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  1. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter I: The Great Wars (Ended) Chapter II: Old Shadows (Ended) Chapter III Act 1: N’Fe a Te (Ended) Chapter III Act 2 - Endgame Alea iacta est It’s the year 2160. The Ganvius Nation under the newly appointed Peacemaker Borb of Trutt and the Lithruan Empire under Emperor Thadon Datrax enter the war against the Ar’gakari and Incursion on the side of the steadily growing allied forces. These allied forces, though divided by ideology, by politics, opinions, culture, ethics, language and so much more have one thing in common. For them, the Milky Way, the Carina Cluster, that’s their home. There are two foreign races coming. Not in peace, but to conquer and destroy. To ascertain dominance. To destroy their ways. To claim what is not theirs. To steal the identity of each nation. The comitted atrocities, the relentless and brutal warfare, the destruction and chaos, poverty and famine, suffering, simply the suffering, that is what made the barrel run over. Now it was time that they were shown that the Milky Way can fight for itself. That it can hold onto its diversity. To its colors. To its people. ----- Four Tigers Holdings, Lmtd. Whilst ships are being build in bulk, with trade and freight being expanded at every turn, the science division of Four Tigers has a different approach to things. The new idea of advanced cosmetic and faciel surgery and body reconstruction might prove useful both in civil demand as well as military and covert use. Right now, they are laying groundworks with the resources granted, laboraties, concepts, drafting, ideas, analysis of existing knowledge, to know where to begin or rather... continue. Commonwealth of Redskap And what a nerdy project it might be. (Skype) The shipyard capacity this time is being fully rented by the Lithruan Empire that has just entered the war. They are building freighters. A lot of freighters. And small ones at that. On the other hand, as per agreement, or maybe out of sheer curiosity, the Empire of Koros from Ursa Minor brings colonists. A whole 20,000 Korosi settle down in Redskap, many of them young, eager to learn about the Milky Way, the history and so forth. It appears that despite the Great War raging, there is huge interest of the Empire of Koros to learn about these new neighbours and potential allies. The Trade Federation The shared knowledge is appreciated by many nations. It happens to give them some additional insight in improving their own technologies and such. The recently established Allied Council grants the Trade Federation funds for the aid. (+20 AP for the tech you sent) Korosi have hands. A small detachment of fresh colonists appear from Ursa Minor. This all-female dark haired and eyed humanoid race is here to learn, and that includes the ways of the Trade Federation. (+1,500 Korosi) Lithruan Forces appear in all spaceports of the Trade Federation along with the previously arrived Protorians who requested the massive station to be built. They bring soldiers that tend to go for a drink or gamble a bit, have some fun before it’s off to war. (+10 AP per turn until further notice) The Han Dominion Growing shipyards and growing numbers of freighters to bolster the infrastructure of the Dominion. All the while the Rontan Coalition deliberates on its place in this galaxy. Hearing of wars so far away from the Ganvius that still visit the world, mostly in a neutral capacity. The research station above their homeworld is being expanded into a spaceport, with a section freely granted to the Han Dominion by decree of Borb of Trut. He claims to do it for Hanying, to help her people. Kingdom of Britannia/Silver Knight Corporation Itoron and Dakite. The two hardest elements known to exist. The latter is difficult to treat and manipulate, difficult to work with. But it is incredibly rewarding upon doing so. Infusing Itoron with slim traces of Dakite can propel its resilience to levels unknown. And so the British science teams carefully mix the rare Dakite into Itoron, to make the alloys of a new generation. Whilst there is not so much interest in helping an old Monarch, someone very familiar shows up. (Skype) Human Republic Both send representatives as to the Human Republic’s wishes. (Skype) Surprisingly soon, they order the same amount again to bolster their defenses, offering 30 AP worth of funding. The Quad-infused Xylorite Reactor makes some progress but there are more issues to tackle than I can list here. The Allied Council however does assist in the research with some additional funding. (20 AP granted) Unexpectedly, a whole bunch of Korosi colonists together with a detachment of Guri Guri shows up in the Human Republic to settle down. (2,500 Korosi, 2,000 Guri Guri as new settlers) The Grand Polish Republic The Polish ambassador is greeted with all due respect from their ally, the Ganvius. (Skype) And the newly constructed ships which join the fleet, as well as the existing ones do find a deposit of Xylorite and a deposit of Borite towards the west. A colony ship of Korosi arrives on the “shores” of the Polish Republic. (5,000 Korosi) R É P V B L I Q V E T H V L É E N N E The Redon Imperium requests the Thulean Republic to build battle tanks according to their schematics. The Zordon VI Main Battle Tank (most current version) is to be built. As many as possible. (50 AP granted for such) The reason is a ground offensive on a series of worlds the Redon wants to attack. United Baltic Confederacy I can not hear the birds sing for I am blind to the beauty of this universe. (Skype) Business opportunities aplenty in many nations, but you have to be decisive where you intend to go and invest. (Skype) United States Of Arcturus The Lithruan Empire is far from finished it seems. They offer, in cooperation with the Keerim Imperium, payment in order to reinforce the Northern regions of the Tassaran Republic and Keerim Imperium, to form a shield against the Incursion should they manage to gain more space. (1000 AP offered) Later in the same year, two colony ships show up from Ursa Minor, carrying Korosi colonists. The Empire of Koros wishes to have a presence and good contact with the neighbours in the Milky Way. (10,000 Korosi) Asgard Republic The frigates will serve well to bolster the point defenses and screening capabilities of the fleet against missiles, torpedoes, corvettes and fighters. Of hackers there are more than one would wish. (Skype) Hephaestus Enterprises Bigger is better. By this motto they start copying the Ar’gakari, trying to design beyond usual reliable specifications, to go beyond the limits of materials, to find new ways to design ships, not more compact, no, but just bigger with more room for more stuff and more stuff that makes more boom! At the same time, electronics and metal can be replaced more easily than manpower. Also manpower losses cause a lot of unnecessary bureaucracy and more, leading to net losses for Hephaestus like compensation for the loss of loved ones! The two psionic students do well there, being under the tutelage of a quite aged friend and mentor of John Penrith. Kyber Kore Unexpected, but certainly interesting is the arrival of a colony ship of Korosi in Kyber Kore. (5,000 Korosi) Agerian Commonwealth Ever thought to aspire having the best Heavy Infantry armor in the galaxy? If not, you are on the right track though. The Redon Imperium Ministry of Warfare is very observant and even sends additional funding to develop it further. (20 AP granted for the armor research) ----- Events The Lithruan Empire and the Ganvius Nation officially enter the Great War on the allied side. The Lithruan Empire is headed by Thadon Datrax, the Granvius Nation by Peacemaker Borb of Trut. The most prominent leaders of the allied forces have come together to form the “Allied Council”, in order to coordinate better and also handle matters of political nature amongst the allies, distribute funding to projects with potential and much more. The Saryn State is sending its warfleets East, against the Incursion. Margek is in command. The Zyrka homeworld is about to be engulfed in a great Ar’gakari offensive. Nothing new in the East against the Incursion, however the Ar’gakari had to withdraw in their southern held territories as a tactical advance in a pincer move by T’jell, Protorian and Darkul forces have squeezed them out. Many prisoners were taken and quite a few ships destroyed. The Empire of Koros is sending colony ships across the galaxy, mostly in the South, to settle new worlds and join existing nations with their people to learn and mutually prosper. On the other hand Adaptaar continue to flee to Ursa Minor to join the Empire of Koros. ----- Map I should really do this at some point, shouldn’t I? Mercy on my poor soul. ----- Year 2160 by Earth’s calendar.
