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  1. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Accepted] Squeak's Ata (Third)

    Squeak is delightful person and also good at things! +1
  2. look at my posts: orcs vs. heartland's, alien and wanders.

    1. bobisthebest1234


      alien and wanders are two posts not one

  3. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Denied] Leowarrior14 Fm Application

    I like 'im, he's got moxie! +1
  4. ✿Honeybear✿

    The Cyber King's Skeptical Mat Application

    King is most responsible, hardworking, capable, good-looking, friendly, shining example of humanity and good family values, and he cyburs with me give him whatever he wants +1
  5. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Accepted] [Mentor] Nug's Application

    He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. +1
  6. ✿Honeybear✿

    The Cyber King's Re-Application To The App Team

    I want to have his babies. +1 Also, y'know, friendly, hardworking, experienced, good family values and all that other important jazz
  7. All hail our merciful Admin overlords! Our hashtags and incessant whining were not in vain!

  8. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Bug?] Unable To Log In

    Thanks so much Zer0, I've been having the same problem and that actually did seem to work for me ❤
  9. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Lore] Faerie Truffles

    Geh, no more debating xD Unfortunately, even if I fixed the potion’s weak points, or even if I took it outside of alchemy lore and made it, like, a disease or something, according to what Jist's told me, I don’t think this kinda lore’s gonna get approved anytime soon. As he put it “changing shape drastically has never been very well viewed by the LMs”, so as fun as it would be to have shrinking potions, it just doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen, really sorry, you’ll have to become a Halfling the old fashion way. Nobody go moving this topic to the denied forums yet though. In loving memoriam to the greatest addition to alchemy lore that never was, I’m slashing the potion nonsense to solely propose the one, useless earth regent. Thanks again for all the support, I hope you’ll all join me in eating ridiculous amounts of these truffles to honor their fallen comrade.
  10. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Lore] Faerie Truffles

    Sorry to butt in buuut... 1. Offered a way out if folks felt OOCly uncomfortable drinking the potion. 2. Can't you, like, make a homunculus out of a bunch of herbs and spices...? Heck... how does my druid magic even work!? How do we instantly grow full grown oaks out of the dirt!? That's always freaked me out... I don't think server lore's ever abided by the laws of physics... 3. Uhm... This only makes you shorter... Nuthin' else... Mind you, i'm not exactly arguing with this lore getting denied, it was simply a lighthearted proposal (remember beardmancy?) since a bunch of folks liked the concept, I think some folks just wanted a vacation from the serious drama of biggun RP, to just muck around as a lil'un for a while, I thought it'd be fun to give them that. Now, I would be willing to make changes like drastically extending how long it takes to shrink, or adding some bit that prevents the potion from being used repeatedly (Like building up an immunity or some bs), but only if the LMs really think it'd be worthwhile and wanted, if not, it's their job, I won't argue with their decisions.
  11. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Lore] Faerie Truffles

    *Added poll because democracy!!
  12. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Lore] Faerie Truffles

    ~✿~✿~✿~✿~✿✿✿~✿~✿~✿~✿~ Faerie Truffles: ~✿~✿~✿~✿~✿✿✿~✿~✿~✿~✿~ These gnarled lumps of subterranean fungi can be naturally found buried around the roots of temperate trees, such as those found in Gimblewood. They’re described as deep russet in color, possessing a distinct earthy smell and taste. Like most truffles, they can be highly sought after by cuisine fanatics for their addictive flavor, but attempts to domesticate them have proven fruitless. Occasionally, however, one may find a knowledgeable farmer hunting for these rare treasures with the help of a truffle sniffing pig. The gathering and use of the truffle especially reoccurs among Halfling communities, where there is no shortage of skillful and hungry chefs and farmers. Its use outside hobbit folk, or lack thereof, can be attributed to a remarkably odd side effect brought on by its repeated consumption; stunted growth. The Faerie Truffle in fact gets its name from an old tall tale regarding it as a favored food of faerie folk, thus why their kind remain tiny, never growing big. However, even if one were ludicrous enough to regularly consume these truffles throughout adolescence, they would find its effects have their limits. No matter how many truffles one might happen to eat, as a person enters adulthood, they will still eventually grow to be at least about 3/4th what their natural height should’ve been. Their growth spurts will have simply been severely prolonged, never entirely stopped. Of course, most cases are significantly more mild, if not unnoticeable. Despite this peculiarity, Faerie Truffles still have other useful qualities. In fact, like many breeds of fungi, they're very nutritious and possesses naturally strong skin rejuvenating abilities. Thanks to its more mystical persuasion however, the truffle most commonly finds its way into the libraries of alchemists and other scholarly kind as an effective moderate symbol of earth in potion brewing. *(Best represented MCly with Netherwarts) In loving memory of Halving Potions 1/19/2015 to 1/22/2015
  13. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Builder] Bathrugman Re-App

    I don't know what else to say besides what's blatantly obvious and that's that Bathy is one of the server's best, most dedicated, and above all, nicest builders, please readd him to the team!! +1
  14. Basically, everything Benbo said. Heff already actively and successfully hosts events for the playerbase. Unlike most applicants he's actually taken the initiative to do the job prior to applying for it, and I think he's proven himself more than capable to join the team. +1
  15. ✿Honeybear✿

    [Lore][Wip] Ghost Abilities: Possession

    I can see where Jaeden's coming from, i've seen certain ghosts abuse and powergame their abilities in many instances, partially from classic play-to-win mentalities and partially from a simple vagueness of the limitations of ghost magic. That being said, I do like the idea of possession and I certainly don't want to punish the many good ghost roleplayers for the actions of a few, so i'm gonna go ahead and recommend you add that possession requires the OOC consent of the victim, that way everyone should be happy, right? That'll at least deter players from abusing this lore by making a ghost and emoting *possesses man*-*draws sword*-*repeatedly stabs self* or some crazy jazz~