of recognition, and so that the populace of the Crown of Renatus-Marna may also read the discussion had between the Crown Prince and citizen. I. His Royal Highness, Constantine of the House of Horen, Archchancellor of the Crown of Renatus-Marna has successfully abolished the legislation permitting slavery of foreign races. Deciding that the law was both hideous and vile to the progression of foreign policy and a setback to the evolution of humanity. II. Payment for the Royal State Army will proceed as per usual, food and armaments will be amply supplied to each and every soldier, who will receive a per-mina payment come Sennisten’s reformation and reconstruction. III. The capital of the Crown of Renatus-Marna is to undergo re-construction, wherein it will be consolidated and moulded into a more centralised city. Ergo, allowing trade to flow much more freely, and for the civilians of the capital to interact with one another more easily. IV. Finally, it was established that peace cannot be achieved with Curon, Haense, and Santegia, until they renounce the Confederation, and for negotiations to go on. Furthermore, one Michael Dingleberry has been invited to assist the Seneschal of the Crown, Alran Talraen, in his endeavours to revitalise the capital of Renatus-Marna, Senntisten. In Nomine Veritas, His Royal Highness, Constantine of the House of Horen, Archchancellor of the Crown of Renatus-Marna. Mr. Michael Dingleberry.
  2. [ET] [Actor] Eternal's Actor App

    Probably one of the kindest and responsible individuals on the server. +1
  3. The Crown of Renatus-Marna's Line of Succession "In Nomine Dei." The Crown of Renatus-Marna adheres to absolute lateral succession, wherein the crowned monarch has the right to name his heir, whether it be the eldest or youngest, from brother, to uncle. Ergo preventing the problematic clog of devious monarchs to take the throne, and ensuring that it is a strong, pious Prince to ascend the throne, and reign both their Horen lineage and Crown alike through a golden succession. Provided one is from the lineage of the Exalted Godfrey and the Crowned Pertinax Horen of yore and derive from the blood of one Aurelius Horen, Fidei Defensor, then one may potentially have a claimant upon the throne. Only he, who has been named Crown Prince to the Crown, may supplement their true claimant to the throne. The current royal dynasty to reign the Crown of Renatus-Marna is the House of Horen, with its current succession limited to those of pure Horen descendant, ergo relinquishing any claimant the branches of the House of Horen may claim (i.e. Horen-Marna, Horen-Cantal, Jrent). Those who are of pure Horen, and, or, legitimised into the pure-blooded succession of Horen, may pose a claim to the House of Horen and a claimant to the Dual Monarchy of Renatus-Marna. In the event of the Monarch passing, before he can name a claimant to the throne, a succession crisis occurs, and it falls to the Privy Council of the Dual Monarchy to back the eldest child of the previous reigning Monarch. Therefore, the throne is never vacant, and absolute coronation isn’t a necessity for one to take the Crown of Renatus-Marna. INCUMBENT MONARCH: Aurelius I Horen Formerly Canonius I Horen HEIR APPARENT: Constantine Horen In the event of both the Monarch and the Heir Apparent death, then the line of succession is as followed, personally selected in the event of an absolute crisis by the crowned Monarch of Renatus-Marna. I. His Royal Highness, Antonius Horen, second son of Aurelius I Horen. II. His Royal Highness, Charles Elliot of the House of Horen, third son of His Imperial Majesty, Peter II Sigismund. III. Her Royal Highness, Catherine of the House of Horen-Marna, second daughter of Victor Frederick. IV. His Royal Highness, Jon Renault of the House of Horen, second son of His Imperial Majesty, Peter II Sigismund. V. Her Royal Highness, Aloisia of the House of Horen, third daughter of His Grace, Philip Louis.
  4. que te la pique un pollo