  2. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Tamaraad Coast Silus Iullius Lutatius “Took you a while.” Silus notes, as his cousin Marcus unmounts from the horse he has ridden for the past few weeks. “Time well spent to get boring landscapes for my eyes and sores for my butt.” Marcus counters, not looking too pleased. “If I had known that pirates would take control on the Crimson sea and raid all the provinces, I’d have stayed away. But then again, you needed your documentation. Tried to do my best, I think the allocation of the funds was decent.” – “Yes, yes, you did well, cousin. Let me see... mhm. Yes. Did you go to that parade?” – “For the fallen? No. I was in Esk already.” The two continue to chat, as they walk through the main gate of Tamar into the bustling city. The coast was attacked by the pirates, fishing villages and hamlets robbed dirt poor. The city itself, fortunately, given its natural defenses, was spared. Not that it would have been easy for the pirates in the first place, but blockading took less effort and was very profitable for them too, to catch those first few merchant ships that did not know better. “So... that ring on your finger. That’s new.” Marcus peeks at Silus’ right hand where a small golden ring glimmers in the afternoon sun. “The first piece of jewelry from the new goldsmith. As a token for myself.” – “Very humble, eh? What about the old families of Tamar? Aren’t they getting their grubby fingers on all of your achievements?” – “No, not this time. I have the support of holy men. And I will stay true to our ancestors. This province, their home, my home, our ancestor’s home. That is what I am protecting and improving. Bring back the fortunes of old days. And the old families know that very well. So they let me do.” Marcus hums at that answer, saying nothing for a while as they walk across the bustling central plaza where a cohort of light infantry is preparing to march out. “Going to war, are we?” Silus laughs and shakes his head. “Not on the seas with these men. They are to stay here at home in the province and finally make it safe to travel again. Rooting out bandits and the likes. The Imperial Legion present here should guarantee our safety against external threats, but internally, we ought to make our own efforts.” A minute later Silus closes the door of his office in the governor’s palace, then to take a seat behind the desk where his cousin already sat down. “Dolon, fetch me some wine. Cold if you can.” – “So thirsty Marcus?” – “The Esk Savannah and the Tamaraad Coast are not known for their snow or harsh winters.” Marcus replies to Silus’ unnecessary question. “And I do not drink wine all the time. I had water on the last stretch here. Because there was no wine to drink.” Silus merely chuckles and begins to read through a few scrolls Marcus brought him. The latter picks up a piece of parchment himself that lies rather loosely on the table. It’s quiet as they read. Dolon who humbly enters the office again holding a mug of wine and two cups almost spills it as Marcus shouts loudly. “You ordered ships from the capital?” Silus looks up with furrowed brows. “Yes?” – “And they actually said yes? To build these three Biremes?” – “No, no. We don’t get the ships. We get the equipment and the materials for the ships and the Nautae.” – “Nautae? Never heard of them. Who are they?” Marcus looks confused as Silus stands up with a rare smile. “Oh, you will like that. Come let’s take a walk.” Stats: Population: 989,375 citizens (9 AP taxes) Growth: (8% + 1.2% (6 stacks); (6.6 -> 6 stacks required)) 91,023 citizens Engineering Level: Tier 2 Armed Forces: 3 cohorts of T1-T1 standard light infantry (spearmen in hide armor and with plain wooden shields) 1,500 men 2 cohorts of T0-T0 standard light infantry (clubmen). 1,000 men Resources & improvements: 120AP in farmland (6 stacks) 50AP in port (1 level) 20 AP in Goldmine, Gold Source (1) = +1 Gold Yield 15 AP in roads (dirt roads) 25 AP in Goldsmith (Luxury manufactory) = -1 Gold Trade Partners: Provinces 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12. (9) Imperial influence: 21 I.I. Stored +2 I.I. Treasurer position -18 I.I. to order ship materials Effective AP generation: 45 AP 10 AP base 12 AP farmlands 10 AP manufactories 0 AP trade (4 AP blocked through piracy) 2 AP mines 18 AP from population (includes 9 AP taxes from the previous year that were missed out upon) -2 AP maintenance for troops -5 AP raiding Usage: 5 AP are added to the Provincial Treasury for distribution. 10 AP into finishing the second level of the gold mine. 10 AP are given to the clerics to permit them to build their temple. 20 AP are spent to expand the farmlands once again. 18 I.I. are spent to order the materials required to build three Biremes and gear the 270 Tamaraad Nautae. 2 I.I. are spent to pay for the T1 equipment on the remaining Light Infantry cohorts. Orders are given to the Light Infantry cohorts to patrol the lands and restore order and fight down the crime and road banditry. Also to allow trade with the neighbours again in proper. With the seas blocked, land was the next best route.
