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  1. Staring out to the cage-like walls
    Time goes by and the shadows crawl
    World's out there singin' the blues
    Twenty more dead on the evening news
    Think to myself "really, what's the use?"
    I'm just like you, I was born to lose
    Why oh why can't you just fix me?
    When all I want's to feel numb
    But the medication's all done
    Why oh why does God hate me?
    When all I want's to get high
    And forget this so-called life
    Can't wait to feel better than I ever will
    Hate myself, if I can go for miles


    1. Dtrik


      Cutting my skin to release the soul

      The flesh impure, the mind is whole

      For the increasing of edge is my goal

    2. rukio


      @Harold You’re old, your kids miss you. Time to go back in the house and stop spending time in your shed playing minecraft!!!!

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