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  1. “Hah.” notes a man in highly advanced years. “You can not defeat an idea. You can only defeat those who intend to carry the idea, but it will spring forth again. Give it a decade or two, you will see and learn. And later die without teaching the coming generations. It’s a vicious cycle, I tell you, the curse of mankind.”
  2. Year 983 passes. The Scarlet Order The Scarlet Order’s diplomatic missions bring back following reports: - Nao Phyn is willing to trade lumber for weaponry, their own forges being insufficient to supply their need for arrows, arms and armor. - Nao Zhu offers coal shipments in exchange for the same. - Baderberg offers coal and iron ore shipments in exchange for naval support. And so he arrives together with his band of brothers, as already a “small” host of Brutes has been reported assembling near the border of Lyonesse. (Encounter) The land is acquired accordingly once everything is signed by both parties. (Need clarification from Lyonesse) The work on the carrack continues as intended, with the new lumber from Nao Phyn being shipped in, constructing ship catapults is little of an issue and soon the ship is combat ready. The Rulership of Nùr The Illhar is a massive vessel and will need at least another year to finish construction. With the mindless slaving away, it goes quite quickly still. Exhausting almost all lumber stores and the entire production of lumber of this very year, they construct twenty (!) raiding ships. This should bolster the naval presence of the Rulership of Nùr. Layer by layer they add bricks and stone to growing walls, towers and dig more moats. To reach a proper state of fortification, it will take more time. The shipwrights and wise men begin experimenting on reshaping the structure of the ship, to allow it to be lighter, having less structural beams, with the same amount of stability and resistance. It’s a difficult task to find the right arrangement, but they are onto something. The Kingdom of Kronk appears to be surprisingly mighty. The Ogres had lived there for centuries, with no foes and grew numerous, rich and powerful. But they are, as ogres are by times, still full of wanderlust and ambition. The current King Kronk is no exception. He inquires what the Rulership’s plans are, his targets, asking for maps of the world. The ice wolves are proud and intelligent. They have a willpower that continues to defy the Mori and Kal. Whilst they captured a few of the beasts under the loss of several dozen of mindless slaves, it will take more cruelty to break such a being. Quietly and unseen. In the first half of the year everything seems to be going fine, until soon ships that sail out to raid and plunder appear to not return. The reason becomes obvious soon as one foggy morning, the mothership finds itself in sight of a warfleet of unknown sails. And they are moving fast, with the wind at their backs. BUNDESREICH ABENDLAND The smart masters of the Blacksmith Guilds soon call in a meeting with all the greater guildmasters in all major towns and cities. Their meeting lasts two whole months, where they then travel to the provinces to give out the details of what they have come up with. They assess the storages of all arms and armor they have, as well as making precise drawings and measurements to them, to bring them all together again to the next meeting. That took place towards the end of the year 983. At last, after another three months, they present the Standardization Plan of the Bundesreich for the most commonly used pieces of equipment, with sizes and measurements to be matched between all partaking smithies. They state that they will need five years to conclude this standardization process, after which, everything will fit everything else. The hilly and more mountaineous reaches of the Eastern Bundesreich do yield a few new veins of iron and coal, along with other minor metals. Thanks to the active participation of the local dwarven mining guilds, this goes surprisingly well. The Greatship is finished as planned, given the vast manpower and resources available. Whilst it costs more than originally expected (due to the known issue of administration), it still is on time. Thus far the latter three realms have kept a neutral stance, despite both Shatterlands and Roymar bearing down on them to coerce them into taking sides. They appreciate the offer of formal relations. The Stoneborn The Broggr tribes are being observed, quietly from a safe distance, and that appears to be good. There has been some local warfare between some of them, but