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  1. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter III: N'Fe a Te, a future imperfect 2153 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b5X69vREAg A peace agreed upon, but a foe showing his true strength. Billions died, and billions more would die. Endless carnage, that knows no end. For war does not judge. ----- Republican Systems of Edonia Despite the offer, the LC does not request the construction of any ships this year around. The troops however are welcomed. All construction projects go as planned, there were no hiccups or shortcomings to be reported. On the other hand, the reverse engineering makes literally no progress at all, given that Kalronian technology is highly advanced and too complex for the minds of man as it is right now. The Sale of the stockpiles brings some funds into the treasury to be used this year. (+12 AP this turn) The Sanctum Regnum Melitae Vast numbers of ships joined the Maltese fleet, ready to fight, and they will probably have to fight very soon. Sicily is an island. The academy program hasn't seen any particular results, given the whole war business in the south, so students from abroad have become quite sparse. The massive amount of Xylorite sold, brings a vast amount of funds, ready to be used for other business. (+221 AP this turn) The Erakat Caliphate All ships and craft are finished as planned, with the Titan being the jewel of it. A ship "unseen" before. They uncover two agents of the Heart Within, who promptly desintegrate through a special device inside their bodies. It appears someone has been keeping an eye out. The secret projects proceed quietly and unhindered. The agents found have no affiliation with it nor did they know about it, that can be assured. Nobody appears to even try conducting any diplomacy with the caliphate, at least verbal diplomacy. Such is clear when alerts go off, as four Protorian warfleets materialize in different locations in Eadni space. Any communication attempts are ignored so far, and they are clearly hostile to anything that belongs to the caliphate. The Han Dominion With the intervention of the Slavic Federation nothing comes from the attempts to draw upon the former KUS resources. And indeed, Chaal, helping in the repair efforts of the attacked homes and houses of the Han does awaken the potential of a few individuals at that. The Kuilei lord agrees. The sale of goods to the Ganvius brings some funds into the Dominion's treasury. (60 AP) The Colony ship on short notice stumbles upon a world that has a single Ganvius observation post in orbit. The surface of this arid world is covered in a race of a civilization well in modern times, that also actively communicates with the Ganvius. What can be picked up, these insectoids are called Rontan. Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation With functional disruptor energy weapons available, a new avenue for military pursuits opens for the Kingdom. Other than that, the other projects and constructions go as planned, with no incidents to report. The living planet appears to be quiet on any attempts thus far, they might need some bio interfacing or other technology. They tried psionic powers, but the ones that attempted to speak with it, blacked out and awoke remembering very little, but as if something hit them on the head really really hard. The Redon Imperium buys all of the Dakite readily to the price given. The however is being bought by the Confederation of Xaplonius after outbidding the Imperium. (100 AP from the Dakite, 137 AP from the Itoron) Nobody replies for the trade offers, things are just too unstable right now. United States Of Arcturus Both ships, the specialized exploration vessel and the colonial freighter are finished and ready to go. Probably better now than later. Despite all efforts, the survey yields no results in any of the owned territories. Aside from normal metals and minerals in abundance. As for pirates, none are found. There are so many warships around, that piracy is suicide. The materials are sold as intended, with the LC buying the whole stockpile of both for a vast sum. (95 AP) The system to the west holds a humble alpine world, rocky, but warm and stable. The Fauna and Flora is friendly all over and strongly reminds of the Alps. The Skellar Kingdom and Libellan Union both agree, though the latter does not see all so much combat at this point, rebuilding the ruins. Asgard Republic A silent appreciation is there from the few Kalronians that now live on Asgard. All six ships are constructed as planned, whilst at the same time the project of distantium continues. As for arming the forces, well, by default the weapons were assumed by the Asgard forces. Of the few surviving Kalronians, four of them even began helping the troops to get used to the equipment. Kyber Kore More implants are being bought. (+20 AP this turn) And implants continue their improvements, making fine adjustments here and there, some scientists and engineers had the idea of the universal arm and hand implant that can be adjusted to fit the wearer, any (humanoid) wearer. Just at the border of Ganvius space, unowned territory, they stumble upon a world covered in the grey muck of Ribalite, and another world that shows dangerously fragile pillars of orange crystals. Hephaestus Enterprises All construction projects, for ships, shipyards and all research projects proceed as planned, with nothing new to report. And that with the anchors of course. The Itoron is bought by the Confederation of Xaplonius that has to replace a few vessels, clearly. (57 AP this turn) They find debris and remains. Escape pods, both friend and foe. But no survivors. The Ar'gakari did not bother making prisoners, they left the pods floating and saved their own. (10 AP from debris) Andorra And the projects go on. Is there much else to be said? The Trade Federation All construction projects and research projects, ship builds, shipyard upgrades go as intended. The secret business does find an agent of the Heart Within, or rather former agent, operating under the rogue element known as Ral, the man responsible for the Hephaestus Bombing. C-GAP is signed by all nations participating in it, their claims and territorial demands now roughly aligned with the treaty. Fortunately, this easens the trade situation a bit as war in the East has died down by now, with ships able to travel up North again. With some reroutes through Keerim space though. Republic Star State of Kanata As the construction of the ships concludes, the ones sent North are being returned, as peace has been signed between the Protorian Council and the Redon Imperium. The gesture is appreciated though. The sale of resources brings a big boost in funds to the Republic. (90 AP) And so they set down on the dry and scorched world of sand, a new home and a change of scenery. Solar Ascendancy The projects continue as planned, with nothing new to report as of right now. The confederation is willing to buy all of it, for a bulk price. (120 AP offered) After all they have to rebuild more than just one fleet, but several. Agerian Commonwealth Geminos goes on, as new factories and industries grow like mushrooms on the planet surfaces. As if it wasn't enough, with the onset of peace, the Redon himself has ordered the additional construction of six industrial complexes all over the Commonwealth's world. (100 AP into industry) Frontier Colony Affiliation Many projects that process on, but show nothing out of the ordinary. Ships built, shipyards expanded (That's a lot of shipyards, where did they all come from?). Thulean Republic The advertisement campaigns, well meant, are not taken very well by the Redon Imperium. For them, the Protorians are not ravaging plunderers, but honorable and upright warriors, true adversaries with whom they can be friends as well. Mutual respect and fair treatment in times of peace AND war. Speaking of peace, that has just been signed. Other than that, the territorial claims and expansions of the Republic is granted, they see no issue and welcome it. In order to help the Republic, the Redon has ordered the construction of hydroponic farm complexes, dozens of them. (100 AP into agriculture) The Kolran of Thulea is welcomed of course. GENS Nothing new to report regarding the projects and industrial expansion, though infinity gets a bit more efficient with each passing year of research. ----- Events The peace of Tkorr is signed. Protorian Alliance and Redon Imperium have ceased hostilities. Territories shall stand where the forces stand. Diplomacy is open again, and discussions about adjustments in the border, including the possible return of some territories to other nations are being talked about. The LC and affiliated nations face the greatest Keerim offensive in two decades. Thousands of Keerim ships have appeared out of nowhere from behind the lines and have begun pouring all over LC held space. The casualties are climbing rapidly and already the Skellar Kingdom loses ground to the Keerim. Two dozen skirmishes lost within a month, seven decisive battles lost too. The Ymorians are further on the backfoot, losing territory steadily. The Ar'gakari are rampant in the North, fighting everyone around them and taking systems, bombing worlds, enslaving populations. The Ka'cezh Star Empire seeks amendments with the Zaxx and Darkul, neither of them willing to talk peace, continuing their war. A year with many new lives, it must be said. Probably connected with the repeated sightings of an old gentleman in a white suit all over the galaxy. And of course, with all the war, refugees flooding everywhere, to be safe. For the time being. ----- Population Imperial Provinces - 1,691,000 Humans, 350 Kalronians, 23,000 Redons, 11,000 Karass Erakat Caliphate (Eadni) - 1,510,000 Humans (Clones) Solar Ascendancy - 1,030,000 Humans, 145,500 Grgl, 90,000 Tassarans, 69,750 Libellans, 51,750 Human-Tassarans, 21,000 Karass, 6,500 Chupan’Mo, 2,000 Alduu’uuraneans Silver Knight Company - 830,000 Humans, 160,250 Tassareans, 279,000 Backhatta, 130,000 Redons, 44,000 Human-Redons, 42,500 Human-Tassareans, 140,250 Galaron, 13,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 24,000 Redon-Tassareans, 14,000 Karass United States of Arcturus - 560,000 Humans, 45,000 Da'nor, 5,500 Human-Tjieran, 33,000 Skellar, 32,000 Libellans, 7,500 Ceri, 2,500 Ascardians (200,000 Ceri Garrison, 100,000 Ascardian Garrison, 10,000 Skellar Garrison) Hephaestus Holdings - 1,560,000 Humans, 400,000 Grgl, 360,000 Tassareans, 110,000 Human-Tassareans, 80,000 Libellans, 65,000 Redons, 65,000 Backhatta, 50,000 Human-Redons, 220,000 Galaron, 30,000 Redon-Tassareans, 22,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 45,000 Protorians, 11,500 Karass, 4,500 Skellar, 4,000 Adaptaar Free Human Technocracy - 860,000 Humans, 120,000 Da'nor, 54,000 Human-Da'nor, 2,500 Terraskolarians, 250 Novan, 250 Terraskolarian-Da’nor People's Council of Utopie - 760,000 Humans, 55,000 Protorians, 69,000 Libellans, 160,500 Grgl, 109,750 Tassareans, 60,000 Human-Tassareans, 55,500 Backhatta, 89,000 Skellar, 120,000 Galaron, 20,000 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 1,500,000 Humans, 40,000 Ganvians, 79,000 Ceri, 79,000 Tjierans, 120,000 Ascardians, 79,000 Da'nor, 34,000 Human-Tjierans, 39,500 Human-Da'nor, 39,250 Human-Ascardians, 29,000 Tjieran-Ascardians, 25,000 Ascardian-Da'nor, 43,500 Skellar, 60,000 Libellan, 6,000 Tjieran-Da’nor, 4,500 Ar'gakari, 103,000 Adaptaar, 3,500 Alduu'uuranean, 2,500 Cevelli, 3,500 Kalronians, 23,000 Grgl, 2,500 Terraskolarians, 750 Chupan’mo, 750 Human-Cevelli, 250 Novan Han Dominion - 1,320,500 Humans, 100,750 Kuilei Star Republic of Edonia - 745,000 Humans Republic Star State of Kanata - 756,000 Humans Ultima Thule - 443,000 Humans, 46,000 Da'nor, 18,500 Ceri, 34,500 Ascardians, 24,250 Tjierans, 60,000 Redons, 82,500 Krib, 6,500 Human-Da’nor, 5,500 Human-Ascardians, 4,500 Human-Tjierans, 4,500 Human-Redons, 4,750 Da’nor-Ascardian, 4,250 Da’nor-Tjieran, 4,250 Tjieran-Ascardians, 1,500 Chupan’Mo (40,000 Redon Garrison) Asgard Republic - 703,250 Humans, 250 Kalronians, 12,000 Redons, 50 Human-Redons (1,000 Redon Garrison) Trade Federation - 650,000 Humans, 42,500 Cevelli, 44,000 Ka'cezh, 39,000 Zyrka, 208,250 Ymorian, 20,750 Alduu'uuranean, 64,000 T'jell, 350,000 Krib, 23,250 Human-Cevelli, 14,250 H’Wong, 4,500 Karrass , 11,500 Cynn, 3,500 Chupan’mo Andorra - 620,250 Humans, 50,500 Cevelli, 14,500 Zyrka, 95,500 Ymorians, 8,250 Human-Cevelli, 127,000 Krib, 24,500 H’wong Kingdom of United Systems - 670,250 Humans, 24,000 Tassareans, 30,250 Grgl, 5,750 Human-Tassareans G.E.N.S. - 751,000 Humans (Clones) New Siam - 730,500 Humans Slavic Federation - 1,523,500 Humans ----- Map No map update planned this time around. ----- Year 2153 by Earth’s calendar.
