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  1. Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated The ship is constructed as planned and to be delievered. It may not be much, but a first step is made as they surprisingly quickly manage to figure out a small energy chamber battery that holds a xylorite crystal and utilizes the innard energy by... well, poking it with energy, causing it to react violently and emitting far more than was induced. Issue is, it requires a normal battery to startup this potential battery, but for now, it is a highly powerful energy supply. The cells are getting a bit clunky and heavy though. Quite a few volunteers from the Republic of Galaron flock to the banner of Hephaestus, in hopes to make a difference so they claim, and perhaps free their homes from the grasps of the Karass. The trip to the next sector with the closest star system, immediately proves to have a single planet, incredibly massive in size, but of continental size. Gravity appears to be a rough twenty percent higher, given its size. And it immediately shows to have surface (!) deposits of Itoron ore in the northern hemisphere. In fact, so much, that it is visible from miles away, the rocks and chunky landscape originating from potential meteor impacts. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta It is done. At the end of the year, with a satellite acting as the anchor station and a small vessel with a quantum beacon on it, the connection is established and... under high investments of energy and quite a substantial charging time, the ship instantly jumps into the other system. Half an hour later, it is back home, after doing some smaller flight maneuvers and system checks in the foreign solar system. A little boon at the side is, that with the study of the quantum level, they managed to figure out how to cut communication times and distances to pretty much zero. By just utilizing the same technology, but adapted for radio waves. Huh. Convenient. United States Of Arcturus More time, more work. Nothing else to add to a carrier in that size. (3/8 AP.) On the other hand, the frigate is finished as planned with the remaining capacity and time and joins the fleet. Imperial Republic of Mankind The monstrosity is secured and safely stored. No other signs are seen from the old facility on the moon's surface. With the growth of the plants going well, the shift of the plants is done by the next harvest, as planned. The designs continue without anything particular to note. They finish the designs and schematics for it, the prototypes are to be the next phase this coming year. With the growing population, the teachers certainly appreciate the additional facilities to educate the growing up generations of children who are slowly getting into the right age. Well, that went well. The exploration that is. ;) The Holy Kingdom of Eadn Another two frigates join the other three, bringing the fleet to five frigates (fighters aside). Whilst there appears to be no threat, certainly something is planned or considered to come. Die Volksrepublik The expansion of the shipyard goes entirely as planned. (2/2 AP. SL 2 now.) Aside from the human staff, there are actually a few Galaron veterans willing to give thorough training courses in modern warfare. These veterans just recently arrived with one of the refugee ships coming from Karass space, although there are little coming. With the next capacities, some progress is made, but only some and the ship is far from done. (1/4 AP Colonial freighter.) Silver Knight Corporation Surprisingly, with some new-found input from the Galaron refugees, a first prototype is successfully field tested this year. It is only one, mostly unarmed, and still falls under the prequisite that it is unhandy in space when in mech-mode, but quite usable on the ground in such, and otherwise as a fighter for space and air combat. The Galaron who participated in the project note, that they have utilized such a technology at the start of their war against the Karass, but it has been phased out due to inefficiencies and shortcomings in comparison to the common set of weapons and machines they employed otherwise and the enemies employed. The software system on the other hand gets its first version finished by the end of the year, thanks to the genuine support from the Terran Federation. Interfacing between singular soldiers is a lot easier now and information can be shared quite readily, although it is just that. At least, survivability will be higher. Certainly higher. The Terran Federation One of the planned frigates is finished, the other remaining in the shipyard in construction. (2/2 and 1/2 AP.) Despite the attempts to have refugees arrive at the designated world, no ships make their way there it appears, flocking to other nations and spaceports instead. Aurora Whilst the Helix is disassembled into the new hub for the second colony, the additional resources are instead poured into the shield emitter projects. Despite all efforts, no increase in strength for the deflectors was attained, although energy consumption has been lowered quite a bit. The energy cell research on the other hand yields no particular results upon attempt to improve current designs. Some things were tested, but in sum, it is assumed that this type of energy storage technology is unbeaten. For other energy sources, there is knowledge about Xylorite being a potentially usable source, but nothing substantial is found about it. The Han Dominion With all effort given, the project for a FTL drive leads directly into the old Warp field technologies of mankind before the journey onwards. There is some knowledge, just bringing it into order and expanding upon it is on the agenda this time. The shipyard however slowly takes shape as the first structural girders are being brought up from the surface. (1/4 AP for SL 1.) Of several different strands that were tried, three survived, two of them being toxic to animals and living beings. The third one has a remarkably slower rate of growth, but appears to grow for just a quarter of the required water and fertile ground. Whilst there is this foreign facility on the one moon, no other signs are found of a civilization that has been here. As for the dark metal, the search appears quite fruitless on the second moon. The Free Human Technocracy The first prototype is ready. Aim assistance software appears to be a very complicated task. They try, but the amount of variables, situations and factors really force the programmers to work wonders. Despite all the effort, there is no result to be shown at the end of this year. Aegis With all effort the shipyard is finished and ready to house the production of ships. (4/4 AP for SL 1) ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 191,500 Humans Terran Federation - 170,000 Humans, 3,750 Grgl, 3,000 Tassareans, 1,250 Human-Tassareans, 1,000 Libellans New Sephoria - 220,000 Humans, 1,500 Protorians, 20 Human-Protorians Silver Knight Company - 178,500 Humans, 2,250 Tassareans, 1,000 Backhatta, 1,250 Redons, 500 Human-Redons, 500 Human-Tassareans, 5,500 Galaron United States of Arcturus - 189,750 Humans, 1,750 Skellar, 250 Da'nor Aurora - 186,750 Humans, 2,750 Tassareans, 2,750 Grgl, 500 Protorians, 1,000 Human-Tassareans, 1,500 Galaron Hephaestus Holdings - 172,000 Humans, 9,000 Grgl, 7,000 Tassareans, 4,000 Human-Tassareans, 1,250 Libellans, 1,250 Redons, 750 Backhatta, 250 Human-Redons, 12,500 Galaron Saga Initiative - 185,000 Humans, 1,250 Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 110,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 179,500 Humans, 1,750 Protorians, 2,500 Libellans, 4,500 Grgl, 2,500 Tassareans, 1,250 Human-Tassareans, 750 Backhatta, 500 Skellar, 5,000 Galaron Order of Malta - 167,500 Humans The Remnants - 169,500 Humans, 1,750 Tassareans, 1,750 Grgl, 1,000 Libellans, 750 Human-Tassareans Han Dominion - 122,000 Humans Aegis - 123,000 Humans, 250 Skellar, 250 Libellan ---- Galactic Assembly - Founded 2115 - Dissolved 2123 The Galactic Assembly is dissolved upon withdrawal of the Backhatta Hive and the Redon Imperium. With the additional absense of the Republic of Galaron, this venture to have more peace in the southern galaxy failed. ---- Events In a surprise offensive, a combined fleet of Tjierans, Ceri and newly joined Ascardians strikes heavily at the outer sectors of the Protorian Council. The old superpower is reeling from the unsuspected additional invasion and begins to musters ships and forces never seen before by any human visitor. A last wave of refugees flood the Southern galaxy before ebbing out completely. The Karass Dominion appear to have completed their control over their newly acquired sectors. The Kalronian Ystor Rule introduces itself to the Galactic Community. By proclaiming everyone else are all unworthy beings. Any attempt to communicate with them appears futile. Their borders are closed and anyone who approaches their space suffers death. On the other hand, the Ganvius nation introduces itself as well. Whilst they keep their borders closed, they are reachable in terms of communication, although they are not very forthcoming with answers to questions. The corrupters encroach further upon Tassarean space. Another set of eerie signals are being received from the East. ---- Map update ---- Year 2123 by Earth's calendar.
