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  1. Ooc: MC Name: galendar_aveere Do you have skype?: Yes Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes Are you a GM alt spying on us? No IC: Name: Grant Place of Residence: Nomad How many fruit carts do you squat?: I am athletic. Do you have battle experience?: I am joe's son. Do you pledge yourself to the Captain, so long as he is fit to lead?: Always
  2. *A letter is delivered by raven to the man's home in response to his paper.* "The people are not worthy of House Horen any further, let it die."
  3. Vaktismo crosses his arms as he'd sit above the city he'd slaved over for so many years, leaning back against the stone of the mighty cliffs and releasing a cloud of smoke, his eyes rolling about in his head. "Skah diz zkah... mi juzt gunna zmuuk mi mynd awuy."
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^ FIX. IT. Believe it or not, lots of people enjoy LOTC for BOTH RP and PVP.
  5. *vaktismo holds his meat at the ready.
  6. "Good call, that's one of the nicest castles in the whole of the realm. I look forward to meeting this Duke Cortez." states a Jrent, scratching his chin as he'd sort through the other declarations of independence.
  7. Agor would let out a quiet sigh, contemplating.
  8. ((One of the better cultures on this server, definitely excited to see them come back.
  9. the big bad bossman tommy returns... this'll be good...
  10. Vaktismo'Azog lets out a cool sigh of relief, dropping his hammer and rolling up the blueprints as the capital was finally completed.
  11. "I find the entirety of humanity to be a large joke, in truth." states Vaktismo as he hears news of the reform. "Godfrey Horen, their 'Red Dragon' and most reveled Saint had a blood pact with the orcs his entire life and had the backing of the Rexdom in whatever wars that necessitated assistance. Now, the proceeding generation has gone on to outlaw orcs for... our culture? Very well, we shall hold our heads high and march onto the sword of humanity whose historians must be falling upon deaf ear to the manlet puppet they have as emperor *cough*."
  12. Very, very experienced rpr. HUGE +1 from me.
  13. Rockstar's development from a, for lack of better words, child to a mature individual is quite shocking, if i must be honest. He has shown that he is more than capable at handling roles of leadership on the event team and has a lot of plugin knowledge. You'd be idiots to not give him a shot (that being said i'm sure he wont get a shot because of that.). HUGE +1
  14. Giant ******* but the GM team isn't short of those so he'll do fine there. +1
  15. "Guud luck wif Jorik as yer Gran' Marshal. He'll get teh whule bluddeh loht uhf yeh killed." Agor would chuckle, leaning back in the tavern as he'd go to sip from a tall pint.