  3. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Tamaraad Coast Marcus Galerius Lutatius Marcus Galerius scratches his chin, showing himself mildly displeased. The reason was simple. He was to travel to the provincial governor's meeting alone. Not even Dolon with him, because Dolon stuck to Silus like the stench to a beggar. And Tamar had a few by now. So he stood on board of the ship, eyeing the harbor of the city as the ship slowly departs and the rowers begin moving the big hunk of wood through the quiet waters off the coast. Silus has decided to stay back in the Tamaraad coast, simply due to the fact that he was aggressively investing almost the entire budget of this year into one thing and one thing alone. Building that blasted Goldsmithy. All of it, in one swoop. No brick should be amiss, not anvil and hammer forgotten. "How did he say it...? For the prosperity of the Tamaraad coast, for the prosperity of the provinces AND for the prosperity of the Empire." Marcus grumbles to the captain, who looks mildly confused. "Well. At least I get all the comforts he has. Which are glaringly none, I hate his overly spartan lifestyle. Do you have some wine on board at least?" he asks the captain, who nods and calls over a crewman to bring the representative of the Tamaraad governor some wine. Whilst not cool wine, it was wine at least. Stats: Population: 906,021 citizens Growth: (8% + 1.2% (6 stacks); (6.04 -> 6 stacks required)) 83,354 citizens Engineering Level: Tier 2 Armed Forces: 5 cohorts of T0-T0 standard light infantry (clubmen). 2,500 men Resources & improvements: 120AP in farmland (6 stacks) 50AP in port (1 level) 20 AP in Goldmine, Gold Source (1) = +2 Gold Yield 15 AP in roads (dirt roads) Trade Partners: Provinces 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12. (9) Imperial influence: 10 I.I. Stored +2 I.I. Treasurer position Effective AP generation: 33 AP 10 AP base 12 AP farmlands 4 AP trade 4 AP mines -2 AP maintenance for troops 5 AP for the families of the fallen Usage: 25 AP are invested into the construction of the first Tamaraad Goldsmith. This year's gold is sent to the Imperial Capital again. (-2 Gold resources) 3 AP are invested to buy T1 equipment at cost for three of the light infantry cohorts. 5 AP are invested to pay compensation for all the families who have lost their men in the battle against the Korvics. The treasurer sends trusted men with orders and compensatory money through all provinces.
  4. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter I: The Great Wars (Ended) Chapter II: Old Shadows (Ended) Chapter III Act 1: N’Fe a Te (Ended) Chapter III Act 2 - Endgame Alea iacta est The stage was set for the grand spectacle. Armies and navies in place. Fighter squadrons, destroyer fleets, cruiser armadas. Battleships lining the vast emptiness between the stars. Bearing the banners and flying the colors of so many nations. So many species. Human. Redon. Protorian. Karrass. Darkul. Ar'gakari. Zaxx. Zyrka. Cevelli. The list goes on and on. But a list can become shorter, with time, with effort, with brutality, as everything might just drown in the tides of war. In the tides and flames of this Great War. Or... the Great War. A war, an accumulation of battles that were, that are and are to be, deciding the very fate of the galaxy many of these species call home. The future is to be decided now. ----- Completely free of player commentary. I refer to chat. ----- Events War is the only headline to be read in all the news in all nations throughout the galaxy. As if it was not apparent enough already, with many having loved ones somewhere deployed in the now onsetting carnage. The situation in the North against the Ar'gakari begins to heat up, as Ar'gakari forces are making slow but steady gains under less losses than the valiant defenders. The East appears to hold as of now, thanks to numerous Protorian and Alduu'uuranean intervention, with the West buckling under more attacks, the Zyrka suffering the most in the whole ordeal. The Keerim are stemming back the Incursion tide tirelessly, suffering many losses in both systems and manpower. Thadon Datrax announces the entry of the Lithruan Empire into the Great War by next year. Internal, logistical and public opinion reasons are a hindrance right now it seems. The Ganvius nation has announced it's mobilizing all available forces, arming up and preparing, but it might take another year as well before they can come to aid. The Cynn have joined forces with the Chupan'mo to assist the Keerim in fighting back the less prevalent hotspots with the Incursion appearing. ----- Map Still in work, otherwise use this in the meantime: ----- Year 2159 by Earth’s calendar.
  5. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Tamaraad Coast Silus Iullius Lutatius Tamar is a humble but busy city. Especially now, as the first gold is being loaded onto ships under the watchful eyes of the Governor himself. Accompanied by the ever-scribbling Dolon, Silus quietly observes with an expression of... indifference, as the first gold of the Tamaraad Coast is being loaded onto vessels and shipped off to the Imperial Capital. The Empire its due. "Dolon, please remind me that I need to talk to the missionaries who approached me last year. They shall receive decent amounts of funding this year. Also make sure that five-thousand Denarii are added to the provincial treasury out of the province's tax. There is a battle to be fought soon, and prosperity is a goal for everyone, so we must do our part." Dolon humbly nods and scribbles more on a fresh roll of papyrus. The hours pass, and in the end, the sun sets, with all ships gone. Silus though still stands, staring out into the sea, towards North. "What a calm evening. Might be bad, might be good." He turns to Dolon and his cousin Marcus who just arrived on horseback. "Better get some rest, we have to catch a ship tomorrow, and the trip might take a while, with winds this still." A rare smile leaves his face, as he heads up again, to the city governor's palace. Stats: Population: 831,670 citizens Growth: (8% + 1% (5 stacks); (5.544 -> 5 stacks required)) 74,851 citizens Engineering Level: Tier 2 Armed Forces: 3 cohorts of T0-T0 standard light infantry (clubmen). (one deployed with Marshal) Resources & improvements: 118AP in farmland (5 stacks) 50AP in port (1 level) 10 AP in Goldmine, Gold Source (1) = +1 Gold Yield 15 AP in roads (dirt roads) Trade Partners: Provinces 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12. (9) Imperial influence: 2 I.I. Stored +2 I.I. Treasurer position +4 I.I. Gold Gift Effective AP generation: 24 AP 10 AP base 8 AP farmlands 4 AP trade 2 AP mines Usage: 5 AP are deposited to the treasury for use this year. 4 AP are granted to the missionaries to conduct their devout journeys. 1 Gold is transported to the Capital (+4 I.I.) 2 AP are invested into completing another stretch of farmlands. 10 AP are invested into expanding the established Gold Mine 3 AP are invested into recruiting three more cohorts of clubmen.
