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  1. call a moot you gremlin godric would say with a much larger frown
  2. Godric would squint, a High Keeper has never been removed by anything but death. Just call an election, when did our religion become orcish?
  3. Godric gasps and is very angry when he is told that a Haenser woman has Ruric blood
  4. Who cares, the written rules don’t matter, precedent doesn’t matter, unwritten convention doesn’t matter. Why will they matter after the 15th million rule update that will achieve nothing other than giving mods makework jobs so they can say they are doing something for the server. >how to survive the lag guide hahahaha, admins care so little they couldn’t be bothered to log on or address the community for what 6 weeks now of Lotc’s worst ever week on week numbers + server performance. rt sorry bro I just gotta disagree with you here. Fireheart was ******* terrible but he somehow managed to be more accessible than this current roster of GMs. Bar Grool who larps as a moderation admin and bans you when you make his tummy feel sad. The server is unplayable and if a majority of the community didn’t have a very severe addiction to it then no one would be playing. Modreq times are a complete joke, staff are openly and unapologetically partisan. The staff don’t even pretend to the fact that the written rules don’t matter. Are there some good people on the team sure. But that doesn’t excuse the absolute gongshow that moderation and staff in general have become.
  5. Godric’s stylish neck tie is adjusted by his trusty Kha-servant Mr Muffins. He’d admire his luscious beard and mane, unrivalled throughout the human realms. Treated with only the finest Dwarven beard oil and wooden comb. With that he would prepare to make an entrance to such an esteemed affair and boogie with the King-Elect of Kaedrin
  6. yeah like half of my nation tile was reduced into an unusable ET zone without my consent because some people that didn’t rp on the server had ro on the region from months ago. Current system is entirely ooc n is incredibly retarded. Only reason we need rules now is because everyones a big ***** n refuses to let anything bad happen to their minecraft doll or their minecraft dollhouse unless a gm kicks them in the head bc of pre written rules. Rlly cancerous culture / mentality but that’s just what Lotc has become. Power fantasies sustained by deeply entrenched cliques. howard / charoodler raises some interesting points but is ultimately flawed in a few elements. Coups should not be tied to RO at all, I’d say any member of the region should be able to initiate a coup. In my eyes a coup should be executed as a domestic warclaim perhaps. Initially limited to the members of the region with say a 30 minute window wherein no external reinforcements can arrive. After which point birded allies could begin to arrive and assist (if they are able to enter the city / becomes a question of who controls the gates / secret entrances etc). While I have always been fine with PKing on first death and letting the narrative go on I do think the 1 v 10 thing would be an issue amongst most NLs. Would probably just result in people getting mugged off in the small hours and cause a bunch of butthurt and chain coups as the supporters of the nation would then presumably try to recoup the perhaps unpopular new government. Regardless I think internally restricted warclaim to be the best option, probably declared with a screenshot of the current region membership. At least in the human case, I understand that a degree of nuance is perhaps required for other factions due to the variety of Lotc both irply and oocly in regards to governing dynamics and playerbases.
  7. *@FlemishSupremacy * “Fleminius” Godric would say “show this man that really cool relatively recent proclamation from the Haensers about enlisting children again if you would”
  8. Godric dictates a letter to his trusty Kha-servant Mr Muffins ESQ. With that the AIS department of espionage and subversion dispatches supplies to these incredibly brave and morally upstanding men who seek freedom from the King of Helena and his pen wielders.
  9. Godric squints at the missive, his eyes diverting to the bastard kings titles at the end "Protector of the Highlanders? So the king of Helena is getting shafted by his own vassals now? I guess a king can't really be a vassal of another king."
  10. SECOND GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT STATES Issued Winter 1750 THE PRESENCE OF ALL ALLIANCE SIGNATORIES IS REQUESTED AT THE PROVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS With the relocation of the General Headquarters to Rubern the future of the alliance and the war effort must be addressed. In the name of the Alliance all signatories are asked to present themselves or send an agent of their respective realms. This assembly shall serve as precedent to future annual assemblies wherein the common affairs of the alliance are to be discussed on a yearly basis. It is asked that the signatories bring a select number of administrators and martial officers. These all being necessary for appointments to the General Staff and the Assembly. Due to the incredibly high amount of testosterone and Alpha Males who will be in attendance it is asked that all attendees refrain from dueling, spontaneous acts of flexing, from the seduction of the waitresses and other such spontaneous activities that are endemic to an alliance of such scale and success. Refreshments and female companionship of the purely respectful and platonic sort shall be provided upon the completion of the event. THE AGENDA I. Selecting a Commander in Chief of the Alliance Forces for the duration of the war II. Appointments to the General Staff III. Discussing the DANIELS Plan IV. Enshrining postwar compensations V. Discussing the Canonist Church and its relationship with the Alliance VI. The Formation of the Alliance Assembly VII. The creation of the Alliance Courts to resolve internal disputes VIII. Raising of funds for the LMAO U LOOKED AHAHA Program NON ALLIANCE INVITATIONS The Kingdom of Suffonia The Federation of Mau’Madaur PENNED BY General Secretary of the Alliance, Mister Muffins IN THE NAME OF Godric
  11. Establishing the Provisional Headquarters Issued Winter 1750 With the recent news of further Orenian fear and cowardice, by way of their pleading for peace with the Eldar. It has become incredibly clear that they as a political project are in denial. The time has come to put paddle to rump and complete the Heartland spanking we have been administering for more than a decade now. Thus the Provisional High Command shall be conceived and be populated with the brightest military minds of the alliance. Placed under the direction of the Alliance Commander in Chief which is to be Chosen at the Second Alliance Assembly. By the gracious permission of the Black Prince, The Headquarters of Alliance High Command shall henceforth be placed in Rubern proper. Its location ideal for a more aggressive stratagem. All officials, officers and Highland forces are to relocate themselves to Rubern proper. Those charged with the continued defence of the Fatherland shall be assigned separately. For the duration of the war all official activities enacted by the Ducal Throne will originate from Rubern in all capacities, ranging from military training to chiefsmoots. This war must henceforth be waged from the frontline rather than the Fatherland. Furthermore, the provisional headquarters shall provide food clothes and housing for all Highland citizens wishing to temporarily relocate from the Fatherland. In extension from this, I declare a Court Assembly shall be held in the following saints day. Here, any denizens of the Highland Realm may petition to the Ducal Throne. Penned By Mister Mittens of Morsgrad, Writ en Namen De Godric,
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