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  1. A gruff, black-headed and bearded young Draconius arrived in the Imperial capital at Helena with a scroll clasped in his gloved hand, stamped and sealed with the Morsgradic sigil. He looked around for a little while before entering the foreign service headquarters and handing the letter to the appropriate party with a simple nod and greeting as to whom the letter was from. A Reply from the Duchess to His Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Delivered Winter 1738 Mister John Huss, I fear you have misunderstood the entire reason behind my letter of concern. The Ducal Throne understands the duties of your emissary and respect his position, yet we do worry you seem content to ignore his wrongdoing. John-Henry Pruvia did indeed speak with the Head of State of the Duchy of Morsgrad, as my husband and I sit together in governance. Yet in speaking to me, he wasn’t satisfied, and expressed such dissatisfaction plainly and in a manner which was utterly rude in nature, unbecoming of an imperial representative. Moreover, your envoy was not expelled from our lands, instead choosing to leave in a huff when he received the same answer from the Duke that he did myself. An insult to your office is not intended by this communique, but instead advice to exercise greater tact and respect when interacting with us. Cultural differences are not to blame here Mister John Huss, simply manners. You would not wish for myself to drop by unannounced, unprepared and unwilling speak with you, instead demanding your superior, would you, Mister John Huss? I would love to continue such riveting debate on the topic of etiquette and mannerisms, though I find my hand beginning to cramp. Upon your suggestion, I too would prefer to do such over a delicious hot meal. [ [Thursday, October 17th @ 7:15 PM EST in the Morsgrad Palace] Safe travels to the North, we pray the frost does not bite you too deeply. HER GRACE, Eleanor I Edvardsson-Renai, Duchess of Morsgrad and Grand Burgess of Montburgh
  2. To be fair that tunnel fighting is pretty fun
  3. Avius juggles a few human skulls around : DD
  4. “Women..” Avius began with a scoff and a chuckle. “Emotional as ever.”
  5. iMattyz


    Avius goes to the toilet.
  6. After reading the letter designated to him, Avius frowned with uncharacteristic sadness. Nevertheless, he immediately set forth to Irrinor’s shrine to the Forest Gods. The young ‘ame put a familiar cut into the palm on his left hand and sacrificed his blood to the flames in front of him. To his own fiery twin gods, he beseeched. “Therren is a warrior of yours, Lord of the Hunt, may you both keep your gaze upon the Warrior Stag and serve as his guardian during these travels.” He then went outside the city and began to train ever more vigorously.
  7. “It is hard, even ugly to believe our two peoples were once bitter enemies. Those Mali of Fenn will forever be valued brothers and sisters of mine.” Avius remarks with a reserved smile on his face, and continued to sharpen his sword in the peace of Irrinor’s dragon mosaic square.
  8. Avius takes half a second away from his training regimen of heavy weight lifting and ruthlessly intense callisthenics to hook a giant bogie out of his nose and into the nearby reeds. He looks around to ensure nobody is watching. Phew, that was pretty disgusting.
  9. Avius nods with respect at his chieftain’s FIRM decision.
  10. Avius frowns at his lack of non-armour related clothing.
  11. ((MC Name:)) iMattyz What is your full name? Avius Csarathaire From where do you hail? Irrinor What is your racial descent? Wood Elf
  12. MCName: iMattyz RPName: Avius Csarathaire Character Race: Wood elf
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