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  1. Pretty sure it was meant to close on Thursday. Unnecessary forum drama is unnecessary.
  2. Norlandic helmet and stone sword squad. 

  3. Alice Damaer Abstain [ ] Arelion Laurir’ante [x]
  4. The Norlandic National Anthem

    Lily Selothan looks at the half ate, burned beyond recognition body of Antonius, which had remained in Norland after he'd been beheaded. "Strange.....very strange..." The morghuul would mutter.
  5. Laid to Rest

    News of Auralia's passing would reach the young Adelith Ruric in Norland. Left hand over her heart, the young girl would crumple to her knees. Mouth half open, eyes filled with tears, Adelith was stunned by the news. Too shocked to cry aloud, tears streamed down her face for the Canonist woman who had once shown her such kindness. Seconds passed by, then minutes, then an hour before the girl's grief began to subside. "Auralia." Her voice was barely a squeak before being lost once more and the girl retreated to her mind, to her own thoughts. 'You showed me such kindness...though I barely knew you. You were unlike the other Canonists I've met as of yet. May the All-Father guide you in the afterlife, Auralia. May Æthelflæd watch over your daughter Belle and your other family members. May Hjarn give them strength to carry on without your presence.' Hours more would pass, the girl unmoving from her room, no one capable of shaking her from her prayers and grief. Despite having not known Auralia long, Adelith was determined to do something to show her gratitude to the woman, in remembrance of the day Auralia had spared her life. Perhaps it was the Canonist's Creator, or maybe it was the All-Father who guided the young girl's feet to the grave site of Auralia de Hartcold, but in the end did it truly matter? A small flower, dug up by it's roots and planted in a pot so it would not wither away and die prematurely, was held in both hands by Adelith. Setting it down on the grave site, the young child offered up a prayer, intentionally vague as to what god she was praying towards. Once content that she could do no more and with a nod of her head, Adelith returned once more to Norland, thinking of what Auralia had said to her during the last time they'd met.
  6. Show your pets ~

    . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . isn't pinned or anything
  7. The Dominion Insider

    "Seyer has always been a bit special in the head." Wither would note to no one in particular, having somehow obtained a copy to read.
  8. Her blood is on your hands.

  9. Alice, locked away in her studies, would sob at the departure.
  10. In Truth, a Letter to All Druids

    Hy'ena would throw a decent sized rock at the song druid. "Shut up, I don't even know you and I already hate you."
  11. Voting Card Name: Adelith Ruric Place of Residence: Ruriksgrad House: Ruric Vote: Jorvik Ruric

    "I'll support uncle Jorvik!" Adelith would squeak.
  13. Ur such a beta Ihy

    1. B7W4


      date number 2 went better less awkward

    2. Hyena


      You're going 2 mke ppl think there was a dte

  14. Iron door roll [Raiding]

    It has always been 19+ and should stay that way. I do think glass should be a 5 or something to break through though.
  15. Whose brilliant idea was it to change it so a "warning" is now a 3 day ban instead of just a warning? Yeah, nice brilliant way to retain players LOTC. 

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    2. TJBMinecraft


      gm's are doing a crackdown, and are making bans more severe. Me and Glocky got banned, him for a week and me for 3 months, for meta however the gm's didn't communicate with us and we got banned out of nowhere.

      Edited by TJBMinecraft
    3. Chorale_


      20 minutes ago, TJBMinecraft said:

      gm's are doing a crackdown, and are making bans more severe. Me and Glocky got banned, him for a week and me for 3 months, for meta however the gm's didn't communicate with us and we got banned out of nowhere.

      For a second offense of metagaming, I believe it's fair.

    4. TJBMinecraft


      without warning?

  16. I change my mind. Pink is better than red. 

  17.  So when are you going to give @GloriaPreussens and everyone else who has posted that exact link some warning points? Just curious, y'know. Inquiring minds would like to know.

    1. Violino


      As a previous FM manager, you are aware that posted content that contains gore is inappropriate on the forums, yet, decided to do so anyway in defiance after another member had been warned. I have not seen any of the said member's post the same content. If you wish to discuss it further, I'm more than welcome for you to do so! Feel free to PM me here on the forum's or you can reach me at my discord: Violino#1016. You may also appeal your points here: Forum Appeals

    2. Hyena
  18. And so, they Ran

    Lily Selothan recalls a certain beheading. "Strange..." The morghuul would mutter. "Very strange..."
  19. I am anger

    1. Its Just Leap

      Its Just Leap

      Is it bad that I could totally jam to this ****?


    2. Hyena


      Nah man. 

    3. Hyena
  20. = The Flower that Wades =

    Elle Noctuid would wait for the Jhazeem in the afterlife. "I'm sorry to see you here so soon." She'd say in a mother's tone. "Sorry I never got that book to you in life." With that she would go quiet for a moment, her red eyes studying the being she'd regarded as her own child in life. "You made me proud in your life, nonetheless."
  21. My mistake GM team, you must have meant a LOTC week, not a REAL week . . .

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    2. McThornz


      War zone when?

    3. Hyena


      Go complain about people complaining on places other than the status I'm complaining on. Replies deleted. 

    4. Hyena


      @Arhbi Yep. Not a free status update. 

  22. Voting Card *The scribbles would be illegible, Hy'ena is incapable of writing well. Instead, the name of Hans would be circled.*