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  1. Has anyone ever considered making a Age of Empires II HD scenario for LotC?

  2. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - OOC and Apps]

    Stay active. I will place you now. SL3, two tiles, 300,000 cloned people, 1 colony ship, Itoron mine, Laser weaponry, 25 AP into industry. Three destroyers, four frigates.
  3. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Whilst one war went into a truce and peace talks, another into a resting phase, the 8th crusade continued unabated, North and South. The Corrupter fleets were destroyed for the most part, broken under the thundering fist of the Ka'cezh Star Empire and their Northern allies. Planet after planet, system after system, sector after sector, Corrupters retreat or perish. Relentless. Losses in the billions, but on they continue, pushing the menace out of worlds that have been theirs for decades. Unveiling ruins and remnants of fallen civilizations, some prosperous, some poor, some highly advanced, some primitive, all incapable of withstanding the onslaught of the Corrupters back then. No more, it seems though. But every success comes with a price. In a glorious engagement, after being ambushed, the Ka'cezh Lord of Stars Dyron of Ka'caz dies with 35 of his 40 ships and their crews after being ambushed by a remnant Corrupter fleet of about fifty ships. Whilst they do destroy every last one of their foes, the battleship with Dyron in command gets torn apart by heavy fire from the Corrupter capital ships. In the end, it would just be another note in the long history of the Corrupters and the Milky Way. United States Of Arcturus Project Infallible continues while resources move to the Han Dominion to be used at their discretion. The Han and USA also successfully establish their cooperation center without any sort of issue. Hephaestus receives the resources and 15,000 Defender Droids are produced without issue, assuming Hephaestus honors the agreement. Whatever the Darkul are exporting seems to be clean and properly sterilized and packaged. Once in a while a little bacteria or fungi makes it along, but nothing that the modern medicine of these days can deal with. The Trade Federation With the removal of the taxation, the Northern nations do resume to direct their trade through the Trade Federation. Their conditions clearly state, it should remain a tax-free port. Given that they are still leaving a lot of wealth behind, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. (2 AP from Tax-Free Port of the Northern Nations). Though many question the decision to build such a station, the new trade station is completed without issue. In better news though, the C.A.C. reaches its end and immediately becomes a landmark in the GTC. Tourists flock from all over to see the new monument to human trade power. THEIA continues. Completely unbeknownst, the Ka’cezh appear to have pulled some strings and used their might and influence in the North and granted the Trade Federation the title of “Bridge of North and South”. All trade that proceeds from the North towards the South and vice versa, should be funneled through this tradeport. Centralized, rich and well guarded by the might of the Ka’cezh Star Empire. (4 AP from North-South Tradeport) (Hint: This should integrate with your planned tradeport structure/highways) Asgard Republic Asgardian mining companies find a good amount of success in replicating the widely practiced methods of Xylorite extraction, though it certainly would not hurt to ask for help elsewhere. Jumpsuit research continues as planned, the thrusters have nearly been perfected and far less incidents are occurring during use. The only hurdle left to overcome appears to be stabilization as the thrusters make the suit incredibly wobbly and difficult to maintain a consistent firing pattern. The shielding research does not have much of a base to get started on, and as such progress moves rather slowly. The shielding technology gifted from Hephaestus, though generous, proves incredibly primitive and a hefty amount of resources will be required to make them worthwhile. The concept of Disruptor technology needs to be unveiled first, and that requires thorough research into energy mechanics. This project to develop such weaponry will take extensive investments and time. The frigate in the Asgarder shipyard is completed by the end of the year without issue, bolstering their fleet. Thulean Republic No matter how many psionics are to sign up, only two dozen prove themselves to be outstanding users above the others. With alignments that do range from tremor to fury, these individuals are clearly capable of more than just lifting a cup or pushing a chair. The colonization efforts of the Thulean Republic goes without issue and a rather small but prosperous mining colony is established. This mining colony finishes right around the same time that the shipyard does. A good number of highly patriotic soldiers join the Thulean military. Many of these men and women descend from families who were either annihilated or barely survived the war, so they serve with an especially patriotic fervour. The refitting of the troops also does well for their morale. The Kingdom of Unified Systems New innovations in the medical field see an increased rate of survival among trauma patients, and people in the KUS seem to live longer. Those in military service of the KUS would also see their death rates drop as these technologies improve the likelihood of surviving injury significantly. These technologies should also fit nicely in the arsenal of the KUS Humanitarian Service. Itoron proves to be useful for appliances where the materials tend to suffer under great stress. Given Itoron’s remarkable resilience, specifically as an alloy when combined with regular Steel, it surely proves beneficial in civilian and especially military pursuits. The small freighter enters service of the KUS by the end of the year. People's Agrarian Republic The colony ship is completed by the end of the year without issue. Farms. Biodomes. Ranches. Breeding pens. Food produce without end might be the goal, an Utopia of crops, feeding thousands, if not millions. And it continues to grow with the investments pursued. THE HOLY KINGDOM OF EADN Without further ado, the Xie are consumed by a system of oppression, shattered in all