they are clearly oblivious to the existence of the Stoneborn. It is quite different for the dwarves, simultaneously as the Stoneborn reach the Eastern caves and settlements of the Dwarves of Rut’Furum, patrols from their side are spotted near the mountain passes and access roads, maintaining a respectful distance though. The Stoneborn envoys are greeted with mild suspicion going by their expressions and some hushed words, though Elder Dwarves, distinct by the many wrinkles of time on their faces, withered skin and bleached hair sit down with the visitors, gesturing as good as they can. (Encounter) The rocks are silent and the mountains are empty, but they freely give way as they are formed by the Stoneborn, as new ones spring forth from their parent crystal, enriching the lifeless with life alternate. The Orani Khanate Strengthening the wood, increasing the elasticity of the bow, allowing to draw easier and further, whilst retaining the same level of strength. That is a coal they set their minds on, and the wisemen continue to carve rune after rune, many burning out, many bows breaking, but bit by bit, as they paint it on paper from the Western reaches of the Khanate, they seem to make it better. THE HIROMI Given the little agriculturally viable area in the valleys themselves, due to surprisingly cold winters, the other resources become more visible. Fish, stone, lumber and the lucky vein of earthen coal in the Eastern settlement could bring new prosperity to this province-to-be. Household work aplenty and in order to please man and country, the women are at it. (Sounds a bit objectivying, but I will grant it.) The composting methods still elude and the researches are growing restless at their lack of progress. Something seems to be amiss. Whilst they nurture the trees, they seem to have... little will. At the moment, the crankbow was bulky and heavy, powerful, albeit slow to reload. The craftsmen and master archers continue their studies, to make the whole apparatus smaller and more convenient. The local fishermen have been aware of this cycle for the past decades already, it was a knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Making it more known for the general populace certainly helps if there is to be law and order regarding this. However, during this offtime, the fishermen require another way to earn their coin, if they are not to fish at all (they fished during egg season, but just little to sustain their own families). It is just too lucky that the Golden Kingdom still had two princesses of their Royal Dynasty left over. The older one certainly makes a good match to the candidate of the Hiromi, and as such the council agrees to name the older Princess the new ruler of the Golden Kingdom. Many nobles are distraught by the decision, but the majority is supporting it. The unrest however, still remains, and all parties involved are trying to solve the population’s fears and distrust in the Royal palace. Roymar and Shatterlands have a heavy naval battle, where the Shatterlands lose, although it was a Phyrric victory for Roymar. Small brute warbands are seen near the border of Lyonesse. The five coastal realms of Illuwe, Yano’sa, Neunburg, Roistal and Baderberg call for a meeting at Illuwe’s capital. The details are unknown. Yano’fin and Hellerland are at odds. Yano’qi and the Kingdom of Halrin are now at war. Nyx and Xan announce an alliance. It is the Year 984.
  3. UNITED SOCIALIST PACT “Equality comes from shared burdens! Fight and work with your brothers and sisters today!” Risyetz – Capital Metropolis of the United Socialist Pact “Great Leader. It is time for your speech.” the adjutant said to Maksim who was eyeing his uniform in the mirror. Fastening his tie, a tuck on each sleeve and the leader of the United Socialist Pact (USP) was ready to give his speech. Today he had the masses to convince and not his fellow comrades. For they needed the aid of the people, the strength of the small, but of the many. There was war to be had, as the revolution was in danger yet again. As it has been for the past years. To last, you must force. And if you force, some have to pay the price. Who would be better to pay the price than the oppressors that followed the false and corrupt ideals of monarchy of capitalism? That was exactly what Maksim would tell the people and he knew they would love him for it, for he was one who stood up against the regime of old and brought change. Freedom. And most of all, equality. And thus he stepped out on the balcony and opened with the word: “Comrades!” Stats: Population: 50,000,000 comrades (growth 2%) 1 Metropolis (Risyetz, Capital) 5 Cities (Lobonja, Norbsk, Tzurov, Irkov, Taschkov) Industrial: 1 Steel Mills, 3 Heavy Industries, 1 Vitramite Mine, 1 Vitramite Refinery Economic: 3 commercial districts (Risyetz, Lobonja, Irkov) Research: 2 slots Armed Forces: (Recruitment capacity 8%) 200 Fighters 50 Howitzers 200 Field guns 100 Anti-Air cannons 60,000 Infantry (T3) 10,000 Cavalry (T3) 10,000 Light Infantry (T3) - Income: 10,000 G (pop) 12,000 G (commercial districts) 5,000 G (POI: The Father) 10,000 G (Metropolis) 3 AP 1 Refined V Running Expenses: 1,600 G (Infantry & Cavalry) (-20% included) - Actions: General Ismail Jolkovic orders the construction of a new fighter squadron to bolster the USP air power. Whilst they have never had the chance to pursue the construction of airships thus far, land based fighters may prove to be just what they need to fight against these big lumbering targets. (-2 AP, -6,000 G for 100 fighters) A whole new brigade of infantry is trained, equipped with the best weaponry the USP has to offer. (-1 AP, -6,000 G for 5,000 Infantry). Following the speech of the great leader, he orders that the first wave of the Red Tide is to be drafted from the population. The reason is obvious. (-3,000 G) Two further trade districts are being built. The party has learned that they need a different approach to the people’s needs, and only a modern industry and market system can feed the growing population. Town and village craftsmanship and small artisans just won’t suffice. (-20,000 G) Remainder is retained. (-400 G) The assault on the Tzarist Regime to the West begins. They must not dawdle, and free the people. Diplomatic outreach to the surrounding nations, inquiring for the possibilities of limited trade (as long as it’s equal), as well as gathering information about them. The Great Leader is curious as to whom might be yet enlightened with the true path for the future. Research: The Party pursues the research of an improved fighter craft that offers more agility and speed than the previous outdated version from the Great War. It is important, that for the current lack of airships, the skies of the USP should remain watched over. (1 R slot) At the same time on the ground, the General Ramudan Sedivic orders to development of an armored tractor, a vehicle with a powerful engine, that is capable of breaking through lines and trenches known from the Great War, as well as offer fire support and ample cover for infantry that is to conduct the effective push across No-Man’s-Land. (1 R slot)
  4. Discord: You have it. Name of Nation: United Socialist Pact Type of Government: Communist One Party Government History/Culture: The United Socialist Pact is a nation forged by blood out of the ashes of the former Empire that ruled vast stretches of the Northern continent. The toll that was paid was in the millions, with more taking up arms to claim their freedom from tyranny and inequality. Little did they know they exchanged the previous system for one that was flawed by the political idealism of equality among all in every aspect. In the end others were still more equal and with the controlled market where everything you make is for everyone, the lack of private property caused an economic stagnation. Years have passed and three “minor” revolts later, the leadership has learned, that Socialism can work, yes, but it has to be approached differently. Bruteforcing a system onto people does not work. It needs time. And the notion that there are no others that could convince their people otherwise. Starting Points: Size: 6 50 million inhabitants 1 metropolis, 5 cities Army: 10 30 AP = 200 Fighters (-4) 50 Howitzers (-4); 200 Field guns (-4); 100 Anti-Air cannons (-2); 60,000 Infantry (-12); 10,000 Cavalry (-2); 10,000 Light Infantry (-2) Aviation: 0 Industry: 3 (6 buildings) 1 Steel Mills, 3 Heavy Industries, 1 Vitramite Mine, 1 Vitramite Refinery Economy: 3 (3 buildings) 3 commercial districts Education: 4 Development: 4 Notable Characters: Maksim Gregorovic (The Great Leader) Ismail Jolkovic (Revolutionary General) Ramudan Sedivic (Revolutionary General) National Idea: Socialist Recruitment Standards (+4% army capacity) Everyone can serve, even women, the elderly and young starting at fifteen years of age. Unique Units: Red Tide (replaces irregulars) Inspired to carry forward the revolution and the dream of true equality, where man is free and not slave to the capitalist and aristocratic tyrants! Map Position: Proof you’ve read the intro and the rules: Certainly a beautiful place. I plan on going there sometime in the future.