  6. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Tamaraad Coast Silus Iullius Lutatius In a whole different world, another universe, very far away, a missive arrives in the capital of Riviera. It states that the newly appointed Provincial Treasurer is on his way to visit personally.As for the person to visit, it would be the governor of the Riviera itself. The Governor of the Tamaraad Coast is of course welcomed into the Rivieran capital, Potamopolis. From there he is invited and escorted into the Berenikeia family estate in the countryside, Pherenike, where the governor is residing for the Spring. Silus arrives on horseback, accompanied by only three men, one being Dolon his assistant, the other being two lightly geared militia men from the Tamaraad coast. In big leather bags they are bringing papyrus scrolls and charcoal lumps. Record keeping apparently. "Welcome, Silus! A pleasure to have you in the Riviera, truly," greets Andronikos with a broad smile at the front of the family manor. "What brings you?" Silus unsaddles first, handing the reigns to one of his guards, before approaching Andronikos offering a firm handshake. "Unfortunately little less than business, Andronikos. Given that I recently assumed your position as provincial treasurer, it is only right that I come by personally for that matter." - "Ah, I see! Well I'd be delighted to lend you my assistance in whatever matters you bring!" Silus nods a bit. "I will stay in the province for a few days, given I need to assess some things regardless. Also, for the matter of today, I had a couple of questions. Followed by, going with my assessment, discussion about the status and well being of the province. Matters of various degrees of urgency and such." - "Of course, of course. Come in, set up your things and we can get to work. I will of course allow you to use my estate as a base, unless you wanted to stay in Potamopolis." - "I originally had planned on staying in an inn at the city, but if you are so kind to offer me the honor, I shall not decline." he laughs as he follows Andronikos inside. Andronikos walks into his lavishly decorated manor house, sending a couple of men to help carry Silus' things. He leads Silus and his cadre to an unused but still well-kept and cleaned office, filled with a great many leatherbound books, mostly on the history of the Riviera and the Berenikeia dynasty. "Ah, here we are. I hope this is suitable for your needs? There are plenty of spare rooms for you and your assistants to stay in, also." - "Well, it more than suffices. I mostly will need you too for the matters I mentioned. Shall we start immediately?" - "Of course! Do go ahead," Andronikos says as he takes a seat on an armchair in the corner of the office, reclining as he stuffs and lights a pipe. Silus takes out a few scrolls, a piece of charcoal and begins scribbling a bit, generously big at that, to make it readable for everyone present. It states, first treasury audit of Riviera. "Alright... before I begin the little audit, do you have any records regarding last year's balances of the Provincial treasury? I am aware funds were allocated and distributed to certain degrees and amounts." - "Of course, one moment," Andronikos says, nodding to a servant who promptly leaves and returns with numerous scrolls and a single large book. He takes one, quickly reviews it, then hands it to Silus. "This is last year's Provincial Treasury funding and expenditure. I'm sure you will find no irregularities, and they will match up with the corresponding records in the capital." - "Mhm... thank you. You do not mind if Dolon, my assistant copies some of the ledgers and documentation here?" Silus looks up from the scroll which is still empty. "That will be fine, certainly." Silus gestures to the grey-haired Umbrantii, who immediately gets to work. "Alright, audition time. Let's see, as I will have your current records, I do not need to inquire into the past. Future. And this year. What projects does the province pursue?".... Stats: Population: 763,000 citizens Growth: (8% + 1% (5 stacks); (5.09 -> 5 stacks required)) 68,670 citizens Engineering Level: Tier 2 Resources & improvements: 110AP in farmland (5 stacks) 50AP in port (1 level) Gold Source (1) Trade Partners: Provinces 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12. (9) Effective AP generation: 22 AP 10 AP base 8 AP farmlands 4 AP trade Usage: 4 AP are deposited to the treasury for use this year. 10 AP are invested into the establishment of the gold mine. The nearby site for the ancestors shall be finished regardless and also soon be decorated with some of the gold that the mine would bring. 8 AP are invested into expansion of the farmlands.
  7. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Tamaraad Coast Silus Iullius Lutatius "Dolon, please note down for me, I need to meet the head of the Umbrantii family of Rokus. His interests are important to me, given his long standing support of me throughout my youth and now in the governor's office." - "Yes, master Silus." Dolon replies, hastily scribbling with a small piece of charcoal on the papyrus. He has been going through these as if he was eating them daily, but his master has the habit of jotting down thoughts and ideas. Dolon probably knew more about the young master than everyone else, although Silus remained a mystery in some topics even to the permanent companion Dolon. Right now, little can be told of what is going on in the head of the newly appointed governor of the Tamaraad Coast. He gave a decent speech, tried to quell quarrels and dissent amongst the governors, to no avail, lest some decision were made that were... less popular, admittingly less popular with him too. But he would not fret, sitting atop a barrel staring out into the endless Crimson Sea, as the ship was sailing away from the sunset, East, home to the city of Tamar. It was an early morning when the ship got sight of its destination. Tamar was a very bright spot on the long mediterranean coast, its white walls topped by the equally white tile roofs would reflect so much sunlight across the waters of the Crimson Sea that it could be seen from miles away. During the day that is. Silus arrives at the busy port of Tamar, merchants, though few in number going about their business, most other activity however stemming from fishers. Piracy, wars and the economic decay have left their marks, activity in general being rather low. Regardless, Tamar stands as one of the most populous cities in the Empire, and Silus intended to only increase the region's wealth. The walk down some of the more narrow alleys towards the palace at the dome plaza in the middle of the city went without issue, gaining him a little bit of time whenever he took that way, instead of the long and winding main road from the Port up into the city. Tamar was built on a rock potruding into the sea, flattening out towards inland. After these many years of its existence it has outgrown the boundaries of the rock itself, and only the old city, with the now less used old shrine are sitting on it, the newer parts with palace, dome plaza and temple being located more towards the inland. The palace was cool, compared to the scorching temperatures outside. He was used to it though, but then again, Silus did enjoy the change in temperature quite a bit. Dolon was relieved for this day, as he would spend most of it in the governor's office of the palace anyway, where he had enough secretaries and administrators to help him out. So he took the three flights of stone stairs up into his office. And Silus sits there for a mere minute, as soon as a simple messenger enters, claiming the local guard have picked up a drunkard who rambled about skeletons attacking him. Silent for a moment, enough to confuse the messenger and make him stand there, fidgeting, Silus rose, knowing what to do. It was a time to show respect. Stats: Population: 700,000 citizens Growth: (8% + 1% (5 stacks); (4.667 -> 4 stacks required)) 63,000 citizens Engineering Level: Tier 2 Resources & improvements: 100AP in farmland (5 stacks) 50AP in port (1 level) Trade Partners: Provinces 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12. (9) Effective AP generation: 27 AP 10 AP base 8 AP farmlands 5 AP Imperial treasury boon (this turn) 4 AP trade Usage: 4 AP into the organized gathering, cleaning and cleansing of the fallen remains, the erection of a tomb and shrines in honor of these fallen ancestors. 10 AP into surveying the sandshield mountains for sources of water, ores and wildlife. 10 AP into the expansion of the farmlands. 3 AP into the recruitment of three cohorts of light infantry (clubmen wearing thin leather coats).
