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  1. originally i planned to cut all connections to lotc (and the internet as a whole) quietly, but while i was looking through my steam friends and picking through players who hadnt logged on in a decade (depressing, right?), i realized a lot of my friends here at least deserve closure – to know why ill be dropping off the face of the earth - and this is the best way to reach them. the next few days will be the last time i talk to any of you. ive played lotc for 8 years and it’s been an undeniably big part of my life. that said, ive really grown up over the last year. part of that’s be
  2. ur a saint for the work ur doing that said please don't add a professions system. none of us have the time to sweat day and night just to craft viable pvp gear anymore
  3. Somewhere deep beneath the halls of Urguan, a centuries old Duregar Thunderfist broods over his ancient defeat.
  4. only if i get to play mermaid man @Callum u wanna be my barnacle boy?
  5. The First Fennic Bloodline Summit Scribed by Vytrek Tundrak, 1746 From war to war, prince to prince, crisis to crisis – we have wandered in deafening silence. The Principality is mute. Its policy is decided not by booming voices in the halls of our ancestors, but by whispers in the backrooms of a bereft citadel – no longer a fortress-haven for our people, but a haven from them. In empty halls, empty hearths; the price of surreptitious rule. But, we are a persistent people. Our histories are filled with trials to befit only the children of winter itself. Time and ti
  6. “Woe unto those who preach of ending non-elven interference in Elven politics, after decades and several wars of them being the only Mali to invite precisely that interference,” says Vytrek, local expert on irony.
  7. “Haelun’or? Incapable of apprehending a single individual without devoting their entire army to it? It's more likely than you think,” notes a popcorn-munching Snow Elf.
  8. “They make obvious the fact that they intended on simply returning the cultists to their land. It is lamentable that they went back on their word,” states Vytrek.
  9. Application [Ooc] Username: Aeldrin Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): varies Discord: have it Timezone: est [RP] Name: Vytrek Tundrak Gender: Male Place of residence: Citadel Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
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