  5. “I see.” notes Silus, reading the missive bearing the news. “Will not make a difference.” he concludes after a minute, turning back to the Chronometer he has been working on.
  6. Year 982 passes. THE HIROMI The lands to the East are hilly, windy and show a lack of forestation. This allows winds from the North to dominate the landscape, bringing in cold weather from the sea. Still, with renewed tree and plant life this issue might be fought against, the winds held back and allowing for a more comfortable climate to settle in some of the valleys between the hills there. The land is wide, open and ripe for expansion, no sentient being and no living soul to be seen. The Golden Kingdom’s Regency Council is happy to oblige, permitting trade and travel into their lands. Given the political situation, they do not seem keen to pursue any military confrontations, following the death of their last King, with the unrest broiling in the vast realm everywhere, as no true successor has made himself apparent yet. Compost is compost. But the fine balance between various essences of life flowing into it might be the key. And that is what the wise men of Hiromi will pursue and try to find out, but time will be needed. A lot of time, to find the right combination for the right plant. This is a venture into the vast realms of nature. The “crank bow” begins its early stages, where the craftsmen and master archers work eagerly to develop such an item of convenience. The latter though fear that they might be completely replaced by such a potentially powerful weapon. The Scarlet Order The massive armory of the Scarlet Order just continues to grow this year, although already, the shortage of earthen coal becomes noticeable, as homesteads out run low on fuel to fire their stoves, whilst not to warm themselves (given the generally warm climate throughout the year), but to cook. They switch to firewood, but that proves to be even more scarce, as lumber is a luxury commodity in the Orderlands. And as such, they only build one single carrack, before the shipwrights note that they lack lumber. There are barely any trees left in the lands, and they suggest importing it if must be. By no means backwaters, the two city states prove to be fertile, wealthy and quite strong from what can be seen. Their culture and customs are very strange, and not a word can be understood of what they speak. Even in writing they use very odd symbols to what is common in the Orderlands. Notable is the increase in soldiers patrolling their lands and keeping watch. Strong fortifications and many archers dot their lands. BUNDESREICH ABENDLAND None of the arms in the Bundesreach are standardized. As they are produced en masse by many small smithies throughout the realm, with soldiers sometimes buying their own equipment, or being provided by local lords or authorities, things just don’t match. Whilst the forces are mighty, they are a patchwork, with many colors. Crossbow bolts that don’t fit in grooves of other crossbows, swords that are too long or short, or too wide for sheaths of another. The list is long. Perhaps it’s too much bureaucracy, or a lack thereof, as the intended census kind of runs into the ground. The results that return are sparse, claiming there are many fertile lands here, or little arable ground there, rich forests, poor hills, hostile wildlife or deer that voluntarily donates itself to the butcher. Population counting is another issue, just that there might be about a million and a half inhabitants in the entire Bundesreich. This inadequacy of proper control and registration is widespread and one of the reasons corruption is so rampant in the Bundesreich. This is not something that can be fixed in a year and with some coin. In fact, the coin invested just sinks into the swamp of the system and vanishes without a trace. Whilst the engineers in the various cities and holdings have begun to independently work on little projects for weapons, little comes up in terms of ideas. Upsizing a crossbow? That’s a ballista, and we already have that. The gryphons do live good lifes in the hills and mountains to the East. It’s not an unknown beast, but taming one, has been a very difficult task, merely two dwarves are known to have managed that. One being the previous king of Rut’durum had one, and currently a dwarven warmaster of the very same Kingdom commands one. The Rulership of Nùr The raids proceed as follows... Illuwe shows little to have in terms of a bounty, the coastlines empty of people when the raiders appear, the inhabitants withdrawn into cities fled inland. Yano’sa is taken more by surprise as the dark ships show up and begin plundering coastal settlements. Whilst some valiant defenders slay a few of the attackers (fifty), a few hundred are taken hostage by the quite substantial raid. Baderberg would have been taken as much by surprise as Yano’sa, if it weren’t for the fact that an unknown warfleet was encountered there. And they weren’t human. Little of note is happening