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  1. Enzar Ahlin Basic Information Nicknames: The Poet Age: 34 Gender: Male Race: Human (Farfolk) Status: Single - Romantically Uninvolved Description Height: 5' 8'' Weight: 167 lbs. Body Type: Average Non-Muscular Eyes: Dark Brown / Black Hair: Black and Short Skin: Dark and Clear Markings/Tattoos: None of either Health: Average Inventory: Chain armor under clothes if needed and various writing tools Character Traits (Good): Character Flaws: Further Details: Life Style Alignment: Lawful Evil with aspects of True Neutrality Deity: Religion: Alliance/Nation/Home: The Caliphate Job/Class: Author and Poet Title(s): None Profession(s): Poet
  2. OOC: I am sorry for the picture and have gotten it revised. I am currently on a mobile phone so I cannot switch it right away. I am sorry for the show of the bears... special areas. *Sends a bird in reply "I am not sure what you mean? Are you coming to the Isles to meet us? I in all have no clue what you are actually writing about. Please explain why you sent this query?"
  3. *The bird reaches Vale as he is working on the headquaters for the now growing guild. He quickly writes a response spilling water and gather dust on the paper from the construction happening around him. "We would gladly accept you in our fine organization. If you are a able builder we will greatly need you! If not we will allow you to become a miner or lumberjack. If you can bring and goods with you to Kalos that would be most pleasing to the guild. Thank you, Vale Genul"
  4. *A bird is sent to every well known city informing the citizens of the rise of a new guild. The letter reads: The Commerce Guild The Nation of Gold Location: Human Isle of Kalos Hello to whomever this may reach. I am the current member entrusted with keeping the Commerce Guild from falling before it has stood. We are currently building a base in the isles and would appreciate help building and with supplies. The Commerce Guild is unique because of a new system that we have developed. Instead of being lead by a single leader who thinks only about himself we think about the owners of the shops. We will help you when you are down and you shall help us when we stumble. We do not believe in racial discrimination and frown upon it in any way. We accept all races here elves, dwarfs, and even orcs if they behave. We do not care about war as we are political neutral and we assure you that the guild will gain power so that we can guard you and your livelihood. We are not here for power and money. Like a chain we will form link by link, shop by shop. Please send me a bird if you are interested in joining
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