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  1. Last time I was a bandit and gave a small group antagonistic role-play, they stalled until another group happened upon us and initiated upon us. Not to say that it was definitely a metasquad, but the instance would not of taken as long as it did if all partieswere cooperative. Therebis no real way of solving this problem from a rule perspective either, cause it is on the individual to just not be a c*nt about it and call in the metasquad.
  2. Gotta say the font looks rather similar to ‘Fantasy’ on cooltext.com (https://cooltext.com/Logo-Design-Fantasy). Edit: Realized this sounds like I am trying to ‘call you out’, not at all – They are clearly different in their details, just a similarity that I noticed.
  3. If you are looking for a reason to kill him (IE. this poll), then you already are wanting them off.
  4. Sky

    Why Do You Play?

    I do not think I would be exaggerating if I said 90% of the active players do not play primarily because they like the server but rather due to the friends they make and the sub-communities they have joined.
  5. Sky

    The Response

    I too enjoy splicing together people’s message – I call this one; A Mess.
  6. Honestly, just turn off all ability to touch the world and have all edits (fort additions included) made by the fabulous world developers.
  7. - Need suggestions for a new character – Genuinely considering Wood Elf Druid once more. Though I would like more suggestions. Please and thank you. - Remember to smile, people.
  8. Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head?
  9. My lord, am I absolutely bored of the current state of things and yet I am constantly yanked by the heartstrings to return here. So could someone recommend me something to do? Do you have a character or position filled and would like me to do it then tell me, honestly I am down for almost anything but yeah? Don’t know what else to say – Could also recommend character archetypes I guess, looking for something to do apart from my fuckabout dryad character.
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