with the fortification of the coastal city on the mainland, or with the construction start of the big city vessel. The army recruitment goes slow, not many new soldiers are drafted this year around. The raiding ships sail past Baderberg, further south. To never return again. The envoy sent to Ort Mar arrives at the capital port of the Orc Realm. So many aspects to improve upon. No results. The Orani Khanate As the men are rallied, they are tallied. Numbering well over 20,000 on horse, they follow their old leader’s call. The census goes very differently in different places. In the West, where there was another highly advanced realm previously, the taken over bureaucratic apparatus allows for a quick and quite accurate census, with well over 300,000 people living in that region alone. The East, with the people being tribal and freeroaming, garner no interest nor knowledge for a census. For the runes, the old and wise begin their work, but they can not say how favored they are in their pursuits, or when the blessing will be given by the higher powers. THE FOMORIANS As the Formorians return successfully from their raids on the Human coasts, riches and wealth, as well as eight-hundred Human prisoners in tow, the raids to the South return as well. Empty handed and with battered ships. In the weeks after, the message with their demands were sent to the previously raided realms of Eibental, Bregenz and Linz. The reply all bears a single word. No. Following these events, news trickle into the capital where the Formorians have begun assembling their army. A host of the Kingdom of Osterland has marched across the border, a day later a messenger arrives with a note. The note is a formal declaration of war by Osterland, Eibental, Linz and Bregenz against the Formorians. In the South, without any notes following, another army under the banner of F’ya’mol have crossed the border. Both armies have begun tearing their path through Formorian territory. Slave exports would have been nice, if it weren’t for the lack of customers, and the now assemblied warfleets of the Humans beginning to intercept any merchant ships en route to or from Formoria. As such, the envoy to the Shatterlands appears to be stuck there, unable to return. Probably. The Hith The blood appeases wind and weather, and the ships sail North unhindered. Soon they find the Easternmost island of the so-called Shatterlands, a forested, but cliffwalled and barely accessible island. With the massive Hith vessels already spotted, smaller vessels around the coast can be seen dispersing to the West, their speed unmatched it appears. Approaching the Hith motherships, is a fleet of a dozen ships now, clearly on an intercept course to hold them off. To the south into the sea of endless green, the warriors slither and sneak, climbing carefully, striking down beast after beast with numerically superiority and surprise. However, some of these monstrosities are still to be feared and dangerous, with many warriors falling to take them down. (2,000 dead, region secured). The poisin brewing continues in the Hith cities, samples being tested on living slaves, with varying success, but the utmost poison that does exactly what is needed without killing them, still eludes. Republic of Ithaca Man craft the bow crossbow. Dwarf crafts armor, sword and axe. Elves fletch the bolts and arrows. Tactful and in a timely manner, to have enough stocked for coming wars against outlying foes. The three of Ithaca share more than they thought, and so they craft ahead. To the East far stretches of jungle dominate the landscape, hills and mountains beyond. Terrors lurk in that jungle, and must be guarded against. The South seems to be hilly and empty, with hosts of wild cattle roaming the lands, free of predators as no jungle has set foot here. Heading West along the coast, they encounter old familiar settlements of independent people. Dwarves, humans and elves alike, less feuding than the founders of Ithaca, quietly having a life. The realm of Roymar is far. And the envoy won’t return until next year. Kingdom of Lyonesse As the coastlines in the North are being fortified, reports trickle in, that the Dark Elves of the Sea have raided the neighbouring lands of Yano’sa and Illuwe, the former with great, the latter with no success. Whilst not being attacked the proximity of the Kingdom’s forces gathering do instill questions, as the small human city states send missives, pleading and fearful, or warning. Illuwe remains quiet, Yano’sa does inquire for buying vast stockpiles of lumber. In a rich and fertile region, the crop yield can only grow, by tilling more fields, planting more seeds each year. The cold North is held off by the rugged Brute warlands and in general the Southern winds dominate here. The only thing that comes from the North are rare visits of brute warbands that want to club something, but after years of experience, they are driven off either peacefully by throwing them some food, or by outright riding them down with