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  1. Eli and his "Mod Friend", colorized, c. 2022 @MaltaMoss
  2. miss u bro hope ur doing good also ur not banned, and aeus isn't either, dw hit me up in another 8 months and lets hop on kits so u can kill me with a bucket and fishing rod
  3. I’ve lost hair follicles in service to my buds Defy, Charlemagne, and Mogroka.
  4. how’s it feel knowing that I can watch your rp in vanish and admonish you for your weird Derfey dinkleberg celia’norian neighbor rp?
  5. I appreciate this opportunity, and the many people who came out to support my application. Thank you so much for all the kind words and positive feedback. I remain resolute in doing my best to be a positive contributor to this community, and shall not stray from that mission for my duration as GM.
  6. What is your favorite RP you’ve had? Do you have a favorite video game?
  7. Malus leaves a note, ”Mali’ker are always welcome in Dark Hollow and Elvenesse. Signed, Malus Corrin”
  8. Since Nikolai was a boy he had an affinity for the mystical, the esoteric, the out-of-place. One such interaction was with the Nephilim, the first of his Azdrazi-blooded kindred, Alistair. Like Nikolai, Alistair was not gone, his only vestigial influence a stone statue in a volcano. The Inner Flame of the magnanimous knight now quenched by the fires of the magma in the volcano that had claimed him years before, upon the death of his one true love - a fiery patron of the arts who had stolen his heart. In life, the fickle Dragonkin had done very little apart from bring about the existence of his people once again after the genocide perpetrated by the Emerald Dragaar, Taynei'Hiylu. Upon the loss of his one true hoard, the beast had given up on living, casting himself into the fiery depths of the volcano as though it was a bashful first kiss. He had lost his father, the Archdrakaar, long ago. He had lost his other half, a dainty being with brown tresses who taught him of Humanity - the things he had not learned, being dispossessed of his free will at an early age and encased in stone as the last savior of his people. Through some mystical means, the dreaming Alistair remembers the boy with black hair and the funny accent, the one who helped him fetch raw materials. The one he was to make his Herald, and perhaps to adopt and take on as his own progeny - a new Draziman for his flight. He considered now how many centuries it must have been, contemplating whether or not he was alive, dead, or in some sort of mal-adaptive daydream. The statue released a single, salty, muddied tear. It slid down the stone cheek, quickly evaporating upon contact with the lava, sizzling and disappearing as quickly as it came.
  9. excited


    Sir Pavel stood at the foot of Mt. Garmont flanked by armored men garbed in red and black. He commented to the leftmost man, Saveliy. "For Sir Thomas, for Sir Emilio."
  10. Valē, Ivan the Outlaw St. Arpad 'The Dancing Bear' Carrion Sir Konyves Ivanovich Sir Dmitri 'Dima' Ivanovich Baron Andrezj 'The Black' Ivanovich The House of Emperors' Bane.
  11. Ser Pavel the Unspoken mourns the loss of one of his best friends, taking up his mace and then patrolling the roads on his horse while gripping the beast's leather reins.
  12. 1. Malus. He is the most nuanced character I've played because I gave him a very complex ideology and beliefs. 2. My biggest regret is warclaiming LionBileti's Norland after he spared my life IRP. 3. therapy
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