  2. Aurora Soon enough, the Helix leaves its shipyard, looming in orbit above the colony. A bit of a step forward, to a better future, some would say. More hope. It has taken quite a few years, but the result is remarkable. Small, but remarkable. The scientist present a functional (but very energy-consuming) small dish that is capable of slowing and bending the trajectory of bundled energy and solid mass directed towards it. The latter being less affected it appears. A deflector dish, per say. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta A result that can be seen. In a testing enviroment a quantum anchor apparatus manages to force a beaconed testing drone into the quantum level for a fragment of a fragement of a fragment of a nanosecond, just for it to reappear half a centimeter further. Whilst the scale is still miniscule, this is a proof of concept. The AI robotics project on the other hand appears to stumble through some difficult phases. They manage to focus their efforts on first preliminary research and studies upon which parts need substantial improvement and need to be developed properly first to be a foundation for capable robots. With no idea about their origins, this attempt at sending signals is entirely futile. Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated The shipyard is finished and already got a popular name given by the people. The Anvil, to forge Hephaestus future! At least it is a popular suggestion, the naming falls with the CEO, so do the foremans indicate as they report back in, that the shipyard is finished and ready for business. (SL 1 finished.) A couple of shady Backhatta dealers, a few bribed hands and a Redon energy capacitator inside a newly designed prototype, eating 20% more energy than before given the poor energy cells of Hephaestus, BUT giving it about 40% more cutting power. That seems like a fair deal, given that so many company resources were invested in this... acquisition. This information is given by that particular Tassarean researcher in private to the board. He has his sources and had a couple of favors. Why not prove himself to his employers? There is actually a pending trade offer. A Libellan merchant offers information about a nearby solar system with a habitable planet and a useable Libellan colony ship at the same time for only five-hundred tons of raw Xylorite. Aegis As deep sea collectors were one of the paths mankind pursued to satisfy the need for ores and metals in the late 21st century, this pursuit goes surprisingly well, in terms of design, and by the end of the year the requested ten collectors are roaming the seas, silently, "eating" layers upon layers of sediments. The unloading process goes just as fast, as they pour it into the newly constructed docking facility with storage capacities. And the hail is answered. Within two hours after sending the signal, a ship is detected in the system, approaching the colony on a direct course. It appears to be a small exploration vessel (encounter). Imperial Republic of Mankind Another year, another frigate. The Imperial Republic arms up, preparing for the worst. On the other hand, another survey, no special results, aside from common deposits of ore and metal. A few of the planter machines are called back, to be refitted with potato plants. If the ecosphere stabilizes more by the next year, and there is no dark rain, then it should be safe to go and plant them. Designing such a suit is a heavy task, whilst they manage to draft up first rough sketches with most parameters in place, they certainly require more resources to do so. The surveillance on the moon reports that one of the grey monstrosities has been sighted on the surface. One of the frigates in orbit quickly reacted and destroyed it with a well aimed shot. This event, whilst no losses were taken, clearly indicates that this abandoned facility is still active or... "populated". The Terran Federation And the alloys make up the armor for the newly finished frigate. All remaining stages went well, and this new ship becomes part of the Federation's fleet. Altering the laws of gravitation like that is difficult. But pulling objects towards a projecting source is doable. In concept, so this year's results, by directing a gravitational pull from a gravity inducing source towards an object, pulls that object in, as if the gravity was normal. Distance of course weakens this. A casualty reports comes in, from the Tassarean Republic. 250 Humans have lost their lives in recent engagements. The remaining volunteers are sent back for rest and recreation, as another Tassarean unit takes their place. They bring some experience in combat against the Corrupters and are familiar with handling Tassarean equipment. In particular, one mentions that the Republic has lost 165,000 soldiers in this past year alone. Die Volksrepublik So it is. I assume there is not much to explain here. Whilst the idea might be good, the people are skeptical, given that the other races and nations have their respective military academies and are far more versed in terms of combat in space. With no resources assigned, there won't be any progress. Silver Knight Corporation The frigate is finished by the end of the year, bolstering the forces of the Silver Knight Corporation. It is up to the requested standards. It's either, or. Transformed into a mech, the scientists state, that it's very unwieldy and difficult to control when in space and not on a solid surface with gravity. They suggest to leave such a mech mode for real ground operations, whilst it remains in fighter mode, when in air or space. Unfortunately another survey goes without any remarkable findings. The Han Dominion With due diligence, the foundations for this new bio-engineering division were established. An empty and waiting facility building was suitable to be repurposed as a first lab immediately. Whilst the survey of Lenguo yields nothing remarkable, it's quite contrary for Shiguo. As the moon turns towards the sun, in a crater, what was originally seen as ravines from the surface of the planet, turns out to be tiered ring-shaped facility of entirely unknown origin. Closer inspection reveals it to be seemingly inactive, in the center of this foreign facility is a vast circular hatch visible. The material is substantially dark and can not be penetrated by any known sensor devices as of right now. (Encounter at your leisure.) Free Human Technocracy The Project continues. A prototype to be expected next year at current rate. The first (!) state-built school for mankind after the Exodus from Solaris. People are glad about the fact that the government cares for them. United States Of Arcturus It looms, like a giant shadow in the sky. Invisible at night to be mistaken for a cluster of stars, clearly visible at day. The engineers and architects are proud of what they did, nobody of mankind has ever built such a huge entity in space. (SL 4 now.) The Holy Kingdom of Eadn Two more frigates are finished, bolstering the Kingdom's fleet substantially. I hope everyone keeps track of their ships. The warp drives are fully functional. The test jump into the closest neighbouring solar system proves to run flawlessly. Despite the communication outage due to the distance, the frigate returns with new visual data and sensor information about the neighbouring system. It's a red dwarf with a gas giant and an asteroid belt, nothing remarkable about it. The Remnants At last, after all those years, the first shipyard is finished. For building the necessary vessels for expansion and exploration certainly a boon. To be independent, so to speak. (SL 1 now.) Both ships are built without issues, one for simple transport, the other for protection purposes, so one could claim. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 182,500 Humans Terran Federation - 164,250 Humans, 3,250 Grgl, 2,750 Tassareans, 1,000 Human-Tassareans, 750 Libellans New Sephoria - 210,000 Humans, 1,000 Protorians, 4 Human-Protorians Silver Knight Company - 171,500 Humans, 1,750 Tassareans, 750 Backhatta, 1,000 Redons, 250 Human-Redons, 250 Human-Tassareans, 3,000 Galaron United States of Arcturus - 181,000 Humans, 1,250 Skellar Aurora - 178,500 Humans, 2,250 Tassareans, 2,250 Grgl, 250 Protorians, 750 Human-Tassareans Hephaestus Holdings - 165,500 Humans, 7,500 Grgl, 6,500 Tassareans, 3,250 Human-Tassareans, 1,000 Libellans, 1,000 Redons, 500 Backhatta, 150 Human-Redons, 3,500 Galaron Saga Initiative - 176,500 Humans, 250 Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 108,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 172,000 Humans, 1,500 Protorians, 2,250 Libellans, 4,000 Grgl, 2,250 Tassareans, 750 Human-Tassareans, 500 Backhatta, 250 Skellar Order of Malta - 159,500 Humans The Remnants - 161,500 Humans, 1,500 Tassareans, 1,500 Grgl, 750 Libellans, 750 Human-Tassareans Han Dominion - 112,500 Humans Aegis - 115,500 Humans ---- Galactic Assembly - Founded 2115 The Galactic Assembly is founded by the Protorian Council. With ambassadors from following nations, each holding two seats: Backhatta Hive (low) - Confederation of Xaplonius (High) - Redon Imperium - Republic of Galaron - Protorian Council - Human Colonies - Tassaran Republic - Libellan Union. Human Colonies (Bold means, holding a seat): PAR: PAR Terran Federation: Hephaestus Holdings, Auroran Imperium, Silver Knight Company Auroran Imperium: Terran Federation, The Remnants Previous issues: No current issues are being handled. Current issues: No current issues are being handled. ---- Events The conflicts seem to be at a standstill this year. The corrupter front notes nothing noteworthy, them being distracted by something it seems. The heavy losses of the Tassarean Republic forces them to consolidate and use the break for another round. The Karass Dominion opens outlying outposts and systems for trade. They appear to have no specific territorial demands, seeing as their war with Galaron is now settled. The first refugees from Galaron appear. A few eerie signals are being received from the East. The Tjieran Principate and Ceri Collective have halted their offensive for this year. ---- Map update ---- Year 2122 by Earth's calendar.
