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  1. Nothing goes as planned
    People say goodbye
    All that you rely on
    Will leave you in the morning
    Oh, you're in my veins
    Oh, you're all I taste
    Oh, you run away
    'Cause I am not what you found

    1. Moonman


      r u ok man 😢

    I wanna sleep next to you
    And I wanna come home to you
    I'd rather fuel a fantasy than deal with this alone
    I wanna hold hands with you
    And I wanna get close to you
    If you don't mind, I'll walk that line
    Gray areas and expectations
    I wanna hold hands with you
    I wanna be close to you
    But home is just a room full of my safest sounds
    So come over now and talk me down

  3. To be fair I was on norland's side the entire time last map and he was overall not horrible to me. Plenty of his friends fight against him etc. Just because you've been told someone is a certain way doesn't mean they are. Gossip is gossip.
  4. We found each other

    You gave me comfort
    But falling for you was my mistake
    I put you on top, I put you on top
    I claimed you so proud and openly
    I want you to stay, even though you don't want me
    Why can't you wait? (Why can't you wait, baby?)
    I said I didn't feel nothing baby, but I lied
    I almost cut a piece of myself for your life
    You just wasted my time
    Adam, why can't you wait 'til I fall out of loving?
    I'll be on my
    On my way, all the way

  5.  It’s the way you said it, I caught feelings
    Close my eyes, the best time is when I'm dreaming
    You’re always in my head, and it’s revealing
    The true part of me, please don’t start with me
    Ideas in my skull drive me crazy, if you ask me
    I know you have feelings well I do too
    Baby I've been singing sad songs everyday
    Put that on my life I'm not okay
    And all the lying never mattered
    You can keep my heart

    1. Malgonious



  6. Hyena

    Recent Rule Change

    Ok if I ever rp on this server again and get caught I'll just fake afk for an hour and 28 minutes, come back the last two, then peace out and ss.
  7. Open your eyes and see me
    Tell me it's not too late
    Whisper to me of a sad song
    I always said I believed you
    I know that you never cared at all
    It's not about wasted time
    I should've paid closer attention
    But I didn't bother reading the signs
    Tell me the thing you've never told a soul
    When did you turn on me?
    I'd cry if I thought it would change your mind
    Cry for the one I'd hoped you to be

  8. H, first, and +1 I guess
  9. We're Most people on the server are not rotten to the bone though and this is ridiculous. There are a lot of reasons this BS is being called out now.
  10. 1. I don't think the others know how to do it. 2. That is SUCH bs dude like I don't even care what your logic is. It's such BS. I know I would 100% prefer to be banned for a month over having to catch the most inactive out of touch admin. At least I've seen 501 and Harold, as well as Ioannis and knox roleplay/interact in game. You're like that fat mom at the park who is watching her phone instead of the kid and only looks up when she hears a fight, only to say "play nice now children!" before returning to her phone. 3. Then maybe they aren't worth the hassle and just anger the majority of the playerbase? It's so dumb that you're playing god. You're not. You're just another staff member. 4. And you wonder why we can't retain a playerbase???????!?!????? 5. Damned if you're toxic, ****** in the *** if you're nice. Really gotta say I ******* love lotc's staff's logic. MIss me with this. 6. You're bad for this community when you pull this ****. Out of touch, barely active to my knowledge, literally just a staff member with a fancy title acting like it's his server. Yeah nice. Wake up. Your solution to fix **** is actually trash. You know what really sucks? We can't remove admins, only other admins can to my knowledge. Makes you think.
  11. Well, I was there on the day
    We watched our lives on the screen
    I hate the ending myself
    But it started with an alright scene
    It was a lie when they smiled

    And said you won't feel a thing
    We laughed so hard it would sting
    Now, will it matter after I'm gone?
    This never meant nothing to you
    Bring out the old guillotine
    If I'm so wrong 
    How can you listen all night long? 
    You're just a sad song with nothing to say

  12. -1 we need you grinding on the other game. +2 good for the position.
  13. You're in my stars you know
    Hoping that my words find you somewhere
    I'll never recreate the Time that flies
    The consequence is hanging there
    No one but you could ever fill my night
    Your love is haunting me
    And all I want is more to set me free
    Do you hear me call your name
    I know we will never be the same
    The consequence is hanging there
    No one but you could ever fill my night

