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  1. Toxolotl

    New Year New World

    Ah okay I must of been mistaken I thought Alex still ran it. Anyway currently the magic section is locked up tight and nobody can access it. I would understand if they were malevolent books but not voidal magic. Makes it hard for new players to get into that part of lore!
  2. Toxolotl

    New Year New World

    If the Library of Dragur is technically under the world dev team then why is it still locked up to new players isn't that fundamentally backwards? I had thought originally it had just been player ran and put in the CT but now it’s world dev not even Community Team? All sorts of confused.
  3. We all died in 2012 and this is just a simulation.

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    2. Vaynth


      I’m just a figment of your imagination

    3. Stargush


      this is accurate somehow

    4. Starfelt


      Let the anti-virus delete me.

  4. Sarrion would explain to William he would copy the odd glyphs here → https://i.gyazo.com/cba818ac98ecdf83d918e39fcc8aa39c.png and use paste to put them on his lettering. He would even provide the paste for it.
  5. Sarrion takes the page breaks off the posters and cuts the black parchment off so they can be transparent for Charles. “Here. It’s not that hard to use normal pagebreaks.”
  6. Could keep them simple and repeatable. Like a simple abandoned underground ruin dungeon that groups can re run / run once. Rply say that after its cleared out whatever monsters just re inhabit them after. Small event lines can also be ran per group. Bounties were also neat being quick pick ups with rewards for anyone willing. Etc.
  7. Just give me my small 2-3 hour D&D dungeon events for my small group of individuals and I’ll be happy.
  8. Kowa is at prom so the server is down

  9. Some spells should be reagent based and we need a better casting system than having your character stare at someone for 5 emotes before something happens.
  10. No more magic “endgames”. lets focus on making magic actually fun to rp these days and more open to the community like how alchemy is
  11. I miss when we use to just hang out. . .

    1. Toxolotl


      We gotta write some lore for TVs and then we can do this all over again

    2. z3m0s


      Sounds like a great idea, I need to catch up on my shows.

  12. Playable horrors were pretty trash last time, I don’t think I’d want to see CA horrors again thanks
  13. A passing elf explained it was warlock magic.
  14. Sarrion would read the missive whilst eating his turtle soup out of a turtle shell.
  15. Spell lists are mandatory by LT due to the enforced lore format.
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