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  1. Kairn scribes a note to the writer of this tale. Although, yes, Fi’halen (and later Haelun’or its successor-state) was considered a loose “vassal” to the Crown of Gladewynn, it was never lesser and was afforded representation on the council and full control of its own dominion. The only thing they had to uphold was the maintenance of their own state and to recognize the alliances tediously regulated by myself, the King Kairn Ithelanen of Gladewynn and my Marshal Erathon Ithelanen. Let it be struck from the record that you were a vassal of the Alderfolk, and instead, let it be known that our two peoples are conjoined. Despite not being one-in-the-same, our peoples were unified and brought peace and prosperity to the realm. Vassalage, Feudalism, and other such systems are ways of the Valah. Signed, Kairn Ithelanen
  2. “Let the toe-lickers rot in hell,” says Elias.
  3. Elias stood facing the open sky, his tall frame casting a silhouette down on the snow as a grin crept onto his lips. He pondered to himself. I foresee great things for our people here. Were my father to still be alive, I’ve no doubt he would share that sentiment. Yesterday, we were two far-flung peoples and castaways of the Southern world; instead, now we stand as brothers.
  4. I’ve got an active social life and plenty of friends, and my grades aren’t fluctuating from the A-B range. I’m pretty happy!
  5. (OOC Name: ) Name, Elias Charleson Jrent Age, ??? Sex, Yes Please Experience, Not any
  6. The Migration of the Renaii The many wagons of the wearied procession trundled forward slowly, their massive wheels reducing the early snows of the northern roads to muddy slush. Forward they pressed, men, women, children bundled against the biting winds as they trudged towards their goal. Some bore plate of faded red, a relic of better times. Some still bore tattered banners, their faded faces bearing black dragons. As the days marched onwards the greenery faded. Giving ways to grand fields and fjords of deep snow. As the congregation climbed the slope of the neck, that tiny bridge separating the Greenlands from the lands of endless snow. They saw the city of Morsgrad rise before them. Its massive insurmountable cliffs jutting arrogantly from the frozen sea below. The unbreakable bastion home to the Nordish, the last of the true Highlander folk in Arcas. Arriving at the foot of the great stone spire, the band would unload their wagon. Bearing all of their possessions in their worn packs they’d cross the treacherous rope bridge of the peerless fortress. Arriving at the cities stone maw. There, stone-faced guards would step aside, allowing the ragged menagerie into the depths of the citadel. The Renaii had come to Morsgrad.
  7. Mumkey


    “May he rest in peace, he’s in a better place now,” Elias uttered crossing his arms. He remembered the whole commotion like a hazy memory. It was chaotic as his relative Magnus had ushered him into the room to bear witness to the chaos that ensued after the Earl’s death.
  8. Elias Charleson Jrent remarks, “The toe-lickers can certainly attend, but they sure as Hell aren’t good enough to warrant a vocal invitation. That right is reserved for Monarchs and the High Lords of the Realm, not pacifists who drag the Empire into war with their impudence.”
  9. Well, well, well! Look what the cat dragged in.

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  10. [!] Throughout the Realm of Arcas, if you buy a beverage originating from the Elven lands, you will find a rudimentary detailed sketch on it with this Missing Persons Report. ALESSANDRA ILWINDIOR ~-~-~ The missing person has raven black hair and blue eyes. Pallid features and human-like bone structure and complexion. No taller than 5’5” and suffers from severe alcoholism and paranoia, potentially suicidal. Last spotted near the Whispering Crossroad, Atlas, and they have no known place of residence. If you find her whereabouts please contact Crumena Ilwindior her paramour. AD: Need a commission done? The Elven Smithing Guild will match any price throughout Arcas and bring to you the best weapons, armor, and tools in the realm!
