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    “Fools they might be,” shared Kairn with Kalius. “But as they are elven fools, we shall help Jack keep their city from falling.”
  2. Rumblings in the Deep They emerged from the Deep, and from whence they came they brought decay. Last Light Camp’s fortifications erected upon the beeches of the Korvassa remained obscure at first and hidden from the gaze of the malignant and twisted Damnable Horde. However, with increased operations in the area and consistent scouting missions, the Inferi finally discovered their quarry. With a loud emergence they came and set fire to the walls, three blazing crucifixes with three mortals hanging from the crosses. One was a silver-haired Sea Elf with teal eyes that could see no longer, another a Farfolk man with foggy, silver eyes forever closed. And the third, a decaying Dark Elf woman adorned in armor with a corroded signet ring. Their wrists nailed messily to the crucifixes, they served as ample warning for the unearthly power that gathered now to smite the brave heroes for their interference in the region. To assault the Last Light Camp. To bring them all to their knees and consume them; flesh, blood, and sinew whole. That is the mission of the Damnable Horde – and the one they professed not long ago, whilst burning Amos the Beggar at the stake. In their first assault the camp had nearly burned to the ground. What shall come of the second? Many nights would pass in succession, it would appear that the Demon’s pledge to return the following day was hoax. Perhaps that was apart of his plan, to instill needless anxiety in those sitting atop those fortifications? Waiting for a siege that would never come? Only time will tell what comes of Last Light Camp. But when it rains, it pours. ((OOC)) Thank you to all who attended the preliminary event tonight a few hours ago. It was meant to serve as an introduction that will prepare players for tomorrow night’s event at 7:00 EST where the camp will be beset by a wide range of demonic foes. Thank you to @limo_man and @Nectorist for their assistance today! And see you all tomorrow.
  3. Elias Charleson Jrent saluted the memory of Mr. Mittens. “Valiance and nine-lives lived in Excellence.”
  4. The reformed Eldarhim and its revolving gauntlet of experienced soldiers remained in the camp guarding. Their skull-faced helmets and spiked steel armor sending the demons a darkly-clad image. The veterans of many campaigns in the Heartlands of the Empire, and of countless wars waged in the continent of Arcas – they stood prepared now to have a reckoning with the Inferi. The Bronze sigil of the stoic Eldarhim flying on green banners atop parts of the walls, a clear demonstration of pride for their homeland in the Pale. One particularly menacing Eldarhim with one eye looks over the horizon from atop the wall regarding the Korvassan Hinterlands. Half his face was scarred, and he was far taller than most Elves – some kind of mixed-blood perhaps – his long silver hair tied neatly into a bun over his faded undercut. His old friend and a famed Magus in his own right Greiret approached clad in the dark-steel of the Eldarhim, skull-crested helmet beneath one arm. ”Right after we leave Aegrothond we’re back into another **** show. Will we at least get to see some action this time? If nobody’s paying, that is.” The menacing Eldarhim – Kairn Ithelanen – looked over and affirmed Greiret’s question with a nod. ”We will kill them all. Treat them like we did our foes in Courland, San’Kala and every other field we’ve been on. You and I shall focus on attacking supply routes that they are using, and we will rid them of their slave laborers. How does that sound?” Greiret, satisfied, left. Kairn looked over the horizon again and thought to himself. He held out an archaic bronze pocketwatch in his hand that ticked softly, his face devoid of emotion even as he stands upon the threshold of one of the deadliest enemies he had ever seen. My dearest Arianna. If you could see where I stand now, you would shake and cry.
  5. The Reckoning of the Bridge 1784
  6. Well, here’s the thing. Just about all of this event has been done with Admin supervision and feedback from the people players in mind. Your boat issue should be discussed with Grim, evidently, but most of the points you try to make so far read as: I am angry a demonic elephant with the hammer of Urguan got past my ships, which the story team was not informed were there, or had a way to circumvent. Players will quit if mods (who have zero power over what events we do) don’t monitor our events. We should ask before doing events how everybody is feeling? Don’t take this the wrong way I’m trying to get your point but your initial post is all over the place and doesn’t state the exact problems, just a series of events left vague. It’s troublesome for us because we cannot build off of criticism that doesn’t explicitly state what’s wrong. Take sometime to cool down and have a good day, I understand the stress and all but if this is impacting you so much you should take a small rest break and then you’re free to send me your gripes with the event either by forum message or in game and I will communicate your feedback concisely to the ST. Take it easy and have a good one.