winds, individuals in an ocean of mindless drones. The Light Cruiser and Colonial freighter are finished as planned. With additional investments, the industry roars and thunders ahead, growing by the day. The scouting of the Northern sectors yields no particularly interesting results. Star Republic of Edonia The two destroyers are completed without issue by the end of the year, bolstering the Edonian fleet and raising morale of the young Republic. Though the concept of the shell seems promising in the planning stage, practical use against ships utilizing shielding technology would prove them rather ineffective. The shells would merely bounce of the shields, exploding on impact and doing relatively little to no harm on the target ship. This weapon, now complete, may be a more capable secondary round after the shields have been taken out, for it proves very effective once shields are down. And more rifles are being built, arming another 2,500 men. The Ganvius themselves, whilst they wish the best for the pursuit of developing this new technology are unwilling to give away their technological knowledge, for the sake of their own position and much more. Additional capacitators don’t appear to permit a third layer to be established, merely increasing the density of the shield, where it appears to become unstable, due to having too much innate energy, exploding upon being struck heavily by an object. Hephaestus Enterprises Negotiations begin on the planet of Hades. The droids reach the USA without issue. Thanks to capitalistic ideas and how economics work, the colony ship is finished, despite less resources being assigned than usual. Pok: Free Market capitalism, baby! Czar: CAPATALASM, HO. Jim Bean’s investments into the Auroran science institutions provide them with a significant amount of resources to conduct studies on whatever they so desire, making them an incredibly potent tool for Mr. Bean to develop whatever it is he desires. Shifting the light frequency slightly, by placing a specialized lens in front of a channeling beam, an engineer happens to increase the laser weaponry’s power by an average of 30%! It’s not on Redon level, but it’s a step up, absolutely. Three destroyers are deployed to the Hephaestus fleet without issue. The Han Dominion REDACTED. Andorra And indeed, they manage to develop a mesh with Itoron woven into it, that seems to reduce the amount of signatures emitted by the ship itself. Against long-range sensors it might help. [Andorra gets +1 AP next turn, they don’t need to spend AP to refit] The corvette is completed, equipped with the armor that utilizes the new kinds of alloys. As if it was an attachment of the Trade Federation, many nations declare their willingness to trade with Andorra. And on top of that, series of freighters begin to show up, merchants from unknown races and unknown faces trading their goods with the Andorran people. (1 AP per turn, Trade Profit from proximity) The Sovereign Military Order of Malta Make it so. (Skype) Make it so! (Skype) The academic institutions of the Military Order receive the much needed stimulus, making them better equipped to handle the realities of the new galactic era. Maltese advertising proves effective as it brings in a fair amount of extra Tjierans to settle. Some quietly begin to wonder why this is even a Maltese world at all… Work on the House of Malta begins! Imperial Republic of Mankind Project Longshot & Project Geminos proceed. (Skype) The Imperium completes a trading station, allowing them to expand such operations. Their concepts for a Grand University are also realized, paving the way for the construction of such a building. Keeping the war in a precarious balance, it proceeds on this year, without a clear winner to be seen yet. Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation With the last bit of required resources fully funded, the trade station is completed and the Armathwaite Kingdom is once again open for business. Project Gawain proves a force to be reckoned with, both on the ground and in the air. Secret tunnel, secret tunnel, through the mountain… secret, secret tunnel! With the onset of peace talks, this concepts seems more appealing and likely than before. (Skype) The Solarin Federation 2141. The fateful year, a Human Scientist, Robert Gamedi first conceptualizes and successfully finishes the Prototype of the Gamedi Warp Jump Drive. A highly secret project, so to say. (Skype) They improve the stability of the blade and manage to maintain it for longer periods of time, making it a viable weapon already at this point. The trade outpost is completed above Terra, allowing the Solarins to expand their trading operations. All member nations of the LC, are willing to conduct more trade with the Solarin Federation. They are willing to buy any resources at this point in time, as their fight against the Keerim continues. Rond Trazur attends the Hades peace summit. United Canadian Front Project Goliath! Two thousand suits are completed by the end of the year, significantly bolstering the capabilities of the UCF military. The destroyer is also completed. Free Human Technocracy The first artificial high-performance circulatory system is developed, from Heart to veins and arteries. Stay a while and listen. (Skype) The tropical resorts are constructed on Tropico, attracting a large amount of tourists, however not many permanent settlers. This certainly bolsters their business capabilities though. 5,000 Clones are completed by year’s end, ready to serve the FHT. Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 702,000 Humans Terran Federation - 355,000 Humans, 36,500 Grgl, 23,000 Tassarans, 16,500 Libellans, 14,000 Human-Tassarans, Silver Knight Company - 400,000 Humans, 56,750 Tassareans, 18,000 Backhatta, 28,500 Redons, 14,000 Human-Redons, 15,500 Human-Tassareans, 50,000 Galaron, 1,750 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 4,000 Redon-Tassareans, United States of Arcturus - 185,000 Humans, 7,500 Skellar, 9,500 Da'nor, 6,000 Libellans, 2,000 Human-Tjieran, (12,000 Ceri Garrison, 4,000 Ascardian Garrison) Hephaestus Holdings - 740,000 Humans, 96,000 Grgl, 196,000 Tassareans, 46,000 Human-Tassareans, 26,000 Libellans, 28,000 Redons, 20,000 Backhatta, 18,000 Human-Redons, 80,000 Galaron, 6,500 Redon-Tassareans, 5,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 16,500 Protorians Free Human Technocracy - 398,000 Humans, 40,000 Da'nor, 17,000 Human-Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 412,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 406,500 Humans, 20,000 Protorians, 30,500 Libellans, 58,000 Grgl, 57,000 Tassareans, 26,000 Human-Tassareans, 17,500 Backhatta, 18,500 Skellar, 50,500 Galaron, 6,000 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 700,000 Humans, 12,500 Ganvians, 22,000 Ceri, 24,500 Tjierans, 51,500 Ascardians, 25,500 Da'nor, 9,000 Human-Tjierans, 11,000 Human-Da'nor, 12,000 Human-Ascardians, 8,250 Tjieran-Ascardians, 5,750 Ascardian-Da'nor, 13,000 Skellar, 14,000 Libellan Han Dominion - 590,000 Humans United Colonial Initiative - 310,000 Humans United Canadian Front - 305,000 Humans Ultima Thule - 120,000 Humans, 14,000 Da'nor, 3,000 Ceri, 5,750 Ascardians, 4,00 Tjierans, 7,000 Redons, 18,000 Krib Asgard Republic - 305,000 Humans Porton Technocracy - 270,000 Humans, 12,500 Cevelli, 6,000 Ka'cezh, 6,000 Zyrka, 3,000 Ymorian, 2,750 Alduu'uuranean, 7,000 T'jell, 20,000 Krib, 2,000 Human-Cevelli, 500 H’Wong Andorra - 240,000 Humans, 1,500 Cevelli Kingdom of United Systems - 255,000 Humans ---- Events With a series of victories the Keerim are pushed back to their sectors, where they appear to stay for the time being. The LC has invested a lot of manpower and resources into this somewhat successful offensive, now reinforcing their positions, rearming, resupplying and repairing. The peace talks are to start this year, with all parties present at Hades now. In the Carina Galaxy, a massive armada of Darkul war ships has gathered close to the single trade port there. Their purpose unknown, but the sheer amount of ships and supplies do indicate something. Dire tidings from the Corrupter war. The Lord of Stars has died, his ship getting destroyed in a fierce battle with a remnant fleet of the Corrupters. With Dyron dead, his son Halron of Ka’caz assumes rulership of the Ka’cezh Star Empire. He publicly announced to continue the ongoing and quite successful 8th crusade, that has cleansed a great part of the sectors originally “infested” by them. ---- Map Update Remember the google doc, I definitely need to do this. Grr Czar, Grr. ---- Year 2141 by Earth’s Calendar.
  4. A very important topic

    In all seriousness, I would agree, but that's difficult to push without pissing onto someone's shoes, so to speak. Naturally, I am all in for incentive that promotes some conflict and requires political play, promotes "international" trade, etc. To have regions where some resources are more easily accessible than others... It's food for thought mostly.
  5. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The People's Agrarian Republic The resources sent to the Eadni for the construction of a new Battleship are put to use by the Holy Kingdom’s workers, building an incredibly capable ship for the P.A.R’s new fleet. It is not equipped with any special Eadni weapons, instead acting as a bare-bones model, easily modifiable for the P.A.R. The colony ship proves difficult to modify, however after almost a year in the P.A.R’s shipyard, the colony ship rises complete and ready for action. The boat is also complete. Another 100 strike suit fighter mechs are completed. The resources are sent to the GTC, allowing them to seek out northern doctors. The obtained crops do not appear to be remarkable in any way, common grain crops the Kalronians use to produce bread and other dough-related products it seems. The Galactic Trade Federation of Orimon Haephestus receives the money and resources required to make such improvements. Several smaller Northern practices volunteer to send their doctors with H’Wong and Cynn sending the majority. Project THEIA continues under GTC investment. Quite the reverse situation appears, as the Zyrka withdraw their support upon the tax being imposed. Zyrka Engineering claims they would look for alternative approaches. (Zyrka investments lost) The Central Administrative Complex, a truly incredibly feat of post-Earthly architecture and engineering, nears completion. It should not require too much further investment to complete, it just needs some finishing touches. Victoria’s shipyard churns out its first ship, the freighter. The slow and humble snail people called the Krib, do indeed head south, a dozen civilian ships soon heading there. Despite all efforts, the Darkul show little interest, exchange few words, not intent to learn any language that is not their own. The merchants that show up on the station in the Carina galaxy all use gestures for the most part. Quite contrary, Ymoria withdraws any support for the GTFO. With the withdrawal of much support and traffic of the Northern Nations, the influx of resources dies down substantially (1 AP only from 8th crusade now). All resources, regardless if they are Itoron, Xylorite or else, are being declared military property and kept away from any potential taxation. THE HOLY KINGDOM OF EADN Seeing their allies in this war, the Karass Queen actually agrees to the establishment of these mutual embassies. They are to be setup post haste, the Eadni being located in the west administrative complex of the Dominion palace. The test commences. The Eadni battleships is constructed as planned and sent off. Not a single word leaves the colony, the material remaining in existence, literally unconvinced by any attempt to move it, bend it, break it, manipulate it in any way or form, catch it or else. It remains there. The scientists are very confused. Holes in space, they call it. And thus new factories spring up, ready to produce what the kingdom and its soldiers need for the battles to come. Star Republic of Edonia The three Nelson-Class frigates help the Star Republic supplant some of its losses from an earlier conflict. They are built with a sense of patriotic fervour. The authoritarian regime of the former U.C.I. is eliminated ruthlessly by the new order, implementing a democratic government for and by the people. [Democracy buffs in, Authoritarian out]. Aliens take note of the new open-door policy of the Star Republic, though for now no new alien immigrants come in. The clue as with any shell is, that shells that do pierce armor, sometimes are propelled at such high velocities, that they pierce the other side as well and then explode outside the actual supposed target. Contact explosive shells though with shrapnel effect do have some potential for unintentional point defense, or damaging smaller outlying systems. Planetary bombardment might also profit from such a shell. Disassembling one of the phasic weapons turns out that they are actual just energy weapons, that utilize a different type of energy. They don’t use any other materials, they use Xylorite energy cells, their technological makeup is similar to laser rifles or disruptor rifles. But how to gain weaponized phasic energy emitted is unbeknownst and there are no clues in the weapon leading to it. The humanitarian aid sent to the federation would do well to benefit the Solarin recovery efforts. The people of the Solarin are extremely grateful and praise the new republic’s efforts. The armors are converted, the corvette is sent to the GTC, and the 1500 laser rifles are completed. The Ganvius are always willing to take a trade deal. Depends mostly on the specifics of such. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta Tjierans seem incredibly grateful for this prioritizing of their needs, and many from Malta come in mass to live on the planet. Though its effects are not yet felt in a significant increase in their population, potential migrants are certainly interested in making the move. Meanwhile, the habitable colony is successfully established with no real difficulty. To go where noone has gone before. The Frigate and destroyer are completed. The captured Kalronians don’t show any misconduct, they stick to any given schedule, do as asked. Cold are their gazes nonetheless, as they observe their captors. United States Of Arcturus Three corvettes are completed and a significant amount of resources are poured into Project Infallible. In the meantime, President Hughes is successfully transported to the Solarins without issue. The Kingdom of Unified Systems And indeed, they are successful at finding a strange black ore on Zukaden II. According to the knowledge obtained in the brief time of contact with the rest of the galactic community, it’s a very commonly used metal, called Itoron. Known for it’s resilience and hardness, it will certainly prove good to have. The search on the other system returns to particularly interesting yields. Contact is established, and quite quickly. Considering the past interactions between the nations, language poses absolutely no barrier for any race that contacts the KUS. In one of the systems, new farmlands are being claimed, and set up to host the new fields to feed the people of the KUS. The Solarin Federation Whilst the Grgl do send assistance for such a memorial, the Libellans and Tassaran kindly decline, whilst regretting the death of these people, their own nations are devastated by warfare, with the former suffering under Keerim genocides on dozens of worlds. The research that is conducted does not yield any results for the Warp drive yet, but instead a first functional forceblade that uses disruptor energy is being built. Whilst it is unable to stay powered for extended periods of time, in quick combat situation it might turn out to be quite the boon. Curtailing the freedom of opinion might not be very… pleasing to many people, but in times like these, the population certainly agrees upon the need for it. Still, parents are concerned that their children are being trained to be soldiers. The Han Dominion The trade station is finished as planned, extending Han’s capacities to trade effectively by a lot. Andorra Signature dampening is the first step to an effective cloak, so the scientists claim and get to work. No results to speak of yet, but they are working in a right direction now. So they settle this new world. The metal they soon mine from the planet turns out to be a very resilient and hard material, that alloys very well with iron (steel), and outperforms Titanium for space constructions and other appliances. In sight of the contact, a ship that passes by, actually hails them in a human language, English. A Hephaestus trader on his way to the GTFO, which is a neighbouring human colony. With a brief exchange, they do give the government of Andorra all knowledge they need about the current galaxy and the situation. Hephaestus Enterprises The new trade station is finished as planned. The lances are being optimized, energy consumption actually going down with the introduction of a new energy transfer system devised by a Backhatta scientist. And they buy and acquire. And lose. The Auroran economy, whilst it is possible to integrate them, introducing new currencies, and so forth, does not appear to be just buyable. They retaliate and outmaneuver Hephaestus representatives in every thinkable way, actually gaining a foothold in the markets on Hephaestus worlds. Auroran products show high quality, their business people being led and assisted by a group of extraordinarily smart people. The expansion of the Auroran academies continues as planned. Perhaps one day the galaxy’s smartest people will receive an education here. More Itoron. Two sectors west both hold Itoron rich worlds. Deciphering the tablet turns out to be a difficult task. There appears nobody who really knows the language, even Protorians are unfamiliar with the symbols and letters on it. Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation Using fusion engines, the Mech is actually quite capable of flying in any atmospheric condition, without the need to transform. More secret stuff. They continue their work on the trade port as planned (please list the amount of AP so far). Whilst a new freighter is ready to transport the goods and men of the Kingdom, they do find Itoron on the new colony. Asgard Republic The onset of the space station goes as planned, and the first structure is in place. With all the activity going on about the new colony, they do manage to find long ravines filled with crystals that are also known as Xylorite on the new colony. The industrial investments proceed as planned, the improvement of the suit designs gets hampered though by a few unrelated events. Both corvettes are finished as planned. Imperial Republic of Mankind One Light Cruiser, 100 Heavy Walkers, 1000 Hunter droids, 100 Tank bots are added to the Imperium’s arsenal. The foreign world as it is, appears to have sunken into a global conflict, much alike the human world wars. It seems to have been going for about two years by now, with