  11. The Elder Covenant of Camlannen Ancient History Like all elves who served under the banner of Malin, the Alderfolk has a long and troubled history of infighting. First, it was the Ithelanen who were leal servants of the King of the Elves, unflinching and sacrificing themselves in the name of their king and country. The seasoned warriors of the hard-fought campaign against Iblees, they lived a nomadic existence before and following the emergence of the Deceiver. Lord Ithel’an Lathladhen, the namesake of his beleaguered kindred, would muster to do battle in the name of his king diligently and with unwitting support. Famously referred to as Lathladhen Fang-of-Fury, he would brutally destroy the enemies of his king without mercy and sacrifice their hearts to the gods Moccus and Morea. Once the Archdaemon Iblees was cast from the world by divine intervention, the Curse of Elvenkind was laid and made Ithel’an bitter. Reluctantly, he and his brood continued to pave the way for the emergence of Malin’s “forever” kingdom; left destitute and dying in the throes of endless war and battles for succession. Their discontent surfaced during the war declared upon the Hou-Zi, and Lathladhen declared he and his kindred would not be fighting and retreated into the Alder Woods. Summoned to Malin’s Court to answer for his indignity, he arrived under the pretense there would be talks to stop him from completely pulling out of the kingdom. But instead he was executed publicly, and his kindred who had gathered beneath his banner were told to submit or die. Instead, they remained in the woods and refused to rejoin the political world. Still, they bristled. The Ithelanens were the dominant clan in their nomadic union of clans and they were beaten down from the wars. Throughout the series of Kinstrifes numbers would wax and wane, before increasing with the end of the infighting. In seclusion from their agrarian Malinite cousins, they survived far longer than the First Kingdom and outlasted it on the Isles of Axios. Many separate clans remained apart, before occasionally reorganizing into unions and marriage agreements between them and fragmenting again to return to their ancestral homes. Modern History Once the Isles were abandoned, Dinlassel’an Ithelanen and his relatives took to the seas as well. The other clans greatly diminished over the years followed too. Emerging again within the Dominion of Malin in the late 1600s, Dinlassel’an and his relative Thexan brought Kairn Ithelanen into the family as a law-brother in an experiment for adopting elves that best reflected their values. One of the three Bronze Lords who rode against the Dominion of Malin and pressed for reforms in the Bronze Rebellion, many of his loyal soldiers were brought into the clan as well to bolster numbers. These adoptees would come to be known as the Vanethelan, a caste of warriors inside of the clan who were given the right to take upon themselves the tattoos that were once afforded only to blood relatives. Notable for winning a series of Coalition Wars fighting on the side of the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna, and later the Empire of Man, the Clan of Ithelanen began to organize widespread change and tried to steer mainstream Elven Society in a new direction. With much of the internal feuding and squabbling, however, these plans would fall short. Eventually, the Ithelanens and their kindred lost any appetite for trying to change the ways of Malinites and followers of Irrin Sirame, so now they reside in their ancestral halls of Camlannen, once the Keep of Temesch that sat upon the conquered, burnt remains of the Principality of Alderyn. The Elder Clans The Clans of the Elder Covenant are the principal organizations that preside Camlannen. Clan aen Ithelanen, Princes of Wolves and Boars The culmination of abstaining from the realm for centuries, the Ithelanen are a far-flung cousin to the descendants of Irrin Sirame and Larihei. Ancient denizens of the Isles of Axios who continued to live nomadically in the area outliving their agrarian Malinite cousins. Represented by their dual War Gods of Moccus and Morea, the Ithelanens do not formally recognize a “prime-mover” in the creation of the world and nature. Pale-skinned due to years in seclusion from all of Elvendom as they underwent their vast physiological changes. Many blood Ithelanens possess close-cropped black hair and blue tattoos to commemorate their ancestry. Traditionally, they have the bulk of numbers and though their strength has waned over the years, they are berserkers with an appetite for violence to honor their gods. Clan aen Sov, They of Orphaned Starlight In taking flight from their distant home, the twice-born siblings Sov endeavored to find respite amongst their erstwhile cousinfolk. It is rumored that the scions of the sable shore made a landing by sea and let their vessel become naught but cinder; permitting voracious flames to do away with all they held dear, spare their flesh and blood. Hearsay suggests, too, that the Sov made way by land, heralded by sword-saints and angels sworn to a dogma all but forgotten. The twin Sov pilgrims maintain no such fictions. What is ken to those of sound mind is that Mal aen Sov, eldest scion, raises the standard of Sov in leal (if not fanatical) service to the ideologies of the covenant. Unique amongst elfendom, the aen Sov operate more akin to a noble household as opposed to a clan. Thus, the enigmatic line of Sov has held pure, maintained by ceremony of wedlock as ordained by their celestial scryings. Those blooded as aen Sov dream eagerly of moonlight and of the cold stars that weep at the heaven’s seams. The infinite cosmos in its black radiance is sacred to house and many of their rituals exalt its contents. Their skin is porcelain, varying only slightly in shade and hue. They who are born under veil of moonlight are made ivory, held to be augury of miracles to come. They who taste first the rays of the sun are branded aen Sov-Sol, ashen skinned individuals whose blood is ceremoniously valued. The Iris flower is the most commonly noted motif shared by the aen Sov, though precious gems and astral relics are also touted generously. What else there is to illuminate upon those of Sable Shore is held a precious secret. Clan aen Divtilrun, Blood Eagles of Nemglan The savage Divtilrun are the amber-eyed and dark-skinned children of Y’shara, a strong and clever hunter that was exiled from the homelands of the mali’ame during the age of seeds. He led his followers into the uruk deserts, seeking a challenge worthy of his brethren. Within the desert, his tribe faced many hardships- the constant threat of the orcish menace and the scarcity of food nearly wiped his people from the map. In order to survive, the clever Y’shara made a pact with the desert-dwelling falcons, using them to hunt and scour the desert for what his people needed. This proved to be the tribe’s saving grace, allowing them to flourish within the desert land. In return, Y’shara vowed his people’s eternal worship to Nemglan- the falcon goddess of freedom and thunder. Still, they clashed with the orcs, losing more and more of their kin to their insatiable bloodlust. In retaliation- the wayward tribe began to match the orcish brutality- and then move further beyond. To sway the uruk from further attacks, the Divtilrun would string up an orc they would capture, flaying their back open and spreading their ribs back and out to create the shape of “wings” in homage to their patron goddess Nemglan. This practice became known as the blood eagle- which the Divtilrun would become notorious for displaying on their foes. From then on, they would use fear as a tool when they fought- weaving terror in the hearts of their enemy as easily as a farmer reaps wheat for harvest. After many centuries of this, the clan has evolved into what it is today- the seed of fear and freedom. It’s practices and ways are carried on now by its newest generation, which seeks to take root within Camlannen.
