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  1. Senator Napier, after listening carefully to Senator May’s speech would say this; Mr Senator, This is an undoubtedly excellent, and fitting bill for the times we live in. It addresses problems past, present, and future. What’s more, it shows to ourselves, the world, and our GOD, that we are indeed a worthy people of rational thought and reasoning. The ancient days of martial dominance and abuse have gone one for far too long, and must be swept out of our house. We have struggled, over the centuries, to provide fitting laws, punishments, and build a legal system to serve both Justice and deterrence to crime. The road has been very long indeed, with many shameful acts of barbarity done in the name of righteous Justice. With our rational minds, we may now see the great err of our ways and the way forward beyond our mistakes. Mr. May’s bill does just that. I support it completely.
  2. “A firmly admirable document, something long time coming and long time needed.” The Elderly Senator Napier would comment to himself as he read the news..
  3. Fifth Session of the Imperial Senate, 1744-1746 Accompanying Vice Chancellor Joachim Huss, President Pro Tempore Charles Napier took his position near the dais as he saw the opening of the next session of the Imperial Senate. The Senators of the respective provinces piled inside Varoche Hall as the clamor and murmur of the galleries echoed throughout the chamber. A sudden thud emanated throughout the chamber as the Vice Chancellor used the gavel, calling the convocation to order. The room was reduced to silence as all occupants turned their attention toward the dais. The President Pro Tempore cleared his throat before reading from his address: “Members of the Fifth Session of the Imperial Senate, We inaugurate this most august body with great solemnity and resolve. Our duties to this Empire are clear: uphold our oath to the Empire and advocate for the welfare of our constituents. Each of us has a mandate to fulfill in this Senate. The people have made it clear that each of us is worthy to be a steward of the Rule of Law and the voice of the citizens. Nothing is more honorable and more vital than honest representation, civil discourse, and robust commitment to the betterment of our society. In this spirit, I offer you my sentiments and priorities. The Holy Orenian Empire, while still engaged in conflict, persists with greater resolve to promote the cultural unity of humanity. May our work in this chamber serve to benefit this goal, fostering good relations with each other, and strengthening our institutions to create a domain that works for all.” Upon the conclusion of his remarks, the Vice Chancellor proceeded to call the roster of the current members of the Fifth Session of the Senate. “The senior senator from Helena, Dr. Charles Napier, Whose term expires in the year 1746, The junior senator from Helena, Mr. Cyrus Basrid, Whose term expires in the year 1748, The senior senator from Haense, Mr. Siegmund Corbish, Whose term expires in the year 1746, The junior senator from Haense, Mr. Terrence May, Whose term expires in the year 1748, The senior senator from Kaedrin, Mr. Marcus Micloskey, Whose term expires in the year 1746, The junior senator from Kaedrin, Mr. Richard Gubanguly-Levi, Whose term expires in the year 1748, The senior senator from Curon, Ms. Vivaca Rutledge, Whose term expires in the year 1746.” The junior senator from Curon, Mr. Hugo Wright, Whose term expires in the year 1748.” ((Only the people whose characters are listed above may post.))
  4. IMPERIAL SENATE SESSION OF 1744 14th of Sigismund’s End, 1744 Charles Napier would call to attention the members of the Senate, as well as the Emperor. “This Session has been most productive and clarifying. We have passed the Imperial Budget, and voted to propose Senator May’s Employment Bill to the Crown, two decisive steps in remedying the economy of this nation, and helping end the war. Furthermore, we have assembled a cast of gentlemen to serve on the circuit and supreme courts. Without any further ado, I call upon the Emperor to provide assent to Mr. Terrence May’s IMPERIAL OPPORTUNITIES EMPLOYMENT BILL As well as the IMPERIAL BUDGET FOR 1744 As well as the SARTORIALLY APPROVED CANDIDATES FOR THE SUPREME AND CIRCUIT COURTS. Finally, The President requests the Emperor Prorogue the Senate until further Notice.
  5. FULL NAME: William Charles Napier AGE: 21 RACE: Harrenite RELIGION: Adunian Canonism REGIMENT OF CHOICE:1st Regiment ((MC name)): Harren ((Time zone)): GMT ______________
  6. President Pro Tempore Charles Napier would bang his gavel upon the stand, calling the Senate to order. “Over this last session, we have introduced, discussed, and now voted upon several subjects. The final tallies for all matters are thus; FOR THE PROPOSAL OF THE IMPERIAL BUDGET OF 1744, SIX YEAS ONE ABSTAIN FOR THE PROPOSAL OF SENATOR CHARLES NAPIERs IMPERIAL PRESERVES BILL FIVE NAYS ONE YEA ONE ABSTAIN FOR SENATOR TERRENCE MAYs IMPERIAL EMPLOYMENT BILL SIX YEAS ONE ABSTAIN
  7. Senator Charles Napier writes in to comment that his favourite variety of Tea is not green, but instead a pleasant black tea, 1/10th milk, 1/10th sugar.