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    The Rise (Mithradites' FRP) OOC/Apps

    Skype: gepanzerterigel (shown name is Stereo Czar) Province of choice: Tamaraad Coast (11) Governor (Their name, and a little personal history): Silus Iullius Lutatius. A young man recently moved into the position of rulership on the Tamaraad coast, a puppet for the complacent and still powerful families in the region. A scapegoat for their misdoings, but a lever to move the Empire to their wishes. Corrupt and downtrodden. Silus himself is the only son of an elderly minor noble with naught but three farmsteads in the very North of the coast. Not blessed by riches, but by cunning he groveled and shoveled **** for those mightier than him, to get him the reputation of being a reliable... servant. Unbeknownst to them the young man from Lutatius has dreams and goals beyond the imagination of any of the oldsters that quarrel amongst eachother for the decaying province. Your Provincial Culture: The Tamaraad Coast is mostly populated by three distinctive people, who live in harmony with eachother (more or less at that, of course). Firstly and clearly the Imperial descendants from days of old, who are by now the biggest party, having assimilated the majority of the second most populous group, the Tamaarad people themselves. Followed by the third group, smaller but still noticeable and mostly settled in the northern reaches towards the border of the same nation, the people of Umbrant. Naturally there are more backgrounds present, but these three do make up most of it. Rich in harvests, although these have fallen in these past years of decay, the Tamaraad Coast boasts a very diverse palette of foods, ranging from mostly agricultural products to the riches of the sea in fish. Animal husbandry is less prominent, given the need for more space, for which there have always been aspirations towards the neighbouring savannahs of Esk, it's wide lands ideal for sheep and cattle. The city of Tamaraad is chalked white, like the hills of bones here and there between the farmsteads covering the province. Flat roofs, tall rooms, to have heat go up and move out through heating slits underneath those very same rooms, to allow them to remain cool whilst being inside. Little mediterranean forests dot the landscape with the background of endless mountains, that might yet hold riches for Tamaraad. Back to the city, as white as the remainder of it, is the central dome standing opposite of the big government palace (also white, they have a lot a bones). This dome resting upon pillars acts as the central market plaza, regularly patrolled by the Nautae and Imperial soldiers to remove any beggars, homeless and thieves, to protect the place where the wealth of Tamaraad is traded. Then on the other side beyond the dome, opposite of the palace, with another dome, but closed, the city's church, dedicated to the Imperial faith, the worship of the ancestors. (More to be added as needed.) A Unique Military Unit for your Province (You should read the mechanics before you decide): Tamaraad Nautae (Nautae is plural in latin and means sailors) Comprised of volunteers, former slaves, homeless, people without possession, the Tamaraad Nautae have developed themselves to be a traditional force in the military of the Tamaraad Coast. Operating both as crewmen on ships at sea, and in times of need as soldiers on land. Geared with unusually curved swords, as well as handaxes, lamellar armor and the poor man's hunting bow, these soldiers are excellent raiders, skirmishers and seafarers. Suggestions?: None as of yet.
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    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    2107 It's quiet. Map update is due, please contact me accordingly. - Any issues that are outstanding, colonizing and such, poke me.
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter I: The Great Wars (Ended) Chapter II: Old Shadows (Ended) Chapter III Act 1: N’Fe a Te (Ended) Chapter III Act 2 - Endgame Alea iacta est The time has come. With the sudden death of the majority of the Ka’cezh, a huge gap was left in the galaxy’s strength. Most noticeable for the Northern galaxy. But perhaps it was just that, that gave the galaxy the wake up call. Two extragalactic invaders. The Ar’gakari on one hand, the Pi’terroer on the other. Setting aside differences for the time being, the powers that were left knew that they had to band together to defend their galaxy… their home. ----- United Baltic Confederacy All across the Baltic Confederacy, people go to work in new towering office buildings, or using harvesting machines on the giant widespread mechanized farms. Prosperity for all. And peace perhaps. But peace needs to be secured, so the training and assembly of additional forces is not a wrong decision. Especially in such troublesome times. Asgard Republic And after thorough searching, in a territory bordering the new Saryn State, at the very edge in an unremarkable system they find a world covered in strange black and white crystals. Dialite. Back on their homeworlds, new office districts for managing the growing nation are being established. On the outskirts of these (unless it has to be in biodomes), new stretches of farmland are being set up, tilling the soil, with all the modern technologies to it, to keep the ground healthy and balanced. Essence of Life. Complex beyond measure, it is akin to a philosopher’s stone. Understanding the structure of it is a challenge in the first place. What it does on the lowest cellular level to someone is nothing short of a miracle. One would believe this is magic, or literally psionic. Thulean Republic With new business opportunities throughout the fledgling nation, the economy grows. Elsewhere a colony is established for the Thulean Republic. On the diplomatic level, the Redon counters the request for an audience with the announcement he would visit all three Kolranates. Afterwards, later in the same year, he’d request the assembly of the respective forces, for the crusade is due. The State of Elysium And food is rich and affordable. Eating healthy has never been easier for a citizen of Elysium. Whilst the AI progresses, learns, develops itself too, advancing steadily, experience by experience, other matters are pressing too. With the military receiving a significant increase, now especially needed for what is to come, the citizens might feel a bit more secure than previously, although the death of the Ka’cezh hangs in the air like a plague. Commonwealth of Redskap And the farms would already yield food beyond measure within the year, as plenty of resource are poured into the establishment of them. These new colonists will not have to starve. What they do find in the vicinity in terms of resources is nothing out of the ordinary. Whilst growth for business is promoted elsewhere, the army receives a definitely required upgrade. The tides of war are approaching after all. Human Republic Under Protorian supervision the election process and “merging” of the two human nations proceeds. The citizens of the Slavic Federation and of the Solarin Ascendancy will be known as citizens of the Human Republic henceforth. The election results in a second round, between Nira Usenko and Yuri Obrivanovich. With a result of 53% to 47% of the votes, the stoic democratic crusader Yuri Obrivanovich is elected as the first president of the Human Republic. Life continues too though. From the former government of the Slavic Federation and of the Solar Ascendancy, infrastructure projects are being rolled through, prosperity is on a rise, and it does not look too bad for the nation as a whole. However, whilst there is peace, there