  2. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter II: Old Shadows 2152 Headlines. Media coverage in the entire galaxy. Whilst it may seem so far, it was still so relevant to so many. An entire species driven to near extinction through an event of unfathomable origin. The Kalronian Ystor Rule and the Kalronians themselves have succumbed in billions, sniffed out as if they were small candlelights in a hurricane. And still, nobody knows, why, when and how. Only that they must all be vigilant, for they might be the next. ----- Republican Systems of Edonia Ships, ships, ships. In times like these every man and woman needs to pickup arms, weapons have to be crafted, blood has to be spilled. It matters not where they come from, war takes them all. All ships and fighter craft are prepared as planned. New factories sprout from the ground, built with modern “quick construction” techniques. (Industreh, so I assume) A veil that has yet to be lifted. The Ceri Collective buys the Itoron at a reasonable price. (40 AP this turn.) The Zyrka decline the offer, given the fact that they have plenty of samples themselves, as they are fighting against the Ar’gakari themselves up North. Besides, travelling such a long distance has become remarkably dangerous. Sanctum Regnum Melitae One stack of ships and fighters leaves the shipyards, whilst they themselves grow in size and might. Oh for the sake of war, what we all do. The MD continues its development. There is not much to report, aside from being complete for the most part. And it might just skip a beat. The LC buys up (various buyers) the whole offered stockpile, reasoning that they require the resources for their probably endless war with the Keerim. (50 AP this turn) The Ar’gakari send no reply, whilst the Keerim send a warfleet into one of the outlying territories, to shoot up a mining station and then to leave. There is a mix of volunteers and people with more talent showing up, but it does not appear there is much glory to be won right now. Merely three dozen in the end, Cevelli, Da’nor, Alduu’uuraneans and even one Chupan’mo sign up for duty. Despite all efforts, no additional resources of note are found in any of the systems. Not much seems to happen at first, when suddenly he… appears to begin to hibernate. A very strange standby mode, conserving energy and body warmth. Upon coming near to him, the man awakes immediately, not quite certain what he did and what happened. Sixteen old gentlemen of various species, all in white suits approach the officials for that offer. Not that many fit the description. One even being a Grgl. Han Dominion The shipyards are being built, heedless of the threats so close to them. But exactly these new shipyards and their capacity might be what is needed in order to fight the foes of the Dominion. Both ships, colony and freighter leave their designated ports, ready to do duty for the Dominion. In the very west, where the borders meet with both Ceri and Ganvius, they find a system that appears to host worlds with lakes of Ribalite. The grey substance blubbers happily and heavily in the pools on the surface. A Ganvius merchant picks up the offered goods in the end. (8 AP this turn) Feng for some reason would end up in a place where he would the least expect it. (Skype) Whilst it’s an uneasy time, she safely manages to reach Proteum Davun, where she is welcomed by the second councillor as a friend and pupil of the late Archivar Salraku. Later she might meet with his brother Kradoku, to find him in the same way she found Salraku all those years ago. (Skype) They would skim many systems before reaching a place unexpected. (Skype) Kingdom of Armathwaite All requests and orders for shipyards and ships are fulfilled accordingly, with the new Heavy Cruiser being a good reliable ship for the Silver Knights. As it stands, they might need it sooner than later. With new massive industries come new jobs and new opportunities. (Industry investments. +1 AP, if I am not mistaken) Starting mostly from scratch, but with so many resources they proceed aggressively and quite successfully. At this current rate in about a year they might have the first successful prototype to work with, with disruptor technology at their fingertips. Thus the idea of the bio-interfacing cockpit is born, where the pilots are suspended in a special gel and suit that allows them to “walk” inside the machine. It’s not flawless, but it’s a concept and the scientists are eager to please. On the other hand, the stealth systems are only making little gains, a meagre year for progress in that aspect. The scanners however, to note about the opposite subject, have increased their accuracy and reliability for detecting objects, “stealthed” or not, by about fifty percent. That is quite an improvement. And training facilities they open. The military is on it, having designated and specially designed training environments to improve the capabilities of their pilots. The results are yet to be seen. They find nothing of note. Except for an affiliate of Ral. After an extensive search and study of the local flora at that, they realize the trees are sentient. Later though, upon cross comparing results, they come to the conclusion that not the tree, but in fact the whole planet might be sentient, the endless forest that is covering it, networked with eachother, fulfilling certain roles, keeping the planet alive and breathing so to speak. Awe-inspiring. And who would have known that a fox lady would show up at that request. Erakat Caliphate At last, they finish the long lasting design project. And with hope and effort, it might yield the fruits desired. (Titan class unlocked) Through some testing and modifications they slap together a series of drones with a spraying and hardening mechanism for Ribalite, ready to be field tested at any moment’s notice. A new variant of reactor is proposed and begins to enter the idea and drafting phase, based upon the existing designs. And the four ships journey on. Trade Federation Persistent fellow, isn’t he? That tree is steep, I tell you. Going by recordings and knowledge available, they prepare very generous and suitable accommodations for the two quarreling parties. All the while the massive station begins to grow in space above that world it circles, casting a noticeable shadow on its surface by now. Following the surrender of their home nation, Krib, thousands of them begin to flood into the trade federation, looking for a new and neutral safe haven, away from the war and the Alduu’uuraneans. A deposit of Itoron and a deposit of Trizendrium appear in the results, both next to eachother, to the west. Hephaestus Following the lost battle and the selfless sacrifice of the Confederation of Xaplonius afterwards, crisis appears to be averted for the time being for the company. The result can show itself. Laboring away with unerring proficiency, by the end of the year, large scale laser lances are ready, tested and reliable by the start of the year. The normal guns only show minor improvements in cutting power and efficiency. No changes regarding the swarmer missiles. The ships finish, to see combat or not. Solar Ascendancy There is not much to be said, aside from all projects and constructions reaching conclusion as planned. With so much of an investments the rearming of the forces goes without issue. On the other hand, scaling up the spinal cannons is a step in the right direction, if everyone goes by experience for the enemy capital ships. Thulean Republic The Redon warrants the planned expansion and sends additional resources to help establishing themselves. (+10 AP this turn). He also requests that the Thuleans may send a representative they trust, so he may appoint him Kolran of the Thulean territories. Additional funding is received from the Redon Imperium upon hearing such, their ministry of industry sending aid in that regard. (+10 AP into industry). Asgard Republic Combat vehicles, armament for soldiers and even ships are all ready to be added, with some minor adjustments to systems and registries. Along with that are the four new human-built corvettes. Now with the additional trade ports available, prosperity might arrive. But there is the new looming shadow of the Redon Imperium demanding vassalage. Let’s just hope they stick to protocol. Kyber Kore At this moment in time the Grand Alliance can not spare the units for maneuvers, as there is a real war being fought. The shipyard expands as planned, ready to produce new vessels for Kyber Kore. Renting some of the shipyard capacity, the Grand Alliance constructs a light cruiser. It pays accordingly. (1 AP for rent this turn, cost covered by the GA) The first batch of implants is immediately picked up and shipped off, limbs and legs aplenty. The Lithruan Coalition sends funds in return. (10 AP this turn) Provisional Government The fighters are prepared as planned and ready for combat. New orbital defense platforms and an expanded shipyard to bolster the military capacities of the Provinces. If that is sufficient against the might of the Redon Imperium? A difficult project, adding that upon a heavy infantry suit. But with time, who knows what might be possible. The populace of the Imperial Provinces is tired of war. It has only seen war in these past years. Occupation, war. It might be better to bend the knee and be protected by a mighty nation such as the Redon Imperium. Andorra Three more ships for Andorra. At the moment it does not seem quite like there would be a need for them, but better safe than sorry. The SLAM appears to be a straightforward kind of weapon. (Skype) Mixing them is easy. But finding the right mix for what purpose is the challenge. That has to be done without wasting or ruining the limited amounts of Dakite available. So the scientists continue. EVE eternal. 500 tank bots and 6,000 hunters appear to be the result of this past year’s production. Hm. Republic Star State of Kanata That’s a lot of ships. But they are all built just fine. And they find a world of many many desert isles with very little flora and fauna. Hot on top of that, but habitable. GENS Whilst the industry continues to grow, Infinity has reached a new step (Skype). This might prove useful in the future, for themselves and allies alike. Utopie What was that knife for again? Cutting bread? (Skype) The three stealthy vessels are ready for recon and hit and run, for Utopie, or humanity. They go where commanded, the crews drilled and ready. ----- Events The Kalronian Ystor Rule crumbles for the lack of population, in the course of the coming year, a joint operation of Protorians and Ganvius have begun to secure their territory, to find survivors and to prevent any unwanted intrusions and theft of technology. At last buckling under the pressure of the common populace and after decades of war, the Republic of Galaron requests a separate peace with the Redon Imperium. Turning into a hasty surrender for the sake of re-election, the Backhatta Hive follows suit and surrenders after a Redon warfleet has reached their homeworld and overwhelmed and destroyed military fortifications and bases on it. The landing of 2.5 million Redon and Karass soldiers merely hours later certainly sealed the deal. The Protorian Council halts the Redon advance grinding their attempts down to advance into Protorian territory. And at that point it comes to a standstill, a hot war growing colder by the minute, as for months there appears to be no activity between Redon forces and Protorian forces. Further in the East, the Keerim and Lithruan Coalition continue fueling the flames of war, hundreds of ships being destroyed, thousands of soldiers dying. It’s an incredible loss of lives that is taking place, as the Keerim alone are fighting seven other races. The Alduu’uuranean Protectorate enforces an whole series of territorial demands, ending the war effectively with the Cooperative of Lorbi. The Darkul and Zaxx continue their coordinated attacks against the Ka’cezh, who themselves maintain steadfast in their defense, losing very little ground. The Ymorian Unity Council loses its capital world to the Darkul. The markets are suffering under the galactic warfare that is taking place. Trading between nations becomes unbearable, for the massive increase of military activity as well as the newly refreshed piracy. Because of a lack of forces to patrol space to keep the “highways” clean, mercenary bands and opportunists have turned to illegal activities. And if it’s not pirates, it’s the Ar’gakari. Thus far they have destroyed or captured every ship that was not one of theirs. (Twice the trade partners needed for trade bonus now) The Saryn and the Guardian Assembly continue to hunt Ar’gakari warfleets, destroying six others in a few months, but at this rate it’s naught but a droplet of water on a blaze that threatens to consume the galaxy. But reports do indicate that Margek himself got wounded heavily in one of those encounters, his status unclear. Without Margek’s leadership, the Saryn have chosen Taalil, a rather young but talented woman as their leader. The Confederation of Xaplonius, previously quite dormant and neutral in all galactic affairs, publicly declares war on the Ar’gakari with the comment to do the same with anyone who affiliates with them. In the next few months, reports indicate, that the Confederation has amassed their forces to decisively strike down and destroy the Ar’gakari outposts and bases west of their territory. In such a massive maneuver, they proclaim to have lost thirty-four battleships, fifty heavy cruisers, nineteen carriers, sixteen support carriers, one-hundred three light cruisers, twenty-two assault ships, one-hundred twenty-one destroyers, sixty-eight frigates and forty corvettes. Along with roughly 7,000 fighter and bomber craft. Aside from material losses in weapons, equipment and vehicles as well, 2.3 million Grgl died in combat operations to drive the Ar’gakari off from those systems. ----- Population Imperial Provinces - 1,501,000 Humans, 350 Kalronians Erakat Caliphate (Eadni) - 1,350,000 Humans (Clones) Solar Ascendancy - 921,500 Humans, 122,500 Grgl, 75,500 Tassarans, 60,250 Libellans, 47,000 Human-Tassarans, 18,500 Karass, 2,500 Chupan’Mo, 1,250 Alduu’uuraneans Silver Knight Company - 766,250 Humans, 130,750 Tassareans, 69,750 Backhatta, 112,000 Redons, 42,000 Human-Redons, 40,500 Human-Tassareans, 104,250 Galaron, 12,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 22,000 Redon-Tassareans, 9,750 Karass United States of Arcturus - 520,000 Humans, 38,000 Da'nor, 5,800 Human-Tjieran, 32,000 Skellar, 30,000 Libellans, 5,500 Ceri, 2,000 Ascardians (120,000 Ceri Garrison, 150,000 Ascardian Garrison, 20,000 Da’nor Garrison, 5,000 Skellar Garrison) Hephaestus Holdings - 1,400,250 Humans, 260,750 Grgl, 335,000 Tassareans, 95,000 Human-Tassareans, 65,000 Libellans, 60,000 Redons, 61,250 Backhatta, 45,500 Human-Redons, 191,000 Galaron, 28,000 Redon-Tassareans, 21,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 40,000 Protorians, 9,500 Karass, 3,750 Skellar, 3,500 Adaptaar Free Human Technocracy - 775,750 Humans, 100,000 Da'nor, 52,000 Human-Da'nor, 1,500 Terraskolarians, 100 Novan, 100 Terraskolarian-Da’nor People's Council of Utopie - 660,000 Humans, 50,000 Protorians, 62,750 Libellans, 135,500 Grgl, 96,000 Tassareans, 55,000 Human-Tassareans, 45,500 Backhatta, 56,000 Skellar, 88,000 Galaron, 18,000 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 1,350,000 Humans, 36,000 Ganvians, 70,000 Ceri, 70,000 Tjierans, 103,000 Ascardians, 70,000 Da'nor, 30,000 Human-Tjierans, 37,000 Human-Da'nor, 35,750 Human-Ascardians, 25,000 Tjieran-Ascardians, 22,000 Ascardian-Da'nor, 37,500 Skellar, 54,000 Libellan, 5,250 Tjieran-Da’nor, 4,000 Ar'gakari, 98,000 Adaptaar, 3,000 Alduu'uuranean, 2,000 Cevelli, 3,250 Kalronians, 6,500 Grgl, 1,750 Terraskolarians, 500 Chupan’mo, 500 Human-Cevelli, 100 Novan Han Dominion - 1,167,500 Humans, 250 Kuilei Star Republic of Edonia - 700,000 Humans Republic Star State of Kanata - 704,000 Humans Ultima Thule - 407,000 Humans, 44,000 Da'nor, 16,500 Ceri, 30,500 Ascardians, 20,250 Tjierans, 45,750 Redons, 66,500 Krib, 5,500 Human-Da’nor, 4,500 Human-Ascardians, 3,500 Human-Tjierans, 3,500 Human-Redons, 3,750 Da’nor-Ascardian, 3,250 Da’nor-Tjieran, 3,250 Tjieran-Ascardians, 1,000 Chupan’Mo (120,000 Redon Garrison) Asgard Republic - 652,750 Humans, 200 Kalronians Trade Federation - 600,000 Humans, 38,500 Cevelli, 26,000 Ka'cezh, 32,500 Zyrka, 102,250 Ymorian, 16,500 Alduu'uuranean, 60,000 T'jell, 195,750 Krib, 15,750 Human-Cevelli, 11,750 H’Wong, 3,500 Karrass , 9,500 Cynn, 2,500 Chupan’mo Andorra - 575,250 Humans, 33,000 Cevelli, 11,500 Zyrka, 5,500 Ymorians, 6,250 Human-Cevelli, 64,000 Krib, 20,500 H’wong Kingdom of United Systems - 622,500 Humans, 18,000 Tassareans, 16,250 Grgl, 4,250 Human-Tassareans G.E.N.S. - 711,000 Humans (Clones) New Siam - 673,500 Humans Slavic Federation - 1,402,000 Humans ----- Map ----- Year 2152 by Earth’s calendar.