  3. I apologize for the delay in the modpost. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta This needs a lot of work, given the extent of the field that is being researched. Mankind hasn't had any knowledge about this prior to the exodus from Earth. But it will make progress. The additional facilities constructed will prove useful, most certainly. The groundworks for the shipyard stand, but this will take more time to be finished. (1/4 AP required, SL 1) Whilst all of this is happening, radio transmissions are being caught in fragments from the silent emptiness of space. The origin can't be determined, but they are most certainly artificial, as parts of sentences and words in an unknown language are heard. New Sephoria With the shipyard prepared to take the order and the resources invested being more than sufficient, two new corvettes dot the sky of the New Sephorian homeworld. They are ready to assume duties. The children, with a Protorian mother and a Human father appear well and healthy. There are no discrepancies, with the exception for the golden hue in their skin and their pitchblack eyes with brown irises. They are being baptised as it is normal on the Sephorian homeworld. They do show remarkable growth and are already capable of speaking simple sentences and words by the end of the year. The Protorians on Sephoria state that Protorians grow up quite quickly at first, but then live through a prolonged phase of childhood, compared to humans. They become full adults at about twenty. The Protorian Council congratulates the parents and merely requests medical information about the twins, so that the Archivar may sort it out. After all, this is a first, and it has to be stored. The Terran Federation 4,500 volunteers are being picked up by the Tassaran Republic in order to participate in upcoming combat with the corrupter dominion. The new colony is established as planned and the first farms are ready by the end of the year. Next year is the first harvest of course. Building a ship around a gun should be doable. Although altering the system's size and functionality so it fits together without being a big lump of oddity is difficult. They will need more time for that, assuming the effort remains the same. Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated And then it's halfway done. Floating above the colony, the shipyard in its skeletal form still, but soon to be whole and prepared to house the construction of dozens of different ships. (2/4 AP, SL1) The new hull armor though comes quite... surprisingly quickly. Instead of using the old Steel and Titanium platings, an alloy of steel and so-called Itoron is the way to go. Most spacefaring nations apparently use it, given its incredible density and resilience against impacts and pressure. The Holy Kingdom of Eadn Given the vast amount of resources required to build a fleet of thirteen frigates and how little was given, only one frigate leaves the shipyard by the end of the year. Fortunately enough though, with the planned warp drive on it. Aurora In an act of stubborness the engineers decide to simply expand the shipyard on the ground in which the half-finished colony ship is still awaiting completion. Speaking of completion, they do manage to increase the shipyards capacity substantially. (SL 2 now. 2/4 AP colony ship in waiting) The energy supply is less of an issue, the energy emitters pose the problem. In the principles of a magnetic field, the engineers continue to try figuring out a way of emitting a field that is dense, but non-dangerous on its own (ie temperature, radiation, etc.). So far, all attempts were unsuccessful. United States Of Arcturus Halfway done. An engineers coughs and straightens up as he has bolted the last girder in place. The extended structure for the drydock stands, but it will take another year at least. (5/10 ap to SL 4). Imperial Republic of Mankind The ship fail to return any findings about energy signatures alike the ones of the energy cells. The engineers assume it is possible to make a lesser version of it, given that they managed to understand the basic principles of the energy cell. But the substance inside is what puzzles them. It appears heavy, but somewhat inert. Reacts when it is energized (quite violently so). But getting more of it is impossible as they have not discovered any kind of deposit with a liquid alike it. The atmosphere appears to become better by the year. The past couple of rains appeared to be rather... normal, still a bit muddy, but mostly from dust and not pollution. The grown lichen and moss are covering vast parts of the surface, as the planter robots still work thoroughly and without rest. Die Volksrepublik A frigate bearing the flag of the Republic soon looms above, giving the people below a bit of a sense of security. Certainly a step forward. More houses. More stores. More. Given, if this keeps up, the colony will turn into quite a city. And the consumption of materials comes along. Striking a new valley elsewhere on the planet, they proceed to mine more metals and ores. Whilst the Protorian Council itself declines to send any technology or weapons, it notes that it is willing to accept volunteers in the war, supplying them with equipment and training to fight in the name of the Council. The Remnants Given, there is not much to add, as the Support Carrier is stocked with fighters, with the remainder in defense of the colony itself. The Tassaran Republic notes that it is willing to accept volunteers (ships included) for the upcoming battles with the Corrupter Dominion. A hundred new Sephorian robots are part of the Remnants now. Ready to assume duties they should bolster basic labor well enough. The shipyard continues its construction but is still not finished. (3/4 AP to SL 1). Free Human Technocracy Secret is secret. It makes some steps forward. But it certainly takes much more time than just one year. The development of new alloys works quite well, and soon enough the first Itoron-Steel plates are available for construction. This should improve the durability of all things quite a lot. Alerts go off as an unknown vessel is detected in the initiative's home system. It appears to be a light cruiser and on direct course to the colony itself. (ENCOUNTER). Silver Knight Corporation And they get their two new corvettes. More little ships. A transformable fighter. A new concept, but interesting as it is possible to do given the technologies available. It will not be a small vehicle, but given that a mech suit is tall, it should be possible. And so the design works begin. It will take a little, but they will come along nicely. (I refer you to Starcraft, the Viking.) The Han Dominion Given their starved bodies, it is the best decision to make. By the end of the year, with the rapid expansion of monoculture farms, with rice growing surprisingly well on this new world, the rations can be doubled and people are getting stronger again to tackle the daily tasks better. And, much alike other colonies have discovered at the starts of their journeys, these worlds are abundant in resources. The very ground often just yields riches of metals and ores unfamiliar to those who have lived on a stripped Earth. Aegis Careful fishing and preservation of nature certainly keeps the ecosystem in tact. The ecologists among the populace surely welcome such a notion. It turns out, the sediments are incomparably rich in minerals. Collecting them might yield substantial amounts of useable metals. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 174,000 Humans Terran Federation - 159,500 Humans, 3,000 Grgl, 2,250 Tassareans, 750 Human-Tassareans, 500 Libellans New Sephoria - 200,000 Humans, 750 Protorians, 2 Human-Protorians Silver Knight Company - 164,000 Humans, 1,500 Tassareans, 500 Backhatta, 500 Redons, 10 Human-Redons, 50 Human-Tassareans United States of Arcturus - 173,500 Humans, 750 Skellar Aurora - 170,500 Humans, 1,750 Tassareans, 2,000 Grgl, 250 Protorians, 500 Human-Tassareans Hephaestus Holdings - 159,500 Humans, 6,500 Grgl, 5,500 Tassareans, 2,750 Human-Tassareans, 750 Libellans, 750 Redons, 250 Backhatta, 20 Human-Redons Saga Initiative - 169,000 Humans The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 106,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 165,500 Humans, 1,250 Protorians, 1,750 Libellans, 3,750 Grgl, 2,000 Tassareans, 500 Human-Tassareans, 250 Backhatta, 150 Skellar Order of Malta - 153,500 Humans The Remnants - 154,000 Humans, 1,250 Tassareans, 1,000 Grgl, 500 Libellans, 500 Human-Tassareans Han Dominion - 103,500 Humans Aegis - 105,000 Humans ---- Galactic Assembly - Founded 2115 The Galactic Assembly is founded by the Protorian Council. With ambassadors from following nations, each holding two seats: Backhatta Hive (low) - Confederation of Xaplonius (High) - Redon Imperium - Republic of Galaron - Protorian Council - Human Colonies - Tassaran Republic - Libellan Union. Human Colonies (Bold means, holding a seat): PAR: PAR Terran Federation: Hephaestus Holdings, Auroran Imperium, Silver Knight Company Auroran Imperium: Terran Federation, The Remnants Previous issues: The Redon Imperium demands cessation of a sector in conflict from the Backhatta Hive. (The Redon Imperium withdraws its demand.) The Backhatta Hive demands cessation of a sector in conflict from the Redon Imperium. (The Backhatta Hive withdraws its demand.) Current issues: No current issues are being handled. ---- Events The Republic of Galaron unconditionally surrenders to the Karass Dominion. The Galactic Assembly lost a member, as the Karass' forces occupy and integrate all Galaron-held systems into their own. The Backhatta and Redons reach an agreement and the Redon Imperium claims the sector. The Tassaran Republic engages the Corrupter Dominion directly for the first time with a fleet of its own. The battles are heavy, casualties high on both sides, but the Republic was able to halt any advances of the Corrupter Dominion for the time being. Communication with the Republic of Xie cuts out as forces of the Karass Dominion annex the colony. ---- Map update ---- Year 2121 by Earth's calendar.
  4. "Wait, who is Emperor now?" asks Garon after being drowned in titles which take fifty percent of the message.