several monarchies fighting eachother, two major ideologies also present in two of the four power blocks. One clearly is capitalistic, the other clearly more aligned to socialism or communism. Technology is limited to basic air ships and simple planes, rifles and artillery dominating the scene, the first versions of tanks rolling over battlefields here and there. Thulean Republic And they come in swathes. Krib. Snail people in the thousands. The Kalronian crops appear to be common grain crops, nothing special. They can be used to make bread for that part. About a quarter of the Da’nor prove to have psionic abilities, although mostly from low to average levels. Only a few individuals do truly stand out and can use interesting abilities. Both ships are finished as planned. Free Human Technocracy And the colony ship sets down upon a new world. General improvements take place to optimize the interconnection between the implants and the nervous systems. Whilst business expands as intended with Kyber Kore as its focus, the destroyer is built as proposed. United Canadian Front The ship is finished as planned and joins the Canadian fleet. Wrapping up developement, a proper suit is finally ready for production. It meets the required specifications, whilst it is definitely not absolutely on par with the Kalronian suit, it is still an excellent combat armor to have. The colony ship lands on the new world, a new home for the Canadian people. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 672,000 Humans (10,000 Xie incoming) Terran Federation - 324,750 Humans, 29,000 Grgl, 19,500 Tassarans, 12,000 Libellans, 9,500 Human-Tassarans, (15,000 Xie incoming) Silver Knight Company - 368,250 Humans, 40,000 Tassareans, 11,750 Backhatta, 20,000 Redons, 10,250 Human-Redons, 11,000 Human-Tassareans, 39,500 Galaron, 1,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 2,750 Redon-Tassareans, (2,500 Xie incoming) United States of Arcturus - 169,750 Humans, 5,000 Skellar, 3,000 Da'nor, 4,250 Libellans, 1,000 Human-Tjieran Hephaestus Holdings - 711,000 Humans, 88,500 Grgl, 181,000 Tassareans, 39,750 Human-Tassareans, 20,000 Libellans, 18,750 Redons, 14,750 Backhatta, 12,500 Human-Redons, 70,250 Galaron, 4,000 Redon-Tassareans, 3,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 12,000 Protorians (5,000 Xie incoming) Free Human Technocracy - 378,500 Humans, 31,250 Da'nor, 13,250 Human-Da'nor (2,500 Xie incoming) The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 350,000 Humans, (20,000 Xie incoming) People's Council of Utopie - 375,000 Humans, 16,500 Protorians, 24,000 Libellans, 48,750 Grgl, 48,750 Tassareans, 19,750 Human-Tassareans, 10,000 Backhatta, 12,250 Skellar, 38,000 Galaron, 3,250 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 670,500 Humans, 7,000 Ganvians, 17,500 Ceri, 18,000 Tjierans, 45,000 Ascardians, 20,000 Da'nor, 7,500 Human-Tjierans, 8,000 Human-Da'nor, 9,500 Human-Ascardians, 6,250 Tjieran-Ascardians, 4,000 Ascardian-Da'nor, 11,250 Skellar, 12,000 Libellan Han Dominion - 428,000 Humans (133,500 Xie incoming) United Colonial Initiative - 293,500 Humans United Canadian Front - 290,000 Humans Ultima Thule - 93,000 Humans, 9,000 Da'nor, 1,500 Ceri, 4,000 Ascardians, 2,750 Tjierans, 5,500 Redons, 15,000 Krib Asgard Republic - 283,000 Humans (5,000 Xie incoming) Porton Technocracy - 259,750 Humans, 9,000 Cevelli, 4,000 Ka'cezh, 4,000 Zyrka, 1,500 Ymorian, 1,500 Alduu'uuranean, 5,000 T'jell, 16,500 Krib, 1,000 Human-Cevelli Andorra - 225,250 Humans Kingdom of United Systems - 234,000 Humans ---- Events The truce continues, the peace talks are to be hosted in Hephaestus, as requested by the Redon himself. All major warring parties have agreed. The request is filed. With the onset of the truce, there are humans of the former colony of Xie, leaving the space where they have little left of home, after the Karass fought violently over their former colony. These refugees head for various human colonies, with a huge swarm of civilian ships headed for their closest kin, the Han. The Lithruan Coalition continues to bleed for the safety of everyone else. More battles are won, more Keerim perish under their phyrric assaults. ---- Map Update In work. Tomorrow. Remember the google doc. ---- Year 2140 by Earth’s Calendar.
  6. Techlock and weaponry

    Then again, you do not consider, that the potential introduction of crude firearms is not human exclusive. And I never said anything about "strengthening/buffing humans", I primarily referred to giving them another alternative per say, more diversity to their very prevalent military RP they have. You feel humans are dominating? Well, I can neither disagree nor agree. Most numerous, yes. United? No, in the past times definitely not. We do tend to have a lot of human groups that do fight eachother as well, so be mindful about that before you go about and shout you are being repressed. I do speak well from experience when I say that. I have primarily played human characters for five years. EDIT: Besides, a man in a crossbow can pick of a mage quite easily too if he wants to and actually hits before the mage can cast his spell. A weapon that takes long to reload, is very inaccurate on top of that, is a lot less likely to do that. On longer ranges, obviously. Bottom line is, these potentially new weapons are definitely not meant to be a counter piece to traditional magic per say, as such has so much more variety and utility than just a boomstick that propels a pearl of metal.
  7. Techlock and weaponry

    To toss in some stupidity. If you are really concerned that x and y will have it, hell, introduce applications for weapon handling. Not that it would be much of a point, considering that magic also spreads like wildfire, gets powergamed to hell, people inventing new things on an hourly basis, the amount of artifacts for every single possibility climbing through the roof (good on you though, some artifacts are certainly neat to have). Let the humans have something that appeals more to them. Not every human player wants to be a mage to have access to something different in terms of firepower than magic. These people play humans because they want to experience that feeling where the humble human is inventive, not necessarily talented and gifted, and uses nature and physics to even out with those who have more of an affinity (and time) for magic.