  3. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter II: Old Shadows 2151 2151, the onset of the largest conflict the galaxy has ever seen. War machineries let loose, when diplomacy is at an end. The Ar’gakari have come for a reason, and one reason alone. They are here to conquer. And thus they act in this interest. Negotiations attempted with the Saryns failed in the end, Margek was unable to ascertain a peace or at least limit the extent of the upcoming war. The news are horrifying. Dire. Devastating. According to the Saryn State, the Ar’gakari have arrived in the Milky Way galaxy with a fleet of one million ships of all classes. And it appears more are yet to come. Seeing as everyone was embroiled in war, the Saryn have taken up the duty of defending what they are able to defend. The Saryn State and Saryn Guardian Assembly have secretly pulled together all forces they could muster, to fight off the many Ar’gakari fleets that have now begun scouring the milky way like a plague, attacking and conquering relentlessly, one world after the next. And they do not discriminate. At the same time, the Kalronian Ystor rule begins a new offensive against the Ganvius forces, supplemented by the Humans of Edonia and the Expeditionary Force of the Protorian Council. As war is all about, news have it, that the Archivar, Kradoku Remvate, as the first Archivar ever, has taken command of a fleet in combat against the advancing Redon Imperium. Another of the many wars taking place, the Redon Imperium has won a series of very decisive battles now and the Republic of Galaron and Backhatta Hive both have lost far stretches of territory. In sight of a secret operation of the Solarin Ascendancy against the Redon Imperium, a declaration of war is issued. But what follows might be unexpected. The Slavic Federation, along with the Tassaran Republic both declare war upon the Redon Imperium, as allies, but also in condemnation of the aggressive politics pursued by the Imperium and the Redon himself. As if a dam was broken, the Keerim war fleets begin pouring into Lithruan Coalition held space, attacking them full front, simply warping through the demilitarized zone. Only New Siam remains silent, its space uncontested by either side, as thousands of ships engage in the second conflict, that has yet to see a winner. North or South, it did not matter, for these upcoming years would be years of lives being lost, a season for tears and terror. ----- Republican Systems of Edonia With its capacity hitting the limit, nine warships leave the Edonian shipyard as scheduled, ready to fight in the interest of Edonia. Itoron-Steel, whilst offering much more protection is respectively heavier of course. It’s a sacrifice of some mobility for the greater protection of the wearers of the suits, but the transition goes without much of an issue. The colony ship though could not be built this year as the capacities of the shipyard were insufficient for the task. The entire stock of Itoron is being bought up by a government representative of the Ceri Collective. (20 AP this turn) The Backhatta Hive orders the Ribalite accordingly. (18 AP this turn) The expeditionary forces of Edonia are due for one of the hardest battles in their history. (Encounter) Solar Ascendancy The shipyard’s expansion concludes, providing additional capacities for bigger and more numerous ships. Whilst it is a new product for Hephaestus, the genuine engineering skills and efficiency of the women and men at Hephaestus Enterprises turn out to be a boon. With an additional first-time output of about 20% for this new product they are being delivered faster and in good quality (like their microwaves) to the Solar Ascendancy. Four (!) new colonies are founded: A desert world rich in Xylorite deposits. A boreal world, frosty and familiar, remarkable for its extraordinary size and lack of oceans. Two temperate terrestrial worlds, one appearing to hold an old Saryn facility. And the Horizon had an end. Given the events that took place, the Solar Ascendancy is now officially at war with the Redon Imperium. This does mean these forces are now directly partaking. Positioned on a Backhatta core world, they are due to see combat sooner than expected. (Encounter) G.E.N.S To infinity and beyond. The world they find is oceanic, but has more landmasses that resemble the mediterranean of Europe a lot. Warm climates, lush and wide fields, sparse forests. A bit with the touch of odd colors, given there are tendrils on those trees instead of leaves and that they are yellow, blue and silver. Notably though are undersea deposits of Itoron. Hephaestus Enterprises More stuff sinking. Given that swarm missiles are a typical armament on practically every nation’s light cruisers, there is enough reference data. The scientists improve and improve, faster, harder-hitting, more explosive. Making gains, but nothing out of the ordinary. If the Han Dominion fields enough capacities, the ships are naturally finished. One the other hand, the colony ship is quickly finished, leaving the Auroran shipyard. The Backhatta Hive in the end buys the Itoron, urgently in need, building ships and repairing existing ones. They take all 2400 tons for a set price. (90 AP for this turn) The maneuver is acknowledged but mostly goes unheeded by the nations, as they are too busy fighting eachother. That would be the case, if not the Ar’gakari made their move. Reports come in, that an Ar’gakari warfleet has entered Hephaestus space, heading south. (Encounter) Andorra Whilst the colony ship is prepared, the Light cruiser enters construction accordingly, yet to see readiness for duty. A second shipyard is rapidly being erected, reaching a bigger capacity soon enough. Any hostile entities, explosives or detonation charges on the weapon itself are found and dismantled accordingly. Odd that they knew about that. Whilst secret projects are secret, a mere 2,000 robots of the Hunter type are being finished by the production capacities of Andorra. All three of the nations agree to the trade, though given that trade is rather difficult, as so much war is about and there are fewer and fewer safe zones for merchant ships to pass through. The Trade Federation These projects. My, my. (Skype) The shipyard is finished, boosting the production capacities respectively, whilst yet another colony ship and 300 combat craft join the forces of the TF. Defenses are being built outside the station, whilst two nations agree to have embassies established inside the station, so to speak. Though an observant spectator would sense tension between the two nations. Kyber Kore The university is quickly and efficiently built on the colony, providing the nation with more research capacities than before. (+1 RP) The Grand Alliance actually expresses interest in purchasing Itoron stockpiles from the subject state. Cybernetics steadily advance, with the quality and compatibility with the wide range of genetic types increasing by the year. If this goes on, Kyber Kore might actually become a standard exporter for cybernetic implants (for humanoids). The colony ship leaves the shipyard, prepared to colonize where needed, there are so many worlds yet to be claimed. As the industry concludes, a Grand Alliance official orders the construction of more industrial capacities for the later production of cybernetic implants. (25 AP from the Grand Alliance into Industry on the capital world). With the war finally broken out, soon there will be a vast amount of women and men that need replacement limbs. Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation The Heavy Cruiser is finished as planned, but given the limited capacities of their own shipyard, the destroyers are not. (From what I can tell you simply lack the capacity. Upgrade your shipyard or build more.) The mech line receives its improvements and is ready for production now. The engineers and scientists have made sure that there would be absolutely no flaws, and everything is up to expectations. The Itoron is being offered to be bought by the Backhatta Hive for a set price (65 AP). The Dakite on the other hand finds a very unusual buyer. The Confederation of Xaplonius is willing to buy all 100 kilograms of Dakite for the price of [100 AP]. And lastly, the colony ship finds a new world, covered in forests, not jungle, but forests, everywhere. A very living world it seems, with a distinct lack of fauna. Republic Star State of Kanata With an excess production capacity even, the Republic of Kanata bolsters its fleet with these impressive ships, ready to fight foes left and right if must be. Naturally, the colony ship does not do that. In a sector west of the capital sector, they find an alpine world, with the very demanded but dangerous Trizendrium deposits. Free Asgard Forces As a rough 2000 bots join the Asgard Forces… they get a surprising response to their advertisement. They call themselves the Band of the Broken, former Colonial Militia citizens, who in majority joined the Imperial Republic, except for a few thousand. Those have been roaming ever since, keeping quiet, unseen. They were driven off by the Kalronians, pursued and killed whereever. Now, 12,000 Humans, women, men, children, elderly, all ready to join their brethren of Asgard to perhaps gain another shot at avenging the fallen and reclaiming a world for themselves. The Sanctum Regnum Melitae More capacities for more ships. Needless to say, the two colony ships are finished as well. Projects. I can only state it so often. Hah. (Skype) And in fact, they sell all 700 tons to various manufacturers in the LC, given that with the onset of war, they urgently need it. (+35 AP this turn) The Ar’gakari do not reply, but maybe it worked? The closest fleets are of course engaged with the Keerim in the East, or headed towards the Han Dominion and other LC space anyway. Occupied human provinces Agriculture expands even more. Who knows though what the Kalronians have in mind. Geminos discontinues for the while being, as Kalronian authorities are having a say in the matter. (Skype) The Han Dominion All ships are constructed as ordered, thanks to the expansive production capacity of the Han shipyards. And perhaps that will be needed soon enough. Without a trace, as if they have never been, both Humans and Ar’gakari perish. The 100 tons are being bought by an Ascardian energy company. (5 AP) And in the end, the Ar’gakari arrive, a warfleet having entered the Eastern territories and holdings of the Dominion. (Encounter) The Erakat Caliphate With the right amount of production capacity, all orders are done as intended, and that is the case for the caliphate, as hundreds of combat spacecraft and almost a dozen ships, civilian and military, leave the shipyards. Some structural issues in the design appear yet unresolved, but by next year with good effort, they might have a prototype hull design ready to be built once. Ribalite, for all it is grey and gooey, is a wonderful adhesive, that can be broken up (once hardened by the right wavelength of light) with sound. And in space there is no sound. How convenient is that? A scientists suggests the concept of a ship with a hose that sprays Ribalite onto holes and ruptures of other vessels, to temporarily patch it up. That depends on the offer. (Skype) The Kingdom of Unified Systems Violet noises are very colorful. ----- Events It’s getting hot. The markets are plummeting galaxy-wide, the cost of goods is rising, war industries are roaring, bullets and beams are flying, people are dying. (+1 trade partner needed for trade bonus stacks) The Ka’cezh are standing their ground, as they win the first set of important battles against the Zaxx and Darkul alike. The Redon Imperium is making heavy gains on the Backhatta Hive and Republic of Galaron, the Protorian Alliance hard pressed to withstand their onslaught. At the same time the Kalronians start another offensive and gain ground on the Ganvius. The Alduu’uuranean Protectorate has announced the demand of an unconditional surrender by the Cooperative of Lorbi. The Ymorian Unity Council seeks a truce with the Darkul, to fall on deaf ears. The majority of the Northern nations are attacked by Ar’gakari fleets in the thousands. War is everywhere. The Saryn and Saryn Guardian Assembly have won two heavy battles against two separate Ar’gakari warfleets, wiping them out entirely. Terror bombings and sudden unrest and revolts begin to seep through the United States of Arcturus. Military personnel as well as civilian populace are dissatisfied with the current government it appears. This turn of events is cut short with the Keerim Imperium finally striking. The Keerim Imperium attacks the LC and their allies on the entire length of the demilitarized zone. The Replicants remain idle and silent, nobody truly knows their intentions. ----- Population ----- Map In work. ----- Year 2151 by Earth’s calendar.
