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  1. 185,000 Humans, Warp technology, Quantum Communications, knowledge and direct contact with EVERY northern Galaxy race (because you border the Ar'gakari directly). SL2, a destroyer, two frigates and a colonial freighter.
  2. Rebellions rage and ravage the worlds of the Karass. Dissatisfied Galaron and Humans have risen up against their oppressors, flooding streets, occupying cities, taking over planets and even shipyards and warships. Amongst them are also amounts of Karass, intent to disposing of their feudal rulers. With most of the Karass fleet engaged against the Corrupters far away, the Dominion struggles to keep peace and order at this point. But the flames of war ravage everywhere. Driven in support of the rebels in the Karass domains, the Backhatta Hive has sent out fleets to assist the rebels in their efforts, striking at key locations, destroying shipyards, interrupting any formation of defensive fleets for the Karass... until they are forced to withdraw, their border worlds under direct attack from the new allies of the Karass. The Redon himself has called out this war, broadcasted it publicly across the galaxy, ten seconds before the first reports of Redon strike groups attacking Backhatta outposts appear. Forced by the defensive pact, the Protorian Council yet again enters in a second war against the mighty Redon Imperium, a foe they do respect from the past. But the unraveling continues, as the first Keerim fleet openly attack systems of the Protorians and the Trialition, who are prepared though and immediately begin countermeasures. Heavy space battles ensue in the long stretches of space between the Keerim Imperium and their territories. All in the while, another Corrupter offensive has caught the Tassaran forces after their break in a heavy struggle. They have prepared, but are reeling under the newfound strength of the Corrupters. And in the far west, in a surprise attack, the Kalronian Ystor rule begins its moves for the first time in decades, openly attacking Ganvius systems, who retaliate with equal and relentless force. Two Elder races at direct war with eachother. War rages everywhere, uncontrolled, coalitions fire, nations are pulled to war, death will reign this newly ushered era of the first Southern Galactic War. THE HOLY KINGDOM OF EADN The destroyer is finished as planned, and soon joins the ranks of the Eadni fleet, bolstering it substantially. With the new industrial complex finished, it is clear that there will be a great excess of production by the end of the year. (You know, additional AP each 20 for you Authoritarians.) From what can be picked up without major effort, is that most of the rebelling worlds are Humans and Galaron. Dissatisfaction and continued oppression by many Karass lords brought them up in arms. The biggest concern for the Karass is to surpress the rebellions and beat them where possible. (Encounter) People's Agrarian Republic For the era of war incoming, the ships (destroyer, two frigates) are finished just as planned. Sometime soon, they will surely become essential for upcoming battles. The energy issue out of the way, a first prototype simply blows up, but only two variables later, the scientist finish a stable prototype. It does not hold its integrity for very long though, but the scientists are confident, with just a bit more time, they can develop a proper dual-phased shield. With the new war at hands, the Protorians in the way they are, leave everyone to the choice to assist them. It is welcome, but if it is to preserve their own people (humans), they must not join. Deriving a little bit from shielding technology, the theory of a force blade is being worked on. A regular combat knife that has a multifolded force field extending over the blade itself is the direction the scientists are pursuing at this point. United Colonial Initiative The second destroyer leaves the shipyard as planned to join its older brother up in the sea of stars. Without any proper resources invested into the project, it makes little progress, aside from picking up old schematics and plans from Earth and ordering them. The clue about gravitational manipulation is by generating an energetic field that draws and repels objects. They enter the concept phase itself, but do not go very much beyond that yet. The preliminary stages continue as planned, when one night, a guardsman witnesses an old gentleman in a white suit showing up in the sealed and secured lab, entering something on a computer there. Within half a minute, he rushes to the lab, to find it empty as if nobody was there. Considering it might have been a lack of sleep, he puts it off and continues his shift. The next morning however, the scientists are simply baffled, as they find fully functional and flawlessly designed schematics for a system that uses the Quantum plane for radio communications. Where it came from and who made it, is simply unknown. United Canadian Front The testing for specific alloys with Itoron bring up two particular viable ones. An Itoron-Aluminium alloy (Itoron A-50) and Itoron-Steel alloy (Itoron S-50) are suggested. The former is lighter, less dense, but still outperforming raw steel, the latter being heavier, but tough and resilient. With ships running on raw Xylorite reactors, they proceed to experiment with various railgun concepts and other trickery. But aside from having a lot of fun in blowing up some mountainsides, they do not produce much. The ships on the other hand are both finished as planned, ready for combat duty as needed. United States Of Arcturus Everywhere new defences are being erected, new tunnel networks, silos, bunkers, gun positions prop up. It's a massive scale project and far from done. A hundred strike craft are built as planned. The Light cruiser leaves its shipyard, another impressive ship to join the fleet. With the onset of this huge war, all trade has been interrupted, as any ships to non-Keerim territories are being assaulted, turned away or destroyed by either Protorian or Trialition forces. The Solarin Federation ((Contact me for the first, details.)) The small support carrier leaves the shipyard as planned. The first variant of Human disruptor rifles to see the light of the stars. Commendable progress for a race in so few years. Silver Knight Corporation And so it is done. And that as well. First Support Carrier to join the Silver Knights. Use it well. Given how rare Dakite is, scratching together such an amount will be tough. In the meantime, the scientists continue their research with an existing mech type that uses regular Itoron S-50. Free Human Technocracy Whilst all ships and fighters are finished as planned, elsewhere the survey yields no results of note, whilst there appears to be a lot of Uranium ore on one of the planets, it's mostly useless by today's standards. A gruesome operation to replace these people's limbs with cybernetic parts, but it does its job nontheless. Imperial Republic of Mankind Utilizing a Redon escort massive amounts of ballistic weaponry are being shipped to a loyalist coreworld. If the people in the Imperium knew they were being used against Galaron, Karass and Humans.... You should probably upgrade to a Silveredge (Dota 2 joke here). ((Education will be handled accordingly later.)) The Han Dominion The production proceeds as planned. ((Poke