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  1. Sky

    Human Subforums

    We are just going to have to agree to disagree then, I simply refuse to have any of my nation’s threads in a subforum that someone else has control over and can dictate whether or not it gets archived. I also prefer being able to be organized and let the people of a singular nation click on their nation’s sub-forum and only get given things relevant to them, instead of being overwhelmed by stuff that doesn’t concern them. It’s nice to see you back Aetosian, but mate you are so out of the loop, sorry man.
  2. Sky

    Human Subforums

    But they aren’t “subnations”, each nation is run independently with zero oversight, so I don’t see why they should be forced to only have two threads each? It’s fine the way it is and doesn’t take more than another click to look in the other sub-forums.
  3. Sky


  4. Sky

    Human Subforums

    Every established nation should be allowed to have a sub-forum to keep everything organized. You should know that established nations have several threads dictating government, military, laws, etc.
  5. Sky

    New Player Guide Ideas

    How voting not only helps the server but also gives them free bread daily.
  6. Sky


    That could have been his reasoning, I wouldn’t know why he didn’t just put his discord.
  7. Sky


    I’m looking at one of the past bans on you and the reason they used ‘-GM TEAM’ was due to the fact that it was something that was discussed by a handful of the team members (the major griefing of Nordengrad), and so in this case that was appropriate considering that it wasn’t exactly a singular member of the team. Protocol actually is for the staff to put their discord in the ban-message unless it falls under a couple categories, which could be whether they feel they will be personally targeted or otherwise threatened by the individual but quite frankly with a team as large as we have, the banned player will find out one way or another.
  8. Sky

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    An aged Mali’aheral wearing a highly expensive custom-fitted suit is read the details whilst within his tall ivory tower, after a moment of silence the million-mina trooper begins to pop his collar, at the surprise of his man-servant. “Oh relax, if I have to spend time with the rabble then I have to look like them, no? – Oh, they don’t do this anymore, by Larihei they have adopted some class then.” The aged elf then returns his collar to its downward state and a sigh of relief became noticeable. “Oh Mister Sullas, one truly misses such a refined gentleman such as yourself.”
  9. As a note - being afk in a town does not add to the activity of that town.
  10. Every time I use the word inactive I specifically am sure not to namedrop any settlement, why? Because I don’t go around to places to check on activity, though my opinion is still that of inactive groups shouldn’t be given places – What I mean by this is, genuine inactive places shouldn’t get it and places with activity should be given land, perhaps not nation-sized land if they don’t require it but land nonetheless.
  11. Admins not GMs – No other staff have any say on which groups get land.
  12. going back and forth at each other's throats is not ending in anything but annoyances – i was wrong and would like to apologize for starting this shitstorm