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  1. Uhhhhh, not sure why my inbox is still broken, you can link it here if you want and I’ll download it from here
  2. Avas laments the many children slain in the war to retake the Ruber. ”These men and women truly believe that in the first Coalition War the soldiers targeted children and not subjects of the Mad Emperor who blew up Johannesburg. And now under quite possibly one of the best Emperors we have had since the days of old, they attack our nation under false pretenses. I wonder...” The elf lit his cigar and took a long heavy drag from it, peering over to his friend Ser Armas ( @Esterlen ). ”What would you make of this circumstance, llir? You are a far more apt Orenian historian than I.”
  3. Hey, my dude, I cannot PM you your skin for some reason. 😞

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  4. Thank you! I’ll log on to pay you immediately.
  5. aspects of this creatively edited onto my current skin-- https://namemc.com/skin/1945c931a19e9502
  6. 1k minas – outfit skin!
  7. Not sure how it’s ad hominem to present the implication here, which is that anybody having the ability to reconstruct a magic from the ground up only to exclude its players that have played characters with hours upon hours of experience and nullify their experiences and role-play. Clique-based is the worry of others, and you will have people misusing, power-gaming, and misinterpreting magic with or without the transition. The inherent flaw here is not that he is somehow lesser for desiring this, it seems great in theory, but it cannot be said that it is fair or unbiased. If he is going to solely choose who is grandfathered, then there is no hope even for the wipe making a difference. It’s not a matter of “power” since these spells ultimately gain nobody anything except a form of role-play they’re engaging in which has a reliance on free-form artsy spells. Ultimately, it is a terrible precedent set by FlamboyantMingo’s draconian policies, and should be reserved for special circumstances. This circumstance is not excruciating enough to warrant any form of magic wipe, especially one that directly impacts the people who have been most involved in the magic’s development since day one. many issues involving power-gaming can be resolved with Moderators and Story Team members, which is their job, and through changes to the lore that reduce the combat capabilities which truthfully were used as a crutch to empower specific members of the Arcanism community. BNK, Sagwort, and many others have role-played this magic. Many Arcanists probably still don’t know another rewrite has gone up up until this point. I’m sorry if you feel it’s in bad power for people to think that this type of power over other people’s role-play can certainly be a corrupting influence on him as a player, because he is essentially going to be playing God with other characters and years of their work and it shouldn’t be a surprise that people are less than pleased. The idea here is that the wipe isn’t necessary. If others have been trying to present him as using it as a method of power-tripping, they may be acting harsh and overly critical, but surely you could see where they’re coming from in being worried about the future of their characters. Whether Kaleheart has good intentions or not, I think this is a valid criticism to have, especially as it pertains to a creative work which others have been apart of for years. As for the claim about “getting mad over pixel power”, I don’t see Arcanists winning large-scale PvP battles, or even a lot of emote fights for that matter. I don’t even see how it can be construed as being any different from a shield or a bow, apart from a few spells that need to be reworked. Any rewrite of this magic should work on lessening the combat capabilities and shifting the focus back to what it was originally; a free form creative magic for spectacular displays. Not whatever Lovecraftian Horror got passed under the last Lore Administrator due to staff oversight and error.
  8. A straw man (or strawman) is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent.[1] One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man". Refute my point. So you, without a reasonable doubt in your mind, believe that you and you alone should have the Lore Sanctioned juristiction to seize a magic sub-type from a hundred other players, many of whom are currently learning or have spent hundreds of hours role-playing in the past, because you decided to rename the magic and change a few spells? I have nothing against you, and no ad hominem I will be directing towards you. In my experience, you are reasonable most of the time. I feel, however, this TA and MA wipe is beyond unreasonable. It’s sheer insanity that you believe you and yourself alone should hold this kind of power over so many other players’ role-play. If you would like to fix the magic, you would do so with no strings attached. Honestly, these people “asserting facts” as you put it are speculating on your intentions, because like I’ve said this is a pretty unreasonable thing to do. We know from your post that: - You say, or believe, you will give it to new people. But you are aversive to the players who practice the magic right now keeping it. - You’ve done nothing but “measure” or quantify it; but you neglect to explain why it is necessary in a reasonably appropriate sense of the term. Why should anybody give you the benefit of the doubt when over the course of the past year ½ magics are getting shelved and wiped left and right? Especially when the Admin behind the lore games was removed for subversive and unethical behavior? You’re taking a concept people widely disagree with and applying it to your lore, and you’re using it as a method to cull undesirables rather than work at making a productive rewrite.
  9. MA Wipe. Miss me with that. How’s that fair to anybody who’s invested time into this and worked at becoming a master of Arcanism in the past? You’re going to invalidate hundreds of hours of other people’s time because you had some brainblast and decided to call Arcanism Celestialism. I don’t mean to be inflammatory or instigate anybody with this, but I want to point out this glaring error with regards to how it will unapologetically nullify TONS of work on the end of other players to practice this magic. Why does your character get it and not mine? Because you selected to rewrite it, you get to play God with other people’s characters? The rest of the lore is fine, but please rectify this or I will be writing my own rewrite.
  10. Avas Inacrynn struck a match while leaning back in his chair at Luxem. ”Quite the victory. More chaos out here than there is in the heartland, I hope that those would-be raiders have learned their lesson about pillaging civilians of the greatest Empire that there ever was or will be.” With that, the elf lit his cigar and took a relaxing hit from it, his eyes downcast at the newspaper as he continues to read the Recent Affairs section.
  11. One Finnadh clasps his hands within the confines of a private office somewhere. Ponderously, the figure cast the pamphlet into his fire and leaned back in his chair. ”Xion. That is a name I have not heard in a century.”
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