the local knight force. After a full year, everything is prepared, and invitations can be sent out for the great tournament of Lyonesse! That might be something suitable for the small human realms that do send their envoys over. The Stoneborn The Empire of Broggr is savage. Hordes of warriors that fight eachother for the sake of dominance and strength. The enslave their own to work for them, the strong eat, the weak work and die. It appears they also pursue hostilities with anything that can be killed. The scouts withdraw from their exploration rather quickly, to report. In the West, the dwarves catch wind of the scouts, but mind their own business, going about their lives, mining, farming hard crops and fungi in the mountaineous climate. They appear to have a very good grasp on handling ores and crystals, even capable of making music devices with resonating crystals, that seem to speak words to the Stoneborn. Northwest only mountains and hills with some valleys filled with trees and wildlife are found. To the Southeast, the moutnains become only more lifeless and rugged, impassable in some regions, climbing high into the skies. The wind of change blows, but no events reach your ears. It is the Year 983.
  7. Civilization III Prestory  It’s the year of 982. The species of the world have lived for centuries, growing and advancing ever so slowly, hindered by wars, famine and other catastrophes. Never in the past has a group of people managed to establish a firm rule over the known world, never have there been great Empires, all failed on the ambitions of singular beings, their hubris and their greed. As the many small civilizations grew in size and number, they had approached a treshold, where this “curse” might become a thing of the past. Innovation in agriculture and craftsmanship have brought them forward. Others have found solace in nature. Again others, might have found progress in the arcane arts. Yet, this story is open to continue, fate is never written. And thus begins the endless tale, the many stories of the many people... Today Hiromi Turn your gazes around you, mighty feudal lords of Hiromi. A wind of change drifts dark clouds of war across the water. Separated by leagues of sea, the rival realms to your West plot their next move against eachother. The Golden Kingdom to the South seeks a true successor to its throne, and in the West, there are lands untamed and riches still buried! The Hiromi are a people that may develop nigh limitless potential in these changing times and can achieve greatness, in the East of the known world, and then under all of the heavens! Scarlet Order Ever vigilant, ever steadfast, prepared for a war. To your south, a new realm has risen, refugees from a consumed nation having arrived at your shores. To the North along the border, the knights of Lyonesse roam the lands and might even encroach on your borders. It’s a tenous peace with potential foes all around, but if you ascertain yourself in detail, there might be the chance of striking a good deal with your fellow minor realms. Who knows, a friendship and potential alliance could go a far way in these dangerous times? Bundesreich Abendland The colossal federation of feudal holdings under the Emperor strives to become greater than just the sum of itself. However internal strife and corruption, feuds between the lords and ladies of the Realm are still a thing going on, a lot less bloody than in the past, perhaps. In the neighbouring realms peace seems to rule on land, quiet trade and prosperity is coming to the many realms of man here in the West. Only at sea, the tides of war rule, as Roymar continues its pursuit of naval dominance over the minor island realms around. The great contestant are the Shatterlands, who are able to tie them down. For now. Hith Cities Hush, be quiet little one, before the shadows of the jungle come and eat you! A children’s tale with a grain of truth, as to the South of the Hith lands, the jungle becomes more dense than ever and beings of unknown terror call it their home. More than one Hith has met his untimely end as he strayed to far from known paths. Across the great span of salted water to the North, islands have been spotted, from where already more than a few sacrifices arrived here at our shores. Their blood is good and the ancestors smile upon us for such worthy sacrifices. But not only there, also to the West and the East we might look, as there are more realms, with many people in number, different from eachother, but worthy to be bled nonetheless. Oran Khanate Under your hooves Lianqing was trampled and taken, many homes and hamlets burned and plundered and their former capital integrated into our mighty growing Empire of Grass. But we mustn’t stop here, as there are other realms nearby, rich and fat from years of complacency and unwillingness to learn and be strong. There expansion might be opportune. But as one casts his gaze forward, he shall not forget his back, where far to the East at the outer reaches of our