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  1. Perhaps it's time to use all that donation money to actually upgrade the server, instead of using it to fill your steam libraries with games. 

    1. -♣- Ƙindled -♣-

      -♣- Ƙindled -♣-

      They sure did make a good choice when upgrading then, if the server got worse.

  2. [Arcane] [SA] Havel's Conjuration App

    MC name: Brymstonne Character's name and age: Havel Ivanovich/Carrion, 17 Character’s Race: Human What magic will you be learning?: Conjuration Who will be teaching you?: TavernLich (Maehrhillon Sill'crux) Do you have a magic you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it:
  3. The Aurowind Enclave

    Character Name: Havryil Ivanovich/Carrion Minecraft Username: Brymstonne Race: Human/Raevir Timezone: GMT+1 Desired Magic: Fire Evoc, Conjuration
  4. [Denied]Chimlet's Trial Gm Application.

    Please don't take Chimlet away from me. Without Chimlet I would be alone in this horrid realm we leave within.. I can feel my crestfallen heart wither at the thought of Chimlet leaving me, never being able to talk to me ever again, engulfed in work as he would be. It fills my lungs, and has my shoulder burdened by sorrow, and has me on bent knee. Don't take Chimlet away from me.. -1 okay he'd make a good gm, but don't take him away from me. +1
  5. Who the hell changed my profile pic? I LOVE IT

    1. BannanaToYou


      that happens when the file cannot be found

  6. The Northern Orenian Gentleman Club

    Walgot saw the posters upon a drunken night, his head heaving and spinning, his eyes though fast stuck on said grand posters. "Foch yesh!" The young man slurred loudly for every woman, man and child to hear. As the drunk he was, he ripped the poster off it's post, and examined it.. Walgot wobbled home. "Wargot be mer name!" The cub hiccuped "Twchwenteh I been!" He chimmed "Arse an' vodka I wan'!" He continued scribling his personal information "An' in Fowkhearth I live!" Walgot folded the poster and called on his crows, tying the letter to one of it's legs, hoping it bring would fly to the right person.
  7. Anyone know how to light a hopper, and keep it lit?

  8. Around the bustling soon to be town of Felsen a man was stood shouting out "Fer dyes o' vaule, I'll be tradin' clothes and trinkets!" Waiting for anyone who could answer him. ((OOC)) I won't be putting down too much roleplay into this. I'm tired, and frankly don't see too much reason into putting time into the post. Right, so down to business. I'm looking for anyone who could get me either a stack of cactus green, or a stack of brown dye. If you can only get me one of the two, you'll still get a skin. But I'm limiting it so that only two people may gets skins. Just contact me through a pm if you've got the goods, and we'll see about having you a skin made. Here is some of my work.
  9. Öh.. I've not updated this in a long time.. so uh.. öh.. have some art I'm working on http://gyazo.com/ec28248336bd701a2f26addec80b7967

  10. [Accepted] [Builder] Jason's Et App

    I'd say you'd have a +1 cause you're buildings are neat, only thing I would disagree with it that there are only MM buildings, can you build when you're not building within in the confines of it? It's a +1 anyhow, but still, I'd like to know.