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  1. I don't care. If somebody accuses me of something, I'm not going to beat around the bush. This thread should be for discussing ban policies and circumstances surrounding the information provided at the top in the Google Doc, this should not be some place for people to posture about politics when clearly two individuals, one gay and the other a woman (who may also be LGTBQA+to my recollection) who are trying to propel discourse on ban procedures, policies, and safety related issues that personally effect them. People who actively participate in the same White Supremacist notions they're accusing others of deserve no respect. They have no validity to their arguments, as by their own logical standards, they are falling short of their goals to be oh so "Woke" and "compassionate". These people are ridiculous and deserve to be made fun of. It's absolutely hypocritical.
  2. Listen here you reprobate - I'm not playing right now, nor would I be with Adria if I was. I was a Petra player, and I would join @Josey in Elvenesse if I was active. Your only crusade here is putting words in my mouth I've not said. I don't give a **** about Adria, a **** about Blackvale, and lumping me in with them is frankly stupid. I wouldn't be with Aaun either. You derailed this thread, so enjoy the just desserts. Own up to the things you say and do, I make no pretense to say that I've never said anything bad, but watching you and others on here parrot these talking points while being the craven, spineless creatures you are is hilarious to me. There are pages upon pages of these screenshots everywhere. Enjoy your peek before my comment is inevitably hidden, but it's hilarious watching you try and accuse me of even taking a stance when I am of the mindset that r8pe threats of any kind are horrific. I have more respect for Muna and MissToni than I have for you, you weasel.
  3. I've been in every single LoTC Discord at some point or another. I've joined many communities in the humans, the dwarves, and the orcs in the past 10 years. I've seen the undertones even in status updates on the forums. That being said, nice ad hominem, Mr. Mittens. Maybe we should take a look at your receipts as well. :> Maybe we can discuss some phenomena involving "phenotypes" as your people have been so keen?
  4. There is presently a body of evidence ON THIS THREAD that is hidden by the staff, containing logs of your closest confidants and affiliates saying these things. Catch these hands, you witless incompetent, and get HR on your ass for all I care. Go back to your weird arguments with Eddywilson in Orenian Boomer chats. This whole debate of Mean Words Really Suck and They Hurt My Feelings :( gets in the way of having any meaningful discussion about the real elephant in the room. Heads up, every Discord I've seen on LoTC bar one has had these things, even the "Le Wokeism x3" chats like the Druids and Elven ones too, where transphobia still manages to rear its head regularly, and known and avowed Online White Supremacists walk around in the background. It's a broad characteristic on LoTC that people are brainmelts and say stupid shit. Namely, THE LITERAL R8PE THREATS THAT ARE SCREENSHOTTED AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. That is the point of my criticism! People are birdwalking from the point of this thread to talk about slurs or other mind numbingly irrelevant sh*t! But sure, pop off dude, make it all about you. Cool deal, Shaaun. Have your Nauzica bot instruct you about time and place.
  5. Also, as much as I agree that people can experience cognitive dissonance about this matter, I think it's the pot calling the kettle black once you see the things that were leaked from Aaun council chat. Namely, Minitzers and Seannie getting high octane and dropping N-bombs fast and loose like the guys who dropped the Fat Man on Nagasaki. Never thought I'd defend Alexa on a public thread; but she's a kid or whatever, and you're going after somebody who's still on the Ben Shapiro pipeline. Let her undergo some character development and accumulate some more intracranial brain matter before you go pointing fingers at her. People act like douchebags on the internet nonstop, and discussing the N Bomb Theology and the Bad Words Make My Feelings Hurt debate actually just detracts from the conversation on matters like SA accusations, threats of SA, and the topic of what conditions can be considered a real apology for past wrongdoing.
  6. No horse in this race, but I think it'll be absolutely hilarious when the same Keyboard Warriors who are fighting on either end of the aisle over these text messages read all the logs from these old Renatian chats. Like, it'll be more than Trol getting a call out thread; heads will roll like Robespierre once people go seeking and then see the blasphemous, obscene sh*t that many current players who decry this act were saying as well. I am actually flattered that we've reached a point in community discussion where this type of conversation can be had, but from an outside perspective there is some sick, twisted kind of irony that the many people who are disgusted with Trol's behavior have skeletons in their closets themselves. So, I'll spare you guys the headache - if you see a chat with the name "Renatus", "Fellas", or anything else on it - do not ******* open it. Quarantine that shit like its hazardous material. That is all.
  7. interesting series of events

