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  1. "Meta" is a heck of a drug man.


    1. Lord Sagan

      Lord Sagan

      Props to the person who made the meme.

    2. InfamousGerman


      what did she mean by this

    3. Fury_Fire
  2. Explains why I joined them.
  3. IDK man, a lot of random people adopted Lily and she turned out oka-. Okay yeah I see your point. 

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    2. Lord Sagan

      Lord Sagan

      so does context, tbf

    3. Leap1Games


      it doesn't help too much, tbf

    4. Lord Sagan

      Lord Sagan

      I mean there's a difference between retrieving the body of someone you adored and dancing with the headless corpse of some dude Knox killed in Arethor.

  4. Nah this is Patrick. ~ In all seriousness, I'm hyped for a new map and hope the needs of each group of descendants are considered and factored in.
  5. Your sister was adopted by a random man and you were nowhere to be found. SMH Worst Sister 2017!

  6. Hello, yes, this is a friendly reminder to everyone. Don't post on this BR unless you are on the list.
  7. No meme. Someone link me new music. Please?

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    2. Leap1Games


      where do I start?

      Look up some gorillaz, NSP if you want a good laugh, virtual riot, bullet for my valentine, shinedown, avenged sevenfold. 

      All of the above are really good bands so have fun.


    3. Aeldrin
    4. Lord Sagan

      Lord Sagan

      @AeldrinThis is that top tier stuff I have been seeking.

  8. I honestly can't see why you are complaining about your internet speed... And now the world knows my excuse for being awful at PvP.
  9. Same but I didn't even read it
  10. Friendly reminder to ask for permission to post before replying if you aren't already on the allowed player list.
  11. Dairy is actually very bad for rats. That would not end well. They would probably ignore the kale and go straight for the noodles though, like my boys do.
  12. *Stalling for two hours while they call for back up on skype/TS/Discord. Good old Anthos days.
  13. Sometimes you don't have a choice in going afk, real life emergencies occur.
  14. I think it should be PvP default now. Back in the day I was 100% for RP default but now, eh. We've lost the quality of details and people get way too salty. If you don't have the ooc skill/knowledge, why pretend you do ICly? Watching how some groups and people don't understand how arrows/bows, armor, swords, maces, etc work but emote them anyways has hurt my soul. If we still had a hub for new players to learn how to roleplay fight (i.e. Salvus back in the day, guard force was good for that purpose) then I'd be more in favor. We don't, however, and I don't foresee one popping up that does a good job of it for a long time. People wanted PvP default and we argued against it, and to me it just wouldn't work anymore (especially with Nexus). So here we are.