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  1. what's your discord these days

  2. "IDC," proclaimed Penultimate Paul, Sailor the Ferrymen, from his abode within the Seven Skies. It was then that Emperor Bartholomew Derfey played his harp, proclaiming to the Heavens for all to see the sad tale of the Republic of the Petra, done away to become an Aaunite piastdom of no consequence whatsoever, inhabited only by snakes and troglodytes who aspire to lick the boots of foreign dignitaries for the slightest smidge of clout.
  3. Emperor Vesper Derfey smiles and then prepares to lay waste to the Kingdom of Haense with his newfound Tripartite armies. With the combined forces of Derfey-Renatus, the Piastdom of Aaun, and Fake-adria the true Emperor of Man would see to it that at last the North Man was pushed to the very fringes of civilized society, wrung from the earth much like a dirty towel being flung at a high velocity out of a broken, rattling washing machine. "Derficus Eternicus," proclaimed the Renatian Emperor to his followers with perverse glee. The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth, and Seventh Coalition Wars had begun. The Derfeonic Wars were just beginning. @Mio@Nectorist
  4. "OK, now that is epic." said Quintadrette Derfey, Professor of the College of Talar'nor.
  5. Valas the Sailor sends somebody else in his stead. A letter would be penned to his old ally Tymen. Let it not be said that time is fleeting. May you and the princess have many good years together free of longing or adversity, despite her cow-like fascination with you. Sincerely, V
  6. The High Pontiff, blessed be his name, Derfi Eternicus III, blesses the man's death with the ceremonious silhouette of an obsidian burning cross in front of Norland. The Red Faith could not save Dagius Fylch, but Derfi could. He welcomed him into the Seven Hells with glee. "Welcome home. We shall find your restitution soon, and you shall find your reckoning against your enemies as a vengeful spirit. Death to those who abandoned you. In a world filled with such wretched sin, you stood apart as the most moral man there, and they castigated you here - to me - in Hell!"
  7. I knew you'd say Diogenes. 'Lo, behold, it's a man!
  8. Paul shrugs, then shrugs, and then shrugs again. Before shrugging a fourth time.
  9. what's your favorite zoo animal favorite lotc historical figure favorite rl historical figure
  10. In the midst of the night, corpses were littered throughout the consecrated grounds of the Valdev Cathedral. A place of awe and reverence for the one true God or so they say, the Everardian Basilica was a place of beauty and it appeared transfixed in time hundreds of years in the past. The hallowed traditions of Canonism could be seen in every nook and cranny of how the interior of the basilica was arranged. Upon crossing the foyer into the building, a raven-haired boy moved along with a bottle of alcohol and some matches. Before long, the place was thrown into absolute disarray. The boy moved to and fro with a madness to his step, destroying all that was within reach as the Tree Demon had instructed. The stained glass murals that depicted many vital historical events of the Haeseni people were shattered with stones. Sacrilege perpetrated by a boy with nefarious aims, to be certain, as he did not merely stop at overturning every table and smashing every piece of furniture and pottery in sight. The horrifically mutilated corpses of goats were found crucified within the church and dangling whilst nailed to the cross by each limb. Goat’s blood smeared every inch of the tile flooring. Shattered glass could be found upon the ground at the origin point of what was seen to be a blazing inferno that consumed many of the church’s well-decorated interiors. The pews and chairs over-turned. Written in blood outside of the burning basilica were the following words: Alea iacta est. And so the boy made his departure, forgoing the ruined sanctuary forevermore, and abandoning the reverenced divine in pursuit of something more.
  11. Soren Goldhand looks to Goran Goldhand and then grins broadly ear-to-ear. The Beardling said to his father, "What now?" @Esterlen
  12. In a familiar land with inauspicious timing, our unsightly leads find themselves immersed in things beyond their understanding. Two boys, raven-haired, and recently on the road after the death of their mother. Bastard born, quick-witted, malicious and glum. They find themselves in the woods before an ominous sight. Entangled within its roots was a limp skeleton, a rotting carcass with shreds of skin hanging off of its face, and maggots crawling across its body. This place had long since become a place of sanctuary for them, so to find such a thing there was shocking to the both of them. Yet, the thing - the skeleton - beneath the tree made them a promise. So the boys set out from the sanctuary of the Tree Demon to locate what was required. The ashes of their dead mother, once held as sacrosanct, was procured from their vestigial home in a town far from there. Entombed within an urn forevermore, the boys received the war hero George Galbraith’s ashes too from the Duke of Adria’s butler, before they began their search for the tree’s other requests. One boy found a goat and slew it during a hunt, whilst the other tried to deduce what the Tree Demon had intended to be his enemy. Within the land of Talar’nor, the second boy had at last found his quest. An elven prince had wronged his brother. So the second boy had challenged him to a duel. At the mere age of eighteen, the second boy had endured many trials, and was as wily and chaotic as he was malevolent. The elf lord was the type of warrior who was foretold in stories and fables. Long and blowing auburn hair, a slim nose, and a tranquil gaze that was broken only by his expressions of somber contemplation. The elf was close to six-foot-five and bore the regalia of a warrior. His pristine armor was unmarred by conflict, as new and pristine as the day he had received it on the evening of his wedding years earlier. The boy, however, hungered for something more. He hungered for bloodshed and could not contain his own violent impulses. As a wolf besets cattle in the nighttime when the farmers are asleep, the second boy besets his foe for the insult the elf had dealt his brother. The two exchanged insults before drawing their blades, and there was a clashing of swords between the two. Flourish, parry, pirouette. Before long a ruckus began in the background. As the fight had started, the second boy had flung his brother into a mage who was casting her resonance. The second boy slashed the elven lord across the face, pivoting and then going to jab his sword into the warrior’s armpit with a sudden gush of blood washing out of his wound, the ruptured flesh pierced by his steel. In retaliation, the elf lord reached up and gouged out the boy’s eye, and then the boy screamed in pain before kicking him down the steps and fleeing. The boys' mission had been a success, but one conquered at a steep price. ☬
  13. I would like it if, say, Slot 0 you could swap to it, and it's your "Transient Soul Stone Slot". What that means is you skip the middleman with Slot 0 of having to set it manually with a CMD. So, you just punch one of the Spawn Pillars with your Slot 0 without typing a CMD, and it instantly swaps it; but only with the spawn-related SS pillars. What do you say? @The60th
  14. if you don't like them i'm going to kill you in-game and nobody can stop me i own the government
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