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  1. Asleep


    See Warhammer Fantasy or something similar to see how gunpowder can fit and enhance a "medieval" setting that isn't extremely fantastical. I'd say that WHFB is lower fantasy than LOTC, even.
  2. Asleep


    As much as I'd like to trust you, this still does make me a bit worried. "First I plan for the start to be a rifle..." You probably meant something else, but a rifle is an elaboration on the original smoothbore gun. It's not a particular type of weapon, besides the fact that it has a rifled bore. "...which is put down in firing mechanisms" Like starting with match ignition (not matchlock)? I would prefer that. "...and then we more onto other more complex designs." Hopefully not in a very short period of time. Even if it's artificial and forced, I understand it's hard to maintain sensible innovation in rp considering we, as players, already know the full course of firearm development. Having flintlock firing mechanisms as soon as the lore is accepted will feel just as cheap. (Or getting percussion locks, cartridges, etc. within a single Human lifespan) "In regards to the trigger mechanism..." Not entirely aesthetic, but I understand. Triggers could be reasonably employed with matchlocks, even, though levers serve the same purpose. If people are using triggers instead of levers on crossbows then I don't see a problem there.
  3. Asleep


    While I support firearms, this is a much too sudden jump in development. This is already coming with multiple derivations of the firearm, all of which I assume are fired with flintlocks (I couldn't find a clear answer). Considering this, I worry that these multiple weapon types will be handwaved and distributed on day zero by the lore's creators and their friends. A more realistic development of firearms would be better conducive to a trial on this lore- starting with basic match ignition and much less ergonomically refined weapons (why are these cool Savoyard gunslingers slinging guns that appear the result of centuries of firearm usage?). Also, if this is accepted, return the firestaff plugin from 3.0 with some reload and misfire modifications to represent guns in pvp, please. Edit: I missed the Hellblaster ripoff on my first read. Why? Those are annoying enough in Warhammer, and in that lore are the result of a particularly mad genius working after centuries of gunpowder usage. They should absolutely not be implemented on the immediate start of LOTC's firearm implementation.
  4. based mog can't spell but he's extremely vital to the best parts of the server. Assign him a team of scribe FMs and also make him admin
  5. Asleep

    The Children of Azdromoth

    1. Azdrazi isn't a form of magic 2. Azdrazi are majority Human 3. There are at least 14 current Azdrazi, not all active, but that 14 number doesn't include former players
  6. Asleep

    The Children of Azdromoth

    The reskinned elves criticism is valid, though I have been leading an effort to realign us with the Horens as per our lore. It's been RP. What's disingenuous though is saying that Azdrazi "haven't been part of storylines" because roleplay merit hardly allows a character to be involved in major (epic!) events. Those things are organized OOCly, and the people organizing these things will draw from characters and players they have contact with OOCly. Azdrazi as of late don't have the staff backbone, and thus cannot be included into events so easily. As I said, though, getting involved with the HORENS and not ELVES as I stated looks to be providing some more prominence and a space in your head, which seems to be what some of you desire.
  7. Asleep


    "Courlanders absolutely seething that Renatus offered the option to not be killed."
  8. Asleep

    [Accepted][Pending] Auric_Saint's Forum Moderator Application

    The FM team often has bouts of excessive punishments and censorship which manifest when a certain critical mass of members are liberally performing their duties. These periods of mass deletion and warns make things fun for no one, except for perhaps the FMs who receive a dark enjoyment out of it. I have a feeling this player's addition to the team would build towards that sort of problem.
  9. Asleep

    Recent Rule Change

    This really isn't fair or thought through enough to actually provide this fun; let me give you an example from yesterday (that I'm sure you heard of) that would have gone very wrong with this rule in place. Kyle's Horen decided (for OOC reasons, but whatever it was still fun) to turn on the Renatian vassals with a number of bandits. After a time of skirmish fighting, he was eventually downed in PvP and rply detained in the field. Here, the "RP capture timer" would start. But we now had to rally the various groups of men who were fighting together, transport the prince to a safe fort while still engaged in PvP with the bandits, and then wait for the king (mog) to arrive with his own retinue. We RPed with kyle during this time, in which a rescue raid kept us occupied for a bit until the besiegers were handily defeated. Mog's Horen also had to speak with the Prince and make his judgement on what to do with him. This all took a considerable amount of time longer than your capture timer, but was engaging and fun throughout. Kyle also escaped after his sentence of banishment, but eventually surrendered himself again after a period of absolute bungling and wet-ragging by the presiding GM(s?). Additionally, you seem to think that people can't have fun when hampered even OOCly. LotC's history has been fraught with challenges that go beyond simple character interactions, but these player conflicts create the rich stories you can hear told with excitement from most anyone (and now in text form thanks to Ebs).
  10. Asleep

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    Absolutely nothing
  11. ((Absolutely wonderful work Ebs- I really appreciate it. I'd just point out that you the continent we Exodus'd to is called Aeldin, and not Aeldrin, though I don't know if that was purposeful. Also, in the foreword, I believe you misspelled Skys as Skies. A bit jarring since it was so early in. Still amazing work and I'm really glad you did it. Thanks.))
  12. Asleep

    Money and Voting

    It's not too much money; prices have changed with this beneficial supply. When your school of thought has its time in the sun, bread becomes more expensive than iron because only the lucky and connected can get their hands on a new coin.
  13. Asleep

    [Denied][I] CosmicWhaleShark's Game Moderator Application

    In his last run, Mr. Cosmic openly abused his GM pex for the benefit of himself and OOC/RP allies. Pex will be inevitably be used in a questionable way at some point by any staff member, but the manner that Mr. Cosmic did it in clear view of players with fellow staff members guarding him against reprimand showed a clear disingenuity and disdain for the playerbase.
  14. It's a given still that gameplay takes precedence over realism. It would be extremely clumsy and laborious to simulate army logistics etc., though I would like to see undermining walls (not that I would trust GMs presiding over sieges to do it right). The war rules are neither realistic nor fun, so there's a clear problem there.