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  1. John Napier applauds such a move by the Pontiff. The best solution outside of murder for the sinful snakes of Savoy was humiliation under the eyes of the LORD.
  2. To all Orenians of Stout Heart, and Pious Virtue, I pen this open letter to you to inform you, and to beseech you. The events of the last month have been tumultuous and dark beyond belief. The Emperor, Philip III has shown his hand, and revealed himself to be a kinslayer, regicide, and fratricide. He, using the D'Azor family, and Savoyard Assassins and bandits, slew many of the Imperial family in a reckless and selfish bid for power. Not satisfied with such inconceivable villainy, the Emperor then orchestrated a plot by which to see the MURDER of the Pontiff, and his replacement with an Anti-Pontiff, citing schismatic doctrines. This man who claimed the 'Mandate of Heaven' would launch the Empire into another dark age of not just civil war - but holy war, in the fruitless throes of heresy and degeneracy. This letter is short, but it lays out the deeds. Orenians - Countrymen - I have served since the days of Peter III. Yet this was the action that chased me from my country, and my home. Leave the Empire. Desert the army. Fight agaisnt those who remain. They must not continue, nor shall they not, for the revenge they have summoned upon themselves shall strike in Heaven, and on Earth. Godspeed, my wayward countrymen. John Napier.
  3. Hearing such news, a certain Adunian Half Orc would let out a tremendous shout, and buy all the folk in the tavern ale on the house.
  4. Wealth beyond measure, Outlander.


  5. Discord username: you literally have it Ever played a Discord/Forum rp before? you literally know this Favorite Sci-fi book or story? DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE
  6. approve this lore or i will attack you
  7. I motion to declare Dingo as a landscar to be removed.

    1. Javert
    2. punished breeni

      punished breeni

      Sorry I only answer to Lord Quentin Brae. 

  8. John Napier cheers on his new favourite team, the Hedgehogs for their pluck, determination, and undefeated track record!
  9. John Napier cheers on the Vigilants, throwing a beer-bottle at the closest Nordling fan when they took the final goal of the game.
  10. Providence Vigilants have it 100% no way

  11. MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM Name: John Napier Age: 52 Sex: Male Statement of Expertise: I have spent many years in the Government of Oren, serving in the House of Commons, the Ministry of Justice, and the Foreign department. I have often dabbled in Naturalism, Theology, and History. I also work as Court Tutor in the Augustine Palace.
  12. LOTC: Where telling KKK Roleplayers to **** off gets you warned

    1. drfate786


      There's this magical thing called a report button, you should try it instead of being cringe.

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      Hey me to lol

    3. Carson


      happened to me one time way back

  13. Hanrahan

    The Ruka Band

    "Dear Bumba'Izig, I would very much enjoy it if you could visit Providence, Oren ,sometime soon and show myself, and others interested this wonderful facet of your peoples history. Sincerely, John Napier."
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