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  1. The aspiring outsider, in search of dedicance, Karvos’sol would be giving himself migraines in sacrifice of the acquisition of knowledge. So much so, that he was on his fifth day into reading the entirety of the Library of the Mother Grove. Upon reading the Sage-Way, the tiredness in his eyes seemed to lighten as he read further, his expression lighting in a growing excitement, as his self reflection and philosophies would almost perfectly align with those written within the Sage Way. Certain to seek out the Owl Druid, for the time being, he grinned helplessly at the enlightened teachings. “It is hard to put into words how relieved I am, that I may have found my purpose in this realm after all. This serenity that radiates beneath my rib cage; that blankets my lungs in a warm but invigorating welcome.. This feeling is short lived, as I suddenly find my self ashamed of having shunned the Druids for far too long. I must finish reading, and find a Guide soon.”
  2. Karvos ran a hand back through his Silver hair, almost grinning as he leaned back into the heap of books stacked behind him “Convenient information.” he would begin studying the texts further, noting down the information given, and reorganizing his stack of journals.
  3. Justiciar Application [OOC] Username: Gartono Discord: gartono #2045 Timezone: EST Availability for RP Interview: PM me on discord or find in game. I will be around. [RP] Name: Karvos’sol Drakon Gender: Male Race/subrace/culture: Mali’Fenn Place of residence: Fenn Prior relevant experience: A general and high experienced scholar all around, and a professional tactician. His knowledge is well versed into the laws of Fenn and government studies as a whole. He has read through the entirety of the Library of Dragur in efforts to broaden his knowledge and reference. Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: I swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn.
  4. I got you fam. Message me on discord. gartono #2045
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