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  4. Jace Evans Basic Information Age: 40 (as of the 9th of Malin’s Welcome, 1509) (( May 28, 2015 )) Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive and well Description Height: 5’10” Weight: 170 lbs Body Type: Average; Jace was rather skinny during his youth, and during his long service in the Akovian and later the Orenian military, he was a bit more muscular. Nowadays, though, he’s only marginally fit – mostly from minor carpentry work. Eyes: Brown Hair: Charcoal Skin: Fair-skinned Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Healthy Personality: Jace Evans is a genuinely friendly person. He goes out of his way to help others, and loves to give advice. He’s naturally a pacifist, but when given no other option, he will not hesitate to end an evil-doer’s life. He’s fully devoted to empowering Oren, as he believes he is fulfilling the late-king Vydra’s will by doing so. Jace tends to not curse, except when Orenian military failure is at hand. Inventory: Jace always carries a small journal, where he jots down his ‘to do’ lists. During times of stress or uncertainty, Jace will carry around an emerald in his pocket – a gift from a friend – that he deems ‘lucky.’ He is seldom armed with a longsword anymore, given that he’s retired from the military, but he does carry a dirk whenever he travels. Life Style Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Originally Neutral Good, until he joined the military; now, Oren is his greatest concern, not personal morals.) Deity: The Creator Religion: Canonist Alliance/Nation/Home: Vanhall, of the Duchy of Vanaheim (formerly known as the Duchy of Akovia) Job/Class: Currently, he oversees the construction, planning, functions, and goals of Vanhall. Title(s): Esquire; formerly Commissar (HOSS) and Sergeant (2nd Regiment) Profession(s): Former farmer; former petty blacksmith for the Regiment; currently he dabbles with fishing, to calm his nerves. Special Skill(s): Jace is an avid planner and writer. He’s written numerous documents on military conduct, and has written precise orientation manuals for recruits. Along with his planning, Jace is also a tactician, preferring intelligence to raw combat prowess. Flaw(s): Jace is ignorant on various customs from cultures around the world – and especially on formality with Orenian nobles. He also struggles with offensive strategies, as he focuses primarily on defense and the security of the Orenian people. On top of all of this, Jace really isn't the best fighter. He can hold his own, but he's nothing exceptional. Weaponry Fighting Style: Military; formations and placement, rather than specific stances. Trained Weapon: Longswords, maces, and dirks Favored Weapon: Now, dirks. Whenever he was active duty military, it would be longsword during wars and maces during internal disputes. Archery: Crossbow; minimal training Biography Parents: Wilhelm Evans and Hollis Evans (both deceased) Siblings: William Evans, Jace’s older brother Children: None, yet History (( Backstory )) Jace Evans was born in a small, unnamed hamlet within the Eruthos Canyons. The hamlet specialized in ranching and mining, and is where Jace began his humble life in peasantry. Not strong or effective enough to herd cattle, Jace was put to work cleaning out the barns and running food and water to the animals whilst his brother, William, was the hamlet’s designated cook. The main source of income for the hamlet was the small mining industry, which eventually struck it rich with finding a large deposit of iron ore. As the miners dug more and more furiously, their success became their downfall. Without warning, the mine collapsed, destabilizing the nearby rocky hill; this caused a rockslide, which swallowed the small village whole. Jace was fortunate enough to be shirking away from his duties and instead studying the local flora – as he intended to become a famous alchemist someday. Jace returned later that evening to find his home crushed beneath a slew of rocks. He stayed near the wreckage for days, hoping help or survivors would come, but nobody did. Devastated, Jace trekked southward, completely unaware of the hostilities festering in Athera. (( Actual events )) Jace made his way to the Cloud Temple, and from there he headed east until he reached the Kingdom of Akovia. Jace was quickly ushered to the allegedly new king, Andrik Vydra. Immediately he warned Jace of the Schism War that was taking place, and that Jace’s arrival was at a bad time – but he could be useful. Fearing death, as Jace had never held a weapon before, he instead opted for farm work to bolster the Akovian economy. Jace was given a humble underground hole to live in for the time being, as well as a spot in what Jace thought was a thriving community. Some weeks passed without any conflict, and a dwarven woman named Sofie Varley ended up becoming his neighbor in the underground houses. Delighted at what Jace thought meant was signs that the Schism War was dying down, he eventually befriended her. The two fostered a close friendship as they both rose out of their underground homes and into proper hovels. Jace’s loyalty to Akovia grew and grew as he spoke to other residents and his loyalty was soon put to the test. One day, Jace was on the Stone Road buying supplies whenever he heard the ominous treading of boots behind him. Turning, he witnessed