is also war, and mankind has always been preparing for it, noticeably through development projects beyond measure. Kingdom of Armathwaite Various major and minor politicians from nearby nations are attending, with the biggest name belonging to Pohkarr IX. Redon, a member of the Imperial family, an uncle of the current Redon. Military research and buildup goes as planned, whereas the investments into agriculture appear to have some initial troubles. After some time of clearing the administrative struggles, it turns out everything is in order, except there is was built more than originally planned. (1 additional stack of agriculture). The Trade Federation And the biggest client showing up is the Cevelli Pact. They are willing to hire the entire company for combat against the Ar’gakari. Industry and business booms in the Trade Federation. From the shady dealers in the alleys to the rich magnates in the top floor offices above stock markets buildings. Money rolls and flows. And in times like these weapons are produced without end. However, it’s not peace, but Death in the West. The Ka’cezh are mostly gone, with the only survivors stemming from their capital world, their population reduced to a mere 150 billion, their economy has taken hits beyond measure. At least, the Darkul have opened space now for civilian traffic, although they do give the warning that all this unclaimed and empty space will become space of war between the races of the Milky Way and the Ar’gakari. At least the research is unaffected from all the troubles in the galaxy. (Skype) The Grand Polish Republic And with that, whatever they were aiming for they got it. (Skype) And the mental image comes to live, at least with some towering business buildings. There is always room for many many more. Hephaestus Enterprises Gigantic super markets flying across the galaxy. Let’s just hope the Ar’gakari don’t pick them off. Business is the blood of Hephaestus, but also industry is one of their strong points. Booming on all worlds, the economy seems to forget that there is a galactic crisis of unprecedented scale going on. Interest in the combat arenas and other amenities are so high, higher than never before. Almost as if it was the days of the Seventh Crusade, where the Ka’cezh brought business without end to the nation. Warfare, whilst never a strong point of the nation, was necessary in some cases, fleets were urgently needed to protect their interests. Agerian Commonwealth Pure military expenses, a whole armada, a whole army, a whole investment for military research, just for one cause. War. And perhaps a crusade. Or two. United States Of Arcturus The United States of Arcturus would receive the Bjaki Bjaki fruit from their Skellar allies. A fruit that can grow on icy worlds to temperatures of minus thirty degrees celsius, without issue, is very rich in protein and vitamins. It does taste very bland though, preferably eaten with salt, it makes excellent rations for soldiers. The Skellar military forces can vouch for that. Throughout the year, after the advertisement, about five thousand Krib do show up, coming through various civilian transport or with their own ships. The Empire of Koros welcomes the entourage from the United States of Arcturus. The Skellar Kingdom and Libellan Union both order nationwide fortifications against potential Ar’gakari or even Keerim incursions. (500 AP) Utopie The Redon Imperium offers the people of Utopie to settle a world near their territory and to prosper under the Imperium’s protection, as a new Kolranate. The location would be a prosperous continental super world (several times bigger than earth) north of the Saryn State. Diarchy of Andorra Andorra, with the aid of its H’wong and Zyrka allies proceeds to reach new technological horizons. Unbeknownst to them, they are protected by the Darkul who are now relentlessly engaging the Ar’gakari to their very North. On the Andorran homeworlds, people prosper, as business does. With new transportation, amenities, work places, the economy looks up. With the newly reopened trade routes for the West, it should bring additional riches, although the dire situation with the Ar’gakari makes it quite precarious. At least the Darkul are not blockading anymore. Four Tigers Holdings, Lmtd. Aside from the Ka’cezh Imperium, all give green lights for trade. And those for the new docking ports, clearly, do so as well. The entire North is willing to hop in onto this new opportunity for trade, given all the trouble with the Ar’gakari, it is not necessarily immediately a riskfree adventure. Whilst the freighters are built as planned, the research question is quickly answered. Going by knowledge available everywhere in the galaxy, Dialite reactors are the most efficient reactors. Only issue being that Dialite is by far not as common as Xylorite. Other than that, good old Hydrogen-Helium Fusion reactors have to do, and are very common on civilian vessels, or as secondary generators on warships. Commonwealth of Viyter A huge payment arrives from the Lithruan Empire in the meantime, whilst the pieces are still being built. The soldiers are apparently quite grateful. (100 AP) Missiles with Trizendrium payloads are nothing new, swarm missiles are a bit more difficult, due to smaller and compressed payloads, and the risk of the swarm missiles bumping into each other and causing a chain reaction of premature explosions. They are working on it and steadily making progress. The Han Dominion Harsh changes in the Western territories of the Han Dominion. But, they are being… left alone. No single Lithruan ship has shown up at their borders, only a Ganvius vessel here and there, though the Ganvius do sometimes send a ship over to their research outpost above the Rontan homeworld. Smooth sailing for Shi Yimu. Expect a visitor. (Skype) ----- Events The dire times for trade are mostly over. Whilst the North is embroiled in war, the South has calmed, and the nations are trading more than in the years before. (Trade penalty is gone.) Preparations for the crusade are in progress, with the Darkul, Zaxx joining in on the planned assault on the Ar’gakari holdings. The defunct Ka’cezh territories though have quickly become a widespread battlefield between the two fresh allies and the mutual foe. The Keerim Imperium is holding back the tide of the incursion, suffering severe losses, but reporting nothing of note other than that to the galactic community. More happenings are due, but unknown as of yet. ----- Map In the works, will set up a new google doc for the map update. ----- Year 2158 by Earth’s calendar.
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    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    2106 War is conducted, as yet another nation falls under the unifying hand of the Galactic Remnant. - Any issues that are outstanding, colonizing and such, poke me.
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    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    2105 Messier remains quiet. It's an empty galaxy for the most part. I wonder how much you will fill it with life and activity. - Any issues that are outstanding, colonizing and such, poke me. Map update is in the works, and will be placed accordingly to everyone's colonization efforts. More details in chat.
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    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    2104 Despite the fall of the USSR, it appears that there is little activity of note. Trade is being conducted, albeit slowly and on long ranges, alliances are being forged, and people are looking for friends and foes alike. - Be mindful of your national ideas. Discuss them accordingly and get them set in place.