  8. Derfey’s Premonition O’ Herald of the Faith, True Arbiter of the Church of Canon, Voice of God HARALDUS MAXIMUS DERFICUS Anointed by the Heavens, Derfey had gone about his business as usual, leveraging a curse against the Aaunic forces for their subversion of Humanity’s primary tenet – humans do not run, humans do not hide in carts, humans fight bravely on the field and clash sword-to-sword, like God intended.
  9. Bevel Barrow says, "What a well-versed letter. Victory or Death! Also, I'm gay. With delight, with joy. Gay."
  10. With that, the elderly Sir Paul Montalt cast away his last shackles of knighthood, speaking contemptuously and oozing venom as he received the news in exile. As his family had their lands stolen from them too by the Petran Crown, given away to a rival kingdom in placation. No restitution was afforded to his house, he did recall, as now his children and wife had been cast aside as well in what he perceived to be a ploy of low-cunning by the Archduchess to preserve her own power. And so a letter was penned, castigating the Duchess for her perceived arrogance. It was issued not just to her; but to Petrans and people in exile of every caliber, from every class and background so far as his memory could muster. "Let every nobleman, every snake, every befuddled wolf in sheep's cloth be burned at the stake. This infernal, petulant brat is no ally of mine. A Pennyduke is a dime-a-dozen it would seem, and this sniveling coward shall pay the price. Clinging to relevance through the sham of impertinence. Running the realm deep into the ground so that she might move at a snail's pace to bow to the Alstion pretenders. I regret every ounce of blood shed in your defense, and were I to go back in time I would leave you to your fate. Only by my rite of conquest do you remain, yet if I had an ounce the wisdom I do now, I would have killed you for the greater good, just as your own lover slaughtered your irrelevant husband. "Death to Renilde, and even more so death to her thoroughly bastard stock. The House of the Petra is a meek sham perpetuated by a weak-bellied harlot. Let her know the rage of my people, the Raevir, as they bash open her gates and smear her like a grease spot on the floor. Ignoble, contemptuous creature, begone. Flirt with devils no longer."
  11. I peak my head in here and there to take a look around. Left in February. I joined LoTC in 2012 on my first account, left almost two months ago to prioritize the gym & my other hobbies that I find more preferential. I don't find this sad. The way I see it, if I cared about LoTC as a game more so than a community and loved text-based role-playing, I would have kept on going. But there's a point really where you round the corner and you've done all that interests you. Creativity is not something that goes away. If you cannot muster it, it is not due to your age, it is because you aren't fulfilled. There was no "correct time" to get into this server, this is your make it or break it moment, and the inspiration will come with time. Especially once you invest time into the server. For me, my creative work was always bolstered by my thoughts. Especially when I'm out walking in nature or traveling by foot to my favorite café or to a bar to kick it with my friends. I think quite a bit while I'm out and use my experiences to inform my writings. I attend numerous clubs at my University that foster a love of learning, which in turn lends me the ingenuity to write things I deeply care about. I now write for myself and not others, and my interest in role-playing has been confined to Baldur's Gate 3. For me, I love that, but even before that was the case my writing ended up being heavily inspired by tangible feelings I've truly experienced. Loss, compassion, horror, and the other complexities of our everyday world that can inspire us or seize things away from us in the blink of an eye. Out along the worn pavement of your city block resides stories of every caliber. Tragedies, comedies, inspirational tales, and most of all the words and actions of people just like you that will inform you not only on the world that you live in, but also your perception of people from your own unique vantage point. The greatest instructor any of us has is life. Most of all, a life well-lived. So, maybe you don't wanna quit LoTC; but go kick it on the pavement and find something new. Learn a martial art, play some guitar, read up on mycology, do resistance training or running, maybe even some swimming - a life well-lived, in my opinion, informs the greatest writing. Don't limit yourself to one thing, you can do many things, and you can inspire yourself by cultivating your own experiences and fostering creativity by doing, rather than being inspired in totality by the works of others, the so called "Greats" who have come and gone in real life and in fiction. There is no better time than the present.
  12. Heavy is the head that wears the Diamond Helmet


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    You will destroy Petra. You will reform Renatus. You will destroy Aaun, Minitz and Adria.


    Yes, yes, yes.

  14. "AHHHHH" said Paul of Renatian descent, questioning why he fought a war in the first place
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