  8. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Just another dark year in mankind's history, their fight to live on and prosper (in some places). The actions of one fool, to cost the lives of half a million people. The ill decisions, the greed, oh the humanity. One tried to manipulate the feathered death. You don't manipulate the feathered death. Then again, humans are not the only ones to suffer. Planets scorched, people slaughtered, ships destroyed, homes torn down, chaos, poverty, devastation. War consumes everyone and everything. It is the chef of death. Mounting casualties is what the Southern galaxy has to witness. Great wars left and right. Sentient beings dying because of hierarchies and orders from supposedly superior sentient beings. Others dying for ideals. Others dying to escape into another type of slavery. Who is a true master of his own destiny. Nobody, as in the end War and Death continue to win and feast upon us all. ---- United Canadian Front The corvette and light cruiser are finished without delay. The shipyards hum with activity and the ships are churned out relatively quickly as the Canadian people take great pride in their work, especially as news of victory reaches the homeworlds. Project: GOLIATH begins as planned. Without any actual effort into the developement of the suit, there is no progress. To make the suit usable for zero G, it requires resources. Left to their own devices, the colony ship finds a world covered in savannah in the sector north of the capital world. United States Of Arcturus The colony ship sets foot on the same world of the previous colony. The people are grim and in a bad mood, just to be greeted by a colony littered by corpses. The Keerim spared nobody. Whilst cleanup progresses decently with the now arriving Lithruan Coalition forces, migration appears very unlikely from outside, considering that the USA are a warzone now, or at least very close to it. Thulean Republic Though immigration slows a bit this year as a result of the major battles all across the southern galaxy, the human population of la Republiqué increases substantially. Part of this improvement is in the newly engineered crops, though the data is not definitive yet to prove if the hormone is actually improving their population yields, or if this year just happened to be a more pleasant one. The extensive scans reveal that the sector west holds a world with a deposit of a very familiar material. Trizendrium, accompanying the people of the Thulean Republic whereever they go it seems. The Galactic Trade Federation of Orimon Upon the taxes being imposed, the Northern Galaxy Nations are quite displeased. A T’Jell and a Zyrka Official find themselves quite immediately after the newly imposed taxes in the office of the leader of the GTFO. With the ODC-S weapons systems entrenched throughout London Prime, the GTFO would find that their planet seems rather defensible now from a fleet of modest size. These guns do slightly upset the civilian population though, some considering them an eyesore and others worrying about the potentially oppressive nature of the government by making such a display of force. These complaints, for the most part, cause no real issues for the GTFO though. Project THEIA continues. With the added investment into the station, the GTFO’s Nexus becomes a rather substantial hub of trade, moving a tremendous amount of product between the North and South. The expansion of the facility also opens up a tremendous amount of opportunity for new trading partners, and as such new partnerships between the GTFO and other nations are likely to follow. [20 AP invested = Level 2 Trade Station, +6 Trading Relationships] A H’Wong engineer, two Zyrka, a Ka’cezh do join the architect team to assist in the construction and extension of the city. The trade center itself is being planned right now, and at the end of the year, one of the perhaps most ambitious and elaborate buildings ever devised by mankind is ready to begin construction. In fact, it exceeds the size parameters by double, and even has its own power plants. Migration takes place as usual, perhaps some more people arrived than last year, but who knows. Given the location of the GTFO, certainly a good thing. Unfortunately, no people with psionic abilities turn up, despite all effort. The Archivar is not on the Protorian homeworld at this time and indisposed, as he is participating in the peace conference. The Northern nations are currently running the treaty through official channels, most being stuck in bureaucracy and office work. The 8th crusade and its administrative and organizational efforts have priority. United Colonial Initiative The search takes a long while, until they do manage to find an arctic world that is habitable. Running out of fuel they make planetfall and setup their new colony. The construction of the Light Cruiser is certainly a massive undertaking for the UCI, and because of the incredibly sophisticated nature of the project, it nearly fails to meet the deadline! However, after nearly a year of constant work and several near disasters, the first Light Cruiser of the UCI’s Navy glides out of the shipyard fully operational, equipped with the most up-to-date weapons systems that the UCI can muster. The scientists do propose the research of an improved guidance and tracking system for the turrets. It might help out in the effectiveness of the guns or cannons. On the other hand, the tests between Itoron and Tungsten shells show, that Itoron outperforms Tungsten quite substantially, but shows a peculiar hardness that might become a weakness, if the shell pierces the target entirely. People's Agrarian Republic The aid sent to the Eadni is utilized by their Navy in constructing and deploying the nation’s first Battleship. It is certainly a majestic ship, and the Eadni government expresses their gratitude to the People’s Agrarian Republic. The upgrade to a Class 3 Shipyard is complete, certainly a substantial achievement for the P.A.R and their navy. Soon after its completion, the construction of the boat is underway. 100 Strike Suit Fighter Mechs are completed and deployed by the end of the year. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta The construction of the twin colony ships goes as planned with alien and human alike clamoring for a spot aboard these ships. They are eager to be apart of whatever luxurious plan the Maltese surely have in store for these two great vessels. Project Star Trek and MD Device Research continue. Andorra Common camoflauge techniques from Earth are certainly applicable for ships, but the issue is right now, that ships give off quite the amount of signatures, heat, electric, radio, etc. The scientists work steadily on it, but can not guarantee results any time soon. The one-hundred fighters are constructed and completed within the year with dozens of pilots eager to take a swing at flying them. They do find an arid, almost desert-like world covered in strange black chunks of metal. The atmosphere is breathable and gravity is favorable at about 1 G though, temperatures being rather high ranging from 20 to 50 °C The message appears to be received, and the cargo ship that just happened to pass by replies in an unknown language. Hephaestus Enterprises The four frigates are completed without delay, making a wide array of people extraordinarily happy. The fleet amassed by the traders now appears rather formidable! Project Pineapple, that's very juicy. Despite it all, the Auroran businessman are not to be sniffed at, and in some places, where Hephaestus representatives appear to have success at first, they are being outsted and outbought again by the same Aurorans who had to withdraw at first. Nontheless, this fresh economic impulse will do good for the nation as a whole. Under the leadership of Administrator Beam, the educational institutions of Aurora receive a significant overhaul and expansion package. The quality and rigor of Auroran education increases substantially as a result, much to the chagrin of the students currently attending those institutions. And with great success, the input of an independent Zyrka programmer who usually codes and maintains battleship systems for the Ka’cezh quickly brings the project to fruition, when he heard about the potential challenge. Given he had holidays, but was bored he took up the task… and just did it. Ms. Phelps proves that her time away from the fleet did not go to waste and the implementation of Tassaran tactics quickly improves the capabilities of the Haephestus fleet substantially. The Enforcers begin their work on retraining the Auroran forces; a task that will take some time but will eventually pay off as the force will increase substantially. The Grgl himself cuts down McPhaestus by half its size but manages to save it and turning it into a small but liked fast food chain. The ominous tablet itself just hangs there, inscribed. The Han Dominion Secret projects are secret. Definitely an ill-advised investment in the Aurora lottery! The colonization of the Alpine world goes as planned and soon the Han Dominion holds another territory of space. The Solarin Federation The shipyard sees a significant amount of expansion this year and becomes capable of some rather impressive ship-building feats. [SL4, 5/20 AP into SL 5] The developement of both an improve Warp drive and the disruptor force blade go without any remarkable results this year. But the scientists are optimistic that they are close to getting a breakthrough in some aspects. The Free Human Technocracy The two destroyers roll out of the F.H.T. shipyard by the end of the year with no issue. They are equipped with the most up-to-date tech the F.H.T. has to offer, but otherwise there is nothing unique or substantial about them. The colony ship sees a similar fate, finishing production without issue by the end of the year. The defensive batteries do well to improve the strategic capabilities of the F.H.T. THE HOLY KINGDOM OF EADN Secret projects are usually secret. The battleship is finished as planned, with all effort invested. Truly, a mighty ship to demonstrate the power of the Eadni people. The new material is very… unusual. It does not adhere to some laws of physics it seems. Touching it appears to do nothing, though a brave volunteer who moved his hand directly into it, says, it feels as if it was devoid of everything, not even a temperature to be felt, which is a very… disturbing feeling. The concept of a charged shell is done, and with some adjustments they are capable of building a dozen of them. Tests show though they have no immediately better effect at this point right now. Whilst they still continue to upgrade, they are not done yet, one could say. They will need more resources to make a good breakthrough to the capacities of cloning new people. Imperial Republic of Mankind The heavy infantry equipment rolls out of the factories of the Imperium and into the arms of waiting soldiers, eager to be bestowed with such fine equipment and utilize it in the field of battle. Secret projects are secret. With some effort, they are able to prototype a single phased shield onto a fighter, although it makes the fighter heavier and slower. A frigate and destroyer roll off of the line and into the fleet of the Imperium. Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation With the traded in shield technology of the Solarin Federation, the downsizing project begins. Thanks to so much of the work being done already now and the contribution of the Solarin Federation, they finish the first version of a shielded mech, sporting dual phased shields, without any notable losses in performance over the original one. A dense tropical world will be the new home of many humans living in the Kingdom of Armathwaite. Secrets everywhere. The three new corvettes are deployed rapidly into the fleet in order to replace the losses from the previous year. Their construction goes very well and act as a fine way of tuning up the skills of the shipyard’s workers. The beginning of plans for a trade outpost begins to take hold in the Kingdom of Armathwaite. Upon completion, it could prove incredibly beneficial to the Kingdom! Asgard Republic The ships of the Asgarder Navy have been refitted with the basic deflector shields, a much needed boost in the defensive arsenal of the Navy. Equipped with these shields, the ARN Valkyrie II reaches the new colony of Vanaheim, successfully establishing a colony there for the Asgardian people. The industrial growth of the Asgardian people begins to have a more visible effect on the planet of Asgard as industrial parks become far more common and larger swaths of the population gain employment from these new work places. The adoption of military robots into civilian workers proves rather effective, however malfunctions do occur occasionally. Though they don’t seem to have a substantial impact on the culture of Asgard presently, perhaps sometime in the future they will. The work on the new jump-suits begins with rather promising conceptualizations and designs, however in practice the concepts appear to be rather clunky in their handling and accidents