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    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The Sarpa Stats: Capital: Helstrom 4 provinces (1 AP) 70 AP in Economy (7 AP) 16 AP in farms (2% bonus pop growth) 6 AP into road infrastructure (some dirt roads instead of paths) 16 AP into Swamp Fish Farms in the region (4% bonus pop growth) 25 AP into mines (1x 3 AP, Moonstone Mine) 207,437 Argonians Growth: (3% baseline, 3% primary race, 2% farm level, 4% fishing wharfs) 25,471 growth +750 event growth per turn +750 event growth per turn +135 event growth per turn +800 event growth per turn +1,200 event growth per turn 24,963 Dunmer Growth: (5% baseline, 2% farm level, 4% fishing wharfs) 2,564 growth +100 event growth per turn 5,500 Light Infantry 2,500 Heavy Infantry 10 Mages 40 Ladders 1 Battering Ram Trade with Markmount, Blackrose, Stonefalls (3 AP) Defensive Pact with Stonefalls ---- Ever so slightly dismayed by the unwillingness to pursue prosperity for their own people, Swamp-in-Head proceeds to deal with the remaining Lordships of Blackmarsh. Styling himself now as Lord Chieftain of the Sarpa, he orders that the streets should be solidified, heavy rocks and material to prevent them from sinking into the surrounding swampy areas, heightened, to be resistant to the changing levels of water in the swamps. In order to still allow water to flow between the swathes of swamplands, every ten meters a long tube is placed in the roads to allow water, fish and other swamp animals to pass around between the puddles. It would be a great undertaking, but it should allow quicker response times between the territories for emergencies, and also allow traders to haul large carts between the cities, filled with goods and merchandise. He nods with a splashing noise to conclude his decision, and soon the councillors go off to do their duties. ---- 6 AP (default) 3 AP (trade) 7 AP (economic improvements) 1 AP (eventbased, per turn) 1 AP (eventbased, per turn) 1 AP (eventbased, per turn) 1 AP (eventbased, per turn) 1 AP (eventbased, 2 turns) 3 AP (mining capacity) 1 AP (provinces) Actions: 10 AP into more economic improvements, discussion with the other tribes in Blackmarsh about a great commercial exchange, based upon the unified currency and a road network for the whole land. 10 AP into expanding the road infrastructure, solid paved streets with smooth stone tiles, between the cities and regions, sloped to let rainwater flow off into the ground left and right. The other lords who agree on unified currency and the road network are approached during this project, in order to ascertain where they should build them, and to connect them. 3 AP into training more Heavy Infantry. 2 AP into establishing another fish farm.
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Chapter I: The Great Wars (Ended) Chapter II: Old Shadows (Ended) Chapter III - N’Fe a Te A Future Imperfect --- Life goes on, people consume more resources, more people are born to consume more. Disregarding the easy access, the sheer abundance, it has dragged the people everywhere into a lazy and thoughtless mood. The eternal greed that has packed the politicians of so many nations costed millions of others their lives. So in the end, they had to pay the highest prize themselves. Killed by the one they trusted the most, their loyal lapdog. The Grand Commander of the Lithruan Coalition. Following the talks at Rhodium, after the coup, Thadon Datrax was officially announced as the first Lithruan Emperor on Lithrua itself, the new capital of the massive nation. Encompassing the territories of the Ascardian Principate, the Ceri Collective, the Tjieran Principate, the Maltese Principalities, Edonia, Kanata and the Eastern Han Dominion, the balance of power shifted once again. His new nation might be the strongest to have been there in years, a highly militarized and organized country with billions of citizens. But, for now, peace. Time shall heal. At least for now. --- Star Republic of Edonia As hostile rhetoric turns into an armed intervention, the Edonians churn out a large battlegroup to send immediately off to war. A grim business and certainly an expensive one. Nothing is found in the way of new resources this year. Republic Star State of Kanata York III, already bustling with industrial sectors, is prime real estate for business hoping to shorten their supply chain and produce their goods on the same world as their corporate headquarters; a great strategy to cut shipping costs [+4 AP]. More ships are churned out of the Kanatian shipyard, sent off to join in what a Kanatian general describes as a jolly good seal clubbing. A pair of shipyards are also churned out in the newly claimed sectors of the Republic. A colony ship also pops out of the yard this year. Thee scans of new Kanatian space yield a Xylorite mine for the Republic to exploit. A detachment of veterans deployed alongside the Elysians during a ground-space operation over a Darkul supply station. The Elysians managed to score a sort of win over the Darkul in space; however, on the ground Elysian, Edonian, and Kanatian alike were slaughtered on the station with no survivors making it out alive. The Elysian League The Elysian League’s fleet grows, a necessity after the shaky results of their last confrontation with the Darkul. The AI itself continues to develop, but appears to fall into struggles with the sheer amount of information it receives, so much of it contrary, not just polar opposites, but with endless shades of grey. The Ka’cezh Star Empire sends 500 instructors to train the volunteers and drafted pilots of the Elysian League. Going by them, they need every pilot they can get. The Fields of Elysium glisteen in the golden sun of their star [+6 AP]. The Lord of Stars himself sends a friendly missive, wishing the best, stating that the continued assistance of the Elysian League in this war is more than enough proof that this is not attempt to abandon ship. West of the northernmost colony, they find a world covered in orange crystals. Trizendrium. Approach and landing is difficult as the fragile structures crack up and cause massive explosions and fires. On the northern hemisphere appears to be a solid plateau where they can safely land and establish a mining facility with spaceport. Agerian Commonwealth Badab’s economy grows significantly this year after the Commonwealth answers the call for investment from the people who had previously felt rather neglected by the government on the homeworld. Juno also sees a significant amount of growth as well as subsidies pour into thee sector [+16 AP]. Soldiers begin their first year of the Agerian’s brutal training regiment with thousands of soldiers dropping out of the program by year’s end. Thulean Republic The Thuleans have become rather adept at building ships and strike craft after a couple of years of heavy rearmament. By the middle of the year, all of the ships are completed and the Redon fighters enter production, the last one flying out for testing just before the beginning of 2157. Thulean scientists make little headway on the new engines this year given a significant cut to resources as a result of the Redon’s order. The Thuleans settle a new planet around the same time as they churn out a new ship to continue their expansion. Their resource survey yields nothing significant this year. United States Of Arcturus A defensive ring… ambitious. The Arcturian engineers get to work, quickly finding themselves rather strapped for resources by the time they finish the bare bones of the ring. By the time the year ends, they find that the resources allocated have yielded a ring only dotted with weapon emplacements every so often. If Kyber Kore wanted a defensive ring strong enough to really defend their planet, they’d certainly need to commit more resources. The Citadel’s defenses, already relatively strong, gain a significant boost from the Arcturian defense contractors. Their defensive tech provides a substantial boost to the station, making it even more of a challenge for any potential invader. Given their significant attention from other human states, hiring more defense contractors and holding a successful expo comes rather easily for ADS. However, war