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  1. I checked that diary so many times I was afraid you’d report me for stalking!
  2. Juan Salinas Ruiz Villalpando de Ponce de Lyons approves this diary from the seven skies
  3. Last Will and Testament OF JUAN SALINAS RUIZ VILLALPANDO DE PONCE DE LYONS DECLARATION. I, Juan Lyons, a legal adult with an address at Black street IV, Reza, being of competent and sound mind, do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament and do hereby revoke any and all wills and codicils heretofore made jointly or severally by me. I further declare that this Last Will & Testament reflects my personal wishes without any undue influence whatsoever. BACKGROUND INFORMATION. At the time of this Last Will & Testament I am not yet married and have no known ch
  4. Step 1: navigate to AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\logs Step 2: find the log you want to scribe Step 3: unzip it step 4: upload the .log file to https://minecraftrpscribe.pythonanywhere.com/ step 5: Smile because you don’t need to scroll through a billion lines of garbage data There's a 50mb limit on files All files are instantly deleted after being processed if you don't trust me to delete your logs and you know python just run this instead with open('LOGNAME.log','r') as logfile: buffer = [line.split("[CHAT]")[1].strip() for line in logfile if '[
  5. “I AM JEAN JACQUES LeDrow and fear not madame Tanith, I have come to save you from these bandits HONHONHON!” “PVP default kk 321go” [!] 5 seconds later.....
  6. “Konstantin Wick is as brilliant in the courtroom as he is clumsy in the ballroom, and in either arena, he isn’t afraid to step on a few toes!” says Juan Salinas Ruiz Villalpando de Ponce de Lyons.
  7. Is that the windows 10 edition of minecraft? LOTC is on the original Java version so you can’t play LOTC with the windows 10 edition.
  8. Explore Arcas, get paid!


    1. Urara


      *puts on pith helmet*

    2. Xaevial


      *Ready’s timberland's and shorts*

  9. The NGS Board of Exploration The Northern Geographical Society (NGS) requires brave men and women from all races and creeds to chart the unknown and to rediscover the lost! For this reason we have created the NGS Exploration Board. In accordance with my recent appointment as Director I have decided to focus on the lands WEST of the Dwarven mountains, we have a budget of Eight thousand Minas as compensation for the following expeditions. For information on how to locate the areas in the contract, you may consult my boo
  10. OOC: For a while now i’ve been wanting to go to an area and write about it, you can consider everything in this book to be public knowledge! If there’s settlements in the west and i didn’t write about it then i’m very sorry! I visited a lot of places but decided to only write about stuff that looked interesting or where i could find people. Huge thanks to @Urara @AndrewTech @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth for helping me!
  11. Juan Salinas Ruiz Villalpando de Ponce de Lyons smiles at the letter, knowing that when women were finally free to choose their own husband, they would all choose him.
  12. Well make sure those tears don't land on any of my maps or that discount is gone
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