  12. Kairn recalls that the Snow Elven age of consent is lower because they die faster, and were historically genocided thrice. Far more often than the Wood Elves. He then writes into law that Ithelanens can only marry and procreate once they’re at least 100. Modern problems require modern solutions. “Wish people would just talk to one another about these things. These pamphlets mean little.”
  13. [!] A letter would be privately pinned to Thexan Ithelanen, notably in response to his letter The Edicts of Gladewynn. Dear brother, it has been some time and I am aware that for many years, like me, you have been away from this weary world and enjoying the boons and benefits of a life far more befitting of our noble kindred. The wilds untamed and majestic and the bounty of the earth available to us for as long as we draw breath, the isle has always been kind to us. However, your letter penned with good intentions has reawoken fierce contempt in some and aroused patriotism in others such as myself. The titles of Gladewynn were dissolved years ago by myself and my kindred upon returning from the Wilds. Being referenced as a ‘Prince’ was a mere moniker to make it easier on the polite Valah we were interacting with, and truth be told I am more akin to a “liege-lord” without all the strict rules and baggage associated with the term. Upon the lands that once belonged to Gladewynn, then to Alderyn, then to Renatus and the Empire we have settled a new fief to resurrect our ancestral hearth: Camlannen, the Home of the Alder Elves, and keep of our hardy bloodline. A new clan has flocked to us and we currently aim to build a society wild and free; untamed by bureaucracy, and untamed by ravaging degeneracy. Aneir’in, the Chief of Ithelanen, stands with us rallying his bloodline too. My Vanethelans remain with me, my sons and daughters by relation if not by blood, and we hope to return to our idyllic lifestyle we had prior to the Coalition Wars. As you are of my blood and stock, we will arrive with you to your meeting. Let it be known that the Alderfolk do not slumber, but merely reside elsewhere peaceably. Gladewynn, the realm of our forefathers now enfeoffed to us by our allies, stands now as the staunch woodland of Camlannen. With respectful adoration, Kairn Igus Ithelanen, The Bronze Lord
  14. A notice would be penned to Alexander, bearing the seal of Gladewynn. Henceforth, with the power vested in me by my brethren and the consensus with the Chieftain of my clan, we do enable this pact with the Holy Orenian Empire. Throughout my life, I have fought alongside many just and devout men who have emerged from your species, whether they be the famed Antonious Horen, Charles Elliot, or brothers in the Black Reiter Company. I was a confidante of the late Prince Cassius Horen, and together he and I laid our enemies low and brought safety and security to our newly established alliance. The wars between humans mean little to me; but the return of our beloved land which Dinlassel’an razed brings me great joy. Although my time in this world wanes day-by-day and I remain intently focused on my Druidic Teachings and busy myself with the pursuit of enlightenment. Now, I, the “Prince of Gladewynn”, as proclaimed by my subordinates and comrades from amongst my clan do offer my signature to this writing. The tumultuous relationship with my fellow Elves ends now. I will not serve amongst those who were too feeble and cowed before others rather than protect their brethren. Their steps have done naught but falter, and even when posed with the overture of a potential reunion they squandered their time and wasted an opportunity to reunite our fractured people. The followers of Irrin Sirame, apart from the Aureons, deserve no respect. They rob us of our ideals, and on the daily do nothing to benefit their nation except to beg for handouts from their citizens. Their bureaucracy and their faith has been hard-tempered by the sloth and lust of pining elders who no longer understand what it is to be ‘Elven’. Once, I rode against the Dominion of Malin. Once, I rode against foes to the North and to the South in the name of my allies. But now, I ride to protect the Free People from the self-destructive tendencies of a dying people and their way of life that echoes across this realm as a disgrace. I have my misgivings about Humanity, but my misgivings on Malinor are far greater. Signed, Kairn Igus Ithelanen, “Prince of Gladewynn”, The Bronze Lord & Chieftain Aneir’in Ithelanen, Fist of Morea
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