me for that, need a refresher)) Chaal herself requests an audience with the Han's leadership. ((Encounter)) The Order of Malta The delivery comes in time before the worst happens. And the ship and fighters join the Maltese fleet as planned. The Thulean Republic - Ultima Thule Whilst no remarkable rare resources are found, the mineral riches on the various planets are baffling. There are enough ores and radioactive matter to fuel a growing industry for decades if not centuries. Energy production should pose no problem at all. A humble corvette leaves the shipyard this year, ready for combat duty. Trizendrium is highly volatile. Explosions have shown that in the past. Handling it with care, the scientists try to work out a way to crack open the crystals and maintain the orange goo's stability whilst purifying it or transporting it elsewhere. So far, only success with small and not very viable amounts in a test lab. Hephaestus Enterprises And a visibly aged Tassaran scientist from long ago delivers. Within half a year he whips up schematics for a heavy calibre laser cannon, usable by vehicles and ships, two months later, the prototypes are done and tested, and at the end of the year, the first version is flawless and reliable. Still eats energy though. 300 Eurus Artillery vehicles are carted off to the endless battlefields of the Tassaran Republic. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 310,500 Humans Terran Federation - 470,250 Humans - 25,250 Grgl - 38,250 Tassarans - 8,500 Libellans - 9,500 Human-Tassarans Silver Knight Company - 289,000 Humans, 19,000 Tassareans, 5,750 Backhatta, 9,000 Redons, 4,000 Human-Redons, 4,750 Human-Tassareans, 19,750 Galaron, 25 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 25 Redon-Tassareans United States of Arcturus - 309,750 Humans, 7,750 Skellar, 7,250 Da'nor, 8,250 Libellans, 16,000 Keerim, 750 Human-Tjieran, 750 Human-Da'nor Aurora - 296,000 Humans, 42,000 Tassareans, 14,500 Grgl, 6,500 Protorians, 7,500 Human-Tassareans, 8,000 Galaron Hephaestus Holdings - 273,500 Humans, 30,500 Grgl, 61,250 Tassareans, 13,250 Human-Tassareans, 8,750 Libellans, 8,750 Redons, 6,250 Backhatta, 5,500 Human-Redons, 36,000 Galaron, 25 Redon-Tassareans, 25 Human-Redon-Tassareans Saga Initiative - 290,500 Humans, 16,250 Da'nor, 5,000 Human-Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 224,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 294,500 Humans, 8,250 Protorians, 11,000 Libellans, 17,500 Grgl, 31,500 Tassareans, 9,000 Human-Tassareans, 4,250 Backhatta, 5,250 Skellar, 19,000 Galaron, 500 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 283,000 Humans, 2,000 Ganvians, 3,000 Ceri, 3,250 Tjierans, 3,000 Ascardians, 3,500 Da'nor, 100 Human-Tjierans, 100 Human-Da'nor, 100 Human-Ascardians, 100 Tjieran-Ascardians, 50 Ascardian-Da'nor Han Dominion - 289,500 Humans Aegis - 227,500 Humans, 5,500 Skellar, 5,500 Libellan, 4,000 Da'nor, 4,000 Tjierans, 3,250 Ceri, 3,000 Ascardians, 750 Human-Ascardians, 750 Human-Da'nor, 750 Human-Tjierans, 250 Tjieran-Ascardians, 100 Ascardian-Da'nor United Colonial Initiative - 223,250 Humans United Canadian Front - 210,500 Humans The Colonial Militia - 235,000 Humans Ultima Thule - 189,000 Humans Asgard Republic - 207,500 Humans ---- Events War. Everywhere. The Southern Galaxy sinks into chaos. The Tassaran casualties have reached the 200 million mark. They are on retreat on from so many worlds now, refugees are pouring out of the Republic, an entire nation is sinking into chaos. The Grgl are starting to suffer the first direct assaults from Corrupter fleets. They straight up lose seven battles with two worlds inhabitated by 380 million Grgl in a row. This puts the Grgl casualties up to about 600 million. New Sephoria is integrated into the Tjieran Principate with the onset of the war, in order to prevent their potential annexation by the Keerim and to protect them. Sephoria itself turns into a battlefield itself soon after, as a Ceri-led Trialition fleet manages to beat back a Keerim fleet under heavy losses. Given how other races are dying for them, it appears a selfless act in the eyes of many. Whereever there are Backhatta and Redons living closeby to eachother, hostilities break out between the two people, leading to open fights on the street and general unrest. Many people are split, some in support of the Redons, other for the Backhatta. OFten enough Galaron assist the Backhatta too. Given the intense war that just broke out, most trade is interrupted. ((Refer to me for that.)) ---- Map Update ---- Year 2134 by Earth’s Calendar.
  3. First, this. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151032-✗-playable-creature-the-steam-golem-second-iteration-of-lore/ Second, to the topic at hand. As a quick summary for what I'd imagine to be proper for the server and what would fit (as a counterweight, as something culturally unique to humans, or etc.), are basically cannons and arquebus/flintlock rifles or whatever. Going hand in hand with that, in RP, there needs to be a properly enforced roll system if used, with very high rolls and a minimum of two to three emotes to effectively use them. With jamming and misfiring and all that jazz. In the mechanical aspect I'd say, that instead of adding a new profession, it could be readily implemented into NEXUS crafting. You need a wooden stock (Masterful woodworker), you need a barrel (Masterful smith), you need a firing mechanism (Masterful tinker), then someone who assembles it (Tinker, again). For ammunition you would need a special iron pellet (Masterful smith), a unit of gunpowder (tinker, yey) and a piece of paper. Combine that at a tinker's table. That alone would give the tinker a lot more value. In terms of mechanical combat, stand still for five seconds to reload. That is an awful long time in PvP, and makes this weapon either a defensive weapon for forts and castles, or one that has to be utilized with tactics (to not get roflstomped by cavalry. More value, yey). Have a checking system that allows a player to only hold a single preloaded rifle or pistol if then when. Or if they have loaded it, they can not switch away until fired, or they will lose the preload. The shot itself, is fast, but should have some dropoff and be semi random in flight. Cannons are roll-machines for warclaims anyway, they cause no issue. Use gunpowder and stoneshots for using them. I think it has a place. And why would you not just go and give it a trial run? Setup a proper system for it and see how it fares. And don't just throw the idea away again, just because there are five people who "abused" it. As opposed to Asulon, we have a chance to properly try them, back then they were just thrown in and literally abused, with no lore and mechanics backing them up.
  4. I think this passes. 200k people, SL 3, Warp, Quantum comms. And one colonial freighter. No other ships.
  5. Sounds good. Population of 180,000. SL 2. 2 Destroyers, 1 Colonial Freighters, 2 Small Freighters, Warp, Quantum Communications and a mine of highly explosive Trizendrium.
  6. Welcome onboard, feel free to work on your posts accordingly. Your population will be at 225,000 Humans, SL 2, one colony ship, four frigates, one destroyer, one regular freighter, Warp drive technoloy and Quantum communication systems. If I have forgotten something and you have questions, go ahead and ask.
