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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48FIcOFTAq0

    Where you been most my life? The **** have you been hidin' at?
    Think about the moment I decided I loved you
    And it's too late, I can't undo
    I feel like you're the one, there's only one you
    I down a glass of water, crush a pill in it, uh
    This life is crazy, they say, "Deal with it"
    I been in my head and I'm still in it
    So dark, you probably could develop film in it
    Uh, and that means pitch black
    The best joy I ever had, I can't forget that
    If I went a day without you, then I'd hate that
    I lost my mind when I lost you, I didn't want that
    If you choose to go open up this door
    I hope you find all the things you're searchin' for
    Ayy, we both left broken and bruised
    Now I just feel displaced and used
    But don't get **** confused
    Mixed up from all the drugs we both use
    You left me for dead
    Runnin' back the last words that you said
    Old texts left on read
    I still can't get you outta my head
    You don't wanna talk, it's gettin' me down
    I try to sleep it off, but I'm still comin' down
    Lingerin' pain is comin' back around
    **** the bullshit, I just want you right now
    Um, okay, great
    So let's move on from that
    We gotta play it one more time

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