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter II: Old Shadows 2150 Worlds clashing. Ideologies opposing. It has always been like that. Between people. Between countries. Between continents. Between worlds. The curse of the sentient beings as individuals, their freedom of thought and choice, their ambitions, their goals. True peace as a dream everyone strives for, but at what cost. Everyone to choose his own path to secure his own survival, the survival of his people, to the end of peace and prosperity. The path to it is covered in war and destruction. It has often looked as such. Causing chaos and war for the sake of chaos and war. The means to an end. The Ar’gakari have been in the Milky Way for centuries. Peacefully colonizing, claiming unowned worlds. Meeting their agreements with those born here. Until they were cast out by others, the Darkul, who were not native to the Milky Way itself. The seeds they sowed so many years ago have come to fruition. But a slight is a slight. Whilst time may forget the original transgressor, revenge remains unforgotten. And thus they have arrived in a galaxy in pure turmoil already, with billions in arms and nations fighting eachother for all the reasons there are. And they bring yet more fuel to the blaze that is covering the home of so many. Because war does not care where its fuel comes from. As long as it feasts upon it, all shall be well. ----- The Erakat Caliphate All the while, as the shipyard continues expansion (SL 4 now), the production capacities are near to burst for both shipyards as they do indeed manage to finish the entire planned fleet. Along with the massive amount of 25,000 new soldiers to man these ships, the Eadni’s strength is growing extensively and unexpectedly. War brings wealth to some it so seems. ((I have calculated 84 AP into Shipproduction, the excess into clones.)) The research projects, thanks to their proper funding progress without issue. But there has yet to be an announcement of success. Neither the ship development nor the Ribalite have seen any breakthroughs. With long range communications, they manage to contact the Slavic Federation for these talks. They themselves to reply. ((Skype)) With the announcement of their presence something unexpected happens. Within two days, all Lone Star Arms office, outlets and trade posts are being forcibly shut down by either the governments of the respective nations, or suffer terror attacks, destroying them. All assets affiliated with them are frozen and blocked, with no chance to access them in any way. Any Eadni attempt to contact is being ignored by both Backhatta Hive and Ymorian Unity Council. Only the Darkul remain in touch. As the colony ship enters a system where a desert planet is waiting for them they immediately realize the world is covered in Itoron deposits, richer than the average mine one could say. Only issue is, that they are not the first ones to be there. A group of Ar’gakari vessels have shown up there and have landed on the world, clearly with the intent of establishing a base on the world. As the colony ship turns to withdraw it gets engaged on short notice by unknown enemy vessels, being destroyed within several seconds. Asgard Republic (Kalronian occupied) Despite all investments, the Asgard Republic falls under occupation very early this year. Any dissidents and resistance is pursued systematically and destroyed to the very root. And then, their lives are… to continue unchanged it seems? ((Any military assets are frozen. You lose all trade partners. Your forces are disarmed. You retain population, territory and other things.)) The Kalronian occupation is an odd thing. Only a month after they have established rule, they begin vast investments into the local industry on all worlds. (100 AP industry investments) Republican Systems of Edonia The ships are finished as intended, bolstering the GTC forces. The Kalronians show little activity regarding their Human neighbours, but they seem vigilant regardless. With enough ships conducting the search, they soon find a world covered in savannah and steppes, with lighter forests around the temperate zones and vast oceans teeming with fish and life. For those who stalk in the shadows are unseen. Returning to the roots, they find out some old design flaws they begin to fix immediately. Nothing substantial or of effect, it should bring the project to conclusion. Whilst communications are received by the Redon Imperium, the Ganvius Nation and the LC members, the entourage arrives in the Slavic Federation, ready to conduct diplomacy as needed. Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation Improvements all about. The new Quantum anchor soon bleeps in space, waiting to send ships rapidly across the galaxy. A new project started, these new type of suits might prove beneficial to the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Kingdom. Extensive stretches of farmland and farms themselves begin to cover the world, as government investments are at an all-time high. ((Please note the rules for agricultural bonuses.)) The request for negotiations falls on deaf ears with the Redon Imperium. With the war set on so early, they are unwilling to back down from their current position. In general, with conflict amongst eachother and the Redon Imperium being allied with the Darkul Regime, any attempts to form such a coalition seem futile and receive little interest. Republic Star State of Kanata At last the expansion of the shipyard concludes, a massive improvement in size and capacity over the previous one. (40/40 AP. SL 6 now.) With a breakthrough they fix all issues and have finished the first dozen functional prototypes of the weapon. Given some minor fixes in some mechanical parts and they are done with the weapon as a whole. Solar Ascendancy The research projects continue without further ado, but there are no particular news regarding Horizon, Second Horizon. Expect for the mech, the project being concluded with astounding success in the prototype phase this past year, making it ready for production. The ordered ship, assuming there are no qualms from Hephaestus, reaches the Solar Ascendancy unharmed and prepared for colonization. The purchase of the other ships from the Kingdom also goes without issue, as the borders of the nations between them are still open and not ravaged by war yet. Given the simple mechanics of Xylorite warheads they are ready to produce them. Refined and highly concentrated Xylorite is dangerous. They find a series of habitable worlds in their territories, but a dry and dusty desert world attracts most of the attention, as it shows to hold rich deposits of Xylorite, some ravines overflowing in crystal formations and such. The Sanctum Regnum Melitae Various stuff and various projects. Various. The cruiser is not finished. They are too short on production capacity. (8 AP returned.) At least the ships built in the Maltese shipyard are done by the end of the year, ready to serve in combat and in the interest of their country. ((And there is so much stuff happening that it requires Skype to handle that on short notice. Way too many 0 AP actions, my friend.)) Thulean Republic (Redon Overlordship) The Thulean dream is cut short, the shipyard requisitioned, their territories occupied. Thus begins yet another chapter in the Thulean struggle for peace and prosperity. “Following will be enforced: The government of the Thulean Republic is reinstated. All military will disband, police forces are permitted with minor armament. A permanent Redon garrison will be present on all worlds. Any armament is forbidden. All technology will be seized for the time being, with all data stores locked away. Any production of tools of war or similar will be forbidden. The Shipyard will be put under Redon control. Any research for military technologies or technologies not of civilian nature are forbidden. Investments to the outside are forbidden. Anything else that may come up lies in the discretion of the Redon Imperium and they expect acceptance of potential changes or additional rules.” ((You retain population, your military vessels are mothballed, your troops disarmed. You retain your AP, but you lose all trade partners except for those permitted by the Redon Imperium.)) United States Of Arcturus The targeting systems receive further updates, improving marginally by one to two percent on average in their performance. The scientists and engineers quickly conclude an effective design for these Xylorite bombs, given with their high yield, capable of levelling vast areas within moments. The Han Dominion Secret. More of the stone-skinned Kuilei reach the surface to explore this new world. The Trade Federation More business investments are always handy to have, no? Also Jeff Kaplan found his credit card again. (+1 AP this turn) As the development continues, new tradeports are finished both east and west… to remain empty for this year, as there is little additional trade to gain with war raging everywhere around the Trade Federation. The military investments go as planned, with ships and bombers and fighters ready for duty at any time. At the same time, whilst an evil twin is brooding about its existence, a ruthless monkey steals all the bananas it can get. Oh my. The Slavic Federation welcomes any envoys and ambassadors. Frontier Colony Affiliation That’s a lot of ships? Where are you building those? ((Skype for clarification.)) Hephaestus Enterprises The Redon Imperium regrets to hear of the decision but accepts it regardless. INDUSTREH. All projects continue without further issue, but have little news to report. The destroyers are completed, but you lack the capacity to build a colony ship on top of that, don’t you? G.E.N.S Infinity continues, yet there is no breakthrough to be seen. The project will just take a lot more time and effort. On the other hand, the colony ship finishes and leaves its port, ready to claim another world for the GENS. That’s a good thing to have. More soulless copies of people long dead are added to the constantly growing pool of inhabitants of the GENS territories. Not that they would make a lot of friends amongst the other races. Andorra Both projects progress well under the Andorran ingenuity. EVE is not complete yet, but the diffusal field technology is well advanced and ready for use by now. A tradeport is finished to accept any excess traders coming in from the South, given that the North is blocked off by warfare. Nearby a single humble corvette leaves port, ready to serve. The Kingdom of Unified Systems The search efforts are quite fruitless, the KUS unable to find anything of value at this point in time, aside from the usual rich mineral deposits as they are quite common in the galaxy. On the other hand, both the new colony ship and colony are built and established, a new foothold and a new opportunity for a new foothold for the Kingdom of Unified Systems. Kyber Kore (Subject State of the Grand Alliance) Merely one of the frigates finishes in the small shipyard, given the lack of production capacities. The remaining funds are returned. (Regained 4 AP. You lack the production capacity from what I can tell.) At least the industry expands as planned, without further issues. There are some interesting concepts on the table here, but they require deep research and study. The scientists state that they have high hopes for the future regardless. ----- Events Fighting North and South is excessively brutal, casualties of war rising into the millions. Nobody is backing down, everyone is intent to continue their gruesome battles. To the general surprise, neither the LC nor Keerim engage in any combat and continue to stare each other down. The Slavic Federation and Tassaran Republic announce an alliance, with negotiations taking place with the Confederation of Xaplonius for that matter. The guests of the Trade Federation and Eadni at the Protorian Council are returned home well-fed and properly clothed. The war between the Protorian Alliance and the Redons is bloody, with no clear victors as of yet. The Kalronians are winning more on the other hand as they have retaken all their former territory and subjugated more than one nation per say . Up north, the Darkul and Zaxx are grinding down the Ka'cezh, steadily, with them losing system after system. Early on this year news go around that the Ar'gakari are back. They arrive at multiple points in the galaxy and appear by no means willing to negotiate. Reports indicate that they have destroyed any envoy ships, scouts or civilian ships that have crossed their path, lonely at that, but still. From various “sources” it is claimed that there are about 10,000 to 100,000 Ar’gakari vessels all over the Milky Way in a multitude of fleets. The Replicants remain idle and silent, nobody truly knows their intentions. ----- Population ----- Map In work. ----- Year 2150 by Earth’s calendar.
  5. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    1000 A.D.

    Marcha Orientalis / Ostarrîchi Heinrich I. der Starke von Haus Babenberger, Markgraf der Marcha orientalis (Heinrich I. the Strong of House Babenberger, Marquis of Ostarrîchi) ----- "So the Byzantine Emperor calls upon us for aid, in these trying times, where heathens are encroaching upon Christian lands." Heinrich I. nods as he is being read the message to. "They may be heretics, yet they believe and live for the one true god." he adds, to fall silent. "Leave me be, I need time to think." Shooing his advisors out of the small audience room, he reclines into the heavy wooden chair, simple, but adorned with the sigil of the House. The next day Heinrich recalls his advisors and court. A decision is to be announced. "I have made my decision. For my given duty it is to guard the Holy Roman Empire in the East, I can not abandon my post and shall remain here. Instead, my brother Adalbert is to lead our detachment to Byzantium. He will do so, by marching down to the city of Venice, to charter ships that sail all the way over to Constantinople, and report to the Byzantine Emperor, bring him a chest of gifts and await the arrival of others willing to join us in this endeavour." Heinrich glances at the assembled men and women. "Send an answer straight away to the Emperor noting that we will bring men of undefined number under command of my brother Adalbert." Turning to a set of burghers. "I wish for you, to announce my decision all throughout the March, in every town, village and hamlet, that they have two months time, to report in at Vienna, all volunteers, to sail East with my brother Adalbert. They will be provided with pay and food, armament and training, tell them that Christ and God himself calls upon them for the defense of all that is holy and their homes." He pauses for a moment, observing his nobles and commoners alike. "God is good. You are dismissed." A glance out of the window onto the still white dyed landscape to assure him to have made the right call. They would march in Spring at least, for it has just turned the year 1000. ----- Stats: Population: 40,000 Capital: Vienna Treasury: ??? Men in arms: 2,000 Men-at-arms 50 Knights 500 Bowmen Actions: Any incoming trade offers are naturally accepted, as long as they are no heathens or hostile towards the Holy Roman Empire. With a rallytime of 2 months and another month of preparation, they await to assemble volunteers to head for Constantinople to aid in the upcoming wars. This will be done under the leadership of the younger brother Adalbert. Heinrich I. remains unmarried currently. A potential suitor is being sought. He assigns trustworthy knights and men under his command with the task to oversee the hamlets and villages, to ascertain there is no trouble and new disputes in this young march. Ordering bailiffs and burghers to adhere to the borders, to make sure it is outlined properly, secured. Along important roads in and out of the March they are to establish watchtowers and checkpoints where merchants have to pay a small fee to enter the HRE or leaving it. There are no tolls towards the Duchy of Bavaria or Carinthia. Personally he travels the lands to speak with the people, conduct hunts and promise to help those in need. Should there be any issue with bandits or vagabonds, he will take command of some men and bring them to justice. Sunday is a mandatory church day, those who work strong physical labour are to be punished by paying a small fine which will be gifted as alms to the church. This is decreed by Heinrich himself. There is the plan for proper census in the next year. Naturally the men who volunteer for the endeavour in the east are counted and recorded beforehand in Vienna. More land is to be cleared in the lands along the danube, to be turned into fertile farmland to feed the growing population and perhaps garrison.
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    1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Country/Tribe: March of Ostarrîchi Leader: Heinrich I. of House Babenberger Population: 40,000, Vienna is the capital. History: Upon the untimely death of his father Heinrich I. of House Babenberger is being put in charge of the March of Ostarrîchi, granted back in the year 976. With the Magyars incursions a common thing his duty was to protect the Holy Roman Empire by fortifying the capital Vienna and surrounding lands, furthermore to be wary of the still troubled Bohemias of that era, that only recently have become Christian. What challenges Heinrich may face is uncertain, but he is an able man and willing to take on any difficulties that may come. Do you have Discord?: Yes. A Discord to join? Link plox.