  7. United States Of Arcturus Without further interference from the new Keerim overlords, the light cruiser is finished as planned and joins the Arcturan fleet. The two corvettes are also finished as planned. The journey of the ship begins, sailing as a civilian vessel through the vast territories of the Protorian Council and Redon Imperium without issues. To avoid confrontation with any potential Karass lords, in a good distance, the ship continues towards the Northwestern parts of the galaxy through no-man's-space. It is uneventful thus far. The first part of the journey has a few checkpoints and some other vessels passing by, but the later is spent mostly in sheer silence. Minor radio communication can be received from Karass space, a science vessel is met in a solar system briefly, but they mostly heeded to their own business. And then they reach the space where the charts end. The expansive Northwestern region, that holds no known inhabitants. They proceed their journey for two weeks, spotting one or the other inhabitable planet, until they suddenly enter a system so densely populated that all sensors trigger almost immediately upon entry. (Encounter) This depends on where and how far the search is to go and what the parameters are... (Skype for details) Secret stuff is secret. THE HOLY KINGDOM OF EADN The colony ship leaves port as planned, a new stepping stone for the Kingdom on its path to greatness. Trade with the outer Karass systems is permitted. The survey of the various bodies in the system reveal that one of them in particular holds massive amounts of what the Karass describe as Xylorite. A crystal with high density and extreme amounts of potential energy. Treated with care and utilized properly it can efficiently fuel ships for long journeys and power other things. Two sectors to the Northwest, already in close proximity to the Central Cloud, a huge structure is discovered by a frigate, that continues to send short-lived and very distorted signals. Luckily, due to the close proximity they were able to ascertain it is artificial and came to check up. The structure appears to be a massive space station in orbit around a geologically active planet close to its host star. The Solarin Federation All three ships are finished as planned. A substantial addition to the fleet of the Federation. The colonial freighter remains unfinished in orbit. With the little effort given by the various members, there is no progress to be seen this year. By the end of the year, only five-hundred tank bots are being produced. It is not much, but given the allocated resources, they were not able to facilitate much more than that. The production of the infantry combat armor though, goes quite well, and already two-thousand units of each combat armor variant are ready for usage in the armories. The Tassaran Republic simply appreciates any help. United Colonial Initiative The finalisation and retrofitting goes without issue, and soon all ships can travel beyond the confinments of the colony's solar system. It might be a stroke of luck, but already in the first system in the sector to the North, they find a Terran planet, very much alike Earth... too much alike Earth. Some parts of the Fauna they are able to observe are pretty much... Earth's plants. Something seems to be afoot. The corvettes are finished as planned, new warp drives included. People's Agrarian Republic Despite the most generous gift of the Imperial Republic, its schematics and functions are not necessarily what the scientists are looking for. The bulky massive heavy infantry armor is the opposite of what the scientists are researching, with their lightweight combat armor with integrated jump packs. Nontheless, the first version is properly finished and readied for mass production. They are able to combine existing blueprints and research from various servant and combat droids, from farming bots, etc. The result is a four legged heavy walker with an integrated Xylorite reactor, on which they simply slapped shield emitters. The single phased shields they generate are a dome of a safezone. The only issue right now, is that they have to immobilize themselves and dig in, in order to maintain the shield. As a stationary zone of protection useful though. The shield's density is lower on ground level, allowing for a person to walk through it with some effort. It does not truly protect from directed heavy fire though. Power blades as they are called by the PAR, are nothing new. The Redon and Protorian forces have force blades they utilize, the Redons even field specialized melee only infantry. Other nations have their infantry with normal hardened combat knifes, Itoron edged, tipped or full Itoron, some with additional force blade enhancements that extend the knife and give it additional cutting power. It is not easy to get something like that going, depending on what approach should be taken. One-thousand suits of the armor are done by the end of the year, certainly providing a heavy backbone to the forces of the PAR. 2,000 Hunters and 500 tank bots join the PAR's mechanized forces. Hephaestus Enterprises 15,000 new Tithonus robots. It's like a droplet of pure water for the thirsty Tassaran soldier. But it has its effect. Hope. Whereever a Tassaran company falls to shambles, the robots are deployed, stoically marching straight into the Corrupters, shooting them left, right and center. Relief is what the worn out Tassaran forces need in any form or shape. 1,500 Alastors join their little brethren to act as bulwarks in the oceans of Corrupters that often engage the machines in melee, suffering incredible losses, although they do destroy them. Lemonade is made. The Archivar invites the representatives of Hephaestus personally to Proteum Davun, the Protorian homeworld. (Encounter) Silver Knight Corporation He was a knight of the round table. (Skype for details) More drilling takes place as they strike a new vein of ore in the existing mine shafts. Whilst the Mechs are produced, the Tassaran Republic simply lacks the resources at this point to effectively buy anything. They can at most offer consumer goods, such as furniture and household appliances. Another frigate is finished, prepared to do battle in the name of the Silver Knights. Imperial Republic of Mankind And thus the first Imperial Destroyer takes its place as (current) flagship (or biggest ship) of the Imperial navy. It should give the fleet some edge in hostile encounters with only minor vessels. The new suits, rifles, bayonets are all finished as planned, bolstering the heavy infantry quite substantially. What follows next, is