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  1. You were not there
    Living in fear
    Obvious tears
    The bleeding heart perched on my shirt
    Die, withdraw
    Hide in cold sweat
    Quivering lips
    Ignore remorse
    Crowned hopeless
    Limbs tied, skin tight
    Self inflicted his perdition

  2. Lily, upon hearing of the case, would reflect upon it by the fireplace in her Haense home. “I’m not sure who this Mournstone is....but I have never enjoyed the existence of the Rubens family.” She’d say to herself, while alone, with no one else nearby or able to hear her. “Still.” She’d add, looking at Ethel’s cat. “I hope it doesn’t affect us...”
  3. Hyena

    [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Can we cease trying to add new deities and just roleplay thinking they actually exist? It’s like irl. If you believe a deity you have no proof but you’ll still worship it even without validation, you feel? I just I’m just tired of all these new deities everyone wants to add instead of having it be aenguls or however you spell it that they attach a different name to.
  4. Hyena

    Delving into the Dark (Chapter Two Ending)

    It’s almost like everything I said on your lore app is valid. This isn’t a creative writing post if it’s a shelving post, it’s meant to abide by LOTC lore which....having your unapproved lore character/god/yada yada appear means it isn’t. LT said the last one you made like this isn’t roleplay or something so....where does this leave us?
  5. Somebody please get these ******* fangs out!
    they, they told me not to be so bitter
    I, I told em I dont wanna be with him
    Give me a match, kerosene and his picture.
    Liquor in my liver and these pills that I mixurp
    Gimme a pistol, and a missile, good aim, babe, I won't miss him!
    Now I gotta hear from all your friends
    he, he told me that I'm better off dead
    I, I told him that I'm better on meds
    Then he said that he felt he was mislead
    I'm too morbid, and my eyes are blood red.
    How he gonna blame me, I tried to hold on?
    How he gonna hate me, and try to get gone?
    he don't waste anytime to move on
    Every little flaw gets focused on
    Told all your friends that I'm a *****
    Girl with fangs and this ***** is so rabid
    Now I'm thinking back why I was so passive
    I should have passed it
    Puff puff pass, yeah, already past him
    he's so plastic, I'm so plastered
    Burn it all down, baby, all to ashes!


  6. Hyena

    [Culture] The Southeron

    Well, they were heartlanders and notherons were highlanders iirc.
  7. Hyena

    [Culture] The Southeron

    Am I having a brain melt or didn’t these already exist?
  8. Hyena

    Admin Update Pt. 1

    It’s almost like I told staff that guest apps were a mistake before they were put into place.
  9. Hyena


    I love our devs and don’t want them to be overworked. I just miss being able to make string from wool. @SovietReindeer Sheep jesus btw
  10. I'm looking at you through the glass
    Don't know how much time has passed
    Oh God, it feels like forever
    How do you feel? That is the question
    I can't expect a bit of hope
    How much is real? So much to question
    Contaminating everything
    When thought came from the heart
    It never did right from the start
    And it's the stars
    The stars that shine for you
    But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home
    Sitting all alone inside my head

    1. tenredux


      corey taylor is my favourite vocalist

  11. Hyena


    I miss wool being able to be turned into string.....
  12. Hyena

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    I’ll have you know FM is superior to GM. That being said. My stance has always been that FM and GM team should be separate and one should not be a step hold for the other position. No one cite my GM app. That was a mistake. -1. I see too many posts on the forums that should have been removed/edited as is. FMs should focus on the forums more and not on gathering tags. Not sorry. Genuinely sad at the state I see my beloved team in sometimes.
  13. +1, never thought I’d see you apply for staff but I can see your potential. Helluva roleplayer. Top tier. Just promise me you’ll do some events that aren’t combat based!!
  14. Hyena

    [Q&A] TheDragonsRoost

    Why are you, a fairly new player, allowed to have vanish and fly just to stream? Do you feel you streaming could potentially lead to metagaming? Will you ever clean your room?
  15. I've been roaming around

    You know that I could use somebody

    Someone like you, and all you know, and how you speak

    Off in the night, while you live it up, I'm off to sleep
    Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat
    I hope it's gonna make you notice

  16. If you had to choose between soda and water what would you drink for a week straight? Do you agree that too many events are combat based? What do you miss most about Asulon and Anthos and least miss? If you could undo one thing in your life what would it be and why? Favorite kind of animal?
  17. You're like the ghost within me
    Who's draining my life
    It's like my soul is see through

    But I ain't got a thing to lose, nothing to defend


  18. But excuses lose their weight
    When you're forced into a corner
    And the one you once believed in
    Has left you there alone

  19. Hyena

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    I dread the way people will play rat-like creatures but lets do it.
  20. Hyena

    7.0 Annoucement!

    When I think of human cultures I think of Nordengrad, Renatus, and Haense as being the most distinctly different from each other. Haense and Renatus have the same religion but to my knowledge the tone of their roleplay and politics are different. The same goes for Nordengrad, except it has it’s own religion on top of that. If people feel less invested in a nation because someone else didn’t spend 20 hours a day grinding materials to fix it up then maybe they have other reasons for feeling that way. If I recall correctly, in Anthos nations built their cities before the map was switched to and no one suffered for it.
  21. Hyena

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Nation placement: How does this make any sense for roleplay? Genuine question too: What if a group wants a plot that isn’t “pre-selected”? - Group requirements: Unless the active check is based on the entire time a place has existed on the map...I can see people abusing this by just afk logging in during the activity checks you’ll be doing. Human settlements can’t really be a fully independent settlement for the fear of being warclaimed. What of Nordengrad and Haense, which are both active in their own right but not “fully independent”? I think someone else mentioned it but to my knowledge Haense/Nordengrad being ‘next to’ their ‘Overlord’? would make no sense. Nordengrad is All-Father, Haense has their own justice system and a big RP community who enjoy being further away from the other humans. Anyone is free to correct me on any wrong points. I am but a Salvus Shield at heart, I don’t follow modern day politics. See B - Nation construction: So what I’m gathering is....staff decided everyone spending 1-3 weeks grinding to gather materials to finish the rest of their build would be better than just giving everyone LC for 3-4 days and full access to finish their build right off the bat and get to roleplaying?
  22. Hyena

    Do you want freebuild in 7.0?

    I, for one, wouldn’t mind a freebuild region if it was say, somewhere you went to via a ship fast travel or something. Except, more of a pseudo freebuild where you have to apply for an area in said fast travel region and/or your build has to be approved. I run around the map reporting too many survival minecraft huts as is. Some freebuild is beautiful, others need some TLC. Then again, I’d like a smaller map with nations closer to each other and fewer settlements so roleplay is more centralized. I don’t like running for 20 minutes-3 hours just to find roleplay in which I may or may not be killed and have to start all over again from.