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  1. Sarrion would read the missive whilst eating his turtle soup out of a turtle shell.
  2. Remove any form of PVP banditry. People running around and cheesing RP to turn it to PVP is super dumb. Make it so if someone wants to do bandit RP its interactive roleplay that doesn’t encourage killing the target but leaving an experience for characters to develop from.
  3. “The only thing more fake and made up than spider people are snow elves.” Laughed Sarrion.
  4. I still dislike you but this is hilarious thanks
  5. Sarrion stands on the edge of his ship on the seas, he would have passing thought of the young alchemist who was raised in Skyfall. “Wonder how he’s doing.” muttered the elf.
  6. I walked up to a group of humans to flex my elfness on them and they chose to beat me up instead of rp. Why does this server cater to humans??

    1. Deer__
    2. Knox


      didn’t flex hard enough bro

  7. This is like one of those embarrassing facebook posts you make when you’re 14 years old then you look back to when you’re like 21 and you’re like “wow **** thats just cringey”
  8. I wouldn’t mind axing feeling. Making students have to break down and study materials real close was funner than “here stick this aura in this rock” and made the magic much more complex to learn rply.
  9. Eh ever since phils addition of voidal feeling you can get everything you need to know to transmute the material by shoving aura in it for a few minutes, though however with how friggen unstable it is according to the lore the transfigurationist would probably kill themselves trying to forge it with magic if they know nothing of the forging process.
  10. Everything you're confused about or you think is vague is explained in red lines if you actually read the whole thing. As for rushed events that's your personal opinion. I think one or two people can manage a small event line. It's not an "End game" and I do not promote "End games". It's a straight forward simple trade, phseudo imortality for PK clause. Doesn't need anything else, this server needs less super soldier "end games"
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