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  1. Henry Lyons completely forgets about responsibilities he may have and sends in his application!
  2. "I fail to see anyone here who's willing to pay more than myself" states the potential customer!
  3. "four thousand is an unreasonable price, i'll offer one thousand." Says Edmund Lyons You know who doesn't have unreasonable prices? Lyons Cartography!
  4. **MC Names of all involved** CartographyKing **Description** If you try to create a map in some areas it will look weird and incomplete **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Go to X -556 Z-814 2. spawn in a blank map 3. use the map **Expected Behavior** **Actual Behavior** **Additional Information** For the expected behaviour screenshot i downloaded a few chunks and made the map in single player, so it's probably one of the plugins making it all weird. There are other areas where this happens mostly near the ice wall, if you need more specific coordinates just reply in the topic and i'll get them for you **Error Message** <!--- If you received an error then please post it in the empty space below, -->
  5. **Username** CartographyKing **Description** whatever image slicing plugin you're using is messing up and sometimes overwrites normal maps, so when i want a map of a nice Norlandic field i get this If i had to guess what went wrong here is that whatever plugin you're using to make these memes is not assigning map ID's correctly here's a totally accurate representation of how I think the process goes: Staff member: "I think i'll make an image of Pepe on a map that i can show to my friends, this is not at all abusing my powers" Server: "Okiedokie here's a map with the ID #541" Staff member: "YaYyyy~~~~~ xDDDDDDD" Me, an intellectual: "Good evening m'lady server *tips hat* i have right clicked this item and would like you to turn it into a map" Server: "ok looks like your new map has the ID #541 please enjoy this image of a memefrog" Me, an intellectual. "Codswallop" I haven't seen the code but that's what I think is happening **Date of occurance** <!--- Please try to give us as accurate a date as you can recall to the time this bug occurred --> **In game specifications** <!--- Who are you, what persona were you on at the time of this bug, etc. --> **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. use image slicing plugin to make a meme 2. hope nobody else making a map 3. make a map the way GOD intended **Expected Behavior** a nice map **Actual Behavior** pepe the frog **Additional Information** **Error Message**
  6. thank you for your work







    1. King of Cartography

      King of Cartography

      I do it all for the rep ;)

  7. MAPS


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    1. DarkElfs


      Looking good so far dude 

    2. King of Cartography

      King of Cartography

      tanks, if things go well it'll be done tomorrow

    3. D4NNA
  8. Wandering souls have to register a persona, they can't select their race so they are unable to walk around.
  9. John Lyons, the cartographer of the Westerlands fully endorses this venture!
  10. A small flyer is hung up in several settlements and cities. Lyons Cartography inc, presents! The map of the Dragon River! Just north of the old Orcish territories there lies a FIERCE and HELLISH landscape, it is littered with bones of the dragons of old and the undead stalk the landscape looking for FLESH to eat. Any adventurer would be MAD to go there and try to chart it out! Now thanks to Lyons Cartography Inc, you don't have to! Just five hundred minas will get you a copy of this superbly detailed map, hang it in your parlor to tell frightening tales of the undead. Hang it in your living room to remind you every day of the awesome battle between dragons that must have taken place long ago, or if you're feeling particularly adventerous you can use this map to chart out an expedition of your own! the options are limitless! Order your copy now, it's only five hundred minas! Correspond to John Lyons at Bastion, the Kingdom of the Westerlands to order your very own copy now! Limited supply available.
  11. Word reaches them that their orders are ready and that they may report to Death's end to complete the purchase. (( message me when i'm online, i'm counterfactual))
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