steppes, in hills and mountains sky-high, a race of short men have established a Kingdom, unwilling to deal with us, unwilling to bend to us. What decision may we make or will we seek opportunities elsewhere in this vast world? Imperium Sanctus By the Creator, as pure as we are, none is. For such we must pursue a path to enlighten those who are unable to see the truth, who dabble in dark arts of arcane and ignore the grace of light by the creator, our god. Orcs that claim to be civilized and sociable have a Kingdom there, to our West, a nation of peasants has established itself where people are “equal”. To our south, on the sea, our ships are outrun by a race of arrogant Elves, who laugh at us for they know they can never be us, so they must mock us to cover their own inadequacies. Where shall we sail? Where shall we march? What is the path the creator has in mind for our Imperium Sanctus? Republic of Ithaca Far away from foreign shores, isolated and now peaceful ever since arms were laid down and quills were taken up to sign the contract that formed our prosperous nation. Trade goes well with the Human Realms to our North, the Shatterlands being a good trade partner, although their ongoing war has taken a toll on them, which has cut into our margins. Roymar is rich and powerful, but shall we seek to be a second fiddle in the affairs of the Westerlands? And not to forget the slumbering colossus of the Bundesreich. Where will they steer their ship, and will we cut their winds or sail in their shadow? Kingdom of Nûr Ignorant and inferior are all that are not us. The realms on the coastline are plenty, from overcompensating primitives clad in dirty iron to overzealous treeloving savages that are unwilling to see the truth and progress in this world. Simpletons, all of them, only good for their physical strength. And then there is the Kingdom of Kronk, that has such in abundance. Ogres are numerous and powerful there, perhaps there could be some arrangment? If not, the Orcish Kingdoms to our West may prove to be a strategic target for both politics and warfare. Whatever we do, we know we will prevail, as such has been destined. The Mori-Kal are the chosen of this world, and they are meant to rule it all. Carchemish Have you ever tried cooking your own hand? The taste of the outer crust is deliciouuuuus! No? Whatever, then cook your mother’s hand and your pet’s tail. A stew would be great! You see, stew can be made of many parts of the body. But the origin of said body is important. Perhaps, somewhere we could organize some samples? Are there any out there? Or should we focus on ourselves? Hrm, test subjects for our latest inventions and pursuits in the Arcane might be needed too? Or they might have had an idea we did not yet? We ought to know it all. KNOW IT ALL! Kingdom of Lyonesse Oh King of mine, in the Lady’s name, by the Knight’s honor, what are we to pursue in this world filled with such potential for chivalry? Many realms surround us, but a vast savage land of Brutes marks our Northern border. Incursions so far have been shattered, leaving none alive, but who knows how long such might last? The small city states along the coast may do better with our protection, or perhaps even as part of our Kingdom? Then there is the looming threat across the bay, where a horseman realm has established itself, already having slain one of those small realms we ought to protect with our life, blood and honor! We should pursue to beat them, show them their place, banish them back to their steppes. Or... strike a deal, so we may focus on other things first? The Stoneborn For many years we were unnoticed. Until the first dwarf dug a shaft into our cities. Until the first Ogre stumbled into one of our caves. Two mighty realms are West and East. One savage and destructive, the other filled with greed for ore and gem. There must be a balance. And we must protect what is ours and our heritage from them at all cost! But given their appearance, it means there could be more than them beyond, further away, out of our reach if we stay hidden in our mountains as is. Perhaps now, it is the time for the Stoneborn to make an appearance, to step out and greet the world, to take a rightful place amongst (more or less) equals! What shall we pursue? Shall we be seen? Or forgotten, until we fall to dust? Formoria We are Formorians. But we could be more. What ambitions shall we pursue? To our West, Humans have united their realms to great extents, and have become a power to be reckoned with! To our south, the Yazri have gathered under a common leader, and have been arming up day by day, week by week. They pursue a war. With us? Then they shall have a fight that will be legendary. Perhaps it is not us they seek, and we might strike a deal with them, that will allow us to fight for our gain, benefit, glory and ascertained survival in the future, for the wind of change is all around us. Map of the known World It’s the year 982. You may take action now. ((Discord for questions.))