the training of course. Given, from the experience they have obtained in the battle there is one particular tactic that works well against the Corrupters. Concentrated firepower. Whenever they charge, try to focus and bundle firepower on their mainbulk of forces. In uncovered areas, especially devastating. Firing lines and group formations are soon a standard for the space marines of the Imperial Republic. They are abducted without incident, from less developed nations and regions on the world of these people. The children cry most of the time and do not understand a single word of what the humans speak. It is... unjust. Free Human Technocracy The Eadni shipyard begins to undergo one of its biggest extensions yet. (2/20 AP to SL 5.) In the existing sections however, a new ship is being assembled. Halfway done, it should see starlight in another year. (4/8 AP to Carrier) Both scouting ventures yield positive results in the matter of habitable planets. The sector to the West sports a system with two Arctic planets around a very cool star. The sector to the East sports a system with a tropical planet in the habitable zone. United Canadian Front An alpine planet in a system proves to be a viable choice for the new colony. Flora and Fauna are peaceful, the enviroment is not hostile, mild summers and winters dominating the seasons. The planet appears to have plenty of water in rivers and lakes, but sports not a single ocean. The best idea that is immediately followed up upon, is to utilize laser cutters as mining equipment, as it allows for precise mining of specific chunks of ore, without destabilizing any potential shafts through tremors caused by drills and explosions. Not that the old methods would be replaced of course, but the right combination should bring a new level of efficiency. The Quantum Communication Systems work... supposedly. So they send, and send, and send. After a month of trying, a foreign ship suddenly appears in the home system, heading straight for the colony. (Encounter) The Han Dominion The expansion of the shipyard continues to progress as planned. (2/6 AP to SL 3.) The planned ship and fighters are ready by the end of the year, bolstering the Dominion's forces a bit more. The genetic engineering research progresses horrifingly slowly. It is not a potential inability of the scientists, but more the difficult, complex and heavy essence of the subject at hand. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 262,500 Humans Terran Federation - 430,500 Humans - 16,000 Grgl - 20,000 Tassarans - 5,750 Libellans - 5,750 Human-Tassarans New Sephoria - 320,000 Humans, 5,500 Protorians, 500 Human-Protorians Silver Knight Company - 250,000 Humans, 5,500 Tassareans, 3,250 Backhatta, 6,000 Redons, 2,500 Human-Redons, 2,500 Human-Tassareans, 12,000 Galaron, 3 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 5 Redon-Tassareans United States of Arcturus - 268,500 Humans, 4,250 Skellar, 2,500 Da'nor, 5,500 Libellans, 8,000 Keerim Aurora - 252,000 Humans, 9,500 Tassareans, 10,000 Grgl, 2,500 Protorians, 3,500 Human-Tassareans, 5,000 Galaron Hephaestus Holdings - 233,000 Humans, 20,000 Grgl, 15,000 Tassareans, 7,500 Human-Tassareans, 4,000 Libellans, 4,500 Redons, 3,250 Backhatta, 2,000 Human-Redons, 26,500 Galaron, 10 Redon-Tassareans, 2 Human-Redon-Tassareans Saga Initiative - 245,000 Humans, 9,500 Da'nor, 2,250 Human-Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 170,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 250,500 Humans, 4,500 Protorians, 6,500 Libellans, 12,000 Grgl, 6,500 Tassareans, 3,500 Human-Tassareans, 2,250 Backhatta, 2,250 Skellar, 11,500 Galaron, 250 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 242,500 Humans, 500 Ganvians, 750 Ceri, 1,000 Tjierans, 1,250 Ascardians, 1,250 Da'nor, 50 Human-Tjierans, 50 Human-Da'nor, 50 Human-Ascardians, 50 Tjieran-Ascardians, 25 Ascardian-Da'nor Han Dominion - 238,500 Humans Aegis - 182,500 Humans, 2,500 Skellar, 2,500 Libellan, 1,750 Da'nor, 1,750 Tjierans, 750 Ceri, 1,500 Ascardians, 250 Human-Ascardians, 250 Human-Da'nor, 250 Human-Tjierans, 50 Tjieran-Ascardians, 50 Ascardian-Da'nor United Colonial Initiative - 187,000 Humans United Canadian Front - 170,000 Humans ---- Events The Tassaran Republic has currently 400 million men in arms. The suffered losses amount to 175 million (130 million military personnel, 45 million civilians). The Confederation of Xaplonius has currently 120 million in arms and deployed in Tassaran space. The suffered losses amount to 23 million (no civilian losses). An estimate of 300 million Corrupters have fallen up until now. The fourth battle of Tassarea ends with a victory for the defending Tassareans and their human allies. It's a brief break. The Skellar Kingdom and Libellan Union both announce the cessation of hostilities against the Keerim and acknowledge their new status as client states of the Imperium. The Keerim have halted any ongoing movements currently and are not hostile towards anyone. Entry into the Imperium is prohibited though, only citizens of the three client states may enter specific systems in the Imperium. In a surprise maneuver, a massive fleet of the Karass Dominion has openly began to assault the Corrupter domains, tearing wide gaps into their supply lines and infrastructure, causing havoc, relieving the non-stop pressured Tassaran Republic for real the first time. The Karass forces are stationed and supplied by the Confederation of Xaplonius, who apparently knew beforehand about the maneuver, though per agreement did not announce it. A ship manned by... space parrots appears to tour various human colonies. They call themselves Zyrka, belonging to a company named Zyrka engineering. They took a long route around West, past Karass Dominion space, and are here to explore and potentially trade, technology or wares. (Encounter for anyone willing.) ---- Map update comes later tomorrow. ---- Year 2130 by Earth's calendar.
  8. @Niccum Aside from suggesting to just toss us on the new map already, I am intrigued by Niccum's suggestion. Introduce strategic resource deposits and stuff, limited resources. Promotes trade and intricate politics in my opinion. And hoarding of valuables. Capitalism. This should be definitely checked out further. As for slashing nations... how about letting it take its course? Some dissolve naturally due to the lack of commitment.
  9. Accepted. You will receive your map entry at the next post. 160,000 Canadian people, SL2, Warp technology, 4 Frigates, 1 normal freighter, 1 Colonial freighter, Artificial gravity and Quantum Communications for your belated start.