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter II: Old Shadows 2149 War is all about. The Ka’cezh Star Empire continuing down the path of destruction, as the Darkul and Zaxx continue their advance, winning additional battles on the onset of this year. The Kalronians are equally relentless, actively pushing the Ganvius back, reclaiming one world after another. If it continues this way, it might be only a question of time when they begin to conquer worlds originally not their own. All in the while, chaos will brew, grow, consume the galaxy, with only death and decay on the horizon, the grim reaper laughing and dancing to the tune of war. ---- Republican Systems of Edonia The Dragon Snake development and improvement continues without change, yet there are some design difficulties delaying it from being finished this year. All four vessels are finished as planned, ready to enter combat for Edonia and fight for their people. Nothing catches their eye, except for what appears to be a dormant Replicant facility North-east of the capital sector. It went undetected before, but now with thorough examination of the solar systems it became apparent. And Leopoldo is assigned a spot in the exchange program. The Ganvius Nation accepts these troops yet does not deploy them this year, despite all misfortune in the current war. They are holding them in reserve. Sanctum Regnum Melitae Both Star Trek and the MD device continue their long journeys. (Skype) Project Sicily on the other hand has only just begun. The Maltese students are soon at universities in the LC too, more in the Redon Imperium, and even in the Tassaran Republic a duo can be found. One colony ship leaves, whilst another enters and finishes construction. Installing the new project will take a while though. On the other hand, the migration adverts and attempts to “ferry” people somewhere shows little success. With the onset of major warfare in the North, things are troublesome. Alike their Edonian partners they do find another, but active Replicant facility in the sector to the southeast bordering the Edonians. Unexpected, the invite being taken kindly, widespread refusal arrives from the various nations. Everything points towards war and to war everyone shall go it seems. Andorra Astounding successes mark the Andorrans this year. (Skype) The trade outpost begins expansion, but then the shipyards do finish their ships though, ready for orders, freshly manned. New Siam is very appreciative for the funding received, but declines to receive any further funding from Andorra. They are not in shortage of anything, so they claim. And another world is claimed by the Andorran people, home to more than just Humans. Trade Federation In the jungle the mighty jungle, the TF colonizes tonight. With two new ships and an expanded trade station. New combat craft are ready for deployment and to be carried through the vast expanses of space. The installation on the planet is fully repaired, given the damage was not very substantial. On behest of Commander Aldaar, Margek personally accepts the meeting, the visitors are welcome to head to the current Saryn homeworld. Of the sent trade offers, the Confederation and Tassaran Republic accept. The Redon Imperium quotes a lack of benefits at the current time. Hephaestus Enterprises The Redon Imperium is pleased, doting another HUGE order for Hephaestus. (Skype) And two whole new Dreadnoughts they receive. On the other hand, they help expand the Thulean shipyard. Not their own. Huh. There is never enough laser at least. The Grgl, surprisingly fond of this opportunity flock in the thousands to the ticket outlets. Sold out. Entirely. But the advertisements fall on deaf ears for the Siamese. Even going on holiday on Aphrodite seems to be a bad choice when you could visit New Siam, that is CHEAPER and PRETTIER. (1 AP lost for this turn, investment stands though) That’s where all the water goes, eh? Han Dominion The freighter is finished as planned, ready to haul soldiers to war, carry equipment. For the Grim Reaper is always hungry. Whilst about only 1,000 rifles are finished with according energy cells, it will surely ramp up once the facilities to produce them en masse are in place. The upscaling of the plasma weaponry is a tedious process, but they are gaining on it, by next year they might have a prototype ready, with the technology universally applicable in the year after. The colony ship itself finds a habitable world, lush and rich… and dotted with a Firstborn base it appears. An old military base it seems, as overgrown old Walkers and battle tanks are found. Kingdom of Unified Systems Whilst they claim a new world, which would remind one of Norway at that, except globally, another colony ship is built as planned, to claim more turf for the teadrinkers. Kingdom of Armathwaite Whilst all investments go as planned, with the shipyard and the tradepost being expanded upon, the LC refuses to align itself with the SGTC. The reasons are for the most part, a lack of use and economic gain for them. Mars remains an important trade world for them. The colony ship is ready and completed, awaiting orders, whilst on another world and another actual colony a mine is worked on, expanding it, for all the ore it can bring. The talks continue. Solar Ascendancy It was a notch in the right direction, as the Mech is finally within expectations, the prototype going without issues through the usual tests. Xylorite warheads are frowned upon by the community, although the Protorians do propose a statute of limitations in terms of payload. Certain critical masses that turn them into weapons of mass destruction are forbidden, with small at most fist-sized crystals being acceptable as warheads or payload. The Project Horizon goes on, as well as EVE, whilst 100 fighters join the fleet of the Solar Ascendancy. Republic Star State of Kanata The development of the new heavy gun for the Mech proceeds as planned, but they are currently struggling a bit with the loading mechanism whilst retaining the turning turret itself. It’s a minor issue and it should be fixed by next year to allow the start to work on a prototype weapon. The shipyard begins to receive structural girders, preparing the be expanded accordingly, once done, with the old shell being removed from the then interior of the shipyard. Imperial Provinces The capital world of the Imperials continues fortification, repairs are done, much needed improvements, learned from the Replicant incursion and even shield generators are prepared to fortify one or the other bunker facility. At least Artemis knows where it goes. Thulean Republic With utmost diligence a battleship, a carrier, a destroyer and a corvette finish up and leave the shipyard, that was simultaneously expanded around them. Kyber Kore Six corvettes are finished, small and speedy vessels ready to deliver deadly payloads. Advancing the potential medicine supplemented with cybernetics and the idea of nanomachines to mend wounds seems an interesting proposal. The university itself contributes immensely to the project, opening up old chapters of Earth’s knowledge again. With structure they might achieve something. Frontier Colony Affiliation The FCA builds all the planned ships, with a substantial amount of cargo capacity coming from the freighters. The business investments are welcome improvement to the many valleys of their homeworld, with a subtle little speck in the sky being a new ship protecting them. The world they colonize in the end is a world similar to Earth, many biomes and climates present, strong winters in some regions, whilst others suffer regular droughts it appears, a dominant desert stretching the equator through and through. Asgard Republic With some effort, blood, sweat and tears, the ships of Hephaestus are rearmed where possible. In terms of vessels of their own, a Light Cruiser is finished, 2,000 instead of 1,000 Ares II Rifles produced and the construction of fortified bunkers on the surface of the world proceeding. The Laser technology research continues, but no breakthrough is to be seen in terms of improvements. United States of Arcturus Despite all efforts there are no culprits to be found for any major crime committed. The targeting computers are improved, going through archives of combat data which were kindly provided by the LC, given there will be an encounter with the Keerim soon. With the new railguns on top of that, the US vessels might just pack that extra punch that is needed. ---- Events New headlines seep in from the otherwise quiet north. The Alduu’uuranean Protectorate has entered in a war with the cooperative of Lorbi. The Council of Rak’Nak’Thax have announced an alliance with the Zaxx Empire. The Chupan’Mo have declared war upon the Cynn Foundations for reasons yet unknown. The Redon Imperium sends a demand of vassalage to the Thulean Republic, citing an offer of protection and noting that Redon soldiers already died selflessly for the nation. It would guaruantee the Thulean people survival, given their… previous misfortunes. Contrary to all expectations, the truce with the Keerim Imperium holds, with LC and Keerim bolstering their forces, but merely staring eachother down. No Keerim ship have crossed over into LC controlled domain, they have not taken any hostile actions thus far. Through communication with the Confederation of Xaplonius, yet another Human colony announces its presence. Forgotten by all, unheeded by Corrupters despite their proximity, the old East-European countries and Russia pooled together on Earth and sent multiple colony ships off back then during the Exodus. For reasons unknown their drives stranded them in relative proximity to eachother. Soon, with the technological breakthroughs, they banded together, forming the Slavic Federation. Given their population (3,500,000 Humans) are the greatest colony of mankind and do claim much territory for themselves, especially now with the extinction of the Corrupters. An Alliance between two of the Elder Races is announced, as Protorians and Ganvius proclaim such. Soon after Protorian fleets have begun mobilizing and would proceed to head to the frontline between Kalronians and Ganvius. Replicant ships are seen again in various regions of space, on the move, performing reconnaissance. When shot down, no new ships would appear near the destruction site, presumably avoiding it. Nobody is able to establish contact with them, nobody knows what is going on. All in the while, the Darkul and Zaxx gain upon the Ka’cezh Empire. Further south, the Kalronians have retaken every single system they have lost in the previous war. Their fight shows a momentum unprecedented. At the same time the Kalronians issue a demand for unconditional surrender to the Asgard Republic and Imperial Provinces. --- Population ---- Map Remains due until another time or 2150. ---- Year 2149 by Earth’s Calendar.
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    Fallout: Legends FRP (RP Thread)

    Domain of Huntsville Leader: Henry Winters Population: 130 Humans (10 wounded) Supplies: 220 Food, 220 Water, 1000 Fuel. 40 Stimpacks. 20 RadAways. Some Medical Journals. Armament and equipment: 65 Pipe Rifles (.38), 65 sets of Hockey armor, an assortment of hockey tools Civilian equipment: Tato Farm in Big Spring Park (+20 Food per turn). Knowledge for: Ground Water purifier (-2 Power, +10 Water). Mechanical Water Pump (+3 Water). Small generators (-30 Fuel, +3 Power). Manpower: 65 (-5, wounded) ---- Actions: Henry Winters is calm as Cole Roberts brings in the report, who himself has also sustained some injuries and radiation from the engagement. He simply notes that he has done the right thing. As long as nobody has died because of recklessness of some leaders, everything was alright. Human lives are invaluable and often irreplacable. The caves in the east are unheeded for the time being, though Henry calls for caution regardless. Following up on the findings of his scavenging groups he proposes following plan: Again, three groups of ten men each on separate ways are to scout outlying areas. They are to tread with care, avoid hostile engagements, make contact if there is someone more peaceful. They are also to look for following: small communities, with the offer to join them for mutual prosperity and protection. Supplies, food, water, scrap, tech parts, undamaged books and anything of value. Spot places that may be worth to establish an outpost, potential green areas for farming. (15 Manpower) The remainder stay behind, with another twenty-six men assuming guard duty to protect against any unwarranted approaches, to be friendly to potential wanderers and traders, to be warning to anyone showing hostility. Henry Winters trusts his people to show respect and dignity in this duty. (13 Manpower) The others that stay behind are to do following: Fortify and secure the stadium and immediate area around further than his forefathers. (10 Manpower) Work on expanding fields and crop patches in the adjacent park, being protected by those on duty. (15 Manpower) In a special undertaking, Henry Winters himself takes a group of men (8, himself included) with him to the small farming community at Brahan Spring Park to try for a meeting. (4 Manpower) Known to be the smartest and learned men, two of those who stay behind are to carefully study the medical journals and treat the wounded and irradiated people with the supplies brought in. It is important that they soon return to assume any potential duties. (1 Manpower) The remaining four are tasked with assembling a small generator and finding a suitable spot for a potential ground water purifier, or a water purifier in general near the lake in the park. (2 Manpower)
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    Fallout: Legends FRP (RP Thread)

    Domain of Huntsville Leader: Henry Winters Population: 130 Humans Supplies: 300 Food, 300 Water, 1000 Fuel. Armament and equipment: 65 Pipe Rifles (.38), 65 sets of Hockey armor, an assortment of hockey tools Civilian equipment: 1 Ground Water purifier (-2 Power, +10 Water). 1 Mechanical Water Pump (+3 Water). 1 set of small generators (-30 Fuel, +3 Power). Manpower: 65 ---- Actions: On decree of Henry Winters, the leader of the Domain, he sends three groups of 10 men each on separate ways to scout the outlying areas and districts of the city. They are to look for following: small communities, with the offer to join them for mutual prosperity and protection. Supplies, food, water, scrap, tech parts, undamaged books and anything of value. Spot places that may be worth to establish an outpost, potential green areas for farming. Spot places where hostile elements might be present, regardless if human, animal or otherwise. (15 Manpower) The remainder stay behind, with another thirty men assuming guard duty to protect against any unwarranted approaches, to be friendly to potential wanderers and traders, to be warning to anyone showing hostility. Henry Winters trusts his people to show respect and dignity in this duty. (15 Manpower) The others that stay behind are to do following: Fortify and secure the stadium and immediate area around further than his forefathers. (15 Manpower) Work on establishing small fields and crop patches in the adjacent park, being protected by those on duty. (20 Manpower)
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    Fallout: Legends Faction FRP (OOC Thread)

    Faction Name: Domain of Huntsville Faction Flag (Optional) - In work I guess. Leader: Henry Winters Faction Backstory: Following the nuclear apocalypse that covered the United States, amongst the survivors was Henry Winters' grandfather Abraham Winters, a priest who soon took charge and gathered the scattered survivors to bring them together to hold on and maintain civilization and the principles of democracy and morals as best as they could. Besides the nuclear fallout that followed, killing many of the survivors, including Abraham Winters, leadership transferred to his young son Trevor Winters. Keeping people in line, but being born to be a great leader he led them through the future years... As they passed, Henry Winters was born, and now in 2180, with Trevor Winters being killed by a pack of wild dogs whilst he was out hunting alone, the 40 year old Henry is being put in charge by his people, for he has a legacy to carry on. Grow the community, keep the people safe, or succumb to the terrors of the wastelands and have his people disperse in all directions. Race: Humans Points Spent On: -3 Points for +30 people. -1 Point for Pipe Rifles. -3 Points for Ground Water purifier. Location: Madison County, Huntsville, Alabama Skype: gepanzerterigel (shown name is Stereo Czar)
