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  1. So send me off to hell, I prefer the warm weather
    No I wouldn’t have it any other way
    And I won’t look back
    Cause I feel so alive
    Where others would feel so dead
    So you can nail me up, you can crucify me Dean
    Good or bad, at least I pushed the limits
    At least you can say I lived it
    I was never the one to hold my breath
    Never the one to bite my tongue
    And after all of the critics I’ll be the bad guy
    I’ll take the burden for the person you’ve become
    Probably why I drink like a fish
    Tryin to drown all my problems but they learn to swim
    All this hate but somehow I love it
    ****, you could probably tell by the sound of it
    Looking back now man I’m pretty proud of it
    There’s a hole in my chest where my heart once was
    Now it’s vacant I need a replacement
    I’m surrounded by some who are just as heartless
    But I’m numb to ‘em all see I’ve grown complacent
    It’s hard to stay real you sure were fake ****
    And I won’t look back

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