  10. 2nd of January 2129. It marks the day the Keerim Imperium strikes. Simultaneously. Everywhere. Four inhabitated systems of the Skellar Kingdom on the East are attacked at the same time within one hour. Alerts, confusion, chaos, panic. Emotions of fear, resignation, anger, hopelessness. Destruction, devastation, ruination and death. Casualties mount in the thousands within minutes, just thirty minutes later, millions. The Skellar fleets are overwhelmed by sheer numbers and force. One hour later, the Kingdom has lost sixty percent of its ships to destruction or capture. The reports that at first come in floods, turn to a slim trickle from the few holdouts, soon to be extinguished too. The Keerim Imperium has according to projections, sent five-thousand ships to subjugate the Skellar and their allies. 3rd of January 2129. Just one day later, the biggest and most relentless offensive of the Corrupter Dominion in history is set on. All along the border worlds and sectors of the Tassaran Republic reports of massive mounted attacks flood in. Even the Confederation of Xaplonius suffers directs attacks on two sectors. The flood appears endless, soon many of the formerly contested planets are in full grasp of the advancing Corrupter fleets. The losses are staggering. United States Of Arcturus Very much at the same time, both systems of the USA are visited by Keerim fleets. Each fleet fields two battleships, five heavy cruisers, five light cruisers, one carrier, two support carriers, ten destroyers and twenty frigates. They are respectively on direct course to the colonies. (Encounter) The result of the search gives indications, that the lost colony ships stranded in the Tjieran Principate, where they were taken up into the nation. They are being treated quite equally it seems, having established a thriving colony in one of the outer sectors of the Principate. The project yields its first results. THE HOLY KINGDOM OF EADN The progress continues. (9/10 to SL 4) United Colonial Initiative With the prototype functional, and the test results confirmed, nothing is in the way of upgrading all ships with the needed warp drive to head out further into the stars. Alike many others. The result of the study is actually positive. Given the ration system that is normally employed, a higher abundance can lead to a more generous ration system, that allows people to have more food and feed more mouths. There are plenty suitable locations for additional city centers, but construction will be slow without any real additional investments from the government. The small freighter on the other hand, leaves port as planned. Aegis They find a suitable alpine world in the sector to the East. It's a small star system, without an asteroid belt or gas giants. The Orbital Space Station is expanded with an additional landing bay and storage hall by the end of the year (Definitely need to know how much you invested in this). Project Olympus proceeds as planned. The People's Agrarian Republic Trade goes as planned, without any particular occurences. Given the central region is at peace, this is expected. Unfortunately though, nobody is selling out any technological standards at this point in time. It appears the Xylorite is either not sufficient or not particularly needed. The combat suit proceeds as planned, and already at the end of this year, the first prototype is available. It will take more time though to prepare it flawlessly with integrated jump pack and ready for production itself. Give it more time. Independent decision making is already based on algorithms, but those can be improved indeed. With more calculating power and a new type of chip, the robots are quicker in making the (supposedly) right choices. It's a minor improvement for now, but it may pay off later down the road. The Solarin Federation Another roadblock opens up as unprecedented instabilities in all experiments make themselves apparent later this year. Some calculations seem off and the time is invested in finding the error instead. No systems are found this time around that appear to hold any other special ores or metals, aside from the usual common elements. They meet a few Grgl freighters passing through one of the solar systems in the sectors, but otherwise nothing special is found. Accessability appears normal, there are no formations that make something... difficult to detect. The ship is finished halfway as planned (2/4 AP). The forging and pressing and weaving of the new combat armor will take a while, perhaps even several years at this rate to have it in proper abundance. Imperial Republic of Mankind As a massive initiative to fill the plates of the people, the now mostly friendly enviroment is soon host to numberless fields of crops, such as wheat, potatoes and corn. A step in the right direction, one would say. A first result is in. Some prepared Itoron and refined Xylorite are traded in from various merchants who visit the colony once in a while. Hephaestus Enterprises 10,000 robots are being transported off this year to the frontlines. Amongst them a 500 of the Alastor type are being placed under command of Rond Trazur who is hard pressed, deploying his robots whereever the biggest fire is burning. At this point, the Tassaran Republic does not even demand permissions for assistance, it just takes everything it can. The third battle for the Tassaran capital takes place and again, the Corrupters are barely beaten back. It's not tropical, but they find an ocean world with beaches as white as marble, a climate that ranges from a mild summer in the north or south to a beautiful and comfortably hot summer at the equator. The planet also appears to only have one season. The flora and fauna is harmless. And there are primitives on this planet. Very bulky bear-like beings inhabit the bigger landmasses. Their societies seem to range from tribal, to early kingdoms like Ancient Egypt. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta The extension of the shipyard goes as planned. (5/6 AP to SL 3) The Han Dominion Both ships are finished as planned and join the growing fleet of the Han. The genetic research picks up old research records of mankind back on Earth. It's a difficult subject, but it should be doable for specific expressions. The first test objects (mice, unfortunately), mostly die from the first series of procedures, as their genetic code has to be cracked first. Later during the same year, another ship shows up at the primary world of the Han. It is civilian, heading toward the colony, sending hails. (Encounter) Silver Knight Corporation The first foundations for mining are laid, storage facilities are being erected, things proceed at a steady pace. Aside from the common metal deposits, the colonized planet shows a few spread out deposits of Dakite here and there. Other systems in the sector show no additional yields. The ships are finished as planned. Free Human Technocracy It is a monument to a first generation of people who have fallen on battlefields other than Earth. Something... that mankind has to keep in mind. Another industrial complex joins the remainder, improving the capacities of the colony. Building the corvette goes as planned, though is there a call to name it after the previous corvette that got destroyed by the Keerim in battle in the past year. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 253,000 Humans Terran Federation - 422,000 Humans - 14,500 Grgl - 19,000 Tassarans - 5,000 Libellans - 5,000 Human-Tassarans New Sephoria - 300,000 Humans, 5,000 Protorians, 350 Human-Protorians Silver Knight Company - 240,000 Humans, 5,000 Tassareans, 3,000 Backhatta, 5,500 Redons, 2,250 Human-Redons, 2,250 Human-Tassareans, 10,500 Galaron United States of Arcturus - 250,000 Humans, 12,000 Skellar, 2,000 Da'nor, 9,000 Libellans Aurora - 241,500 Humans, 9,000 Tassareans, 8,500 Grgl, 2,250 Protorians, 2,750 Human-Tassareans, 4,500 Galaron Hephaestus Holdings - 224,000 Humans, 17,000 Grgl, 13,500 Tassareans, 7,000 Human-Tassareans, 3,750 Libellans, 3,750 Redons, 3,000 Backhatta, 1,750 Human-Redons, 23,500 Galaron Saga Initiative - 234,000 Humans, 9,000 Da'nor, 1,750 Human-Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 162,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 241,500 Humans, 4,000 Protorians, 6,000 Libellans, 10,000 Grgl, 6,000 Tassareans, 3,000 Human-Tassareans, 2,000 Backhatta, 2,000 Skellar, 10,000 Galaron, 200 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 231,000 Humans, 250 Ganvians, 500 Ceri, 750 Tjierans, 750 Ascardians, 1,000 Da'nor Han Dominion - 215,000 Humans Aegis - 175,000 Humans, 2,000 Skellar, 2,000 Libellan, 1,500 Da'nor, 1,500 Tjierans, 500 Ceri, 1,250 Ascardians, 250 Human-Ascardians, 250 Human-Da'nor, 250 Human-Tjierans United Colonial Initiative - 176,500 Humans ---- Events The people of New Sephoria proclaim they remain independent in matters of politics and governments. Furthermore, given the pressure of the neighbouring Trialition, they decide to leave SATO, leaving other agreements intact. The Karass Dominion's fleets are being sighted in great maneuvers and combat simulations in the south of their territories. The Redon Imperium and the Backhatta Hive sign a treaty of non-aggression. At the same time, the Protorian Council and the Backhatta Hive sign a defensive pact. See top of the post for other happenings. ---- Map update: No map update this turn. ---- Year 2129 by Earth's calendar.
