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  1. *A veteran soldier sporting the white stripes uniform would find himself infront of Jon Renault, kneeling infront of him before allowing a longsword to slide out of his gilded scabbard, propelling it upside down so he can proceed with sticking the tip into the ground whilst holding the hilt. This blade glowing with runes as the moon and stars coat the night sky, he releases a crackled cough from his throat before delivering Jon Renault a oath* "What is your life? My honour is my life. What is your fate? My duty is my fate. What is your fear? My fear is to fail. What is your reward? My salvation is my reward. What is your craft? My craft is death. What is your pledge? My pledge is eternal service!" *And with that he grins under his helm as a single tear streams down his face under the helm as well*
  2. IGN: TotallyNotAudun Persona name: Kaer Khalifa Race: Human Age: 18 Where you hold residence: N/A
  3. IC Name: Ludovic Solli'gra Age: 16 Race [Human/Elf]: Human Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, etc.): Commoner Place of Residence: N/A Martial Knowledge (if any): Swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat Skills: OOC MC Name:TotallyNotAudun Skype ID: TotallyNotAudun
  4. Application: Name: Richard Windsor Race: Human Reason for joining: Already in (OOC) Skype: TotallyNotAudun Do you use TS?:yes
  5. MC Name: TotallyNotAudun IC Name: Aegir Age: 25 Race: Human Minor Backstory: Aegir was the 2th born child to some simple parents that owned a tavern. When Aegir was 16 he left with his Uncle for a hunt and came back only to find out that his parents had been killed by coloured bastards (Orcs)
  6. Richard Windsor’s theme song(s)/Soundtrack(s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI3CCpLj_LA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqPSvWRFNaQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmOZL_0rj70 “Steel smashing steel, metal smashing metal this is a brawl..” Name: Richard ‘Oddbreaker’ Windsor Nickname(s): Oddbreaker Race: Human Age: 30 Family Uncle: Heinrich Windsor (Dead) Sister: Jessica Windsor (Dead) Brother: Joseph Windsor (Dead) Father: Cederick Windsor (Dead) Mother: ??? Windsor (Dead) Cousin: Judas ‘the ripper’ Agnarsson (Previously a Windsor) (Alive) Appearance Richard Windsor is a Northerner standing at 5’11 in height, the sides of his head are covered in tatoos, his eye colour are blue and has dirty blonde dyed hair that is brushed backwards. His body type is rather healthy and muscular aswell often smells of Oak wood and mostly uses a two handed sword in combat. People may often see two short swords that are sheated onto his leather belt that is worn around the Eagle’s Vigil uniform: a suit of ferrum armour with green and grey striped tabard ontop of it. Personality Richard Windsor is a man that is rather cocky in general but not so much anymore as his discipline has grown over the ages that has passed. He is a daring and caring person when it comes to loved ones and friends and likes to do activities on his own and not many knows what he does in his “free-time”. He is rather agressive when it comes to fights but aswell a fearsome man at the battlefield that shows no mercy to his enemy, he is also rather skilled with many types of different weapons and has trained with them since he was 6 year old. Personality Traits Calm Intelligent Kind Charming Agressive (at times) Strong Weaknesses/Inabilities Alcohol Women Stamina