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  1. Ah yes I too love having conversations about that 20% rule that was never brought up on the forums with random people. We all sure do think it's stupid /s. You're full of ****. How has it changed? No need for a VA now? Should be more reason for regulation on stealing because anyone and their mom can do it. Roleplay and fun are still the core values of the server. Stealing everything from an entire community that doesn't bother anyone while everyone is offline isn't roleplay, and it's sure as hell not fun.
  2. That's still a lock. It's not about getting it back it's about it not happening again. People just shouldn't be d icks about things and care about what they're doing. Just bring back a rule that existed for the Majority of LoTC's lifespan anyway. Literally no one complained about it.
  3. I'm not expecting people to respect RP cultural laws. I'm asking for a return of a rule that existed for the first 5-6 years of the server because losing all of your stuff is not fun for anyone but the greedy person who just took everything for personal gain, NOT roleplay.
  4. I understand what you mean, but rping the struggle won't get the wheat we need back so we have a place to roleplay. Part of the sense of community is sharing most of your stuff with each other though.
  5. No, I don't. But I sure as hell remember having a regard for the defender's fun before I stole from them when I played a thief for a quite long time. Master thieves guild prided themselves on providing role play with their thievery and not taking extremely greedy amounts. Even in the 20% era we typically only ever took like one thing. To clarify this was the storage burrow not just some house. Halflings have never hidden stuff in the storage burrow for as long as I've played one (since 3.0). The 20% rule allows people to still take from halflings (As is the tradition) but not completely screw us over. We need some of those items to pay taxes, host events, and build burrows. When people take everything we've got it really hinders us as a community. All I'm asking for is a revert to a former rule that even thieves who existed to bring RP never had a problem with. Maybe you find not being able to pay taxes and getting evicted from your RP hub fun. I and the halfling community do not.
  6. No one was around. How did that further the role play of both parties? No regard for roleplay, not feelings. If it's only going to benefit one person's roleplay at the very least don't hinder how the community works. I will say this once more villainy roleplay exists to bring fun roleplay to every party. losing all of your community's stuff is NOT fun for both parties. it's only fun for the greedy person who decided to take everything.
  7. Locking the door is a compromise we've already had to make. It's the only part of the entire village that's locked and I'm not going to be the one to change halfling lore that's existed since Halflings have existed because a group of people are being asses and have no regard for roleplay
  8. That's fine if it's not everything the community owns. It's not fun to RP always being behind because some douch ebag decided to take everything with probably a max of 3 emotes.
  9. Halflings rely on the stuff that was in there for a number of reasons. 1 being we pay our taxes for the land in wheat. Another being the stuff we use in there typically goes towards RP items and decorations used during festivals. Festivals are the number one bringer of Halfling activity.
  10. Having a rule change back to what it used to be because it doesn't further RP in any way (Which I will say again is the main reason for villainy RP, not personal gain.) is a good idea. It's literally in Halfling wiki lore that we don't use locks. We shouldn't be punished with all of our stuff taken away from us, with no RP to even show for it because we're following lore. I can sympathise with thief RP. Hell I was a part of the master thieves guild (A formerly long standing guild dedicated to stealing stuff) in Anthos but I can't sympathize with someone stealing everything from a storage container shared by a community. That's unethical OOCly and if anything hurts RP
  11. Lol you're putting words into my mouth. If you take more than 20% you should be taking the risk that someone could BR you because you just took a lot of items and contributed nothing to that person's RP.
  12. If no one cared about it, you wouldn't be banned... Your excuse is invalid.
  13. Today the Halfling village was stolen from which is not uncommon and is allowed. The thieves broke into our storage burrow door (The only thing allowed to be locked in the whole village) and stole pretty much EVERYTHING from our storage. Halflings aren't supposed to care much about items but as a struggling to stay active community having everything stolen from you can set you back quite a bit. For a while the rule for stealing was you could only steal 20% of what's in a chest. This allowed thieves to enjoy roleplay and get a reward for it while not hurting whoever owned the chest in a devastating way. Now thieves can steal everything from an unlocked chest. Why is this all of a sudden allowed? The point of villain roleplay is to provide RP to the defender as well, not to get items. Why don't you just lock your chests? Halfling tradition which is written in lore is to not lock chests, a proper halfling is supposed to follow that rule, but that really shouldn't be a reason for us to always have nothing because people know they can gain from just taking our stuff. The suggestion Bring back the 20% rule. Stealing everything from someone is a **** move and contributes nothing to roleplay or enjoyment which are the two reasons people play LoTC.
  14. Really hate having to spend time making a feedback post instead of RP innovations for my community because of a rule that directly affects the way Halflings live.


    1. NotEvilAtAll




      It's alright buddy, we've bounced back already for the most part 

    2. Demotheus


      Feedback post for what/ What's going on? 


      Well I guess I'll see it soon. 

    3. JadenOfCanada
  15. Dev Update: Persona Skins

    I'm saying this out of personal interest. I lost so many perks, I didn't donate solely for the perks but it's nice to get something nice seeing as I paid half a grand on a minecraft server.