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter II: Old Shadows ((Before you scroll down and set on. Please be mindful of your population and please, PLEASE list in your posts if you have any population modifiers. Thank you kindly.)) It was an active year, dangerous perhaps, but the stint of the Replicants was brief, most of the attackers being destroyed by the Redon war machine, just to then retreat everywhere to no-man’s-space. With them being off the radar, something else was brewing on the horizon, and it would be a danger unexpected. ----- Frontier Colony Affiliation The Frontier Colony Affiliation completes another colony ship this year, living up to their name, the ship likely will head out toward a far-off hinterland, establishing another small outpost for the nation. The freighter quickly follows the colony ship out of the shipyard, ready to be deployed to the already significant merchant fleet of the Affiliation. Business on Utopie continues to expand this year as the Affiliation heavily invests in developing the most populous and centrally located of its colonies. Despite all efforts the scientists are unable to make any notable progress on the development of this melee weaponry. The technology pre-existing at the same time also shows to be no help for the matter. Alike the force blades, the infantry shields are a concept and idea on paper at the end of this year. It is a difficult process of developing something of this kind. Whilst a good amount of the citizens of various race are registered as psionic, their strength level is impossible to find out or simply too miniscule. For state service itself, nobody appeared to volunteer at this point in time. Little is happening this year, given the events taking place everywhere and the galactic tension being at an all-time peak. Whilst there is some minor tourism going on with the Confederation of Xaplonius, nothing above the ordinary levels of traffic happens. The now Corrupter free Eastern regions of the Milky way appear to see a lot of activity as they stumble upon new colonies, owned by various Northern nations and the Empire of Chupan’Mo of the Sculptor cluster. It seems safe and free of pirate activity. Republican Systems of Edonia Project Furmis continues this year as the Accord again pools their resources. As a very ambitious project of a newly designed and practical combat suit for the infantry, the design enters concept phases, it will be a long time until they have something substantial. Combining the weapon systems proves to be more difficult than initially assumed. Step by step they are making progress, but they have no concluded the project yet. The Edonians establish another colony this year as the Republic continues to expand along the southern edge of Human space. United States Of Arcturus The United State’s first Dreadnought, the U.S.S. Constitution, arrives in Arcturian space this year. It looms large over New Plymouth Rock, a beacon of hope that gives the Arcturian people a strong sense of security. Both colony worlds receive a significant increase in home defenses as PSDI fortifications are installed. The colonists on those planets feel relieved that the defenses from the homeworld have finally arrived, and any unease about foreign occupation settles down - for now. The bunkers and THEIA serve to do much the same for the Arcturian people, instilling confidence in the strength of the regime. (Note: Remember your national bonus when you add this up.) Two frigates and a corvette exit the Arcturian shipyard this year, joining the already large fleet of the Republic. What a wild election it would be. (Skype) HEPHAESTUS ENTERPRISES Industreh! The massive mobile superstore, the Affordable, enters production this year. The shipyard buzzes with activity as the Affordable is assembled with great haste. It’s accompanying supply ships are completed immediately afterward as well. Upon its completion, the Affordable enters service with great pomp and circumstance, ready to offer the entire galaxy incredible, affordable, and reliable products. With the next series of upgrades complete, the Ares III enters full production and several private citizens from various markets feel compelled to make a purchase, though there appears to be an inquiry from the Redon Imperium for a contract. (Skype) The Ka’Cezh freighter receives a new engine early in the year, entering service into the vast merchant fleet of the megacorporation. The charming 17-year old Aleya Datrax (currently) and the 1-year old Sinchil Datrax (currently) do arrive at Hades to meet with their father-in-law (for Aleya), grandfather (for Sinchil) and new family. Kind, gentle and quite naive are probably some adjectives befitting the young mother. She appears quite excited about the potential wedding. And he is witnessed twenty-six times on various worlds for the first half of the year, before vanishing again. And they reach the world of new Siam, a stable community of traditional values has grown there. They are fond of meeting other humans after so many years, show respect to the representatives. Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation LSAA receives a loan this year. Given the vast amount of resources poured into the wedding by the Kingdom of Armathwaite, the venue seems safe enough and security personnel are adequately prepared to respond to any immediate threats to the safety of both Prince Henry and the Redon Princess Ytre Redon. To just top off the already excellent security, a whole Redon warfleet, and a whole regiment of the Redon Imperial Guard are assigned to the Silver Knight’s command. It appears the Redon Yratak VI. wants to be absolutely sure this goes as planned. Red dar Imperiad. The Armathwaite Trade Center expands this year, much to the delight of various Anglo-merchants. The three nations accept and beginning trading with Armathwaite. Ironic. Despite the point system the influx of migrants is almost unchanged. The Redons that move into the Kingdom appear to have astounding curricula. In general, the educational level of all immigrants is very high, none of the nations of origin having issues with poverty and many have equal rights and chances. Seelil herself does indeed show up. And that already, unasked, uninvited to the wedding. Given her elegant appearance and her display, she simply charms her way in. Armathwaite’s navy enters a long series of fleet exercises this year, boosting the competency of their fleet. Given the nature of the Replicant threat, many believe these exercises to be of the utmost importance. The Backhatta decline to join these operations though as they need to keep their fleet at home to defend against their own incursions. The invitation is accepted by all four nations. The Trade Federation The trade station in the East is finished as planned. It should help out, if more trade is to flow through there. The TAROT system is at last operational. But it remains to be seen how effective it can truly be. MENDICANT continues its research process, picking up old strings and proceeding research. They have yet to show the first prototypes and usable systems. Whilst the ships are finished as intended, the switch of the language is easy to do. For outsiders or migrants, they do not truly care as they already use it as the primary language of communication. The human populace is a bit uneasy, but it should not be a problem. It will take a while to switch completely, but nothing of it should be too troublesome. -- A smaller version is quickly developed and readied up. MENDICANT on the other hand is not complete yet. It will take more time and resources to achieve what is planned. Even with MENDICANT not wrapped up entirely, the project Ruthless Monkey rolls on and climbs on jungle trees. Whilst the territorial scans show no results, they manage to fish out one or the other dubious freighter with some dangerous cargo. (+4 AP this turn) The Redons see no reason for that, given the ships can freely pass through Redon territory in the first place. And they are already patrolling space in the vicinity, making it probably one of the more safer places. For first the conflict does not appear to affect the trade at all. Diplomacy appears to play no particular role either at the moment. The conflict is fresh and the parties eager for battle. The details are apparently border disputes and old grievances for territories and resources once coveted by either side. The white suited man when seen, happens to talk to one or the other person briefly, enjoying a drink at a bar, buying something in a store. Always friendly, not stressed, easy-going. Peculiar. -- Later in the same year, the Replicants show up, causing havoc and destruction for the Trade Federation. Andorra Resources arrive to the G.E.N.S. to assist them in their efforts. The S.S. Nina exits the Andorran shipyards this year, contributing to the growth of the humble Kingdom. A fine ship ready to take on any colonization projects to come. The projects HIPS and ATM continue, reports showing some progress. (Skype) The old man in his white suit is reported seen three times in August, but then never again. Oddly enough, some storage countings don’t add up and the balance sheets seem oddly off. There appear to be more resources around than expected. (8 bonus AP this year) Despite finding rich asteroids of common metals and minerals, they are unable to find anything out of the ordinary in all the claimed territory. Following the widespread outbreak of war to the North, no partnerships can be arranged this year. At least a couple of Cevelli scientists for Theoretical Mathematics and Quantum Physics show up to help out. The colonists of New Siam appreciate the offer and do agree to enter a trade agreement, given capacity. With all the chaos they are being shown right away, any guidance might be helpful for them to persist in this world. Imperial Provinces The Replicants show up, destroy some fortifications and then quickly withdraw. Odd. Project Furmis continues to receive funding. The Imperial fleet increases substantially in size this year as a pair of light cruisers, a support carrier, and three destroyers join the Imperial fleet. The fleet looms large over Imperial space, and it is a relief given the nature of the close encounter with the Replicants. The Imperial University of Medicine and Biology’s increase in funding and decision to focus on one single purpose serves to greatly improve the abilities of the school. More human experts flock to the university, and the study of the human body’s potential… The Kingdom of Unified Systems Violet noise continues, with more interesting progress shown this year. (Skype) The Kingdom of Unified Systems prepares to expand this year as a colony ship steams out of the nation’s shipyard. The British people of the K.U.S., eager to live up to their British legacy, clamor for the chance to board and set out into the stars. Thulean Republic The Replicants leave a wake of destruction on the Thulean homeworld. But they persist. The city of Phénicie acts as a point of pride for the Thulean people as it rises from the rubble of Espérance defiantly. Its sleek architecture and beautiful design make it one of the most elegant cities in all of the human colonies, attracting human and alien tourists alike to its streets. The shipyard of the Thulean Republic expands significantly, benefitting from tremendous investments from the Trade Federation. A quantum anchor and TAROT outpost are constructed alongside of it, serving to bolster the confidence of many in the Thulean military brass. Hearing of the destruction and following the further investments, Chupan’Mo sends aid. (+3 AP from friend of the Chupan'Mo now. Previously +2. 5 AP this turn as “humanitarian” aid) And their delegations are welcomed on the colony of New Siam. (Skype, I suppose) The Han Dominion REDACTED remains REDACTED. A massive Dreadnought is constructed in Beijing Stronghold this year, a sight to behold from the surface of Yuguo before it quickly departs to enter service into the United States navy. A large colony ship soon follows, though this one remains in orbit above the Han capital, ready to pursue new lands ripe for rice farming. Shi Feng and his men set out to establish a new colony for the rebellious factions of the Han Dominion after commandeering the vessel successfully. The colony will serve as a loyal bastion for the self-proclaimed legitimate successor to the Han under the Dao Yi. Meanwhile, the establishment government on Yuguo attempts to maintain its legitimacy by declaring its newest territorially claims, most of which border Wairen space. Upsizing is a bit of a challenge as you can not just make everything bigger. Intricate systems and fine workings are still needed. Clearly, this project will take more time. Whatever they are plotting, it continues. The first world they find is a world covered in oceans with a great amount of smaller islands and archipelagos, only one bigger landmass. The stone-beings do send one or the other ambassador along, to witness what she has to offer. Learning more and building a stable relationship with them might be convenient. Kyber Kore The corporation expands operations in a nearby star system, establishing a new colony without much trouble. As this occurs, a massive university complex is established on the planet Viyter and prepares to start operations in 2148 after assembling a relatively competent staff. The Maltese Principalities Project Furmis receives funding from yet another member of the Accord this year. Both projects appear to have reached an interesting turning point. (Skype) Another Maltese colony ship leaves their shipyard this year, ready to set out to expand the far-reaching principalities once again. Despite all efforts, nothing appears to change this year, no new partnerships and only a sharp note from the Redon Imperium to cease all propaganda against them is what comes from it. G.E.N.S To Infinity… and beyond! (Skype) The Beta colony continues to expand, providing more room to grow for the scientific corps. While that occurs, three frigates leave the G.E.N.S shipyards to join their small fleet. Solar Ascendancy Close, but they could not finish it this year. A prototype halfway done, almost ready. But still in the workshop. And it continues on. For a horizon is far and hard to reach. For particular reasons it seems. More life in this world, wonderful enough isn’t it? And who would have thought it would happen. (Skype) Contact is readily established, any envoys and ambassadors welcomed by the colony of New Siam. LSAA receives a heavy investment from the Solarins this year, a wealthy bunch that LSAA (Z3r05t4r: Must make them suffarrrr.) Republic Star State of Kanata Kanata’s shipyard receives significant amounts of investments this year, growing substantially into a tier five shipyard. It is ready to produce several ships of significant size now. Despite those capabilities, three measly corvettes roll out of the yard this year to… test it out, one might guess? Asgard Republic A wise decision indeed, the Asgardian Republic see’s its first Light Cruiser join the fleet. The largest ship in their navy to date, the Asgardian people breathe a collective sigh of relief upon its completion. In the meantime, construction continues on the Asgard trade station. 500 Hunter bots join the Asgarder military, ready to serve at their masters in battle. Protocol 12 rolls on. Laser technology is a different topic, but they are working on it. (Skype) ---- Events A widespread retreat of all Replicant forces to unknown territories. They seem nowhere to be found, the Saryn themselves being silent about the matter, the Redons shrug it off, calling it a warmup. Unpredictable. A word for the news when it was just announced that the Darkul, Kalronians and Keerim have officially forged an alliance. Unprecedented. A word for the report of the Ka’cezh losing six major battles against the Zaxx Empire. Tactics, equipment, morale, even luck? Who knows. Unseen. As a fleet of 20,000 Darkul ships begin their assault on the old and mighty Ka’cezh Star Empire. As another fleet of 10,000 Darkul ships invade the Ymorian Unity Council. Unabated. The onsetting attack of the Kalronians on the Ganvius to go on through the year. To reclaim and finish what was started. Uneasy. The space between Keerim and LC domain. Fleets staring down at eachother. Ready for round two. Following one speech a migration has started. It could have come differently, but who knows. The Tassaran Republic announces its alliance with the Chupan’Mo, the Confederation of Xaplonius on tow. They are currently discussing a potential agreement with the Cevelli, according to rumors. With the war breaking out in the West of the North, chaos spreading, trade takes a sharp turn to the East, soon to cause some people to lose influence and riches. --- Population ---- Map ---- Year 2148 by Earth’s Calendar.