  11. People's Agrarian Republic Designing a power armor that is light weight is something for the later future. First a proper Itoron alloy needs to be found and utilized in order to produce proper combat armor with such. The specifications for the jump pack to be an integral part of this suit should be doable and so the scientists set out to develop something that fulfills parts of the parameters. A Carbon-Itoron weave or an Aluminium-Itoron alloy prove to be promising candidates for a certain level of protection, whilst retaining a lighter weight. Of course, this is no full Itoron-Steel armor plating. A lightweight version of the jumppack which will then be integrated into the to be developed suit will provide additional mobility. The trade of crops goes quite normal, the merchants origin from many different nations, even a Ceri trader buying wheat in bulk to bring it home. The mesh as a layer gives the vehicle some additional sensor resistance it appears, although it appears impossible to make it undetectable with this. the holy kingdom of Eadn 5 ap to SL 4. Free Human Technocracy Of the 500 sent soldiers, only 300 return still living. It was a gruesome encounter on the moon, but in the end, they managed to push through. The expansion goes as planned. With the construction of additional factories and storage facilities, the production efficiency can be increased substantially, if there is enough effort of course. On the other hand, a growing population requires more food, that is a natural way of things. So the addition of new farmlands and greenhouse domes surely proves a boon to the rations of the people. Itoron tipped projectiles offer a significantly higher penetration than regular hardened steel counterparts or tungsten bullets. It is not wrong to utilize Itoron for such a purpose, if it is to bolster the combat strength of the forces. There is not much to be changed in the current ammunition production process, mostly some smelting and forging procedures have to be adjusted to accommodate for the harder material. Hephaestus Enterprises Soon the first Tassaran military freighters are picking up the droids and trainers and pilots for the frontline itself. Given the vast production capacities of Hephaestus, the first 8,000 machines are delivered. It is already quite the substantial production, that will grow over the coming years, as efficiency will begin to set in in the production. A Itoron-50S Alloy (50% Itoron and 50% Steel) proves to be the effectively lightest and hardest material in relativity to the requirements, although higher concentrations of Itoron are harder of course, but heavier. Even after a year of intense research, no results are found. The corrupter cells are incredibly resilient and still turn other cells into more of them, even under influence of the heaviest of chemicals. For the initial order, the Tassaran Republic offers a gigantic military freighter with substantial cargo capacity, if Hephaestus also utilizes it to deliver their droids to the frontline. Otherwise it would be theirs. The venture appears futile and there are no private business owners willing to take up Hephaestus' offers. Land is also unavailable for purchase. They do worry about potential intrusion into their own market. In a surprise visit, unannounced with alerts going off all across the primary colony, a Redon warfleet warps into the system. (Encounter) United States Of Arcturus Bolstering the fleet with another ship is a right move to make. With the continous war, not far from home, it gives fuel to hope and the feeling of protection against the Keerim Imperium. The project continues. United Colonial Initiative It's not quite there yet, but the theory stands flawlessly. Now only the prototyping needs to be done and the first drive needs to be built, in order to allow the ships to travel through the stars, faster than light. With the addition of these military forces, it should certainly assist in the defense of the colony itself. The wargames take place between distinct companies of the ground forces and the three ships up in orbit. They do experiment around and it certainly helps them to get used to their vessels and equipment in these new... circumstances. The Solarin Federation Contrary to the expectations of the scientists and the progress they have made in the previous year, the effort given, yields few results. Quantum mechanics for massive objects are a hard nut to crack, they all agree. The standard issue for combat armor amongst neighbouring nations gives a Itoron-Steel alloy in some cases, sometimes Itoron-Aluminium, other have a Itoron-Carbon weave, and mixtures of two between the three. It is a decision to make, one is heavier, offers the most protection, one is lighter with less protection, and so forth. Whilst grateful for the offer, the Trialition's governments decline the invitation. They have other things to turn their focus on. A decision from the people of New Sephoria will be noted further down. Silver Knight Corporation And they find a very small deposit in a geologically active volcano region in the south of the world. A green metal, in very small concentrations that proves to outdo Itoron in every aspect possible. It clearly appears to be what the Redon was wearing as his suit of armor. Dakite. The two frigates are finished as planned. Imperial Republic of Mankind Mostly with input from records received from the Ganvius nation, they slowly establish a grasp over the highly complex Kalronian language. This will allow full control over the cleaned out base. Repairs are partially necessary, for ventilation systems, combat damage that occured, doors, entrance ways, corridors. The power system is still fine and fully operational as well as the ventilation system itself. Let nature take its way. A national holiday is called out and a statue erected for the brave seven-hundred soldiers who lost their lives on the moon. It is a reminder that the world is still a dark and hostile place. But the success fills the Imperials with... pride. As possessed by the devil, more guns, more suits and more bullets are produced than ever. Another five-hundred suits with sufficient ammunition and weaponry are finished. At long last, they find a system several sectors northeast, that has a very rocky planet with deep ravines that contain Xylorite crystals. The sector is unclaimed and the closest foreign nation is the Karass Dominion. The Han Dominion It's a glorious day for the Han, as not one, but four new worlds are to be in the grasp of their hand. The addition of these ships will surely provide the needed firepower to take down small vessels such as the one that showed up earlier. The technology behind the shield emitters is so advanced, nobody could potentially understand it. The engineers tasked with it are quickly warned off by Chaal herself, that they should not endanger the integrity of the base in such a way, lest certain... defensive mechanisms may activate. Both colonies appear mostly... ignored, but alerts go off once in a while as regular ship traffic appears to pass the systems where the Han have their colonies. Sovereign Order of Malta The fruit appears to grow fantastically on the new world. Well enough, for having a substantial surplus of the fruit itself. It does not take long, before merchants of the Trialition, Grand Alliance and the Ganvius Nation flock to the new colony, bringing their wares in trade for the fruit itself. This bolsters the population growth substantially with the added immigration. The freighter is finished as planned. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 241,500 Humans Terran Federation - 413,000 Humans - 12,000 Grgl - 17,000 Tassarans - 4,500 Libellans - 4,500 Human-Tassarans New Sephoria - 289,000 Humans, 3,500 Protorians, 250 Human-Protorians Silver Knight Company - 227,500 Humans, 4,500 Tassareans, 2,500 Backhatta, 5,000 Redons, 1,750 Human-Redons, 1,750 Human-Tassareans, 9,500 Galaron United States of Arcturus - 239,000 Humans, 11,500 Skellar, 1,500 Da'nor, 8,500 Libellans Aurora - 230,000 Humans, 7,750 Tassareans, 8,000 Grgl, 2,000 Protorians, 2,500 Human-Tassareans, 4,000 Galaron Hephaestus Holdings - 214,500 Humans, 15,500 Grgl, 12,500 Tassareans, 6,500 Human-Tassareans, 3,500 Libellans, 3,500 Redons, 2,500 Backhatta, 1,500 Human-Redons, 21,500 Galaron Saga Initiative - 224,500 Humans, 8,500 Da'nor, 1,500 Human-Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 126,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 230,500 Humans, 3,500 Protorians, 5,250 Libellans, 8,750 Grgl, 5,500 Tassareans, 2,750 Human-Tassareans, 1,750 Backhatta, 1,750 Skellar, 9,000 Galaron, 120 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 220,000 Humans, 250 Ganvians, 250 Ceri, 500 Tjierans, 500 Ascardians, 750 Da'nor Han Dominion - 193,000 Humans Aegis - 165,000 Humans, 1,750 Skellar, 1,750 Libellan, 1,000 Da'nor, 1,000 Tjierans, 250 Ceri, 250 Ascardians United Colonial Initiative - 165,000 Humans ---- Events Rumors have it, that the Karass Dominion is preparing for a bigger military maneuver. Some outlying systems are being closed down for trade, everything else slowly going into isolation. Trade ebbs down, more manpower is seen on the streets of cities and tradeports. A fully fledged Corrupter offensive is started in the less combat plagued Northern reaches of the Tassaran Republic. Not only that, a first battle takes place in the Tassaran homesystem. Whilst the few ships that reached it were immediately destroyed by concentrated firepower from a multitude of warships, it is a dire signal to the Southern galaxy. The Tassaran Republic announces, that their losses in manpower have reached the one-hundred million mark. The combat between Keerim and the Skellar and their few allies is hard. Very hard. Again, it appears as if the Keerim are playing with them, only extending a finger of their mighty fist toward the smaller nations. ---- Map update ---- Year 2128 by Earth's calendar.