  14. Hyena

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Holy healing is hella bad.
  15. Think I'm losing my mind
    When we first met
    we could never keep it
    I know you've been looking for a weakness
    So I shed my skin
    but it never feels right
    Cause I'm out of it 

  16. I can't tell if I gave a really generic answer but I just want to +1 wolfkite's alt for FM.
  17. I'm glad you buy into gossip and rumors on a minecraft roleplay server. Very epic. Sounds more like you've spoken to biased people and never actually gotten to know the guy. I'm sick of people on this trash server believing every rumor they hear about someone. Where's your proof for any of the stuff you just cited about him except word of mouth? I'm so sick of people gossiping and bullshitting and everyone buying into it. "I've heard a bunch of **** about this guy so I'm just going to hate him too!" This is part of why this server is so trash. Y'all can't form your own opinions, you have to go with your clique and believe whatever rumor or story is told to you. I've spent time with lack. I've also listened to the people who **** talked the guy. How they would invite people into calls who DON'T even know Lackless, **** talk him, and do their best to make them dislike him. Then again, I guess if i wanted to coup I'd bring people I wanted as allies in and convince them why my leader is a horrible person. Just kidding. Also yeah, I'm well aware about people being nice on the surface. You don't have to warn me, seen plenty of fake faced brats on this server, especially among the females. I think he has a lot of potential. Think about this, right? If there was any proof for the stuff she likes to accuse him of, he'd already be banned. There's a reason even months later that he isn't. Because it's just bullshit and just petty rumors made up by a petty person. Also random thought but I've seen plenty of chatlogs ((first hand btw before someone kicked me)) where Warhawkes planned to OOCly target him, so eh, maybe that's part of why you all -1'd. But then again...eh, maybe you all actually just judge someone over allegations. Such a great server. I'm glad I don't have a reason to play anymore.
  18. All I want is nothing more
    To hear you knocking at my door
    'Cause if I could see your face once more
    I could die as a happy man I'm sure
    When you said your last goodbye 
    I died a little bit inside

    Why did you leave me
    'Cause you brought out the best of me 
    A part of me I'd never seen

    Edited by Hyena
  19. +1. The only people hating are people who talk unproven crap behind his back. I've seen it first hand. I was in those chats. I didn't like it in the slightest. I find it interesting that everyone -1ing is involved with Warhawkes, the group that kicked him from leadership, and I've yet to see anyone not involved with them -1 him. Maybe the bias is in the mirror and they should do some soul searching before commenting on future GM apps. I suppose I would -1 someone who I shittalked frequently as well if I was a coward and scared of "bias" towards me. Good luck Lack. I think you'll do fine. I think you have potential and just need a chance to shine. Being an AT and a GM could be useful and aid in helping future players. Ave Snoreland.
  20. That's how I'm living my life, 
    Waking up crying, I can't sleep at night
    Anxiety eats me I'm so ******* fried
    Cuttin my wrist, drugs got me lit
    When I'm alone I rely on the blade, ayy
    Missing my guy he so cool, ayy
    We fell in love back in school, ayy
    That's how I'm living my life, ayy

  21. I will disband my heart in your hand
    Will you tell me - See you soon in a while
    Devour me and fill my heart with courage
    Rip out my lungs and kill my fever
    Will you tell me - See you soon in a while
    All the happy faces and memories are killing me
    Please tell me that I only sleep
    Close the circle, come to an end
    Metamorphosis begins

  22. Hyena

    [Poll] Paid LC Feedback/Opinions

    I have never seen anyone roleplay anything based around resource collecting. I have, however, seen GMs ban people over breaking a block on their shop. Enabling LC will let people focus on roleplay instead of grinding 14 hours a day for a week to get the necessary stuff to build. Fly and LC should be allowed.
  23. I left a message on IRC
    You never replied
    I see your face
    You ghost of mine
    You're taking up all my time
    Thought I heard you saying my name
    Oh no what a shame
    You're under my skin
    I swear I barely ever sleep

  24. I should have left you
    I’m deluded to stay, 
    But you had me at ‘goodbye’
    We got nothing in common
    Except all our problems and pain
    And I hate all your friends and the knife that you twist
    When you say you always win
    I hate you every time I close the door
    I loved you, what am I supposed to do?
    I don't even know you
    You don't know me when I'm not high
    it’s past 3 am and you're with him again
    And I'm punching through your door