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  1. then why does any lore have rules dude what the hell
  2. 2265 rep and counting

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      I can't wait until I hit 5k rep

    2. seannie


      han in da club with his rep points

    3. FlemishSupremacy


      rep ratio weaker than the average orenian's jawline

  3. did... did u read the rules i proposed t_t
  4. That's a good point, but I still disagree with it. I don't think infantilizing the playerbase like that helps, considering it's so incredibly diverse. The wants of, for lack of a better term, 'the gun lobby', are varied. I think by far the most of us who are in favour are in it for flavour. We don't want to powergame, we don't want to "get and edge". We make up a large percentage of the playerbase, according to previous polls, roughly half the server. While there will always be a few cheeky goons, they shouldn't speak for all of us. There's bad magic players, there's bad knight players, there'
  5. legit im in favour of this kind of thing i want to see communities embrace (or not!!) them!! flavour them how u like!! have fun with it :)
  6. that would be a named crossbow!
  7. Gunpowder and Musket Rules By Harren, (Hanrahan#4886) Preface: Frankly, I don’t believe we should have specialized lore for these things. Just as we do not have lore for steel swords, wooden bows, or chainmail armour, I believe that they should be introduced as a vanilla item that anyone can access. This is because when the lore is tailored to lotc, or, more accurately, a faction on lotc, it becomes a clique item that is hoarded or culturally coded to one specific group (Medesculators). If someone wishes to change ‘the basics’, (Which I will lay out here), they wil
  8. STATEMENT FROM THE INSPECTOR-GENERAL: REGARDING THE TOPIC OF THE INVESTIGATION OF 1789 11th of Sigismund’s End, 1821 The 1789 Investigation, also known as the ‘Vursur Case’ was an inconclusive report issued by Solicitor-General Basileus. The investigation found no viable suspects, and declared that Tanith Vursur had been kidnapped and assaulted by assailants impossible to identify and put the case to bed. In the succeeding thirty-one years, newfound cause for investigation has propelled the Ministry of Justice to reappraise the case, looking at old and new evidence.
  10. man while i was very wroth in the moment this is the best way to handle it, apologize, explain the mistake, then lay out a concrete and open plan about how you will fix it in the future we love to see it :)
  11. man these mouse ppl are cute i love redwall

  12. man tbh theres literally no reason not too its not like you can even use a submarine in a combat way it'd be just for events and like "wow lets look at these cool underwater ruins or dungeons" like yeesh going to pvp on a submarine build i think not
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