  12. As I was asked to make another one, here it is. Brief, but at this point, I have ten other applications to support this one. Minecraft name/s: Z3r05t4r, kukuluku (not whitelisted) Age: 24 Timezone: UTC/GMT+1, CET Discord: Z3r05t4r#2845 What is your availability: Flexible on that. Available often enough I suppose, as I live at home and study at a local university. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: Nothing major I'd list at this point right now. But I am open to discuss any topic. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves personally and collectively as a team?: First and foremost unbiased, calm and willing to listen to all parties. To see reason and not to do half-baked things. Stick to the rules there are, don't bend them. By sticking to a definite guideline on how things are to be done and handled, whilst with variances on case by case, not differing for cases in the extreme without reason. In addition to this, work for the interests of the community. What are your finest and worst traits?: Upside is, I am patient and kind. Willing to listen. Downside is, I might be a bit lazy, I am not overly fond of quotas and could lose track of projects which fail to continue engaging my interest and dedication. I am just a human being after all. Why are you the best candidate for the Game Team?: Why would I proclaim that I am the best candidate in the first place? That's not who I am. There are people better suited than me, I have my own strengths and weaknesses. The decision if I am the best candidate for the position itself, lies with those who make the choice of the next series of GMs. Addendum: For any other questions, feel free to notify me here or in Skype.
  13. Nah. I think I am done with that. But everyone else, do apply! If you think you have what it takes :)
  14. Hephaestus Enterprises Cheap. And the manifestation is the successful first robot of the "Tithonus Mark I" line. It is an easy process of stripping the robots of their essentials and replacing them with remote controls. Basic sensors, only visual, no infrared or night vision, with simple halogen lamps added next to them, a lack of efficient armor plating, simple thin aluminium carbon alloys with a few strengthening steel structures make the body. Able to wield all common Hephaestus weaponry, but able to learn more, depending on requirement, it marches through the testing room. In sync with the other nineteen. Controlled by one single man who gives simple orders over the interface, marking various objects as hostile and telling to engage or not to engage. And just at the same time when it was done, a contract rolls in. A huge contract. Yuuuge. The Tassaran Republic orders two-hundred thousand of these robots with interfacing, along with all necessary weaponry. This order comes in, because apparently one of the scientists has a cousin who is the secretary of the Tassaran chancellor. There is a small note added to the offered contract. Contract open-ended. The Corrupter cells and DNA are remarkable and unseen. Living cells are a continously evolving entity that appears to be resistant against most common forms of bacteria and viruses. They are so powerful, they can actually dissolve cancer cells, HIV, and others and turn them into more copies of themselves. No infections are being recorded, all scientists are safe. It appears that only the specialized cells in the injection gland of the corrupters are aggressively seeking foreign cells to alter them. The Tassaran Republic sends a whole compendium of reports, recordings and statements, analyses of Corrupter combat tactics and behaviour to all participating nations in the combat against them. That also includes Hephaestus. United States Of Arcturus The light cruiser leaves the docks as planned and joins the remainder of the fleet. Fortunately enough, there are no further hostile movements in the sector of the colony. The space station of the Skellar proceeds into the next stage of assembly, with most of the structure done, some of the facilities are already up and running. All other forces get into position as planned. Imperial Republic of Mankind And so a first version of the rifle is finished, a heavy calibre assault rifle, fitted for the combat suit itself. The ammunition is still powder charged, but the penetration power and fire rate are remarkably high. Given the weight of the suit, knockback is low and the weapon turns to be quite accurate when fired in controlled bursts. Whilst the ammunition is finished as planned, only a thousands suits can be finished this year. Production is slow, as these suits are quite a piece of hightech. Meanwhile, on the moon, men prepare positions and fortifications around the entrance as planned. The ships above in orbits are ready to fire at anything that might come out of there. The Solarin Federation At long last, the facility is finished. The Libellan architect has outdone himself, guiding the construction of a state of the art Xylorite refinery such as this. And they continue the expansion of the shipyard, extending the capacities to allow bigger ships to be built later, an asset that should not be underestimated. (6/6 AP. SL 3 now.) Alone comparing the Quantum Anchor Device with the Jump drive gives incredibly high amounts of insight. Many things begin to make sense and fall quite into place. Whilst no particular results are achieved and the scientists are trying to bring things in order, they do state that they are up to something there. Something grand. It was behind the scenes and comes in quite a surprise, but by majority vote, the Remnants have voted to join the Solarin Federation as a nation. (85% for Anschluss, haha.) They bring two frigates along their support cruiser. People's Agrarian Republic Even out of the right Itoron alloy, the mesh does not offer much physical protection and is by no means fully insulated. Regardless though, they manage to make it difficult to detect by most common forms of scanners from long and medium range. The principles of a shield generator are complex. Fortunately enough, some foreign insight helps out. A Protorian scientist leads the team and later on, they manage to at least increase the shield's density to something more practiable, able to withstand most physical objects and energy forms. To various degrees under specific circumstances of course. The improved robots do their work, and they do it astoundingly well. Farmers soon have one or two of the machines, to easen the workload, giving them more free time. The people are happy, productive. United Colonial Initiative Preliminary warp drive technology research begins, utilizing the knowledge from Earth. It feels surprisingly fast, but they are making steady progress. At the current rate they