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  1. Addressed to Eryn S. Aureon, In the years of the Bronze Rebellion, Abelas Sa’Roir Caerme’onn was the only “priest” of your denomination to act with dignity and maintain neutrality. The Naelurir by that point had been split by the divisive politics brought forth by Artimec Caerme’onn, who used the power of his “office” to instigate more conflict and barge into meetings between myself and Awaiti Aureon. Abelas acted with keen intellect, humility, and understanding of his role. He did not allow the order to fall into disarray as you have and you cannot blame a higher form of government for seeking to abolish archaic policies such as these. In tethering yourselves to a state rather than your own beliefs, you have made it so that biting the hand that feeds you shall obliviate your circle and its achievements. Just as no government can last forever, the bureaucracy of your circle is dust. This precedence of Naelurir involvement in politics did not disappear even coming into the new era. You are surprised to have been put under the direct mandate of a High Prince? For as long as I can remember, the Naelurir was a government organization, and one funded by a variety of Elven governments that used it as a method to spearhead control over the Aspectist masses. As a former “Archdruid” of your order, I say that your title is derived from a source of false power and false security. This concept of hierarchy is not borne of any legitimacy besides your written word. Titles do not make you more of a servant to Nature than those you claim to be under your “wide-spanning” breadth of control. I denounce you as nothing more than a prophet of decay. You and the High Prince have allowed this denomination of the order to fall into sacrilege. If your Malinite ancestors could look upon your works now, they would not tremble. They would weep at your impudence and lash you like a dog. In the Faith of Aspectism, or “The Wild Faith” as your denomination would label itself; the objective of priests is to teach. Not to rule and lord over other druids like a feudal master. Truly, I implore you to look at the consequences of your decisions, because now you represent yourself as nothing more than a would-be tyrannical influence that seeks to undermine the goals of the order by engaging in this type of wanton subterfuge. Leatherback Druid
  2. Kairn comes to the realization that his speech about the concept of circles being divisive was more than a little bit correct. He wrung his hands and popped his knuckles, before returning to the depths of his cave.
  3. I was a Keeper of Xan, I was the peak of paladinism, and I hated it. There were quirks involved with being one that made playing it fun, but otherwise, it was just posturing and the race itself was used as a means of controlling people. I was a Wraith, it was fun, Wraiths are not an “endgame”; as by definition, they are a creature that exists not as the peak of necromancy, but as a thing on their own that anyone can achieve through rp. Endgame is anything that is used to exemplify control. Wraithdom, for instance, is just a creature like a Satyr or some other thing that occurs through phenomena and makes for interesting characters. Keepers, Itharel, Zar’akal, and other “endgames” are just ways of power-boosting and disregarding policies against power-gaming.
  4. i apologize for being so anal
  5. congrats on admin moribundity you've come a long way

  6. Whoever’s deepfaking Telanir is doing a really good job.
  7. ((we live in a very Freudian time yh))
  8. ((because this post is cringe to the extreme and while i don’t personally care that it exists because i’ve seen it all at this point, others are going to make fun of u for it because it’s pretty weird, even for a mc-rp server. shoulda posted this expecting some semblance of a negative reaction due to the contents, not that this post justifies harassment or anything, it’s just so weird))
  9. Mumkey


    “Why did they make Morsgrad a fortification if they thought they could win this war?” comments a neo-Orenian proselyte sniveling.
  10. ***** out for narthok

  11. Will miss you man. Some of my best rp on the server has been with you, and it has been with Morsgrad in some shape or another. Don’t be a stranger.
  12. The Elven Tripartite 14th of the Amber Cold, 1740 The Tripartite Pact of Haelun’or, Irrinor and Renelia-Gladewynn Herein is defined the defensive pact that binds Renelia, Irrinor, and Haelun’or as the representatives of their respective subraces. All of them are legitimate, and their word is law in regards to their sovereignty and the protection of their culture and values. The State of Irrinor shall encompass its woodland realm and its Hou-Zi vassals, and Renelia shall retain its territory of Temesch-Alderyn, and the Silver State of Haelun’or her mountain and Province of Nakamachi. Incorporated into the alliance, all three signatories pledge support, and shall defend one another’s borders for the duration of 10-years before the parties shall reconvene to resign the pact. For the duration of this current war, the Tripartite shall be absorbed into the A.I.S as a committee representing Elven Sovereignty and the preservation of Elven Culture through the pacts established by Haelun’or and Renelia. On Traitors to the Elven Race Many Elves have attempted to use war to establish themselves as illegitimate successors to current governments. The exertion of foreign influence by the Holy Orenian Empire to change leadership within the Realm of Elvenesse has not gone unnoticed. Their transgressions shall be met with martial response, and never again shall we allow the Holy Orenian Empire to meddle in Elven affairs so brazenly as they have by trying to legitimize a pretender whose only qualifications were as a minor chieftain in a mercenary company. The Silver State of Haelun’or is formally granted reparations of 20,000 minas and the life of Avius Csarathaire. He shall be turned over to Haelunorian authorities and shunned from the borders of the Tripartite. We formally renounce the Elverhillin Conspiracy that sought to use the influence of Emperor Peter to seize Irrinor and establish his militia as the “dominant” force within the region. In doing so, he sought to permit genocide and obliterate Ichorian, Emerald, and Sage Way cultures to establish a cult of mages within his own control. The Elverhillin Conspiracy also sought to undermine the High Elves in their conduct of diplomacy with the Wood Elves, despite having no recognizable sovereignty. Signed, Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar of Haelun’or Archon Aroen Velulaei'onn of Renelia High Prince Lyemar Aureon of Irrinor Bronze Lord Kairn Ithelanen of Gladewynn
  13. Mumkey


    THE DRAGONS WOE Contained to a freezing cell lay a weak dragon, with nothing left to other but his left. With a few groans he was hauled up, out of his cell and brought to the surface - to retain one last respite of air before the execution. However, just on time, the Haeseni forces bolted along the road - weapons raised and with no hesitation clashed into the front-line of a disorganised AIS retinue. Above the chaos, the Duke screamed out - “Shields! To the front! Push them back!” as the straggling retinue went to reinforce their brethren in front of Rubern. Perhaps the quickest of the three fights, with the numbers being in the favour of Haense - it was still not enough. For they saw the same end to them as the pitiful Orenians did hours before. In this chaos, the captured dragon did attempt to escape; a last ditch effort was put to a stop as he rode down and re-bound once more. For the second time of the day, the AIS stood triumphant over the corpses of their enemies. The Empire had received their second loss for the day, confidence brimmed amongst the ranks of the AIS and their armour was stained red with the blood of their fallen foes. Cheers consummated the fight. ((20 vs 20, gf. -Morsgrad n company))
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