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  1. Nicknames: The Blue Wolf Age: 212 Gender: Male Race: Unknown Species of Elf Status: Alive Height: 6'2" Weight: 170 Lbs Body Type: Lean Eyes: Blue Hair: Blue Skin: Tan Markings/Tattoos: Blue Tattoos across his torso in Tribal Circles Health: Fine Personality: He is quiet, Lyon prefers the company of peaceful beings. However when provoked he can be vicious Inventory:He doesn't carry much with him, besides a bow, some arrows, a canteen, and food. Further Details: Alignment*: Lawful Good Deity*: Arke'ith Job/Class: Hunter/Gatherer Title(s): Kamina Tribe Thane Profession(s): Hunting, Fishing Special Skill(s): He is able to move extremely silently because of spending his life hunting for food with his family. Flaw(s): He is not the smartest when it comes to books but makes up for this lack of intelligence in the battlefield. Fighting Style: He will chase a target into a corner with his bow and then attack from above with whatever melee weapon is at hand. Trained Weapon[s]: Kukiri, Bow, 1-Handed Swords, Spears Favored Weapon: Bow/Kukiri Archery: He spent his early life hunting and never required any official training to master the bow and calculate wind. Parents: Lykon of Kamina (Father) and Lucina of Kamina (Mother) Siblings: None Children: None Extended Family: The Kamina Tribe is closely knit and it is believed by experts that they are all related in some form.
  2. After quite a long time (almost 1 whole year) I am back and excited to be back!

    1. Pum!


      Welcome back! <3

  3. Leaving tomorrow and won't be back till the 28th

  4. Ask toveah to give some of his profits to Fili Basons :P risen from the grave

  5. I am hoping some ppl can reference me on my VA for 1a, 1b, and 4a

  6. Tripstor

    Fili Basons

    [size="5"]Character Name[/size] Fili Basons Nicknames: Fili Age: 18 Gender: Male Race: Halfling Status: Single Description Height: 3'11" Weight: 54 .lbs Body Type: Skinny yet fit Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Skin: A happy medium of tan and pale Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Healthy Personality: Flirtatious and witty, also very comedic. Inventory: Usually contains his usual items, his trusted sword, a few stacks of bread, a bow, little or no arrows, and a bunch of trash. [size="3"]Life Style[/size] Currently homeless Alignment*: To the Empire and the Godfrey family. Deity*: ??? Religion: Catholic? Alliance/Nation/Home Eliysium Job/Class: Bard Title(s): Imperial Bard to the Godfreys Profession(s): Bard Special Skill(s): Great flute player and singer. Flaw(s): Will defend justice, even at the cost of death. [size="3"]Weaponry[/size] Fighting Style: Inexperienced and clumsy Trained Weapon: Daggers or short-swords Favored Weapon: Elvish Dagger obtained from Uncle Philip. Archery: A family heirloom obtained from Uncle Philip. Biography Parents: Deceased Siblings: Deceased Children: None Extended Family: Deceased Pet(s): Deceased History Artwork
  7. Just became the imperial bard and am getting payed about 100 minas a song

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    2. Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Toveah should visit wilds I think.

    3. TeaLulu


      toveah can bite me he's mine now.

    4. Esterlen


      toveah would pay you more than the hightower infidels yes yes

  8. Working on a new VA, now I am getting some character development :)

  9. Tripstor

    New Emanations Across The Void

    I think the shrine is on the road to malinor...
  10. Going to journey to Oren as a dwarf... I might need some help...

  11. Just was whitelisted and have started roleplaying!!! SO MUCH FUNNN

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    2. Ford


      Have fun, man! Remember, death to knife-ears!

    3. Klorg


      Congratz! Enjoy your stay. :)

    4. Bashar al-Assad
  12. Waiting to be whitelisted is agonizing x_x

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    2. Goldd


      Seriously, an hour is like a minimum! Sometimes you wait days. Be patient, don't bug GMs.

    3. Merkaken


      The staff has a lot more on their plate than just implementing applications that are a bit more serious. Not to say you're not important, of course.

    4. Brandonthegreat1


      ^Oh hey random guy^ Anyway, dont complain. I waited a 3 days for mine to be accepted. Dont worry if it isnt and messageing gms wont help unless you want them to implement you . To pass the time I suggest going on teamspeak.

  13. Just got accepted into the server :D

  14. The app team can be kind of a pain sometimes...

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    2. Dargene


      Apply liquid nitrogen to burned area :D, But in all seriousness just try try again :P

    3. ski_king3


      We accept bribes in the form of dragon blood or locks of Danny's hair.

    4. Tripstor


      It's not easy to get in... I don't need ppl giving me crap about it either.