the combined armies of humans he did not recognize, dwarves, and orcs. It was the enemy! Terrified, Jace fled to Akovia where defenses were already preparing. Jace was handed a chainmail suit, sword, and a crossbow. Without warning, Jace had been plunged directly into the conflict. A large battle erupted and Jace had his first taste of war. Delighted he had not faced an untimely death, Jace took a new-found interest in the war and joined as a conscripted soldier in the Akovian levy. More time would pass and more battles fought as Jace honed his skills in battle. Still shying away from leadership and active duty patrols, Jace would instead debate Waldenians in the Cloud Temple in an attempt to learn his enemy. However, shortly thereafter the Schism War was over and Petrus was in Akovian hands. Feeling a strong sense of nationalism for the recent success as well as gaining new contacts in his time with the military, Jace joined the 2nd Akovian Regiment of the 1st Orenai Legion on the 11th of the Grand Harvest, 1491. He shortly thereafter met Publius Bracchus, whom became one of his closest friends during their time in the Regiment. As Publius madly recruited for the Regiment, Jace took a different approach to leadership: education. Jace would give lectures on the lessons he had written, as well as participate in congratulatory speeches whenever the Regiment soldiers had done an extraordinary job. Before long, Jace was promoted to Sergeant – one of the few officer positions available. He continued to serve the regiment as a leader with his new-found authority, leading up to the sinister assassination of King Andrik Vydra. Upon hearing the news, the once-merciful Jace Evans turned a blind eye as his soldiers pillaged and killed elves along the highways for days to come. More time passed as Jace’s desire for revenge hardened into a desire for Oren to further emulate what Vydra would have wanted. In fanaticism, Jace studied all he could, hoping for an answer. With luck, the answer came in the form of Andrik Vydra’s old journal. Seizing it, Jace studied its contents carefully before handing it over to his superiors. Vasili Vanir decided, upon reading Vydra’s journal, that a new order must be formed if Oren is to become what Vydra wanted. With that, the Second Regiment was disbanded and Humanity’s Office of Selective Service – HOSS, for short – was formed. Informally known as the Sons of Vydra, the new order took only the most serious of previous regimental forces and turned them into zealots for Vydra’s ideology. The mission was clear: ensure human supremacy and unity at all costs. Before long, the Urguan-Oren War was over and peace had been restored. Ultimately relieved, Jace now looked for a way out of the military so that he could pursue more peaceful endeavors. As the Sons of Vydra grew less and less needed, Jace took to regularly visiting Karl Barbanov and offering advice, hoping to make himself useful in ways other than violence or warfare. Eventually, Jace found his calling as the Vanir family bestowed upon him the title of Esquire, giving him a chunk of land to build a town with. Even more exciting, Jace was officially relieved of his military duties on the 11th of The Amber Cold, 1507 – making Jace a 16 year veteran. At once, Jace took to his new duties with joy, and he can only hope for the best as he continues down his journey in life. (( Significant events that I wasn’t able to include in his main story )) The swamp adventure with Vydra and a few of his loyalists: Jace was a terrified peasant, forced to help find one of Andrik’s knights. Confronted by cultists, Jace wondered how he came out alive! Sofie being shot by the Carrot Knight: Jace was enjoying a visit with Sofie, before she was shot in the back by an arrow! Jace frantically tried to imitate what he had seen the lich do in the swamp, which would have ultimately caused more damage than necessary. Jace killing the Carrot Knight: In an entirely different scenario, Jace ended up killing the Carrot Knight, rightfully avenging Sofie’s attack. Reunification with William: Assuming William Evans had died in the rockslide, Jace had figured he was the only one left in his family. This was not the case, however, as William had figured Jace perished. William later on went to become an innkeeper within Petrus, before finding work elsewhere. Regimental forces in Leuvaarden: Fearing civil conflict, the Regiment was sent to Leuvaarden to maintain the peace. As the 2nd Regiment was spat on, pushed, shoved, and yelled at, not a single soldier broke out of formation. This landed them a speech from Publius and Jace! Jace’s receiving of his ‘lucky emerald’ from Sofie: Sofie began a new career in becoming a brewery owner, at which point she decided to give Jace a very special gift! Jace and Publius attempting to save the wood elves: Blinded by rage, Jace was to let the high elves suffer for the assassination, but he would not allow the innocent slaying of wood elves. Together, Publius and Jace dissuaded Orenian soldiers from attacking Cerulin. (( PLEASE NOTE: I SCREENSHOT EVERY RP ENCOUNTER JACE HAS, SO IF YOU THINK I'M MISSING AN IMPORTANT MOMENT IN HIS LIFE, LET ME KNOW! THANKS! )) Artwork Jace Evans, 37, Commissar in Humanity's Office of Selective Service (( Just a little something I drew up one day; I'm no good with art! ))
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