appear to be common. More work will need to be done. The construction of the frigate goes as planned, fully equipped with Itoron plating and primitive shielding technology. ---- Population growth Imperial Republic of Mankind - 654,750 Humans Terran Federation - 310,500 Humans - 23,750 - 16,250 Tassarans - 8,750 Libellans - 6,250 Human-Tassarans Silver Knight Company - 350,000 Humans, 35,250 Tassareans, 9,250 Backhatta, 14,250 Redons, 7,000 Human-Redons, 8,750 Human-Tassareans, 34,000 Galaron, 750 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 1,500 Redon-Tassareans United States of Arcturus - 160,500 Humans, 3,500 Skellar, 1,750 Da'nor, 2,500 Libellans, 500 Human-Tjieran Hephaestus Holdings - 699,750 Humans, 82,000 Grgl, 172,750 Tassareans, 36,500 Human-Tassareans, 16,750 Libellans, 15,500 Redons, 12,500 Backhatta, 9,000 Human-Redons, 66,000 Galaron, 2,750 Redon-Tassareans, 1,750 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 9,750 Protorians Free Human Technocracy - 360,000 Humans, 25,000 Da'nor, 9,000 Human-Da'nor The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 325,000 Humans People's Council of Utopie - 363,000 Humans, 12,000 Protorians, 19,750 Libellans, 42,500 Grgl, 42,500 Tassareans, 16,500 Human-Tassareans, 8,250 Backhatta, 9,500 Skellar, 32,250 Galaron, 2,000 Human-Protorians Order of Malta - 654,000 Humans, 5,750 Ganvians, 14,000 Ceri, 15,250 Tjierans, 39,750 Ascardians, 17,000 Da'nor, 4,000 Human-Tjierans, 5,750 Human-Da'nor, 8,000 Human-Ascardians, 5,000 Tjieran-Ascardians, 2,750 Ascardian-Da'nor, 9,000 Skellar, 10,350 Libellan Han Dominion - 411,250 Humans United Colonial Initiative - 281,000 Humans United Canadian Front - 278,500 Humans Ultima Thule - 76,250 Humans, 5,250 Da'nor, 1,000 Ceri, 2,500 Ascardians, 1,500 Tjierans, 3,250 Redons Asgard Republic - 270,250 Humans Porton Technocracy - 246,000 Humans, 5,250 Cevelli, 2,250 Ka'cezh, 2,500 Zyrka, 750 Ymorian, 750 Alduu'uuranean, 2,250 T'jell, 11,000 Krib, 500 Human-Cevelli Andorra - 214,250 Humans ---- Events The war in the West grinds to a standstill, as the Ganvius offensive is being forcibly stopped by a well planned Kalronian counter attack. The death toll is rising, breaking already millions. The Lithruan Coalition bleeds, and it bleeds heavily. Every sector, every planet, they push back the Keerim, at incredibly high costs. But they are steadfast in their determination. It shows results. Under incredible losses, with genocide happening all over the place as the Keerim withdraw slowly, scorching entire worlds, the Skellar and Libellans are freed and pick up arms against their former overlords, to bolster the LC forces. A new power shows up in the events of the Galaxy, as the Darkul Regime from the Carina cluster makes its presence known. For now they appear to mostly observe and trade through that small trade part built by the humans and them, but who knows for how long? Under guidance of Chaal and the Archivar, the Protorian Council has called for a truce and peace negotiations. Under pressure of the Redons who do heed the wishes of the Saryn, the Karass have agreed to attend and adhere to it. It is in effect starting 2139. Following nations are bid to the table: The Karass Dominion, the Karass Rebels, the Backhatta Hive, the Redon Imperium, the Imperium of Mankind, the Protorian Council, the Holy Kingdom of Eadn. Any other potential parties must file a request to participate in this gathering. Chaal and the Archivar will head the peace talks. ---- Map Update ---- Year 2139 by Earth’s Calendar.
  9. Your View: Techlock

    Sure thing. It needs some sort of balance. This was mostly my idea for a potential niche on the battlefield. I do not want the good ol' fashioned weapons to become obsolete. A bow should still be viable with the mobility it has for example (when we are talking about ranged weapons). Then again, we could ignore the rock-paper-scissor principle and just have them roughly equal purpose. Nontheless, if they were implemented as a usable item/tool/weapon, they definitely should have a bang noise or something.
  10. Your View: Techlock

    I am not against of shoving the entire potential arquebus, flintlock rifle into the tinker profession, making it one of the militarized professions, so to say (alike blacksmith and woodworker).
  11. Your View: Techlock

    True. I thought following, that you need a Masterful Woodworker to craft the stock, a masterful smith to craft the barrel, a masterful tinker to craft the firing mechanism, a masterful tinker to put everything together. A masterful smith to make the bullets, which then combined with one paper and one gunpowder make the shot (paper cartridge: With the removal of craft timers, this will be easier to get to, you don't technically need to wait hours upon hours to get it crafted. I thought it might promote more value in crafting professions, mostly for the tinker in this case (just an idea, however). As for combat, it could be tied with the requirement of standing still to reload (for five to ten seconds maybe?). It makes you vulnerable to cavalry, archer fire, or getting melee rushed, making it more of a shock and defense weapons, where men can hide behind cover and reload, so to speak, lest they get killed. I am fairly certain it can be done in a way so it fires a high velocity high damage (not one hit kill, and of course affected by armor) bullet (arrow) with a random amount of, let's say spread.
  12. Your View: Techlock

    Just to toss it in between, I had my chats with some techs, it can be implemented into our crafting system too, with high level skill requirements of many different professions, along with an actual PvP mechanic. I think that is also where we can bring weaknesses to the primitive flintlock weapons, which does definitely not render traditional sword and bow obsolete, but grants them a good spot for purpose.
  13. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - OOC and Apps]

    Sorry for it taking a while. You are welcome to join in now. Contact me in Skype. You will have Warp technology, Shipyard Level 3, 220,000 humans, 3 destroyers, 2 frigates, 1 colony ship. Posting for you starts after the upcoming modpost.
  14. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    It's mostly for purposes of getting a good grasp on the size in comparison to Athera and Vailor (as pictured). I know for fact that Tahn alone is longer than the entirety of Vailor.
  15. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    I want to compare to this. That's why I am asking, because a pixel might effectively be a block.