  5. Both accepted. You are in the groupchat, I hope you are active enough. You are already free to post for this year.
  6. I swear this is my last territorial demand in Europe.
  7. Die Volks-Agrarrepublik (PAR) The shipyard is finished as projected. It is ready to assume operations this coming year. Laying groundworks for an additional habitat and commerce district should prove beneficial for the colony itself. In general, the PAR has had an influx of immigrants, so the additional room surely is a welcome addition. The expedition to the Solaris system has already taken place, Auroran, Terran, Hephaestus and Sephorian representatives have been on board. What the opened borders may bring is yet to be seen. Thus far there was little hindrance for potential immigrants, but an official statement might make it more appealing. The Terran Federation A combined effort of the people of the Terran Federation it is, and soon enough yet another ship lifts up to sail the endless ocean of the stars. And of course, the expedition takes place. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta The research comes and goes. Months pass, plans are drafted, calculations are done, thrown overboard again. And then the scientists find something peculiar. So they follow up on this finding and come to the result... Disregarding mankind's warp technology advances, it would be possible to develop a Quantum Anchor system, that allows stations to toss ships into nearby solar systems, without them having much more than a quantum link connecting to the Quantum Anchor station. It's difficult, energy-inefficient at this point, but certainly doable. How much more research and then experiments they require, the scientists don't know. United States Of Arcturus It is yet to be seen if this isolationist stance is beneficial or detrimental to the colony itself. The decision is not welcomed by some nations, but mostly ignored by others. The Skellar Kingdom leaves no comment on it. On the other hand, the two ships are being finished as schedules, two ships ready to defend the interests of the United States of Arcturus. New Sephoria By the end of the year, a new shipyard marks the surface of the planet, Sephorian made, ready to build ships in the name of the same colony. The Protorians are a vast and highly developed civilization. Their home world housing about twenty-five billion Protorians alone. There are gardens lining the streets and roofs of buildings, it's very quiet, foreign birds can be heard on this world of always-summer. Public transportation runs by underground railsystems, or sometimes by a floating transport vessel. Remarkably, on this world, everything is... free. You don't have to pay to get something to eat or drink. There is no poverty, no want, no greed. Harmony and enrichment of one's own life is what drives the Protorian people. Imperial Republic of Mankind And so they do find a planet, most suitable for their endeavours. A warm and dry planet, with light steppes and mostly savannah, with a few denser forests around northern and southern mountain ranges becomes the home for the Imperial Republic. A second foothold in this galaxy. They do manage to carefully dismantle one of the cells, realizing, the most important part of the energy cell is a specific crystalline liquid inside an unknown mechanism that apparently turns it into simple energy to power whatever needs to be powered. Considering the dark stormclouds above, it is a good notion. Whilst the production only gets hampered a little, they manage to reduce the raw CO2 output by fifty percent. The Saga Initiative The colony ship gets its Warpdrive installed and the hull plating finished up at the rear and is ready to go. The two corvettes being finished soon afterwards are tiny compared to the big freighter looming next to them in orbit around the colony. Meanwhile, the search of the sector to the West reveals a habitable arctic world, with little forests spread in some warmer regions. It shows to have no animal life and only plants dominate it. The Holy Kingdom of Eadn Disregarding virtual testing or not, a real ship is a real ship. Soon enough it's a small spot visible from the surface, looming above the colony, a bit like a guardian angel one could say. A small guardian angel, but one regardless. The design is functional. On paper. In virtual space. It just needs to be added onto the ships, then it's ready to go. All projections see a 100% success rate assuming there are no abnormalities. Aurorian Imperium And thus a half finished colony ship stands in the shipyard at the end of the year, waiting to be completed next year. (2/4 AP invested.) Given the lack of room inside the shipyard now though, it would be wiser to expand it first, before continuing its construction. Generating shields without having developed some kind of energy emitter is not doable. So instead, a few preliminary research plans and studies are conducted in order to accommodate for this requirement. Silver Knight Corporation Rounding off the asteroid base, it's fully operational now, ready to defend itself if needed. It was a success, and the responsible teams are glad it's over. A corvette to bolster the fleet of the Silver Knight Corporation leaves the shipyard. It is ready to do the duties that are assigned to it. This is a difficult topic. And impossible. Stealth on a ship that needs to emit a signature in order to be able to move or utilize any of its tools and systems is impossible. All conducted research and studies, the little there were, run into nothingness, yielding no results. The Remnants With the given resources, only 200 fighters are made. It's tedious and repetitive work, but it can't be made any faster. The shipyard on the other hand is halfway done, ready to be finished next year and assume operations (2/4 AP for SL 1). Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated By the end of this year, the order is finished, picked up by Galaron and things proceed as usual. The Republic has seen no issue and did not expect to have all of the wares within a year. The remaining five-hundred tons of raw Xylorite were being delivered, stored safely in one of the many storehouses. Under guard, I do hope. "The Republic of Galaron will conduct potential business in the future." according to a statement of an official. ---- Population growth Republic of Xie - 160,000 Humans Imperial Republic of Mankind - 164,500 Humans Terran Federation - 153,000 Humans, 2,500 Grgl, 1,750 Tassareans, 500 Human-Tassareans, 200 Libellans New Sephoria - 188,000 Humans, 500 Protorians, 2 Human-Protorians Silver Knight Company - 158,500 Humans, 1,000 Tassareans, 250 Backhatta, 250 Redons United States of Arcturus - 165,000 Humans, 250 Skellar Aurora - 165,000 Humans, 1,000 Tassareans, 1,500 Grgl, 100 Protorians, 250 Human-Tassareans Hephaestus Holdings - 153,000 Humans, 6,000 Grgl, 4,750 Tassareans, 2,500 Human-Tassareans, 500 Libellans, 500 Redons, 250 Backhatta Saga Initiative - 159,500 Humans The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 104,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 159,000 Humans, 1,000 Protorians, 1,250 Libellans, 2,500 Grgl, 1,250 Tassareans, 250 Human-Tassareans Order of Malta - 146,000 Humans The Remnants - 147,000 Humans, 750 Tassareans, 500 Grgl, 250 Libellans, 250 Human-Tassareans ---- Galactic Assembly - Founded 2115 The Galactic Assembly is founded by the Protorian Council. With ambassadors from following nations, each holding two seats: Backhatta Hive (low) - Confederation of Xaplonius (High) - Redon Imperium - Republic of Galaron - Protorian Council - Human Colonies - Tassaran Republic - Libellan Union. Human Colonies (Bold means, holding a seat): PAR: PAR Terran Federation: Hephaestus Holdings, Auroran Imperium, Silver Knight Company Auroran Imperium: Terran Federation, The Remnants Previous issues: No issues were discussed last year. Current issues: The Redon Imperium demands cessation of a sector in conflict from the Backhatta Hive. The Backhatta Hive demands cessation of a sector in conflict from the Redon Imperium. ---- Events The conflict between the Republic of Galaron and Karass Dominion takes a dire turn for the former. Another two sectors are lost to a great mounted offensive of the Dominion forces. The Tjieran Principate makes an appearance and immediately opens hostilities with the Protorian Council. Reports indicate that Ceri Collective forces have participated in the first assaults on Protorian border worlds and outposts. Tensions rise between the Backhatta Hive and the Redon Imperium as a border incident over the claim of a sector turns into a small scale skirmish with three lost ships (two on the Hive's side and one on the Redon's side). Corrupter activity is at another peak along the border. The Tassaran Republic reports that they have sighted new outposts being built just two sectors away from their space. The Grand Alliance gets introduced to the galactic community, given a contact through the Redon Imperium. The Ascardian Principate is being introduced as well. None of the newly encountered nations join the Galactic Assembly. A pair of Human-Protorian twins are born on New Sephoria. How will the New Sephorians react to this? ---- Map update ---- Year 2120 by Earth's calendar.
  8. Athera? No. Too small. Too cramped. It had a specific size, but everyone was so squashed together that it was detrimental for activity and RP in the long run. It was the map with the lowest player count. Anthos was quite alright, it was condensed, although Oren and mankind had way too little territory for their specific type of RP. Landholdings were sitting ontop of eachother in visual range, which alone caused a lot of OOC memery and unnecessary (and not RPly founded) bias, because the builds did not go well with eachother (style-wise). Abresi was huge. Uselessly huge, but I still miss it. Axios, the place we are sitting on, is bigger than Vailor to my knowledge, Tahn alone being as long as Vailor was wide (with ocean at that!). If you are going for a new map, it can have a region where things are more focused, that's alright with me, but hang various vast landscapes about and onto it, for people to have their own things, because that gives appeal. And satisfy the endless hunger for land of the Orenian (Human) nobility. And stuff to explore. And colonize. Aaah, the ideas. Everywhere. EDIT: As for Asulon, that was MC generated. We could opt for something like that too.