  8. Civilization III Welcome to the third iteration of Civilization. This is a freeform nation FRP, including fantasy elements. It will begin at a timeframe where it would equal the real world’s 14th century. The idea of nationhood is something that has begun to manifest in the heads of people, and old systems of rule are questioned and perhaps even challenged. The world has grown smaller with the increase of population over the past centuries, the taming of nature and increase in roads and infrastructure. What your nation is and will be, lies with you. But there are others who pursue goals, aligned with yours, or opposed to you. Prestory It’s the year of 982. The species of the world have lived for centuries, growing and advancing ever so slowly, hindered by wars, famine and other catastrophes. Never in the past has a group of people managed to establish a firm rule over the known world, never have there been great Empires, all failed on the ambitions of singular beings, their hubris and their greed. As the many small civilizations grew in size and number, they had approached a treshold, where this “curse” might become a thing of the past. Innovation in agriculture and craftsmanship have brought them forward. Others have found solace in nature. Again others, might have found progress in the arcane arts. Yet, this story is open to continue, fate is never written. And thus begins the endless tale, the many stories of the many people... Species Mankind is commonplace. But might even be outnumbered, depending on the choices made by the players who apply. You may invent your own race of people, fully at your leisure, with their traits and quirks, but be ascertained that I may have a word or two to add if I deem something not viable. World The world is hostile. Whereever there are wildlands, one may encounter beasts of unknown origin, terrors in the night. How will your people treat with them? Live in peace? Or exterminate them all? You may take a glance at the known “old” world below. Technology & Arcana There is little to be said here. Medieval technologies ranging from the simple spear to the watermill are known throughout the “known” world. There may be realms that have chosen a path of Nature or a path of Magic. Here, diversity is welcome and viable. You are the master of your people’s choices after all. Consult with me for specifics, such as inventing things, variants of magic and so forth. Rules & Gameplay - Common sense. - Be fair. - A turn a year. - Consult me for arcane arts & magic. - Acknowledge that some things don’t work on first try or by default. It does not have to make sense. - Additional rules and changes may come. - Write a small x at the start of your description if you understand what is stated above. Application Discord: Civilisation (Name): Capital (Name): Government (Empire, Republic, etc, you may go into details): Racial Distribution (Primary Race, probably minorities?): Racial traits (as needed): Religion (Whatever you prefer, you may be creative): Technology & Arcana (that is notable; have you pursued magic? Be fair and remember to do tradeoffs): Description (Culture, history, politics etc): Geography & location (As detailed as you wish, with a note on the map below as to where your realm would be in existence): Size (Tying in with racial distribution, as well as geographic location. Be just, the map is only that big): And lastly, the “old” known world ---- Comments and feedback are welcome.
  9. OOC Notice: Beyond is on halt until further notice. For questions, I am available.
  10. Where are the Dunmer nowadays?

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      We out here, smokin’ skooma, worshipin’ spirits. 

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