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter II: Old Shadows A year of peace it seems. An uneasy peace, overshadowed by the armament of billions, east and west. And then again another shadow would show itself this year. New friends, new foes, old friends, old foes. In the midst of it all, a child born, a wedding to take place, a speech to be held, a brother to be met. The Maltese Principalities The universities on Malta slowly gain reputation as they institutions grow, with more staff, more teachers, many of them from abroad. As a result there is an increasing influx of students from abroad to study various civilian topics at the Maltese universities. Whilst some do not react to the inquiry for exchange programs, a few universities do indeed, namely from the Skellar Kingdom, the Redon Imperium, the Republic of Galaron, the Confederation of Xaplonius, the Cevelli Pact and the Alduu'uuranean Protectorate. The course offerings and subjects on exchange are quite diverse, with the Skellar mostly related to machining and engineering, the Redons in strategic and logistic planning, the Galaron in free arts, the Grgl in culinary expertise and cooking, whilst the Cevelli and Alduu'uuranean both return with a program for agriculture and forestry. Given the continous religious issues in the Adaptaar Commonality, more do indeed show up in this year, in large numbers. They find a total of 43 unmarried Da'nor of noble families, ranging from ages 16 to 24. Eleven of them with psionic capabilities to various extents. Given that beauty is subjective, pictures and recordings were conducted to be appropriate. A TV company in the Grand Alliance smells an opportunity and inquires if it could buy the rights to make a show out of it. Who gets to marry the ominous Human prince. Projects are projects are projects are projects. But only between projects. (Skype) And the Chupan'Mo reply. (Skype) Quite on the contrary, the Ar'gakari feel no culture shock, but show appreciation towards their new neighbours. They speak flawless Firstborn it seems, something they were taught in school as a second language, given all these Ar'gakari were born in the Milky Way, and it was a reliable way to communicate with the Ka'cezh and other Northern nations. Most of the freed Ar'gakari were normal people, accountants, workers, lawyers, teachers for elementary schools, and so forth. It seems there are absolutely no scientists amongst them or engineers with higher expertise. The Frontier Colony Affiliation The clone program is heavily disputed and does indeed attract great disdain from the surrounding nations. Perhaps it's founded in spiritualism, but nobody should be allowed to play god and "build" beings in such an unnatural way. They also lack the spark of true life, according to Protorian comments, making them abominations, soulless beings. In sight of the clone program the Protorian council demands it to cease immediately. Whilst they do not advocate war and are generally opposed to giving technology for the purpose of warfare, they do agree to supply the blueprints and technology for a well-developed energy cell for forceblades that lasts remarkably long, for whatever purposes required. The reallocated resources grand the FCA a large freighter at the end of the year. Amongst the vast populace of Utopie, they do indeed find a great number of psionically capable people. Their strengths vary strongly though. Whilst the offer of combat units to the LC is appreciated, they currently decline to send any advisors or officers, stating they currently need them to train their own fresh units first for the war that may set on soon again. On the other hand, the Chupan'Mo are willing to make contact. (Skype) Republican Systems of Edonia Both battleships leave the docks as planned, frightening and powerful, two ships to behold, two ships to serve a nation. Less remarkable but at least as essential, a colonial ship is finished at the same time, ready to settle new worlds. And they do find a dreary grey Tundra world in a solar system in the East. Lichens and moss mostly, but the atmosphere was breathable, tectonics were surprisingly low and it was a very flat world, ideal for widespread build. G.E.N.S Finding a tropical world with dense jungles they decide to set down. Another world claimed by GENS. (The extra AP were not required, given you already had a colony ship. You have 2 additional AP for the next turn.) The secret projects on the other hand though continue their developement and are far from done one could claim. (A little note, who is in your federation? Poke me in Skype.) Hephaestus Enterprises A secret undertaking. (Skype) The rifle is easily upgraded with such a mechanic and soon the first early models of the Ares III (Xenonauts rifle :P) with merely the lense switch mechanism are ready. Another little perk this early new model has though, is a very complex capacitator, a piece of Arcturan technology which is utilized for their long-range railgun rifles. This does crunch the energy consumption quite substantially. And more ships they receive. Battleship and Heavy cruiser alike are ready at the end of the year, to fight for Hephaestus' greed. How focused can a laser be? Not focused enough it seems. A new wavelength is attempted with surprising success, giving the laser a new color though (purple). Optimization in the swarm behaviour software for the missiles makes them operate more smoothly and less predictable for enemies. And it appears his extracurricular activities made him a father. A sixteen year old Terraskolarian appears to have become the mother of his daughter. Terrific, that they both visit the academy, share classes and now a Terraskolarian father who is a mayor of a city on the Terraskolarian homeworld wants someone to take responsibility. At least the now grandmother does not seem to be upset. Given the planet has some very cheese-like looking deserts with old impact craters that have hardened and "glaced" over whilst retaining the yellow color, it is a fitting name. The scans yield no results. Except for an empty Ka'cezh freighter with a defunct engine floating in the middle of an asteroid belt. They picked everything CLEAN. United States Of Arcturus Whilst the scans yield no further results, the improvements in the fortifications proceed at a good pace, more emplacements on the worlds becoming fortresses. As if the people got very good at building defenses. For the most part the no-man's-space between LC held and supported territory and Keerim appears quite inactive, though there were some close and uneasy encounters, one of an Arcturan patrol and a Keerim patrol. Weapons were locked onto eachother, but then no shot was fired, and the Keerim turned and left the unowned solar system. Needless to say, there was a war brewing. The quantum anchors would serve a quick reaction purpose well. But it is always a one-way thing if many ships have to be moved at once. Kingdom of Armathwaite And both light cruisers return to the Kingdom, ready to assume their duties, be it for war, peacekeeping or showboating. The newly built suits would already hold the purposed improvements that were later added to the existing models at that point. The shields and reactors should improve the fighter's general combat abilities and survivability. All support given... the election turns out in favor of another candidate, who is more social-democratic. It appears the people of the Republic wish for social security first and welfare, before minding the market. Given the Republic's strong economy anyway, the effort was not without merit. The marriage between the Redon princess and the Silver prince is to be held soon. With that announced, thousands of new Redon inhabitants appear in the Kingdom, supposedly seeing it as a new province of their Imperium. (Skype) Kyber Kore Whilst the platform is finished as planned, the freighter is only half-done, given the shortage of resources with the recent restructurings in government and society. The Kingdom of Unified Systems A new sound has appeared. (Skype) The Han Dominion With the concept and design in place, they successfully develop a reliable plasma rifle this year. Good range, semi-automatic fire, devastating plasma define this new gun. Unfazed by the stirrings in the Han Dominion, the shipyards finish a colonial freighter, ready to set foot on a new world for the Han. All in the while they finish the expansion of the mighty and looming shipyard in orbit around their capital world. It's an impressive show of force, housing hundreds of workers, capable of building giant vessels. Wen Yang has some success and slowly gets to grasp their language, but it will take more time yet to fully converse without being puzzled by some of the thought patterns. Dai Hanying graduates with on Master level from the Cevelli Pact University for Masters of Psionic Powers. By now she is in full control of her powers and at a level of eight on the psionic scale. But she is to meet someone she would not expect. (Skype) Andorra All projects continue without issue. Results are yet to be seen. On the other hand, the colony ship sets down successfully on the world preparing to establish the mining colony for the rare Dakite. Despite all efforts, there are no Zyrka who appear to hold any interest at this point in time. A trade agreement is readily signed, with Cevelli ships showing up at Andorran tradeports. Imperial Provinces The colony ship is finished as planned, prepared to claim a new world for the Imperials. On the other hand a battleship leaves the allied shipyard, a powerful card for the wars to come. They find a temperate Earth-like world in the East, just outside the territorial claims. It appears to have a rich deposit of Itoron, with vast mountain ranges gleaming in black. Solar Ascendancy A concept is far from a finished product. They begin prototyping this year, but no functional model has been finished yet. The project continues, old files are called up... riddles. How the concept works is not quite clear yet, but they thoroughly begin to work on the matter with the new resources and matter at hand. Someone dreamt of old men in white suits hopping over a fence. Republic Star State of Kanata The redesign of the heavy autoloader cannon for the mech works well and seems to be a suitable fit for the machine in question. Thulean Republic And a breakthrough is achieved. At long last. (Skype) The Chupan'Mo readily return the favor with extra benefits for Thulean merchants and people. (+2 AP from friend of the Chupan'Mo) In the meantime the two corvettes are built, all colonization and territorial efforts are made without issue... until a seemingly hostile fleet appears without warning in the capital system of the Republic. Battlestations! (Skype) ---- Events More reports appear of the Saryn Guardians fighting amongst themselves. Two freighters, a Grgl one and a Backhatta one are reported missing en route North. With trouble like this on the western routes, some advise to use the new Eastern route. Redon fleets are reported everywhere maneuvering and exercising. Dire headlines for those who are concerned. The Zaxx Empire and the Ka'cezh Star Empire have officially entered war after things escalated. Combat has been heavy, with losses on both sides. No other nation appears to have joined in yet. Darkul ships are reported scouting throughout the Southern galaxy outside of national borders. It appears they are exploring the Milky Way. The man in the white suit is being seen in Hephaestus, the Solar Ascendancy, the Thulean Republic, Andorra and the Confederation of Xaplonius. Ominous. A "lost" Human colony of former South-East Asian countries enters the quantum communications, it appears to have stranded on a ocean world south of the Solar Ascendancy. New Siam the colony calls itself. It had no contact with any other races previously and there is a bit of chaos present, given the amount of new contacts. ---- Population Imperial Provinces - 1,045,000 Humans Solar Ascendancy - 602,000 Humans, 79,500 Grgl, 45,500 Tassarans, 36,000 Libellans, 30,500 Human-Tassarans, 10,000 Karass Silver Knight Company - 585,000 Humans, 91,500 Tassareans, 40,000 Backhatta, 75,000 Redons, 28,500 Human-Redons, 29,500 Human-Tassareans, 75,750 Galaron, 7,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 11,000 Redon-Tassareans, 3,500 Karass United States of Arcturus - 302,000 Humans, 23,000 Da'nor, 6,900 Human-Tjieran, 20,000 Skellar, 14,000 Libellans, 2,500 Ceri (50,000 Ceri Garrison, 20,000 Ascardian Garrison, 40,000 Da’nor Garrison) Hephaestus Holdings - 965,000 Humans, 175,000 Grgl, 258,000 Tassareans, 72,500 Human-Tassareans, 45,000 Libellans, 42,500 Redons, 43,000 Backhatta, 33,000 Human-Redons, 123,000 Galaron, 19,500 Redon-Tassareans, 14,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 27,000 Protorians, 3,500 Karass Free Human Technocracy - 540,000 Humans, 60,000 Da'nor, 30,000 Human-Da'nor People's Council of Utopie - 486,500 Humans, 34,000 Protorians, 45,000 Libellans, 80,000 Grgl, 75,000 Tassareans, 38,000 Human-Tassareans, 28,000 Backhatta, 32,000 Skellar, 68,000 Galaron, 11,000 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 930,000 Humans, 25,000 Ganvians, 40,000 Ceri, 41,000 Tjierans, 72,000 Ascardians, 43,000 Da'nor, 20,000 Human-Tjierans, 25,000 Human-Da'nor, 24,000 Human-Ascardians, 17,000 Tjieran-Ascardians, 14,000 Ascardian-Da'nor, 28,000 Skellar, 28,000 Libellan, 2,500 Tjieran-Da’nor, 1,750 Ar'gakari, 25,000 Adaptaar, 1,000 Alduu'uuranean, 500 Cevelli Han Dominion - 835,000 Humans, 1,750 Ar'gakari Star Republic of Edonia - 495,000 Humans Republic Star State of Kanata - 497,250 Humans Ultima Thule - 255,000 Humans, 30,000 Da'nor, 11,500 Ceri, 15,000 Ascardians, 12,000 Tjierans, 16,000 Redons, 48,000 Krib, 2,000 Human-Da’nor, 1,500 Human-Ascardians, 1,000 Human-Tjierans, 750 Human-Redons, 1,500 Da’nor-Ascardian, 750 Da’nor-Tjieran, 750 Tjieran-Ascardians Asgard Republic - 475,000 Humans Porton Technocracy - 430,000 Humans, 26,000 Cevelli, 15,000 Ka'cezh, 13,000 Zyrka, 12,000 Ymorian, 9,000 Alduu'uuranean, 44,000 T'jell, 73,000 Krib, 10,500 Human-Cevelli, 5,000 H’Wong, 1,000 Karrass Andorra - 380,000 Humans, 19,250 Cevelli, 4,500 Zyrka, 2,500 Ymorians, 2,500 Human-Cevelli, 30,000 Krib, 11,500 H’wong Kingdom of United Systems - 402,500 Humans, 4,500 Tassareans, 8,500 Grgl, 1,500 Human-Tassareans G.E.N.S. - 528,000 Humans ---- Map To be added later. ---- Year 2147 by Earth’s Calendar.