  9. New Sephoria Both shuttles return with no substantial results, mostly revealing to be two moons with mediocre ore deposits and the latter with substantial reserves of water. As the wardens already field these visual sensors, the invested resources are used to construct an additional twenty robots. That should bolster the potential guardforce a bit. The audience is granted by the Protorian Council. The pope is to travel to Proteum Davun, the homeworld of the Protorians. (Encounter) The Sovereign Military Order of Malta And so the House of Malta is finished by the end of the year. An impressive performance that results in an impressive complex to house people and give them a place for their daily lives. Using rudimentary railgun technology in bigger scale, the engineers assume the possibility to install defense platforms on the surface. Shooting up into orbit is quite difficult though, due to drag caused by atmosphere and gravity. The Terran Federation Further examination of the ecosphere of the new world reveals that this could easily classify as some kind of Eden. Rich, calm, the seasons being one continous summer. The only downside is the sheer lack of any valuable resources on the planet. But for agricultural uses the planet is suitable. Although no particularly usable plants have been found. Fortunately, despite their difference in appearance and being, the races who have settled in the Terran Federation appear to integrate quite well. Whilst Grgl and Libellans need to use translation devices for their language, they are eager to please their Human neighbours. The Tassarans on the other hand are not inhibited by any biological barrier and fit into society as they were just humans themselves. Their ways are very similar too. Aurora Trade is already quite freely flowing between the mentioned nations. This should pose no issue. The most they can do with the given resources for such a massive undertaking, is drafting up a plan and concept for it, and nothing more. The scattered focus doesn't suit this well. The Mark I does not even have a finished prototype yet, so instead they manage to construct one by the end of the year. Testing it is something that comes next. Over the span of this year, no outstanding planetary properties or elements are discovered, disregarding the common deposits of ores and other minerals. Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated All combined effort given, about half of the order is being done... and at the same time, when military freighters of the Republic come by to pickup the wares, they leave behind the agreed amount (half of it, of course) of 500 tons of raw Xylorite. The containers are filled to the brim with chunks of those strange rainbow shimmering crystals. The first prototype proves to be functional, but not practical. The field stabilizers they copied did not work as intended and have to be worked on thoroughly. Right now it fluctuates between half a G and two G, which feels a lot like a very stressful rollercoaster ride when standing on top of them. The Confederation acknowledges the report given and no further remarks are being made. Imperial Republic of Mankind The existing shipyard is finally upgraded and expanded, ready to assume bigger orders for ship construction. And it immediately follows. A colonial freighter is prepared and ready to set out, to set down on a new world and give the Imperial Republic another foothold in this galaxy. United States Of Arcturus The shipyard reaches a new proper size, concluding its extention and upgrade works. This should give the United States the ability to build yet more sizeable ships. Utilizing the remainder of the resources, a colonial freighter is prepared and soon ready to go where noone has gone before. For a while until it settles down somewhere, of course. The Saga Initiative It's a surprising success, and it is done. A functional Quantum Communication device has been built, the tests through the solar system verify its capabilities. Nearly flawless transmissions going on instantly, prove the concept. The trick was figuring out the right configuration for the energy state shifter, that translates radio waves into the quantum level itself, precoding a specified exit point for aforementioned waves. Let's just say it's very, VERY complicated. Three quarters of the ship are done by the end of the year. It will require another investment to fully finish it. (3/4 for 1 Colonial Freighter) The Remnants With the warp drive properly in place, the ship gets transported carefully across the lightyears of distance. With the additional assistance from the Federation and their shipyard, they manage to finally complete the restructuring of the old colony ship. It has lost size and weight, but it is fully capable of military actions. (1 Support Carrier now.) PAR Extending some existing farms and housing on the main colony takes place, as it has become quite crowded, and producing locally is still viable as there is enough room in the valley. Three quarters of a first shipyard on a nearby plateau are done by the end of the year. Launchpad is finished, foundations and structure as well. Most of the utilities are installed, but still need to be finished entirely before the new shipyard can assume the construction of a new ship. (3/4 for SL 1) Silver Knight Corporation So a first shipyard is finished, ready to assume orders given. (SL 1) After the year, defensive measures are in place, to deflect and redirect asteroids as needed, protecting the base from them. Active defensive measures are not entirely done, but a few simple railgun turrets are in place. Whilst offices have been established on some worlds across all the known nations of the Galactic Assembly, weapons stores were prohibited in the Confederation of Xaplonius, the Protorian Council and the Libellan Union. On the other hand, in the Redon Imperium, a weapon store was permitted, but only that. The Holy Kingdom of Eadn And so it is finally built. Given the already invested resources, it has turned out a bit bigger than originally expected. Nonetheless, more capacity means more production for bigger vessels. (SL 2) Taking the old warp field theories and research from Earth, they manage to nail down the mathematical part. The engineering comes next, but that's a story for another year. ---- Population growth Republic of Xie - 153,000 Humans Imperial Republic of Mankind - 155,500 Humans Terran Federation - 147,500 Humans, 1,750 Grgl, 1,500 Tassareans, 400 Human-Tassareans, 80 Libellans New Sephoria - 179,500 Humans, 250 Protorians Silver Knight Company - 152,500 Humans, 500 Tassareans, 200 Backhatta, 150 Redons United States of Arcturus - 159,500 Humans, 50 Skellar Aurora - 158,500 Humans, 750 Tassareans, 1000 Grgl, 50 Protorians, 100 Human-Tassareans Hephaestus Holdings - 146,500 Humans, 5,250 Grgl, 4,250 Tassareans, 2,000 Human-Tassareans, 250 Libellans, 250 Redons, 250 Backhatta Saga Initiative - 151,000 Humans The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 102,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 150,000 Humans, 750 Protorians, 500 Libellans, 1,250 Grgl, 750 Tassareans Order of Malta - 137,500 Humans The Remnants - 139,000 Humans, 500 Tassareans, 250 Grgl, 250 Libellans, 50 Human-Tassareans ---- Galactic Assembly - Founded 2115 The Galactic Assembly is founded by the Protorian Council. With ambassadors from following nations, each holding two seats: Backhatta Hive (low) - Confederation of Xaplonius (High) - Redon Imperium - Republic of Galaron - Protorian Council - Human Colonies - Tassaran Republic - Libellan Union. Human Colonies (Bold means, holding a seat): PAR: PAR Terran Federation: Hephaestus Holdings, Auroran Imperium, Silver Knight Company Auroran Imperium: Terran Federation, The Remnants Previous issues: No issues were discussed last year. Current issues: No current issues are being discussed this year. ---- Events Contact is established with the Skellar Kingdom and in turn with the United States of Arcturus. The Skellar Kingdom remains outside of the Galactic Assembly. A colony ship filled with a group of Grgl settles in the PAR. They do like farming it seems. The Protorian Council finally organized the required capacities to accomodate for the vast amount of volunteers. They ready the ships and pickup whoever is participating. (Encounter for a group) The Joint Research: 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 AP makes 8. The whole developement goes smoothly and quickly. With so many resources, different points of view and the input of the various races living amongst the participants, a functional system is developed. Various nations of the Galactic Assembly congratulate mankind on their combined effort and their achievement. The warfront against the Karass has taken a break it appears, no movements or changes are being reported. The Corrupter Dominion appears to have been distracted by something, their fleets and outposts have not advanced any further, according to Tassarean reports. ---- Map update ---- Year 2119 by Earth's calendar.
