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  1. I didn't know you too well but you've cemented yourself as a vital friend and ally with the Bounty Board system. Wish ya luck brother!
  2. Guck represents an opportunity for the Global Moderation team to a gain a voice currently unheard from, an opinion that is not shy in deliverance, and a clear want to improve the server. Considering the past cases of players once seen as toxic turning around to contribute so much to the server, I see no harm in giving this man a chance.
  3. IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF you make meg an MT im sure she'll do a fine job
  4. do my constant requests bother you
  5. I like the ideas, and as Tirenas said above, a lot of this is already implemented. We already have recommended party numbers, and those are pretty on point in the sense that if you under prepare, there is a good chance you will be in a bad position and if you overprepare, loot will be spread out among more people, and the bounty simply won't be a challenge. To give an analogy, Billy the Kid wouldn't have been a threat or legend as he is today in American western 'mythology' if the United States had sent their entire army after them. In a status I posted just an hour before, tomorrow I plan on implementing a more direct system of ranking for the different bounties, to clarify just how easy or difficult a bounty is in a clear sense, as well as describing what each ranking on the meter means. A guild system referring to rank-ups in bounties is possible, but you must understand that the system has been implemented now for one week, and we are not even an entire team, but merely a fraction of it. We are doing our best to provide an immersive experience with the materials available, and as we are only now really preparing to leave the 'experimental' stage, you can expect some deeper things available to those who seek higher rewards, tougher monsters or the opposite. Finally, in the Bounty Board section we have a thread regarding suggestions, such as these, and it is a thread I personally read daily and try to respond to relevant concerns/ideas. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/639-bounty-board/ Thanks!
  6. "The cave leech den has been cleared! Although quite dangerous, the adventurers gave them a match they could not withstand! Bravo." -Axios Bounty Company
  7. Consider yourself reported.
  8. Very true, however, I think it's important to acknowledge the meat of the conversation instead of the memes.
  9. Will's decision on the matter does not answer to the apparent concerns over double standards and confusion with the current rules in place. I'm less concerned about how it turns out in specific cases, and more interested in cementing a clear response to future actions.
  10. I would point out that ad hominem doesn't work spectacularly well when you have your own setbacks
  11. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll be amending the information page in a day or two to provide a more in depth, organized method of both classifying the difficulty of the bounty and what each difficulty entails. Happy hunting!
  12. "In a daring show of courage, adventurers defeated the group of ferocious Boggens plaguing the Johannesburg highway! We must also mourn the loss of Company Guide Isaac Braun, slain in the act of this daring mission. Another part of Tahn has been made safe for the good children of Horen to travel!" -Axios Bounty Company
  13. It really is a corny sounding thing to say but just roleplaying is a great way to avoid these forum meme wars and heightening of emotions. Being in it for the story and not the noise makes you not really worry about the fighting beyond a laugh at a good meme.