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  1. MisterBones

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    Cool, great. My point still stands. Just an FYI, I don’t even support Eternal for GM, nor do I know them that well. I’d honestly probably -1 them if I were a player who posted on these things often, the reason why I haven’t is they may have changed as an individual since when I last knew them. I’ve also read the Staff Blacklist for Heero, so I know what the written truth is. If you want to repost your negative feedback without the rule-breaking material you may go ahead, or you can talk to Fireheart about why you posted it here on this public thread. I’m going to be asking another member of the FM to moderate this in the meantime because as you’ve pointed out, I can be viewed as biased for getting involved with a situation involving a member of my own team that I oversee regularly, and that I have had to correct from time to time on what gets hidden.
  2. MisterBones

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    Hid my comment because I did type it angrily. Regardless, reacquaint yourself with the forum rules, if you feel I acted out of turn speak to my director. Making an accusation like that requires context and some evidence submitted to the admins that actually results in a lasting ban or punishment. It shouldn’t be aired like dirty laundry without those two things in mind, it does not belong on the forums. o7
  3. MisterBones

    To the once Clans of Thagurz'Grizh

    The Prince Kairn Ithelanen gets word of this and grins widely to himself at the news, “The traitors got what they deserved. I offered them victory, they repaid my hand with treason-- let them know that their dishonored pact has evoked the wrath of the Spirits, their reformed ‘Iron Uzg’ and all others they betrayed.”
  4. MisterBones

    why am I always angry, find out in an exclusive interview

    What do you think of the Event Team? What do you think of cyberers? What do you think of the GMs banning Tornado for making fun of a streamer demanding respect? What do you think of the Empire of Man?
  5. MisterBones

    [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    Apparently, my last comment came across as sarcastic. I wish you the best of luck with this lore piece. o7
  6. MisterBones

    Iylderi; Guardians of the Veil

    It's not enough that mages can have five tier 5 magics?
  7. MisterBones

    Duel of 1685

    Ilya Ivanovich offers the quaint nod of his head, "None can defeat us, much less serpents."
  8. MisterBones

    [I] Treshure's Game Moderator Application

    -1 lawl virgen Among the most passionately driven players on the server, a man with a mission-- I have known Treshure for going on five years now-- he is among the smartest, well-intentioned people I've had the pleasure of meeting online. If you add him to your team you will not only be impressed with his charisma, ideas and keen intellect; but with his willingness to compromise, a skill very few people have.
  9. MisterBones

    [I] Treshure's Game Moderator Application

    Best possible candidate.
  10. MisterBones

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

  11. MisterBones

    Ascension to the Throne

    Kairn Ithelanen stroked his chin, appearing rather pleased at the notice.
  12. MisterBones

    ExoticRoleplay's Forum Moderator Application

    Claimed, you shall be interviewed at some point this week.
  13. MisterBones

    AfricanGlasses's World Developer Application

    An ignoble and desperate person prone to childish tantrums, rages and abuse. Add him to your team and I guarantee you he will deface it with his poor behavior and his tendency to harass and aggravate others, also consider his history of abuse as an Event Team Builder and you'll find he has no place here.
  14. MisterBones

    [Denied] [Waitlisted] Lake__'s Forum Moderator Application

    Denied. Note: If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to bring them up with me in private message.