makes holding the expo incredibly difficult. Few alien contractors show up and those who do are the less… capable ones. When tensions were simmering, it would’ve went excellently but now that they’ve boiled over into all out war… well… the contractors are busy [+4 AP]. Despite the war erupting between the LC, CHE, and Keerim, a small stream of Krib and even a few Ymorians arrive in Arcturian space, though far less than there would be if there was peace [5,000 more Krib, 10,000 Ymorians]. A pair of South Dakatoa Class Battleships join the fleet alongside a new colonial freighteer. Mineral surveys yield nothing this year, nor do archaeological surveys. Solar Ascendancy Later in the year, a freighter loaded with Saryn Guardian Robots shows up and begins to restore the facility. It is suprising, but most certainly welcome. Seven new ships join the Solarin fleet this year, deploying with the rest of the sizeable fleet held by the Ascendancy. The Solari Network, having successfully eliminated the Black Agents last year, turns up nothing of interest this year. Quiet. Another year of the Solar Knight training sees another thousand men drop from the program. They clearly lacked the mental fortitude to continue with the training despite having the physical prowess for some of the more punishing challenges. The remaining 7,200 are ready to push through whatever comes next. Pack-Hunter development continues with the Slavic Federation choosing to join the project, committing some resources for 2157 [+10 AP specifically for this project from the Slavs, will continue in this way until completion]. Project Sol continues to develop though given its nature, the Slavs decide not to help with this one. Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation The fleet of Armathwaite continues to grow steadily with a complement of auxiliary ships joining the fleet this year. The new agricultural programs go a long way in strengthening the supply chain of food on the Silver Knights, a nation that up until this point has been a major importer of staple crops from across the Southern Galaxy [+4 AP]. The Disruptor weapons possessed by the Silver Knights continues to improve. Dorahy Unchained. Hephaestus Enterprises Business, business, business boys. Business boys building business-boy-bastions. Wowee, business boys and industry individuals came together. Integration, neato [+6 AP]. The Myrmidon Droid enters the research and development phasee. The shipyard over Aurora remains boring much to the chagrin of the College of Arts, but what is not boring is the potential to produce some truly massive ships in the coming years. The combat training proves to be very gainful for Hephaestus. The Da’nor San’da’dok Grandmaster finds two amongst the enforcers with untapped Fury potential. Amongst the higher levels, he states. Sending them to the Grand Alliance Academy for Psionics might be a wise choice. The bloody, or rather oily, battle is storming the charts in several of the surrounding nations. There are actually sport companies contacting Hephaestus on the event itself, if they could partake with some machines of their own design. Amongst them is a subsidiary of Zyrka Engineering as well. Seven Bloody Colonies! Seven! Bloody! Colonies! The Trade Federation Tipping rounds with Trizendrium or charging them with the material proves relatively simple now that basic concepts of manipulation have been mastered. The material proves highly effective at disabling various sorts of targets. New mortars have been developed capable of levelling targets while setting them ablaze. Xeri & Kosh begins to develop weapons plants and trizendrium refineries to aid in the R&D of triz weapons [+2 AP]. Business flows into the Citadel [+4 AP]. Ruthless Monkeys. The ingenuity in the Ar’gakari’s technology and protective measures seems to be endless. Finding one backdoor triggers three more defense mechanisms, who once backdoored, cause viruses to show up elsewhere, chewing out system after system that attempts to access it. Mnbli’s studies actually conclude this year, graduating with excellence from the Academy. Arcturus Defense Solutions pads the Citadel’s defenses, bolstering them significantly and making the citadel a great force to be reckoned with. Frontier Colony Affiliation Utopie gains a galactic class five shipyard capable of producing heavier ships for the affiliation. A small boost to a mid tier power, certainly. The new Duo-Infusion xylorite Reactor would take time, but given the FCA’s expertise with Xylorite, it should move along quicker compared to some other powers. Five new u-boats are completed this year along with six corvettes. Psionic Draft continues and Utopie becomes more cosmopolitan, slowly moving away from its agrarian roots. Women and men alike of so many races. Coming with the cause to heal the sea of wounded. No matter where they’d go, they would be reluctantly welcomed, but in the end appreciated. It did not matter if they were Lithruan soldiers, Redon Imperial forces or the faceless Keerim. In all of it, gratefulness is present. Diarchy of Andorra A new scanner undergoes the first phase of research and development. Given Andorra’s excellent universities, technological exchanges, and laboratories, a decent mock-up is designed by year’s end. Project Infinity [Skype]. The pirate groups that attacked civilian crews are quickly snuffed out and eliminated, most proving to be nothing more than opportunists preying on the Andorran government’s somewhat reckless prospecting program. B.A.S.E. A light cruiser, corvette, and some fighters join the fleet. Business, boys. The Commonwealth of Viyter The Trizendrium research turns out to be well progressing, allowing for its use as a missile and rocket payload by the end of the year. The newly established Lithruan Empire orders one billion new legs, arms, hands and feet from Viyter. Along with that order come the exact specifications of the future wearers, along with their medical information and wishes. Veterans from these past wars. Millions of them. Cybernetic research continues on. [Skype] The Grand Polish Republic Whilst new complexes dot the landscapes of the Polish worlds, Business flourishes. That comes along with the fact that the first Ganvius ships have arrived, going along with the recently signed trade agreement. The first few prototypes of a Dialite battery are being tested and worked on, but it’s not quite at a first viable version. Asgard Republic The Imperium replies that they have been amassing forces for an operation like that, but are unable to maneuver quite yet. They are in contact with the Saryn. The essence of life substance appears to be stuff of wonders. A little droplet appears to restore badly damaged organs and very sick people, as (very unpleasantly) tested on a volunteer. Only issue is, that the Republic has two vials. (Don’t meta this) The Saryn are open to trade and Asgard citizens may freely visit their worlds. It goes a long way. ----- Events Looking back in history in the end, the decision of the KUS falls, that it should be joined with their English brethren. Not to fall into insignificance and pure neutrality, not to be exploited by sheer greed and capitalism of the AUSTRALIANS, and not to be under the unruly thumb of a naive young queen. Not to mention the Americans. Hah. At the same time however, the Slavic Federation officially proposes a merge with the Solarin Ascendancy. Under the conditions of fair and righteous elections under Protorian supervision, with democracy as the sole ruling form, a President to lead, a parliament to make laws. To inherit the spirit of who they truly are, the proposal includes a renaming into Human Republic. Elsewhere, a ship is being sent off with one man on board. And to bring the galaxy into a standstill, the Alliance of Darkul, Zaxx, Darkul proposes a ceasefire with the Ka'cezh Star Empire. Rumors have it, that the Ar'gakari have shown up in the Carina cluster, running amok there. The war in the east remains without change, as the Keerim toil away, keeping the incursion at bay. ((20 AP FOR EVERYONE FOR WAITING. Another 5 for pok, thanks for helping me out.)) ----- Map In the works. Needs some adjustments still. ----- Year 2157 by Earth’s calendar.