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  1. Take a moment today to give your prayers to those suffering in New Zealand.

  2. Sky

    -= The Crow Flies =-

    The night air of Reza had a bitter edge to its wind that night, breezes causing the silent city to be filled with the eerie cries of unseen entities. Most others around were either under thick covers within their bedding or in front of a warm flickering fire, the Lord of Ruthern was not doing either. Demetrius var Ruthern was instead sat on a discarded crate situated within one of Reza’s alleyways, pale-blue gaze staring towards one brick wall with the other flanking his immediate back. The only movement coming from the alleyway was the fluttering of the man’s cape due to the breeze, and the man’s constant rhythmic clenching of blooded fists.
  3. Sky

    The Player Type Analysis

    You seem to have a very limited view on this, considering there are more than just two types of players and if we are going with ‘public’ and ‘private’ as the sectors, then that would be more of a spectrum where people are spliced between the two – What characters do you typically play? Like, the race and personality are the two I am most interested in.
  4. Sky


    Cake, you have quite the history when it comes to breaking rules revolving around PvP and the likes, from looking at the Moderation section of the forums which documents bans and warnings, so I am genuinely curious to see you tell me something – How is this appeal to a change of behaviour going to actually show change from you as a person? What can you tell me that will convince me that unbanning you won't simply result in you breaking another rule and end up back here?
  5. are traps gay

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sky


      the 👏 d*ck 👏 makes 👏 it 👏 cuter 👏

    3. HurferDurfer1


      two pp twice as manly

    4. squishybear7


      only if you know its a trap

  6. Sky

    [✗] Appeal

    You put absolutely no effort into this, I am in no way inclined to accept this – Denied, take 24 hours to write up a proper appeal.
  7. Sky

    A rant about the Application Team

    What is the Application Team?
  8. Sky

    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname: RideTheSky IC Name: Demetrius Tuvya var Ruthern Residency: Ruthern Estate Title: Duke
  9. Sky

    This map sucks...

    Seth, if you dress up in feminine clothing and call me daddy, I’ll make you my trap-gf – How does that offer sound?
  10. Sky

    This map sucks...

    When are you going to become straight? You know, since being gay is just a phase.
  11. Sky

    Community Team Monthly Update - Feb

    So, Tailor’s guild was dropped?
  12. Sky

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    I should note, I am open to them being implemented. I just would rather not have them implemented, however, if they are then I will give them a good go by looking at them as objectively as I can – Goodluck with the lore piece.
  13. Sky

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    Please no. It has absolutely nothing to do with your written lore, I simply just have a personal belief that guns should not be in Lord of the Craft as I believe they do not fit the theme, and before anyone quotes me to try to give me the ‘but what about’ argument, I assure you there are many things that we have been implemented in the past that I disagree with (IE. magical artificial intelligence, magic guns, etc).