  10. United States Of Arcturus The expansion of the shipyard goes as planned, the artificial gravity generators giving the workers a solid ground to rest upon, so to say, despite being hundreds of kilometers up from any surface. (I bid you, to tell me your shipyard level and list your invested AP into the shipyard, so I may assess that on the map). At first it's disbelief, but then certainty. A small foreign vessel has been detected in the solar system. It appears to be exploring the system, taking its dear time orbiting around some of the outer planets, doing survey work as it appears. It is not of human origin, so they expect, picking up transmissions fragments from it, in a deep throaty language with clear language and grammar though. (Encounter) The Holy Kingdom of Eadn The lack of a shipyard makes this investment rather obsolete. So instead, the effort is poured into establishing the foundations and structure for a ground based shipyard. (Correct me, if you can show me where you have built a shipyard. Again, list this in your post, so I may add it to the map next post.) The probes being sent out transmit data as planned... when suddenly they go silent upon reaching a certain point. Something seems off, there is no visual confirmation to where they went, nor where they are supposed to be. They just... vanish? The Terran Federation The workers are diligent and things make progress, with an extended assembly hall, additional storage for parts and tools, it should be ready to build bigger ships (SL 2 - 6 AP total) (Again, Shipyard level and list the invested AP into shipyards please. Eases my work.). Utilizing the Quantum Comms on the ship, at around the end of the year, the ship reports it has found a suitable system in the sector with a big continental world. It shows no intelligent beings, and a mild and peaceful enviroment. Using imported drill bits from the Confederation of Xaplonius the Xylorite mining goes well, without any accidents happening this year. The Confederation hints that you should avoid laser mining Xylorite, as it clearly results in devastation. Fortunately you knew that beforehand from your experiments. New Sephoria With the continous growth of New Sephoria's population, the additional farms are a welcome addition. Given, with growing population, there is also a growth of work force, but this growth needs food. Diligent the humble robots assume drilling, hauling and processing operations as instructed by their makers. From the present Protorian group, a couple observe the whole ordeal, taking notes, talking to the human overseers and inquiring with the robots about their purpose and function and technical details. In lieu of this, before they send their reports to Proteum Davun, they check in with the Council of Sephoria, looking for approval to transmit the gathered data. The wardens operate mostly independent, being a viable force, capable of acting as massive barriers for the small humans. They perform exceptionally well, with the first few rounds showing that they are capable of hindering a flag capture by the humans. Then at later points, whereever a formation of them is spread thin, the diversion and hit-and-run tactic works and the humans are capable of breaking through. A group of priests have engaged one of the present Protorians in a theological debate, discussing faith and its meaning. The Protorian shows substantial knowledge and wisdom in the matters, showing the priests where there is proof and where there is theory for the Christian faith. In the end though, he does mention that there is indeed a being that would be... god, seen as it has guided their teachers, the firstborn before. Limited in knowledge about that being though, he suggests the priests should request and audience with the Archivar, the eldest Protorian and the last living being to have contact with the Firstborn. Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated And so the steaming and smoking massive industrial complex is finished at least. That took long. It did. The vessel utilizes gravity plates on the floor, being powered through the ship's systems. This allows the personnel inside and the goods to remain fixed at the ground at a comfortable 1 G. Or 1 Lhl as Grgl call it. The plates can easily be removed from the flooring, though integrating them elsewhere would prove impractical, as these were specifically made for this ship or shiptype. Whilst the Republic of Galaron would prefer soldiers and volunteers amongst their ranks, they do not say no to the cheap weaponry. After assessing their overall performance and quality in a test (which they rate at 4/10 in their standards, their own laser weaponry with the famous Galaron Thrower at 7.5/10), they decide to buy. In bulk. The Republic orders 200,000 rifles, 50,000 pistols and 45,000 scatterguns along with 5 million power cells for the weapons. And they pay in raw Xylorite, about one thousand tons of it. A complaint is being filed by the Confederation of Xaplonius about the unequal treatment of their kind. They have received numerous reports about reprimands towards their peaceful ways and lives and request that the responsible parties cease these unwarranted hostilities immediately. They note that the rights of a being come before economic laws. The humans in the Confederation have received nothing but equality and respect. The Saga Initiative The sector proves to have a habitable system with two oceanic worlds rotating in a comfortable distance from their host star. The atmosphere readings indicate that the composition is similar to that of Earth back then. There are a lot of aquatic life forms on both of the blue pearls, but vastly different from eachother. These data is being received upon return of the vessel. In principle, the quantum level is fickle. Too fickle at this point for physical objects to pass through it. But given the possibility of just sending energy waves through it, radio signals show the potential to be transmitted through it. Given, if you know how to bridge to locations for the purposed Quantum communication, it should be possible to almost instantly transmit information over incredibly vast distances, cutting time delay to zero. Imperial Republic of Mankind Strength in numbers. A slogan that appeals to many. There is work. There is food. The only thing needed are people to fill the positions and eat the food. A population boom has set in in the past year, quite substantial at that, proving the Emperor's call was right and the people listen to their guardian. The facility on the moon remains silent, the door looming ominously in the landscape. It's quiet the entire year, the men and women on the surface guarding day in day out. Aurora Assuming one of the existing factories, this deal is quickly done. The factory is up and running by the end of the year, the machines inside being set up and so the first rifles roll out of it. Not many, as they are expensive and complicated to make, but they are there. By the end of the year, a first version of a robot head is finished, with all sensors and hardware installed inside. Capable of hearing, seeing and communicating it's a big step, but bringing it all together and a robot into sync is a wholly different task. Based upon the commonly used software and systems, a first encrypted program is finished, with the capabilities to connect between the prototype head and a headset. Quite interesting to look at oneself with a headset on. They find an open highland location not far from one of the colonies, which suits the purpose perfectly. Being docile, the worms who have grown accustomed to the present humans appear to have become quite territorial, sticking close to whereever the humans are. A sort of relationship is certainly established, as the humans feed the worms various remains of food or similar, and the worms laying eggs. It goes quite well and the farm is underway. Die Volks-Agrarrepublik (PAR) Another valley being filled slowly with small hamlets and farm land. The Protorians themselves appear to bring materials from their homeworlds, along with quite a few workers, autonomously building very comfy abodes, which show... humility at the same time. As a certain tourist resort, it surely has its appeal. By the end of the year, a few members of other species have moved in too. (Combined point 1 and 2). The pursuit and research into the Xylorite bomb soon reaches the ears of the Protorian Council, which immediately submits a warning and demand to cease research into that matter. The Remnants They manage to repurpose most of the ship's functions by the end of the year, but they are not done yet. Weapons installations and hangar bay construction are still outstanding for the huge ship. It would be far more efficient if they had a shipyard capable of supporting such a change. Speaking of shipyard, the basic shipyard that has been ordered is halfway finished at this point. At the current rate of work, they expect it to be done in two years. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta A smaller factory producing ammunition for the existing weaponry is finished by the end of the year. Any small arms can be supplied from there, given its limited capacity though. As for the House of Malta, so it is indeed halfway finished by the end of the year. It was projected that way and the engineers followed through with it. Someone should give their diligent hands extra rations to hold. Quite disruptive for the daily lives, a foreign vessel gets detected in the system. It appears briefly, just in the size of a destroyer, scouts the system, ignores any hailing calls as it examines the colony briefly from above, just to leave the system without further notice. Who could have been that? The People’s Republic of Xie And the construction is halted, the ships just fitting into no shipyard or assembly hall they have. Such a project should be done when there is the capacity and the room to do so. The advertisement campaign goes horribly wrong, leading to a drop in population growth instead, much to the dismay of the government. Viciously and aggressively promoting something so personal is not always a good idea. Silver Knight Company Ignoring the part about being a defensive station, the engineers finish the construction of the refinery to the base itself first. Of course, they scout out possibilities to add defensive measures to the asteroid belt, but a system to that can be done another time. With a lack of a shipyard capable of building such a ship, the construction of such a facility is started instead, to build the proposed and thankfully already designed gunship/small freighter at a later date. By the end of this year, it's halfway done, so it will take another year to get it up and running. Perhaps the company will rejoice, as the Backhatta Hive dismantles its outpost on the planet and leaves with the ships. Their official statement notes that their observation has concluded and they have noted the Company as a potential partner for the future. Also, so you know, Backhatta are four armed, tall insectoids with buglike faces, but capable of vocal speech that sounds a bit scratchy though. ---- Population growth Republic of Xie - 147,500 Humans Imperial Republic of Mankind - 149,000 Humans Terran Federation - 142,500 Humans, 1,500 Grgl, 1,250 Tassareans, 250 Human-Tassareans, 50 Libellans New Sephoria - 170,000 Humans, 50 Protorians Silver Knight Company - 145,500 Humans, 250 Tassareans, 20 Backhatta, 50 Redons United States of Arcturus - 151,500 Humans Aurora - 154,000 Humans, 500 Tassareans, 500 Grgl, 20 Protorians, 25 Human-Tassareans Hephaestus Holdings - 140,500 Humans, 4,500 Grgl, 3,750 Tassareans, 1,650 Human-Tassareans, 100 Libellans, 50 Redons, 20 Backhatta Saga Initiative - 145,500 Humans The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 100,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 143,500 Humans, 500 Protorians, 250 Libellans, 250 Grgl, 500 Tassareans Order of Malta - 132,000 Humans The Remnants - 132,500 Humans, 250 Tassareans, 50 Grgl, 100 Libellans ---- Galactic Assembly - Founded 2115 The Galactic Assembly is founded by the Protorian Council. With ambassadors from following nations, each holding two seats: Backhatta Hive (low) - Confederation of Xaplonius (High) - Redon Imperium - Republic of Galaron - Protorian Council - Human Colonies - Tassaran Republic - Libellan Union. Human Colonies (Bold means, holding a seat): PAR: PAR Terran Federation: Hephaestus Holdings, Auroran Imperium, Silver Knight Company Auroran Imperium: Terran Federation, The Remnants Previous issues: The Republic of Galaron wishes for action from the members to assist them in their continous war against the Karass Dominion. (Results: 10 to 6 for No. Only the Protorian Council and the Confederation of Xaplonius voted yes (along with Galaron of course).) The Redon Imperium demands acknowledgement of claims towards various nearby sectors. (14 to 2 for No.) The Tassaran Republic proposes a joint effort of the assembly participants to encounter the Corrupter Dominion, by either showing strength to deter them of closing in or by establishing some sort of communication. (8 to 8. The Protorian Council, Human Colonies, Xaplonius and Tassarea voted yes.) The cultural exchange program is being proposed. (12 to 4 for Yes. The Redon Imperium and the Backhatta Hive have voted No.) Current issues: No current issues are being discussed this year. ---- Events Sightings of an aged man in a white suit. (+2 AP for everyone next turn only) The Redon Imperium claims new sectors for themselves. The Republic of Galaron lost ground to the Karass Dominion. The Ceri Collective and Skellar Kingdom make an appearance. ((ALL PLAYERS ARE ASKED TO POST THEIR SHIPYARD LEVELS NEXT TIME FOR THE MAP UPDATE. Thank you ;) )) ---- Map update ---- Year 2118 by Earth's calendar.
