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  1. Later bro, some of the funniest conversations I’ve had in Teamspeak/on Discord involve you being there, throughout all the different groups I’ve been in. I wish you luck!
  2. ”They label the Dominion great, yet they do not even know their own history.” A scholar remarked far across the sea, his scarred countenance staring out from across his canoe. The skies were starlit and there was an azure wispiness to the light that radiated from above. He remained cast adrift the waters with his adoptive son in their buoyant shelter from the cruelty of the sea. Had the night been storming they would likely plummet through those waves and drown, food for the bottom feeders in that blue, moonlit wasteland. Once this man had been named Kairn Ithelanen, though now the locals just knew him as Brother Leatherback, a man who had come from far away with his own son who he had rescued from slavers. Once, there had even been a second son with them, a man named Galar who bore the same rigid, barky features as his father and kinsmen. It was rare that news came, but the connection with the clan was still strong. ”Her name was Renn Vaeloryïs, not Calithil. And the last reigning queen was Awaiti Aureon. Do they wish to come together? Let them enjoy the chaos that brings. Their arrogance is unlikely to bear fruit and soon enough each chieftain shall vie for whatever throne they flagrantly proclaim to be theirs. “Whether it be Caerme’onn, Aureon, Silma, or another dead creed was plucked from bygone times. They all vie for a place at the top of the hierarchy; but the truth is that there are wolves and there are sheep. “And here they are, proclaiming themselves princes lording over a hamlet, not unlike my brother Belestram. Proclaiming the Ithelanens, Atraedes, and Corrins as being derived from their same line of Irrin Sirame. We do not recognize her as our ancestor; for our ancestor was Lathadlen, butchered in spite by Malin for rejecting his crass, unjust and barbaric rule.”
  3. tahmas the player is ok, tahmas the admin is evil
  4. Yo kebab you going to play classic wow?

    1. Kiraa


      **** yeah, wbu? It’s been awhile Connor, hit up my discord Ells#9108

  5. FYI, not sure if I’m necroing this thread or not, these videos and this channel are excellent for introducing people to more RP-minded concepts. Kudos to this thread for being entirely constructive and not espousing useless criticisms!
  6. I think good role-play depends on the individual. To me in any role-play setting, I am more or less invested in character dialogue that is sensical, appropriate given the context of an iRP situation, and overall engaging for me to be a part in. I’d often find that some people were not as engaging. Some people, like the angsty girl in your Math class, just enjoy being the center of attention without really having any good or “defined” characters. To me that was anathema, and it grows more and more frequent on every platform I’ve been on.
  7. Kiraa


  8. “Some fates are written besmirched in the blood rather than smudged ink.”
  9. “Of all who owed Emperor Aurelius fealty, he was the most honorable.” commented the Smiling Knight across the seas, far-flung and viewing this event with recognition. Though his clout with the Knight von Alstreim did not go beyond fighting on the same field and a contract priorly taken to put Sutican degenerates to the sword, he still held residual affection for the man he assisted in trying to form a better world. However, the world goes on, and neither faith nor blades can cure it. And it was that which the Elf found least comforting of all.
  10. ”Ave Imperium,” Says a leal Horen bannerman in response to the notice, while referencing the Empire of Renatus and not the Orenian Confederation. He then enjoys a sip of tea, thinking about all his ancestors who died to keep Aurelius Horen on the Throne, and then imagining slights against the Haenseti people for colluding with neo-Imperials to destroy his way of life. With a trembling breath, Gareth emits: “Grrr, Oren, Grrr.”
  11. Kiraa

    The King's Ultimatum

    Kairn sighs very loudly.
  12. Donald “The Slapper” Dabber; The 17-Man Killer

  13. Kiraa

    Come and See

    Somewhere, Kairn Ithelanen remembers his former High Elven protectorate fondly and feels pity for them. ”We are bred in war, they cannot say the same. Such a tragedy that even now Elven blood is spilled over disputes so trivial as a pissing contest between warriors and scribes.” The Druid shed the paper notice into his crackling hearth, before returning to his armchair to take a seat. In his hands, he turned a skull around and faced down its empty eye sockets. ”Tragic.”
  14. I can’t believe Kid_Mackin finally got his revenge. NGL, crying right now, can’t believe it. Insane.

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