  5. “Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.” His Royal Majesty, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1655 In these trying terms, war becomes a necessity, culling slights and purging political conflicts that cannot simply be absolved by words alone. But also, be gracious, and seek peace. The Czena Confederation, a formulation of three sovereign Monarchs who banded together in an effort to thwart our efforts and righting the slights caused by one of their three. They have sought to lie and manipulate the truth, words of mischief and vile, sinister transgressions. The people of Renatus are characterized by their courage, strength and piety. We will not quake before the boot of other Monarch’s, we will not quiver to their demands, nor their snakery. We stand, as a beacon, a beacon that we will not stand idle by whilst this Confederation persists. It is hereby that I, Constantine Horen, do declare at the behest of His Royal Majesty, Aurelius of the House of Horen, to solemnly swear peace upon our fellow brethren, Heartlanders, to renounce the southern bonds you’ve forged on, and to return to the fold and flourish with your brethren. Renounce Haense and Santegia alike, but to you, Curon? We offer you more than, provided you renounce the Confederation, we, the Crown of Renatus-Marna does solemnly swear to invoke negotiations for a brilliant bond between our sovereign nations. To the Highlanders, your treachery and snakery has not gone unnoticed. It is as the former Monarch Mauer warned us, to never trust Haense, and to steer clear of its corrupted politics. Renounce the Confederation and aid us in our endeavours to threat the horrific pact, for we will not be bullied into submission. Aid us, and you will receive a most merciful welcome. Aid us, preserve the faith, and fight for GOD. His Imperial Highness, Pertinax of the House of Horen, the Dragonknight, wielding the exalted Sword of Horen. We will no longer sit aside whilst both your snakery and efforts to weave humanity to your whim persists. We will break your Confederation and right the slights you have dealt us, we are the whip that will flog you, and you will learn a valuable lesson; the Crown of Renatus-Marna will stand strong. To the nobility and common folk alike, we urge you to accept our olive branch, and to the Confederation, once you are willing to renounce this war and dissolve the confederation, will we negotiate.
  6. War Propaganda

    haha yeet
  7. In Nomine Dei, 1655

    Despite the turmoil that plagues the realm of Atlas, does the faith between man remain strong, and despite the ordeals, we might have together, it is the one link that binds us. Faith, GOD, and worship, is what we covet, and do defend. The equilibrium between man, woman, and child, is that in our hearts, religion breeds prosperity, law, and order. To the sovereign nations of Curon, Haense, and Santegia, even in bloody warfare and political strife, we are still brothers in faith, ergo, I urge you all to do as we, and condemn the heresy and heathens whom rot our land and defile our worship. “Faith brings us together, even in trying times.” Constantine Horen to Archbishop Sevastyan, 17th of The First Seed, 1655 “To the denizens of Renatus-Marna, we do hereby answer our Church’s call, and condemn the heathens that plague our bloody lands, for no heathen is safe from the prying eyes of our Maker, and we, as soldiers of GOD, will slay those who tarnish our saviour’s name. I remind you all, the faithful servants of GOD, that the preaching of GOD is the whip that flogs the heathens, and the preaching of GOD is the thunderbolt that makes the bloody Nether quake beneath our wroth.” The Crown of Renatus-Marna condemns heresy and blasphemy, for we shall answer the Church’s beck and call, and we will put an end to the bloody heathens who plague the realm with their vile sin and rotten torment. IN NOMINE DEI In God, we trust.
  8. @Harold format it better n uve got a deal pal ill +1 it
  9. what kind of fuckin formatting is this LOL

  10. 3 months until rescue raids re-implemented lol!

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      Please don't patronize staff!! They are volunteer positions!

  11. An Open Response to the Pontifical Writ of 1655

    "We covet the faith, as we do defend it." Retorts Constantine Horen, Crown Prince of Renatus-Marna upon hearing news of the ordeal from the Archbishop, Yurii. @LoLzboi !
  12. [CA][Zephonim] Frott Does the Spiderwalk

    ugh frot why'reyou becoming more cringy
  13. The loss of rescue raids

    You should do some work on it to better clarify it before you remove it. The rule is a necessity for role-play. What're we meant to do if our King is captured? Sit around with our thumb up our arses?
  14. Paragons of Purity

    aengulic form?? call it smth else
  15. [Denied]put me in coach

    +1 pal