should have a functional warp drive in two years. (The original colony ships/arks have an experimental jump drive, not a warp drive.) The colonial freighter is finished as planned and the loading of supplies and wares begins. The only thing missing is a drive that can SAFELY bring them elsewhere. (4/4 AP.) This metal shows incredibly resilient to most common drills. A diamond tipped drill manages to break some chunks out of it, ruining the drill bit in the process. A laser mining device is hauled up, proving to be the way to go, soon enough there are sufficient samples back in the laboratories of the colony. The Free Human Technocracy The training goes surprisingly well, the soldiers adapting to the new gadgets and tools with surprising efficiency. There may be some critics though of taking too much decision making away from the actual humans and relying on lines of code that can easily err. Intuition is something that makes soldiers, so they state. The ship is constructed as planned, soon flying between the various locations to pick up and drop off required building materials and supplies for the bases and fortifications. That went well. See above. The expansion of industry is surely a good idea and should help out in the coming future. This future looks grim after all. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta The planet yields no remarkable deposits of materials or ores. The soil is incredibly fertile though, so it may well be a supplier for crops and livestock. Only the foundations are laid this year, with trouble of finding an architect with the know-how of constructing such a facility. This will take a while. Define Xylorite power? (+1 AP next round) Such is easily done and soon a whole arsenal of missiles with Xylorite warheads stand ready. Though there are heavy concerns from various citizens about potential reprimands from the bigger nations. And at last, another ship, small, but a ship regardless, leaves the docks, joining the fleet of Malta. The Holy Kingdom of Eadn The upgrades continue and continue. (6/6 AP. SL 3 done. 1/10 AP to SL 4.) Silver Knight Corporation By the end of the year, the requested ships and fighters are finished, bolstering the Silver Knight's forces substantially. The Backhatta inspectors gladly arrive and follow through with the examination. After a week, all details are settled and they happily dismiss themselves from the colony, giving a statement about the details to various nations in the vicinity. The Redon Imperium makes no remarks, the Protorian Council, whilst displeased, accepts the notion, the Karass Dominion accepts the notion. No other statement comes in. And the colony is established on a small arid planet with quite a few rocky cliff formations and deep blue lakes. The Han Dominion A sector further up north, the scouting vessels detect a system with three (!) habitable planets. Two of them are very similar to Earth in terms of size and climate, with the third being more of an arid planet, closer to the sun. The system sports a gas giant with only one singular moon. The moon itself turns out to be habitable as well, an arctic world with very long nights and days. The colonial freighter is finally finished as planned, ready to set foot upon new worlds. There are only about six of them in total, including the farmer who was caught earlier. They appear to be normal individuals, with no outstanding traits. They do all speak of a female being, a godess, they assure, a godess of the moon. Chaal she calls herself, so they claim. According to them, she is kind hearted and willing to listen and help out, whenever they relax and watch the moon. This venture proves to be quite futile. All attempts somehow run into nothingness, no proper records are found on where the drive came from and who invented it. Aegis With these resources poured into the project, a skeletal structure for the space station soon floats afterwards in orbit. Slowly they continue to begin finishing segments and parts of it. This is a massive project though and will take a long time, so the engineers note. The whole population of the races appear to be completely innocent. The Tjierans are pissed, the Ceri take it with a cold efficiency and the Ascardians are mocking it. The nations behind the races though send a wide formal complaint about the mistreatment of their people. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 230,000 Humans Terran Federation - 196,500 Humans, 5,500 Grgl, 4,500 Tassareans, 2,500 Human-Tassareans, 2,000 Libellans New Sephoria - 271,000 Humans, 2,500 Protorians, 150 Human-Protorians Silver Knight Company - 219,000 Humans, 4,000 Tassareans, 2,250 Backhatta, 4,500 Redons, 1,500 Human-Redons, 1,500 Human-Tassareans, 8,500 Galaron United States of Arcturus - 229,000 Humans, 10,500 Skellar, 1,250 Da'nor, 3,000 Libellans Aurora - 221,500 Humans, 7,000 Tassareans, 7,000 Grgl, 1,500 Protorians, 2,000 Human-Tassareans, 3,250 Galaron Hephaestus Holdings - 206,500 Humans, 14,000 Grgl, 10,000 Tassareans, 6,000 Human-Tassareans, 3,000 Libellans, 3,000 Redons, 2,000 Backhatta, 1,250 Human-Redons, 19,000 Galaron Saga Initiative - 213,000 Humans, 7,000 Da'nor, 1,000 Human-Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 122,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 220,000 Humans, 3,000 Protorians, 4,500 Libellans, 8,000 Grgl, 4,500 Tassareans, 2,500 Human-Tassareans, 1,500 Backhatta, 1,500 Skellar, 7,750 Galaron, 100 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 210,000 Humans (The Remnants - 205,000 Humans, 11,500 Tassareans, 5,000 Grgl, 2,000 Libellans, 1,500 Human-Tassareans - to the Terran Federation) Han Dominion - 179,000 Humans Aegis - 155,500 Humans, 1,500 Skellar, 1,500 Libellan, 750 Da'nor, 750 Tjierans, 250 Ceri, 250 Ascardians United Colonial Initiative - 156,000 Humans ---- Events The Corrupter appear to have withdrawn from any invasions this year. Maybe to catch a breath or perhaps something distracts them? PEACE. The Trialition and the Protorians sign peace. Borders remain where they are. Along with it, the Trialition declares a one-sided truce with the Solarin Federation. The colony of Sephoria is released again after a brief occupation with no detrimental effects for the populace. An Ascardian entourage recommends that the colony of Sephoria should be integrated into the Order of Malta, given their close ideals and ideology. The Keerim invasion continues, though in six battles they fought they manage to only win one. The Skellar and Libellan under command of a Skellar High General appear to outmaneuver and outfight the Keerim currently at every turn. But they fear that the Keerim have only offered them a pinky finger of the fist that could be. ---- Map update ---- Year 2127 by Earth's calendar.