  11. Imperial Republic of Mankind It takes only a couple months until the first lichen and moss planting machines begin to roll ahead. Powered by solar power and small fuel cells, these autonomous drones will continue to roam the barren landscape, once in a while to return to refill their spores and seeds. Additional habitats are being built at a suitable location nearby, connected with the remainder of the colony. Room that certainly is necessary, given the colony's growth. The sensor sweep of the moon yields no significant results. The ship's systems appear functional, but a minor interference in one of the craters appears to strike out. Heading into orbit to investigate reveals this spot to be a slightly heightened flat metal door. It's sealed currently. (Encounter, if applicable.) The Sovereign Military Order of Malta The complex and vast house certainly is a task for itself, but certainly not a task too big for the people who are so used to them. By the end of this year, a quarter of the building is done, quicker than originally anticipated. At the current rate, the engineers estimate it to take another three years. The enviromental suits of the colony ships already prove to be quite sufficient, as their modular parts allow the wearers to only equip the breathing equipment or the masks to them. A lighter and less technical version is being designed regardless and in use by quite a few people by the end of the year. Die Volksrepublik (PAR) Expanding into other valleys, new domes and grounds are being prepared for farming work. Given the substantial growth of the crops in the past year, there is more than enough to plant. Given the volatile nature of the crystals, when any kind of energy is induced to them, a concept for an explosive weapon is drafted up. A few testing samples prove to be devastating with already very small amounts of crystal, destroying a good dozen of robots in the process of assembling such a bomb. The Protorian Council sends a set of crops which appear to grow incredibly well in low atmosphere and high altitude regions. Requiring very little water and sunlight, these plants called Ri'taal grow round smooth orange fruit with black flesh. Their nutritional value is reasonable for what little they require. United States Of Arcturus The field tests are concluded by the end of the year. An operational system for the generation of gravitational fields is complete. Whilst anti gravity has not been achieved, the methods of generating artificial gravity without the use of rotation or mass, is going to prove substantial. The scientists and engineers proudly proclaim, the system can be installed anywhere by now, with the force panels to be installed underneath the floors, where intended. New Sephoria Important positions are fortified, shelters prepared, the warden machines are ready, observing the surrounding landscape, slowly patrolling the colony and perimeter. A nervousness about this encounter fulfills the colonists, prayers to god are being heard in the eerie silence as the colony stood still, distantly observing the shuttle flying off in the distance. Peace is what they all hope for. The foreign vessel that had been detected proceeded to head directly for the colony soon after its arrival, clearly having detected the colony. The shuttle approaches the ship as brave as possible for the men and women inside. Soon it's looming in front of them, certainly capable of housing hundreds if not a thousand men. A hangar bay opens, lighted up to guide in the volunteers. As it enters, the hangar closes and darkness follows suit. Earlier, this new batch of robots is finished, with another 100 labor robots ready to fulfill their purposes. Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated Genuine. Building factories to build more factories. Certainly, all this careless expanding and building has proven to be a viable way to expand capacities, but striking a lack of workforces is not very... convenient. Due to the fact that there are so many jobs but no people to fill them, there are no extra factories finished (over the planned ones of course). Rbl Matsh. The name of the shipyard which in the end sells the Arlbgrrrb, a small freighter with artificial gravity generators for its storage and crew compartments, in exchange for a bulk of refined materials and metals. The People’s Republic of Xie Building so many ships with what the Republic has is a surreal task. The Warp drives are constructed, but the engineers can only offer to build one of these proposed colony ships. It would take another two years to even finish the one, given the lack of a big enough production facility to house the thing itself. With the contraceptives locked away and under fine, people, dissatisfied with the freedoms taken away from them, continue to go about their days as usual. No significant changes in births have been recorded this year. The Terran Federation The live tests go successful, no issues have been detected at all. The present Grgl, proud of their engine express their joy with plenty of chirps and gurgles, stating the adapted technology works flawlessly. The crystals on the other hand, when being given a hint by a Tassaran ambassador, turn out to be a source for energy. Utilized in a contained mechanism or storage device with the right setting, it can be used as a power source, either alike a battery, or within a power generator. The Remnants The colony ship, not intended for military purposes, can be redesigned and retrofitted, but it is an extensive process and will take four to five years at the current pace. And then, what would be carried by the ship itself? With this task, the engineers proceed and begin working on the ship, hoping to see it finished in what best way they can. With this remainder of engineers and resources given to the construction team, they manage to lay the foundation for the shipyard in this year. It will take more time to finish this up. Turning the big and crude mining lasers into viable weapons is a difficult task, the scientists arguing where to begin in the first place. By the end of the year, no results have been generated, leaving the colony at step one in that regard. Aurora By the end of the year, the scientists and engineers managed to cut the energy requirements of the rifle by ten percent. Which results in about ten percent more shots per power cell. All they manage to finish with the allocated resources at the end of the year are smaller versions of the motor systems, for joint regions of the robots. They require more resources and time, heads and hands specifically to take care of this task properly. Given that Virtual Reality has been a thing on Earth for quite a while, this task is easily accomplished and a potential interfacing system between robots (if there are any capable of it) and the headsets is finished. The public already has access to these. Hatching one of these giant worms turns out to be successful. These docile plant eating worms wiggle happily throughout the laboratory compound. But given their rate of growth and the size they are (and their eggs), this might actually need a farm ground (quite a big one at that). Silver Knight Company Almost there. With the task almost done, next year they should finish up the remaining tasks, preparing the manufactories for use. The outpost is done and also the ore processing unit is ready. The refinery is the last thing that they engineers have planned to build. Sage Initiative A scout ship is readied up with the new drive, prepared to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no man has gone before. The year is over and the first model of the personal assistance system is ready. With some tests showing an improvement in combat ability for the troops of about five percent, it surely proves to be a boon to hint the wearer towards various threats and dangers or pull his attention to certain things, giving him vital information about himself and his surroundings. The suggested name is LAS (Logical Assistance System). The Holy Kingdom Eadn At last the goal of traversing the system for an extended amount of time is reached. An incredible feat given the consumption of the drive and the lack of power cells that are able to sustain such a prolonged usage. Respectively, the fighter has gained quite a bit of weight as additional power banks have been installed on it. Not much happens this year, except for two new small mining operations on a nearby moon. The people appear reluctant to leave their solid home and traverse space again. ---- Population growth Republic of Xie - 143,000 Imperial Republic of Mankind - 139,500 Terran Federation - 137,500 Humans, 1,250 Grgl, 1,000 Tassareans, 100 Human-Tassareans New Sephoria - 159,500 Silver Knight Company - 139,000 Humans, 50 Tassareans United States of Arcturus - 145,000 Aurora - 148,500 Humans, 250 Tassareans, 250 Grgl Hephaestus Holdings - 136,000 Humans, 3,500 Grgl, 3,000 Tassareans, 1,250 Human-Tassareans Saga Initiative - 139,500 The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 98,000 People's Council of Utopie - 136,500 Humans, 250 Protorians Order of Malta - 126,500 The Remnants - 127,000 ---- Galactic Assembly - Founded 2115 The Galactic Assembly is founded by the Protorian Council. With ambassadors from following nations, each holding two seats: Backhatta Hive (low) - Confederation of Xaplonius (High) - Redon Imperium - Republic of Galaron - Protorian Council - Human Colonies - Tassaran Republic - Libellan Union. Human Colonies (Bold means, holding a seat): PAR: PAR Terran Federation: Hephaestus Holdings, Auroran Imperium, Silver Knight Company Auroran Imperium: Terran Federation, The Remnants The Republic of Galaron wishes for action from the members to assist them in their continous war against the Karass Dominion. (VOTE) The Redon Imperium demands acknowledgement of claims towards various nearby sectors. (VOTE) The Tassaran Republic proposes a joint effort of the assembly participants to encounter the Corrupter Dominion, by either showing strength to deter them of closing in or by establishing some sort of communication. (VOTE) ---- Events A spacebattle turns dire for the Republic of Galaron. They have sustained heavy losses. The Tassaran Republic reports a new set of outposts being erected closer to the Tassaran home space. These outposts appear to have military purposes. It's quiet otherwise. ---- Year 2117 by Earth's calendar.
