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  1. Denied. Apologies, Maruthir, after careful deliberation with the Arranged Marriage Directive and its constituents, you have been found wonting. Unfortunately, you are far too tall and male to serve as a proper wife. In some cases, we would allow the latter to pass, as we are a liberal people. However, due to your height you could not serve as a proper wife. Your cooking and cleaning experience however would do well for the tavern if you would apply there as a dishwasher with the base 12.50 mina per hour minimum income. Thank you for your response, and as ever long live the King.
  2. The bachelor Prince Deldrach Velulaei’onn (@Icarnus) is looking for a wife! To commemorate his joyous triumph in a recent hunt, he and his associates have deliberated on finding him a wife of equal value to the measure of his successes in the past couple of elven days. Prince Deldrach “The Brave”; A Hero of Renelia-Gladewynn If you are interested in fulfilling the requirements of this position, please keep the following criteria in mind. Must be of Alders or Mali’ker origin, and no less and no more than 5’9” and ½. Must be willing to cook and clean. Must have a Degree. Mandatory three-years experience in the role and currently employed. Willingness to reciprocate adoration is mandatory, even if the Prince does not do so himself. In return for the valued affections and reciprocated housework on part of the Femoid, Prince Deldrach will: Provide riches, jewels, and bling to his accessory wife. A place to stay with no cost for rent or food. Luxurious access to the hot-springs and the Temple of Velulaei. Protection by the Order of Kheltiruai and Avchirran To those who do seek to apply for the position, the Prince Deldrach has mandated that you send love letters to his provincial residence in the Keep of Camlannen. The Prince Deldrach loves community service, long walks upon the beaches of distant lands, and razing the homelands of his enemies so that he might enslave their children and marry their concubines. Message issued and sponsored by the Arranged Marriage Directive™. For serious inquiries, please visit the Cihi-State of Magara’llin in the Kingdom of Renelia.
  3. Mumkey

    Fare Thee Well

    As eras wane so to do the people who defined them. Rimlav Ithelanen. Thexan Ithelanen. Arcann Ithelanen. Many famed warriors and scholars of the clan had come and gone. But one thing was certain. Luara, Morea and Moccus watch over them all. And Thexan has now joined his brothers and sisters in the beyond. Rest in Peace, Thexan Ithelanen.
  4. server’s down for two days shoot up while you can

  5. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!” pronounced an orc by the name of E’liaz the Clanless, before he beckoned to his fellows and took up his hatchet.
  6. a voice beckons from amidst the salt and smoke of a war-torn world: “Cry more.” Uttered an elf with much contempt and next to zero remorse for the Dark Brotherhood of Sutica. “Those who lay their swords down and recognize the Light of the Goddess shall be spared. Those who do not shall be smote from skull to greaves.” So spike the Paladin Mithras, gathering his merry brotherhood of Xanite minutemen for the battle to come.
  7. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with you a few times in recent years. For most of those encounters you were not only pleasant to talk to, but you were very conscientious of behaving mannerly, cordially, and with dignity. I opt to remember these qualities you’ve exhibited and I wish you luck in your present and future endeavors. o7
  8. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya,” commented a wayward cousin to the High Elves, disheartened by the treachery of a former Council Member.
  9. Mumkey

    A Dragons Ire

    Elias Carrow, the son of Charles Elliot of Alstion, endorses this message. He pledges his blade to Radu’s cause with the utmost excitement, craving the fast-paced conflict that is to come.
  10. Cmon telanir can’t you see the first thing I want to do after my 10 hr shift is to play Minecraft? Get with the times can someone deep fake telanir to steal the backend launch code day four of no mine man im nearing my limit only god can save me now
  11. “Nevermore!” Echoed a warrior by the name of Elias Carrow, leal bannerman to Adrian de Sarkozy. “Long live the King Andrew Barrow!”
  12. Goron Ravexi smiles the moon’s smile. ... …
  13. seeing the haense king get cucked after my ten hour shift just gave me so much anxiety please stop cucking guys i don’t think my feelings can take this anymore! ooc shilling like I cannot believe...
  14. the safety SQUADRON, and then the SAFETY ADMINISTRATOR roger roger
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