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  1. Etan


  3. guys stop flooding the status updates or the devs wont see my request for a guild plugin you’re all dumb

  4. can we have a guild plugin please 

  5. bro thats the issue with anything that can get a story signature lol I could put my ST sig on a bread and it’d sell for 1k+
  6. brr me lore long it good shelf arcanism please
  7. liquid mana should still exist just not mana potions etc.
  8. Evocation - Common - Duelist Thorn[Universal] Description: Common around the centers of most Voidal Heaths one can find sickly looking purple roses sprouting out of the ground indifferent to the regional condition or time of year. These roses seemed to lack any attribute to aging even while picked they will last indefinitely. However one will notice that around these flowers their thorns seem to rapidly age and fall off regrowing back right after the whole life cycle of the thorn lasting a single day. Whereas the rose itself lacks time the thorns accelerate it immensely. Effects: These roses live indefinitely when picked however their thorns will not regrow back. The flower has no voidal properties besides being timeless. The thorns, once harvested, must be stored in a glass jar filled with liquid mana. If stored improperly they will age rapidly within a day and be useless. If the thorn is consumed the mage for a brief time would suddenly undergo very strange effects. Their casting speed is amplified immensely however their magic is displaced outside of the timeline and will no longer affect the real world. Oddly enough however the displaced magic will affect another individual who consumed the thorn though the magic is diluted and will not kill them. This makes it perfect for magic duels. These effects only work on evocations. Redlines: Mages who consume the item will be allowed to do completely free formed magic with no need to charge the spell. The evoked magic must follow the elemental properties of the magic in the lore and the mage must still emote mana drain that is appropriate for the amount of magic used in the emote. Magic while under the effect of this reagent will cause NO harm to the environment or anyone who does not consume the thorn it will simply splash on the person or object with absolutely no physical or magical effect whatsoever. If the Duelist Thorn affected spell hits another individual under effect of the Duelist Thorn they will be affected by the spell however the spell will not cause enough damage to kill the individual or cause crippling effects / lasting scars. The Duelist Thorn effect lasts for about an hour OOC. While under the effect you must follow all redlines and effects of the reagent.
  9. Sarrion would look extremely confused at the missive reading it from his office. “Who in Aos wrote this. I understand these tainted mages are a threat but now this is just going to cause non tainted mages problems because of this wording and suddenness.” He would sigh, taking off his glasses and rubbing his forehead.
  10. bro i cant get over your kha is named mister muffins its messing me up bro

    1. Crevel


      Mister Muffins has a cult personality in Norland. This is to be expected lmfao

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