  12. New Sephoria By the end of the year, New Sephoria can celebrate 220 new robotic inhabitants. With 200 Mk. I Labor robots and 20 Wardens, life should be quite a lot easier and safer per say. Not that there were many threats to begin with. The expansion of the mentioned mining facility goes as planned, but no substantial gains are made, given the little resources allocated and how intense in time the construction of the robots were. Sensor arrays and observation stations do strike out, as after years of silence a foreign vessel has been detected, entering the solar system. Appearing to be the size of a battleship, it seems to in a survey mission, as smaller recon crafts can be observed scattering from it throughout the system. It will only be a matter of time until the colony itself is detected. The Holy Kingdom of Eadn At last, the population project is complete. It took plenty of resources, had a couple of setbacks, but in the end it was done. At least no flaws were detected in the "newborn" children, and they would become productive members of society at some point for sure. They have managed to extent the capacities of the energy and fuel reserves substantially, but the intended goal is not reached. At least now, the craft is capable of traversing the whole system within a day and still able to make it back to the colony to land safe and sound. Extended runs are not quite feasible still. United States Of Arcturus Whilst the principles of gravity are understood, the artificial creation of gravity without the utilization of different forces, by generating a field of gravity so to say is a difficult task. Doable, so claim the scientists, as they show overly complex theories, principles and calculations at the end of the year. We are about halfway there. Earth's research was invested in this, as to make it feasible for the colonization of the moon and mars and so forth. Give us more time, a third scientist claims. Time and resources. Aurora Without specific focus on what should be improved this runs into the sand. The engineers murmur about the impossibility of making something cheaper and more powerful and lighter and more efficient at the same time. That just does not work. And also not with the allocated resources. Robotics are not entirely new. Manually controlled robots are about in plenty, some bigger automated machines utilized in farms are also present, humanoid robots with specific levels on independence require a lot of work. Some preliminary designs were set out and drafts were made, but nothing substantial come from it, given the huge task of dealing with motor systems, limb coordination, storage capacity, energy consumption and so forth. Whilst they do not encounter any... hostile fauna, they do find a strange egg-laying worm. Out of curiosity and because one of the guardsmen forgot his rations, they plucked one of the eggs from the nests they have found in those small artificial caves these worms have made and broke it open. The blueish slime inside did not appear poisonous and soon enough they made themselves couple of big pans of fried egg (It's one big egg). The year comes to an end, and the first Corvette of Aurora leaves the shipyard, proceeding to continue up into orbit, ready for further orders. People's Council of Utopie The Protorian Council is not interested in any kind of vassalage. They leave the People's Council in peace so they may prosper on their own terms. The farms are expanded with the excess storage of seeds. Growth appears to be well and rich crops are being harvested this season, enough to almost double the rations for every citizen and still have supplies left. This should definitely give the population a morale boost. The energy appears to hide potential energies within. How to utilize it, might be the question. Much alike their colleagues of Aurora, the task appears to be impossible with the given resources, so many problems ahead, so little time to take care of any of them. Imperial Republic of Mankind Alexander remains in charge, as the populace appears to agree with his course of actions, or at least got used to his rulership. The field tests of the warp drive in the outer system work with great success. The corvette's structural integrity holds together, the ship exceeds all expectations. Morale is high, the people are eager to find new grounds and perhaps find their lost kin out there in the galaxy. They have not given up hope that there may be more humans left alive. Considering that Earth weaponry does work in space quite alright, this task is obsolete. If there is a sufficient energy supply, the engineers note, then it should easily be done, slapping a mining laser onto a spaceship. The corvette might prove to be a bit too small, unless they improve their "laser technology" to fit it onto the small vessels. The first dark clouds are observed in the sky of the colony's planet, as years of straight forward pollution and greenhouse gases have begun to accumulate. And then a bit of rain falls. Water droplets, pitch black from the dirt they carry, fall to the earth, painting it ever so slightly. The Saga Initiative The WARP drive research comes along nicely and by the end of the year, they are prepared to install their first prototype drive into a recon vessel and launch it into the stars. So to speak. The testing shows some success, with improvement rates of about 10% to the old systems. Smaller versions have not been done yet though, that will take more time to give an infantry man his personal assistant. Silver Knight Company The layout for the foundations are complete and the exterior structure is halfway done. More materials and workers are required though to finish up the latter and get to the internal workings and utilities of the facility. Only then they might be ready to start producing the first machines. Two years, the chief engineer mentions. With the candidate chosen, the construction proceeds as planned. Within the coming year they should be done with the first outpost on the rock, more facilities, such as a refinery and ore processing unit planned in later years. The Terran Federation By the end of the year, the small exploration freighter is finished, ready to utilize its newly installed warp drive to travel where no man has gone before. The Confederation of Xaplonius has placed a few observers to the whole task, not interfering, but watching how mankind would take its first steps to the stars, here. The crystals prove to hold huge potential in terms of energy. Harnessing it has to be figured out, but at least we do know, that channeling focused light into it causes violent eruptions and damage. This stored potential energy should be sapped slowly and not released abruptly. Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated More and more of the planet's surface drown under the mass of industrial complexes and factories, as the newest project begins to chew itself through the rather plain landscape. Building an entire district certainly takes time, but the first set of factories are ready to produce. There are various ship producers in both the Confederation and the Tassaran Republic, which, privately owned, do sell smaller civilian ships and freighters. All of the ships come fitted with warp drives, which appears to be the standard for space travel all about. The Grgl and Tassaran drive models work quite similarly at similar prices and quality. The People’s Republic of Xie The vast factory complexes are finished by the end of the year, ready to assume production. Not much else to say here. ---- Population growth Republic of Xie - 135,500 Imperial Republic of Mankind - 131,500 Terran Federation - 131,000 Humans, 1000 Grgl, 750 Tassareans, 50 Human-Tassareans New Sephoria - 150,500 Silver Knight Company - 131,500 United States of Arcturus - 138,500 Aurora - 143,000 Hephaestus Holdings - 129,500 Humans, 3,000 Grgl, 2,000 Tassareans, 750 Human-Tassareans Saga Initiative - 133,000 The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 96,000 People's Council of Utopie - 129,500 Order of Malta - 120,000 The Remnants - 120,000 ---- Galactic Assembly - Founded 2115 The Galactic Assembly is founded by the Protorian Council. With ambassadors from following nations, each holding two seats: Backhatta Hive (low) - Confederation of Xaplonius (High) - Redon Imperium - Republic of Galaron - Protorian Council - Human Colonies - Tassaran Republic - Libellan Union. The seats for the Human Colonies have to be decided upon by vote through all human colonies. All get one vote for which colony they wish to have representatives from. The first and the second choice get a seat each on the Galactic Assembly. The Protorian Council hopes for participation. ---- Events The Galactic Assembly is founded. The Terran Federation, Aurora, Hephaestus, Xie, the Remnants, Silver Knight Company, Utopie have contact to eachother now, as well as the nations listed above for the Galactic Assembly. A foreign ship is detected the system of New Sephoria. Combat between the Republic of Galaron and the Karass Dominion continues. Neither are making any substantial gains. The Tassaran Republic proclaims its encounter with the so-called Corrupter Dominion. For all matters, they appear hostile. ---- Map update! ---- Year 2116 by Earth's calendar.
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