  13. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    [Idea] Dungeon Mining

    Had that in Anthos. Was not well executed, led to people camping the mines, major shortages of every ore, Flays banditing the mine entrances. But, that was because there were literally NO mines around and the respawn rate was terrible. I get what you are coming at though, and I think it deserves another shot.
  14. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    Make Minas Great Again (???)

    Let us mint our own currency. Should be doable with the /renameitem and signing function.
  15. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter I: The Great Wars (Ended) Chapter II: Old Shadows The Great Wars were over, an era of peace seems to settle in. Prosperity was coming to many, it was calm and quiet. Before the storm. A peace, yes, yet uneasy, with the Lithruan Coalition and the Keerim Imperium staring at eachother, armed to the teeth, billions of soldiers in arms. In their back, a Redon whose motives of conquest and expansion are unknown to many, after he has taken control of the Karass people, their lands and space, giving his Imperium a massive boost. In the North, the Darkul have grabbed a foothold on the milky way, after conquering the Ar'gakari. Their motives as unclear as ever. The Heart within appeared dormant. The Saryn Guardians laboring ahead, silent, with minimal contact to any outsiders. And amongst it all, with Margek in charge of the newly established Saryn State, the oldest and most advanced race in the galaxy, ready to prove its mettle in these times. Republican Systems of Edonia The construction of all ships proceeds as planned, with the first battleship being completed, whilst leaving two structural bodies in the vicinity of the shipyard, waiting for completion. The trade post is expanded as planned, allowing new merchants to successfully dock their ships and conduct free trade. The Affiliation Construction continues, but the rumors and news reach the outside, bringing heavy complains from the surrounding nations. The Protorian Council specifically notes, that clones are not meant to be, lacking the spark of true life and just being products of people dabbling with natural evolution and growth, something not supposed to be done by them. The construction of the valley hospital begins, depending on how expansive it gets, at the current rate it might take many more years before being fully operational. On the other hand, the industry grows richer by yet another complex, producing new goods and bringing fresh wind into the nation's economy. The Han Dominion Redacted continues. The first concepts are drawn up, ideas worked out, and a prototype for a simple plasma pistol is finished, proving to be surprisingly reliable and solid for a first-time plasma weapon of mankind. The design of various bigger firearms is still something they need to continue working on, but it is a start. The shipyard grows and grows, but still, the end is not in sight. (26/40 AP to SL6.) Two massive Darkul freighters with heavy escort show up by the start of this new year, dropping off their cargo. Solar Ascendancy Eve, Longshot, Swarm. So many names, so little time. :D (Skype) A light mech, or light walker, as utilized by many nations as a light combat unit with a support role to the infantry is a concept they will continue exploring. Given the technological relationship between the Silver Knight Transformer and this project, it proceeds quite steadily and rapidly, a concept already finished with all required details at the end of this year. The support carrier leaves the shipyard as planned, ready to carry the hundred fists of the Solar ascendancy. The colony is established as planned, a frozen world not unlike their capital. It is familiar and perhaps gives them more of a sense of home than one would anticipate. Kingdom of Armathwaite And three destroyers are finished the very same year. They join the growing fleet of the Kingdom. There is a recent election in the runs with three major candidates, one being more conservative, focusing on strengthening the country's autarky, the second pursuing aggressive free trade, the third focusing a more relaxed middle approach. Currently there are no favors. The big topic of the Republic is economy and rebuilding at this point. Secrets. (Skype) Given that there is no piracy and Redons and Protorians have a firm grip on their space, makes the traders feel more secure than ever. But hey, more protection is not an issue. It might be a shock, a surprise, but it is real. 2146, the Kingdom of Armathwaite receives a message from the Redon Imperium, where the Redon demands direct vassalage under the Imperium. The Trade Federation The deal is signed. They finally choose to settle down on a beautiful lush green world, which does hold a series of deep ravines from previous combat between Crusaders and Corrupters. If they only knew, it was one of the worlds where Jie of Han was in command of purging it. Nevertheless, they install the THEIA scanner system and continue about their daily lives. The publishment gets a response by the Cynn Foundation and Cevelli Pact, who themselves have already established new colonies nearby. They claim to share the goal of furthering the wealth of all, and bringing new activity and life to this devoid area of the galaxy. Trade station and defense platform are added as planned, ready to fulfill their duties. The Saryn language is the most suitable language for a multi-race language. Many have learned it and it is often the first foreign language children learn in their schools in many different countries. The signing of a contract of such extents will be a difficult task, but many of the nations, north and south agree to join the talks. (Skype) Hephaestus Enterprises Efficiency, focus, cutting strength, the list of improvements is long, but in no category have they finished up. Improvements left right and center, but never done, never finished. (They got better, but there is more potential ;) ) With a big bugfix in the targetting system, the swarm missiles have drastically reduced the chance to crash into eachother when rapidfired in huge clusters. The two ships return to Hephaestus space as intended. On the other hand, 12,000 Tithonus combat droids are finished and delivered to the US in the east. The colony ship leaves its own shipyard, ready to settle another world for the evergrowing corporate state. And he is hitting on probably anything with two legs, Tjieran, Da'nor, Ascardian, Terraskolarian, even one or the other human. Might even hit on one of the Redon gals. The Kingdom of Unified Systems The secret project Violet Noise rolls on. (Skype) Imperial Provinces Yet another colony ship for the Imperials, and their ever-growing populace, ready to settle another world. Business investments en masse to bring new speed to the economy of the capital world of Novam Domum. It seems to attract some tourists from the nearby LC. (+1 AP from Tourism per turn) (These investments count into business separately too.) Fulmuris continues, and the boarding put enters the earliest stages of idea developement. Claws, anchors? Drills? How to go about this... The colony ship was just finished. It first needs to load the new volunteers and goods before it can set out to settle a new world. Without the practical knowledge to do so, there does not appear to be anything psionic about the Imperials as is. The Maltese Principalities Yet another colony is settled for the populous Maltese Principality. Star Trek continues, but there is no end in sight quite yet. Not yet... not yet... What follows is a curiosity. A shipload of Adaptaar migrants turns up in the Maltese immigration office. 3,000 Adaptaar are looking for a new home, a place to practice their religion in peace. It appears there are some heretical issues going on here within the Commonality. The Kalronians on the other hand appear grateful to be left alone. Tension lowers, they do interact more willingly, although still sparsely with the remaining populace. And they get offers from every single one, positive answers. Exchange programs ready to be set up, foreign students flooding in, bringing some knowledge, but also willingness to learn. Oh and a lot of money. (+1 AP from Exchange programs) The Free Human Technocracy With little steps they roll out the old plans and schematics for their kinetic technology, to begin their improvements. The colony ship is finished as the reports come in. Three habitable worlds are found. Two are arid types, the third being a tundra world. The construction on this new FHT stadium begins, ready to host football events from all over the nation. Thulean Republic No resources are found, whils the colonial freighter is finished as planned, ready to settle another world for the Thuleans. United States Of Arcturus Despite it all, the settlement does not discover any resources worth mentioning. With this proceeding, the LC nations show their gratitude, sending a generous fiscal package to the US. (+4 AP this turn only). The four cloak-capable corvettes are ready for battle. Andorra Whilst the colony ship is finished, it has yet to wait a year to gather the people to settle this new world. This year, it appears that there are more Cevelli coming in to begin a new life in another country, another world. Immigration advertisement does pay off in some form after all. Dampening the traces and emissions caused by these ship parts is the right way to go, and the scientists begin to diligent work on the task at hand. With yet another trade station, Andorra's effective trade capacity is increased, allowing more merchants to successfully dock and appraise their wares. Republic Star State of Kanata The shipyard expansion finishes as planned. This new size will allow to build heavier ships. Whilst the shields are installed as planned, the weaponry enters the proposed developement cycle and advances steadily. Asgard Republic A stale year, as nothing new is reported whereever improvements are made. Progress is slow, appears unfocused this year, no project reaching any kind of results or finish. Odd. On the other hand rumors indicate that an old man in a white suit was seen on some excavation sites, talking with the workers there, bringing them drinks and refreshment boxes. Protocol 12. (Skype) ---- Events The Redon Imperium officially demands vassalage from the Silver Knights, also known as the Kingdom of Armathwaite. The Saryn Guardians appear to suffer some kind of internal conflict with machines fighting eachother in space near their systems in the West. Traders report passing by battles, with some ships getting caught in the crossfire, subsequently being destroyed. The Zaxx Empire appears to be in diplomatic tension with its neighbours. A new empire in the West is discovered as a scouting ship of theirs finds various colonies in former corrupter space. They introduce themselves as the Empire of Chupan'Mo. The man in the white suit shows up in some places, according to rumors. ---- Population Imperial Provinces - 980,000 Humans Solar Ascendancy - 565,000 Humans, 70,000 Grgl, 39,000 Tassarans, 30,000 Libellans, 27,000 Human-Tassarans, 8,500 Karass Silver Knight Company - 550,000 Humans, 87,750 Tassareans, 35,000 Backhatta, 40,000 Redons, 26,000 Human-Redons, 26,500 Human-Tassareans, 71,500 Galaron, 7,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 9,750 Redon-Tassareans, 2,750 Karass United States of Arcturus - 275,000 Humans, 20,000 Da'nor, 7,000 Human-Tjieran, 18,000 Skellar, 12,000 Libellans, 2,000 Ceri (50,000 Ceri Garrison, 15,000 Ascardian Garrison, 20,000 Da’nor Garrison) Hephaestus Holdings - 905,000 Humans, 145,000 Grgl, 250,000 Tassareans, 65,500 Human-Tassareans, 42,000 Libellans, 40,000 Redons, 40,000 Backhatta, 32,000 Human-Redons, 112,750 Galaron, 18,000 Redon-Tassareans, 13,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 25,750 Protorians, 3,000 Karass Free Human Technocracy - 500,000 Humans, 54,500 Da'nor, 28,000 Human-Da'nor People's Council of Utopie - 450,000 Humans, 32,000 Protorians, 40,000 Libellans, 75,000 Grgl, 70,000 Tassareans, 35,000 Human-Tassareans, 25,000 Backhatta, 28,000 Skellar, 63,000 Galaron, 10,000 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 880,500 Humans, 23,500 Ganvians, 36,500 Ceri, 38,500 Tjierans, 68,500 Ascardians, 40,000 Da'nor, 18,500 Human-Tjierans, 23,500 Human-Da'nor, 21,250 Human-Ascardians, 16,000 Tjieran-Ascardians, 13,000 Ascardian-Da'nor, 26,500 Skellar, 25,250 Libellan, 1,500 Tjieran-Da’nor, 1,500 Ar'gakari, 3,000 Adaptaar Han Dominion - 770,000 Humans, 1,500 Ar'gakari Star Republic of Edonia - 450,250 Humans Republic Star State of Kanata - 452,750 Humans Ultima Thule - 200,000 Humans, 27,500 Da'nor, 10,500 Ceri, 13,500 Ascardians, 10,500 Tjierans, 15,000 Redons, 40,250 Krib, 1,500 Human-Da’nor, 1,000 Human-Ascardians, 750 Human-Tjierans, 500 Human-Redons, 1,000 Da’nor-Ascardian, 500 Da’nor-Tjieran, 500 Tjieran-Ascardians Asgard Republic - 441,500 Humans Porton Technocracy - 395,000 Humans, 25,500 Cevelli, 14,000 Ka'cezh, 11,000 Zyrka, 10,000 Ymorian, 8,250 Alduu'uuranean, 40,000 T'jell, 59,000 Krib, 9,000 Human-Cevelli, 4,000 H’Wong Andorra - 330,000 Humans, 16,750 Cevelli, 4,000 Zyrka, 1,750 Ymorians, 1,750 Human-Cevelli, 16,000 Krib, 9,500 H’wong Kingdom of United Systems - 366,750 Humans, 4,000 Tassareans, 7,750 Grgl, 750 Human-Tassareans G.E.N.S. - 500,000 Humans ---- Map ---- Year 2146 by Earth’s Calendar.