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  1. I got some maple syrup places I could go to.
  2. Anyone good at greying hair wanna help an old man out?

  3. lol just read the reform of the Keshigs, an entire clan is considered a Keshig... I've never seen something so dumb and un-orc like.

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    2. JadenOfCanada


      An old grumpy man who liked the Orcs during their peak of activity.

    3. Hakkaido
    4. Gob


      Orcs haven't fully recovered from a string of bad leaders in the past

  4. My Halfling family's lore is complete now, it's writtren exactly how you'd expect halfling lore to be.

  5. History Early history The Shortstraws started off as a family with an identity crisis. Their founder, Gary Shortstraw lived in the vale in a time where the small population had to work together to do everything, Gary farmed, was the town drunk, and helped out one of the Elders' sons when he decided he wanted to dress like a rabbit. Gary found himself a "Goo' enough 'obbit ladeh" to have some children with, her name was Daisy Shortstraw and she died after the birth of Gary's third son, Toto Shortstraw. Magic Gary got the news one day of a spooky scary abandoned hobbit hole at the top of the mountain protecting the vale in Anthos the day he was given a job as deputy of the vale. After he took some time to celebrate with some ale Gary traveled to the top of the mountain to go into the hole. When he got in there he found some books on the art of Earth magic left behind by a great wizard and a member of the Yir'sari. Gary began to read these books in this spooky hobbit hole, he closed the hole off to the public and spent many years reading while patrolling the village, and drinking with his good friend, and most famous local drunk Posco. After a night of drinking, Gary went back to the abandoned hobbit hole and stumbled into one of the bookshelves and a door opened which lead to a large tower where the great wizard once lived. The books he found allowed him to study more on the history of earth magic and grow his power even more. Legacy of law th' pancakes law" A law which prohibited halflings from wasting all of the wheat on making too many pancakes so they could be better cooks, an achievement Shortstraws still talk about to this day. Notable Shortstraws Gary Shortstraw: -Founder of Shortstraw family -Founder of the Wir'Sorry, A group of Magic and druid halflings who apologize for violence caused my large nations. -One of the founding fathers of Shogging, a long time Halfling tradition. -Two-time Vale wide Shogging Champion -Sheriff Toto Shortstraw: -Deputy -Protector of pancakes Good friends Posco Milo Willowbottom Rivals/Enemies Posco Milo Willowbottom Appearance: -Chubby -As round as they are tall -Horizontally large -Fat
  6. Any gold novas wanna play CSGO? I'm bored and wanna Q up. 

    1. The Sloth Emperor~Galendar

      The Sloth Emperor~Galendar

      yessiiirrr add me worserconstant8 , should be a picture of a zika baby


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    2. AGiantPie


      @UnBaed hopefully you have a heart attack from the stress; would mean i dont have to put up with you linking me shitty art anymore

    3. Vamoose


      Pie is **** at pvp I rocked him on my trackpad

    4. JadenOfCanada
  7. Help chat is for players with questions about mechanics and rules etc. WS is help for application questions and everything else
  8. I'm anti. OOC could scare some new players away. It's pretty gross there.
  9. My belly button looks like Brazil...

  10. I wish I had 3 day college. +1
  11. How to turn off snowflakes (Only works for one page at a time, have to do it manually, sorry folks):

    Press F12, look for <div class="snowfall-flakes" and spam the delete button untill you see no mroe snowflakes

  12. Brace yourself. CPU usage from snow is coming.

    1. h e x

      h e x

      how do i turn it off

    2. JadenOfCanada


      How to turn off snowflakes (Only works for one page at a time, have to do it manually, sorry folks):

      Press F12, look for <div class="snowfall-flakes" and spam the delete button untill you see no mroe snowflakes

    3. h e x

      h e x

      ily thnx

  13. f11sID.jpg GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS

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    3. Jonificus


      I can't watch it, got work in the morning :l I'll read about it at the office.

    4. JadenOfCanada


      Im watching it in class. Cant keep me form this spicy ****