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    Eddy is a good bro and responsible guy. +1
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    The Brotherhood Of The Golden Crow

    [!] An old man, wearing the standard of the Golden Crow, looks upon you with dull eyes. Tapping the paper with the end of his quill,, he asked: “Name, boy?”: Erik Trauner “Hrmph, so be it. Where ye be from?”: Siegrad. Clearing his throat, he then asked, “Any experience fightin’? O’ at anything, really?”: Aye, I'm good with the blade. “Mhrmm.. what be yer reason for joiningarrow-10x10.png?”: "Once a Crow... Always a Crow.." Do ya have ah profession?”: Wood cuttin' “Anything else ye wanna add, lad?”: No, old man Once finished, the old man nodded and gave a wave of dismissal to you, beckoning the next in line to follow suit. [!]