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  1. IncompliantLore

    The Kingsmoot of 1677

    "I, Kairn of the Seed Ithelanen, pledge my vote for Abelas Caerme'onn. Long may he reign, long may the Dominion prosper." The former king abdicated the seat with the grinding of his metal limbs, going to allow the newly anointed king to take his place.
  2. The Dominion will soon fall.

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      at least hes self aware.

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      hey ghazrial alt #57 how r u ???????????

  3. I’ve heard the Dominion will soon fall, , ,?

  4. IncompliantLore

    An Intro to an Older Player

    You have improved tremendously, take that as a chance to continue boosting yourself up and working to become the best person you can be. I wish you the best of luck with everything!
  5. I've witnessed things like this my entire life in some shape or another. The sad part is what's happening here is something that could've been solved relatively quickly on most other servers. But what is beyond me, and completely inexcusable, is the Administration's unwillingness to act and handle the situation in an appropriate and controlled manner. For one, an admin just leaked IP Addresses and names on a public thread by accident while attempting to console the op of the post. For two, you have another admin going on childish rants on a public platform in front of at least 70 other players, only serving to further inflame a situation that is already blazing. Get your act together. You're not children. How Telanir could even abide by these people is beyond me. But to say that the sheer amount of gross negligence and poor behavior is justified because your ego is wounded from the words of a few players is ludicrous. As a leader in my own community this repulses me and makes me worried for the kids that I hang out with and help.
  6. Perhaps faith in the staff would be reinvigorated if they were focused on resolving issues instead of slandering players who are passionate about keeping literal pedophiles off a server full of underage boys and girls. Stop bemoaning the words of the players in OOC channels, threads & topics, and generally being a nuisance whenever a claim is filed. Be mature and do not slander players in your own staff chats. If you are frustrated with a lack of headway take a break and find another Admin to handle the workload. I don't know what to say, it's astounding how unprofessional and cowardly it is to upfront call the entire player base out on something that has been a genuine problem for years. If you have the "courage" to ban people like iMattyz and Dewper and me for things said in a voice/text chat ages ago, you should definitely be carrying out bans on these allegations instantaneously. These players who do abuse children must be stopped and there are still so many of them roaming around undisturbed leaving distraught kids and frustrated players in their wake. Enough of this victim hating attitude where all these cases get dismissed for months on end and nothing is done. You should be interceding on the behalf of young players to try and keep them safe. Not slandering those people who have grown tired with the childish antics of manchildren too lazy to boot literal sex offenders off their service.
  7. IncompliantLore

    The Political Entities of Atlas 0.9

    yo list Big Krugmar as the Dominion Barrowlands please
  8. The Dominion will soon fall. 😓

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      U better watch out noob... Im coming 4 those trees

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  9. IncompliantLore

    <=> Reiter's Run Rampant <=>

    Consus Valentinian Vallberg reminisced of the Haensetians who perished at the hands of he and his brothers, a grotesque grin on his lips.
  10. IncompliantLore

    [Complete][Prisoner][Auction] Acacia Moonves

    "Sold!" He exclaims to the pale woman, gesturing her up the steps of Vrakai. "Come and claim your prize!"
  11. IncompliantLore

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    I am genuinely curious. What is your favorite part about Haense? What song would you feel personifies the military and people of Haense? Do you believe that there are things in Haense that require the immediate attention of the people living there? Problems or potential fixes to kinks in the system? How has your day been so far? Do anything interesting?
  12. IncompliantLore


  13. IncompliantLore

    Is this a roleplay server?

    This system was supposed to supplant the one before it where wars made 0 sense and conflicts were derivative of OOC agendas, vendettas and nonsensical pandering. It seems that the consequences for betrayal in role-play cannot even be properly carried out in role-play due to the nonsensical pandering and spoon feeding of this pathetic warclaim system that benefits nobody but those with a victimhood complex.