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  1. Spoken like a true AnCap. Jokes aside I think a map similar to Anthos in size and construction would be a lot better now. Horses cut foot travel time in half, and are fairly easily accessible, so the long roads wouldn't be too bad. Roads could be labeled much easier now, in similar ways to how the boats to the different islands are now. So if the new map takes whats good from Anthos and Athera and fixes what was bad about them, then we'd probably have a good map. But who knows how that will turn out.
  2. Tla'Rameethar screams from Metztli's Paradise. "IT'S TIME TO STOP."
  3. Harvak shakes his head in disbelief at the events that have transpired as he stands atop the walls of Tal'Azmar. His eyes scan the horizons for his clanmates and fellow Dwed. He mutters to those also standing guard. "T' think weh fought by t'eir soides at Vsevograd... and then t'ey onleh look fer their own power. Treacherous bastards, one an' all o' t'em."
  4. Leonhard stands solemnly as the late King's funeral procession passes by on the streets of Mardon, nothing more than a reminiscent frown set upon his face. His gaze drops towards the stones of the street, and he shakes his head in some mixture of disbelief and sadness. As the casket passes, he signs a cross on his chest, and his determined eyes rest on the line of men in front of him. Quietly, though to no one at all, he speaks the same words he spoke a decade ago in his departure from Karlsburg. "Ave Marius. Ave Haense."
  5. MC Name: Seejayscout Character Name: Hjalrik Grandaxe Character Age: 150 Profession: Leatherworker Appearance: Hjalrik, compared to most other mountain dwarves, is somewhat more stout. His height is almost more similar to that of a cave dwarf, though his highly typical Grimaxe-like appearance gives him away as a mountain dwarf. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes, typical of his bloodline. He appears to be of moderate weight, probably due to his younger age, though holds the same stalwart muscular build as other dwarves. Bloodline: Grimaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: Skype Name (If you have it): Already added.
  6. I hated fighting these guys in Skyrim. Jokes aside, I like this lore a lot, definitely something I'd be interested in seeing. Seems fairly balanced and consistent from what I've read.
  7. Initially you must apply as one of the main races (Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Kharajyr, Orcs, or Halflings). From there once you're accepted you can apply to play certain creatures, but must have an app accepted for one of those things. Hope this helps.
  8. As far as looks and size for a map go, I really think Anthos was a good balance. The map was stunning in my opinion, and due to its somewhat smaller size a lot more attention could go into each river, mountain, valley, whatever. It was just a damn good looking map. My gripe with maps that come after Anthos is the lack of exploration value. Anthos had ruins, interesting biomes, etc, etc, and wasn't too massively sized. I think there was a lot of potential for these, just to get out and explore or get events made there. Overall the interaction between the players and the map is important, and that has kind of faltered since Anthos in my opinion.
  9. Leonhard (Seejayscout) signs the charter.
  10. I appreciate the feedback. I tried to give a good idea of the atmosphere without being too tedious, so I'm glad that worked out.
  11. Hello everyone, Recently got back into writing, and this is mostly just a bit of practice to brush the dust off. Figured I'd share and get some opinions, or just give some people a good read hopefully. Doesn't have anything to do with LotC, though have fun drawing some parallels if you want to. Hope you all enjoy. Beyond the Banners of Men
  12. Leonhard, who is actually 30 years old, recalls the battle that he had escaped only by luck. He remembers the time from several years ago where the man only identifying himself as "James" had made a very mysterious introduction in St. Karlsburg; one which Leonhard had never followed up on. Only in battle did he see that man again, his pike being the instrument of greeting. Leonhard would never know whom he had killed. He could only feel as much regret as he did for the rest of the war, and the rest of the men he had killed.
  13. Xarkly has been nothing short of helpful, dedicated, and friendly ever since I've gotten to know him. I know he is more than capable of the interaction and careful oversight required of a GM as he's already expressed much of that in my interaction with him. Make it happen! +1
  14. Soviet, I do not personally believe you have the attitude that it takes to be on the Event Team. All I've seen from you are confrontational forum posts, and unnecessary jabs at playerbases such as Haense. The Event Team as an actor is mostly roleplay (which I can't comment on for you), yes, but it also involves working with people for events. That includes working with and for people you don't like, which I don't see working out well from what I've seen. As far as your application, beast events are overdone and if you rely entirely on them the playerbase you will cater to will no doubt tire of them quickly. As former ET, I say if you want a chance at ET, fix your attitude and get some more unique ideas on your application. I'm being as constructive as I can, here. -1 from me as of now.
  15. ((Brilliantly written, keep it up.))