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  1. bit of a spit in the face of people who worked hard to keep their nation active to obtain a tile if inactive groups get given tiles zzz

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    2. Hobbs_Burrows


      This system was introduced this year. You really don’t believe that we ever had a better way of doing it previously?

    3. funnyGoTavatar




      racial spawns

    4. Pond


      “Yeah I keep being told that even though I have yet to name a single settlement - Big think

      That's not how activity is checked.”


      This itself proves your ignorant. Orcs have a settlement, multiple if you count the one near Kaz’Ulrah and count Fort Strong. Staff are incompetent, you included. Yes, orcs have less numbers then humans, by a mega ton. Humans, every single map, have been a powerhouse of numbers. I’m sure you saw that 90% of human nations/groups obtained nation status/land next map, and Fenn beind the only elf nation as far as I know. Your ignorant, so stop speaking about the matter. If you’re original comment was directed towards halflings, then mention them, but from what I’m getting at, you mean orcs included. Your ignorant, so honestly just stop speaking about the matter, and it blows me away at how you’re staff with the level of passive aggressiveness you put off. 

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