  8. President Pro Tempore Charles Napier would rise to the stand, “I wish to call upon this chamber to review, and if acceptable, pass this budget for assent to the Emperor.” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dREBebZemrK-tHprdtLEc4DLWCwHss9-L1hPQrJLSlY/edit
  9. Napier would rise to the podium, a proper bill in his hands – which copies of would be distributed to the rest of the Senators in the Hall. “Gentlemen, today is the day of legislation introduction. I shall begin with the Imperial Preserves Bill – a controversial, yet vitally crucial bill. In my earnest opinion, it is most necessary to enact a bill such as this for not only the preservation of unique scenes of natural wonder, but as an economic bulwark as well. We have little regulation in this Empire, and the tradesmen – though not foolish, lack the sight of the ‘big picture’, so to speak. In half a decade, a hundred or more lumberers may fell a forest and provide no replanting, only moving on to the next patch they may harvest. It does not take a great degree of education to see the problems in this sort of practice. Sustainability of resources, and the preservation of the unique are both at threat. This bill aims to engage the latter issue, and certainly there will be a bill soon to tackle the former. Thank you, I now present the Bill to Question.” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S-D4RVk8lXHvctrN7F2NL1RipirbV9HRb-opsXYu3I4/edit
  10. Joint Statement from the Offices of Senator Terrence May and Doctor Charles Napier IMPERIAL SENATE COMMISSION ON THE ‘HAESENI’ PLAGUE 10th of Harren’s Folly, 1743 | 296 ES My dear constituents, It has come to my attention that rumors of questionable credibility of a ‘plague’ originated and infested our nation. These details indicate that the urban centers and the granaries around Reza are to blame as this so-called disease has spread toward the Ruberni crossroads and as far to the Morsgradese who have astonishingly reported widespread cases. Therefore, in order to investigate these matters with haste, I am announcing an Imperial Senate Commission on the ‘Haeseni’ Plague. I am inviting our esteemed colleague from Helena, Doctor Charles Napier, to accompany me and Senator Corbish to perform casework in this constituency. The intent of the commission is to provide utmost clarity and transparency so that if there is great consternation over health issues, the government will be readily poised to address it. Suspicion over the last few saint’s hours have indicated that if this disease is so widespread, why have no other cases been reported elsewhere? It is important to me and I believe I speak for all of our Haeseni people that the truth must be uncovered so as to prevent any fatalities and illnesses to wrack our homes. We must safeguard our children and our families with deliberate speed and find diagnoses and cures without delay. I am calling upon all of my constituents to remain at ease and to allow our medical officials to perform this vital work. I urge all to remain equally vigilant and to ensure that they practice proper hygiene in order to quarantine any forms of infectious diseases or toxins. I am calling on increasing inspections for farmers and all imports from merchants, boiling water before using it, and abiding by all forthcoming directives that this commission may have to impart. Sen. T. May Commision on the RUMOURS of Plague in Reza. The preposterous claim by the thoroughly medieval ‘physicians’ if one could title them so (I personally think not) that there is a bout of plague occurring in Reza is of course, without any understanding or scientific backing. In virtually all forms of plague or pandemic, urban centers are always struck first, as they contain the most fruitful conditions to allow a plague to spread. In their letter, they detail how it spread from the rural areas into the urban centers. Secondly, the symptoms are completely irrelevant to any known disease so far known to man. Virtually all diseases cause significant physical alterations in the body, coughing, headaches, fever, weakness, sores, pox, rash, and so forth. What they do not do is cause significant hallucination and alteration of the state of mind. The answer for this can be found in a most subtle and yet common affliction of RYE grains, where the ‘plague’ was first reported. Ergot spores growing from Rye Grains. There is a common mould which fixes itself upon healthy grains of rye wheat, and is often ignored by the layman farmer. It can grow to cover a fifth of the harvest, and thusly - if the corrupted grains are not picked out of the lot, end up mixed with the rest. Then, as the mixed grains are sent to the mill, and eventually processed into bread, the spores of the mould are baked into said bread. The Spores of this mould cause many of the symptoms listed by the Morsgrad report. Severe hallucinations, an inability to speak, muscle spasms and muscle failure. It is a powerful toxin that severely hampers the mental processes. However, it is NOT FATAL, and will soon pass away when the infected bread is no longer consumed. The source of the mould is most likely traceable back to the Morsgrad occupation force. It is not outside the realm of reason that bread or grain they travelled with was infected, and they were not aware of it. As their hasty observations conclude - it is almost certain that they could not be aware of it. Prevention of Ergot infection is very easy and manageable. Boil harvested grains. Infected grains will float, whereas healthy grains sink. Plow deep the fields. Ergot will not spore if the grain is planted below two inches of soil. Rotate crops, and break up monoculture fields. This reduces the chances of full contamination and spread. Dr. C. Napier Signed, His Excellency, Doctor Charles Napier, Imperial Senator from Helena His Excellency, Terrence May, Imperial Senator from the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Chairman of the Imperial Senate Committee on Justice
  11. DOCTOR Charles Napier begins an investigation into these reports with haste...
  12. The president of the Assembly would stand, looking about to the other senators. “Thank you all for attending, and passing the Coppinger Bill. Another thanks to Mr. Beezlebup, for dutifully takin the minutes of our session. The total tally for the vote was.. FOUR votes AYE, THREE votes ABSTAIN, ONE vote NAY. The bill has officially been PASSED by this legislature, and we shall now call upon HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY to provide Crown Assent.” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XkOcQAWAd9wnJMzgJ6oavw5yFBxpJcjxsg5NELg_MyU/edit?ts=5dd86b44
  13. FULL NAME: William Charles Napier AGE: 22 RACE: Human RELIGION: Canonist ((MC name)): Harren ((Time zone)): MST
  14. It’s more the matter of the principle of speech and engagement. I should be able to discuss, if I want, with other people who are willing, contemporary problems of the day. Although this is primarily a role-play community, it is also a community just as that, and in community, people meet others with differing opinions, hold discussions, arguements, and debates. Not only was this NOT a problem before Telanir stirred the hornets nest here, it’s a sneaky response to get rid of those whom make the occasional glibe comment. It’s a way to get another rule to ban people that the staff doesn’t like.
  15. Simply because it isn’t the main purpose of it does not mean it should be banned with threat of removal of those who engage in it.
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