  7. The Warden of the Pale stood in Tor Eldar amidst the square. It was an unchanging place for the most part, and little had changed there in the past twenty-years since the city was constructed. People had come and gone. Elves, Kharajyr, Hou-Zi, and all manners of merchants over the years. Yet still the denizens of the city remained, Alderfolk and Dark Elves of high esteem. He pondered to himself the words of the Sage Haumel, before vocalizing internally: To live as an Elf is to live doubly cursed. To watch all your comrades die, and to be unable to produce more of your kind. For as you live, you lose, and all things around you shall change with time. Emperor to Emperor, King to King, Warden to Warden. The times shift like winding dunes of sand caught in a superb twister and you know not where you will land once you are cast aloft. With those thoughts the tall Alder Elf took a seat in his chair across from his ally the Immortal Avaeramos. As the Warden of the Pale he had not been close to the Emperor; but years prior had fought against him in the Alliance of Independent States, before eventually realizing it would be best to join the Empire rather than continue to inhabit the Fell Lands. He drank from a wine class clear plum wine savoring the taste before saying. “To the Emperor of Mankind, and to the bond that we share. His service has ended but the Alderfolk shall not forget his compassion. Rest in peace, Peter son of Horen, and may our works live on forevermore.” He and Avaeramos clinked glasses, and the others in Malin’s Rest Inn that night shared a toast. To the Emperor, and his daughter, and the Imperial Cabinet.
  8. [!] This poster can be found throughout the Crownlands and by the Crossroads, bearing the Bronze Seal of the Pale of Camlannen. [!] In these pressing times the Pale has mustered alongside the Talus Grove and the Paladins of Xan to provide relief to Korvassa. As the fighting is going to grow thicker in this region, I see it fit to call upon the services of both a professional Alchemist and High Magus, as we would like assistance with preparing weapons, devices, and other forms of enhanced military-grade gear to provide our troops and allies as we ready ourselves to establish camps in the marred hellscape there. As the High Hells have taken over and the place has been scorned by all living things that are not Inferi, Zar’ei, or other breed of malignant Demon, we also seek former Demonologists who can assist us with putting some of these creatures away lock and key and learning about their goal, movements, and ulterior motives for arriving to our world. I am willing to pay on a per commission basis with regards to each work of artificery and establish a going rate for alchemical reagents and supplies. If you are interested in providing us assistance, you can find us in the city of Tor Eldar past Kaedrin and before the Capital of Helena. Sincerely, Warden of the Pale Kairn Ithelanen
  9. Kairn Ithelanen nursed his mind with a pint of pale ale while contemplating the order he had issued. It, he decided, was the best course of action. ”Our responsibility, first and foremost when on the high seas is to our crew. However, we must be weary, if you stare deeply into the Abyss the Five Old Lords stare back into you. Disagreement comes naturally, but we are soldiers and we did what we had to do to keep our crew mates alive.”
  10. Another flyer would be posted in the areas closest to the Pale of Camlannen, flowing in Common Script with a hint of Elven artistry to the words. Sometimes to maintain order you must make hard choices. Upon stepping foot on that seafaring vessel we were treading dangerous waters. With the many months since the killings that transpired in Korvassa we must ask ourselves why a single man resembling a corpse survived? Undead, perhaps, or bait. We made an educated guess and we had to improvise – it is without a doubt highly likely that the barrel was rigged to explode, and that upon removing the so called “Man” from it, we would have potentially lost some of our own voyagers in the process. It was our mission to arrive to Korvassa and establish camp. The man in the barrel was already dead, and he would have taken many of us with him if we gave him the chance. Paladin Dio’s mercy kill was signed off by myself with respect to the authority of Captain Jack, and it was necessary to ensure we landed safely. We understand the moral quandary you find yourself in and why it may seem cruel; however, death was the only kindness we could bestow. May the Path of the Living Word guide you in your purpose, and though misguided, may your kindness serve you well in the years to come. Warden of the Pale, Kairn Ithelanen
  11. [!] Circulating out of the Pale of Camlannen, a missive would circulate - though it may only catch your eye due to the depiction of the hinterlands upon it. Should you pick it up, it would read as follows: [!] Cold across the top of the Empire lays the Pale, so bare that no vassal clamors to incorporate it. Bickering bureaucrats have made no use of it outside of their signatures, with the only exceptions being cultists who have done far worse. As failures mount in the region, doubts loom about the endurance of those that came before. One needs not doubt the longevity of the ‘Ker. Forever ago now, a Dominion once made homes of the wilderness that humanity struggled to inhabit. From an unruly land grew its greatest ally, and the strongest Elven state in over 400 years. We settle these lands without doubting it too will replicate this high watermark in the relations between our races and in our people’s civilization as a whole. Of these great expanses, a state will be carved from it - one whose borders will be a task that will vex even the most skilled cartographers. Akin to the pines of the Pale, we will not wilt. Signed, Warden of the Pale Kairn Ithelanen
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