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  1. Dagor smiles in honor of his adopted brother.
  2. ok, but when are you going to take me to small claims court in ireland?
  3. Hi everyone, For the past month, I’ve been reflecting on my tenure as Moderation Administrator. I’ve realized that I have become a little burnt-out from the responsibilities and have decided that it would be best to pass it off to someone else. Thus, I’d like to express my deepest condolences for @Rilath. A funeral & wake will be held in the Cloud Temple so everyone may pay their respects. Haha, just kidding :blobiverseemoji:. He’ll be taking over the position as Moderation Admin. We have full faith in him being able to execute the responsibilities of madmin as an esteemed veteran of the community (holy crap, aegis player!). Rilath was a no-brainer choice for joining the Admin Team. His recent stint as a mod-manager has shown us that he is more than capable of excelling in the role, and we have high hopes for what he brings to the table. What will I be doing in the meantime? My absolute top priority is helping Rilath get settled into his big boy boots. Afterwards, I will be helping the Administration Team from behind the scenes as the Operations Administrator in an “as needed” fashion. The position of Operations Admin is changing significantly, and isn’t like the previous iterations of it that we’ve seen (calm down Harold). It’s now a secretarial role, designed to help with the odd-jobs of being an admin. This includes handling tickets, filing directives, and helping out other admins as needed. With all that out of the way, please congratulate @Rilath Sincerely, itdontmatta
  4. I really apologize for not explaining the ruling well enough. I understand a lot of you are frustrated with the ruling, but we cannot encourage bad sportsmanship in roleplay. (I'm also unapologetically apologetic for my cope & seethe joke, it's just a prank guys cmon) What I mean by that is adding people to regions to ensure that they are eligible to fight in the conflict. Internal conflict is internal for a reason. Over 30+ people were added to the oren_acre region within the past day or two, and most of them were coincidentally at this raid. I don't care what the nitty gritty of the rule says. This raid didn't sound right, and I could not let it go through. Had it gone through, this event would've been used as justification to make people eligible in any potential internal conflict / warclaim. I'll keep this thread open, and I'll do my best to respond accordingly.
  5. Hey @Heero, I hope you've been doing well. I notice it's been a while since we've been able to just sit down and talk. I was reminiscing with the other admins about our little inside joke. You remember that one. It was when Kowa used that unnecessarily technical word in a conversation about next map's tiles. Pervasive? Perversion? What was that hahaha. BTW the filibusters have been getting really really bad. Each day it's getting worse. I feel like one day I'll be Cryin' Chuck in the United States Senate hahaha. I really miss you showing up to admin meetings late because you were about to miss your train back home. What's it like to have tenure BTW? Do you get like a Burger King budget from Tythus? Miss you lots. xoxoxo Sincerely You're Bricked Up Pen-Pal, itdontmatta
  6. you really gru on me. you're one in a minion.

    1. Sorcerio


      I wish we still had the downvote button. 

    2. Heero
  7. you gru on me you're one in a minion

    1. JoshBright


      they are regressing from bananas...

  8. hey bro i'm free now xD

    1. Heero


      context, mr matta. CONTEXT

    2. itdontmatta


      we made a plan to catch up and i was free..

  9. people who use my old name are just weird
  10. nice, the 23rd at 4pm EST it is
  11. Locking the thread until the Administration can offer a response.
  12. I really appreciate every other admin @Telanir @Llir @Heero @HogoBojo @SquakHawk for being so easy to talk to and having faith in me in getting things done right. I appreciate the entire Moderation Team for putting up with the constant changes. They really do a good job, and I'm proud of them, even though it's just a minecraft server. I appreciate @ErikAzog @GMRO @Milenkhov for being some of my closest friends on the server.
  13. This is why I also offered the 24th. We need it to be that weekend. Please discuss with your leadership and decide a time for the 23rd or 24th.
  14. yo are you coming to the function tonight at 9pm est haha really miss you and hope to see you there lol

    1. HogoBojo


      Also really miss you. Would love to see you there my friend. :)

    2. Nooblius


      If you miss him why is HeeroZero banned?

  15. The warzone has no victory conditions. It doesn't advance or harm anyone's position in the war, so really have no idea why there's so much pushback against it. We need this test to ensure that our new software, explained by @The60th, can handle a huge warclaim. We're talking 300+ players with potentially minimal lag if this works.
  16. Since I have already forced the aggressors to push their warclaim up a week, we will be having the field battle on the weekend of the 23rd. This is to allow for a warzone to be set up, as well as giving both sides enough time to prepare. The warzone is necessary to test our server software that will be able to accommodate a high number of fighters on a live warclaim. The succeeding warclaim will be on the weekend of the 30th to ensure that this war is not dragged out. As I understand this is not what you were ideally hoping for, I will allow your side to choose the time and day on the weekend (Sunday/Saturday 3PM/4PM) to best accommodate your fighters.
  17. The below map indicates where pastes are not allowed, following the build war rules: Building Once war initiates, the hazards of battle permit only meager barricades and aesthetic changes to current builds in border tiles. New projects and fortifications, products of shoddy and rushed workmanship, are subject to destructive weather or other forces that return them to their original state. This map is subject to being updated if more participants join the conflict.
  18. Combat / war doesn’t happen in real time so it would explain why there’s different builds being used. Also, if the city is being used for roleplay (which is what Haelunor is arguing that it’s used for) then what’s the issue with using separate builds for a potential siege? Honestly, it makes me feel like the city has been modified to accommodate pvp and/or a siege and now that’s the purpose of the argument. The fact of the matter is that I was premature in saying that the city could be used. It wouldn’t make sense nor follow the rules especially when Krugmar is having wars back to back. I talked to Mod Management and lawyered some of the points made by your side to play devil’s advocate, but ultimately we are all in agreement here. Further, if you guys need to make defensive modifications to the current build you can, as I can easily supervise and say what’s realistic & what’s not.
  19. I've come up with a funny idea @DrunkPapaBear @Elite Snipes @GMRO @Lionhz Allow the Haelunor paste for their roleplay, but if there's a siege it will still use the old build (AKA, the one currently present on main). Thoughts?
  20. Any further Treaty or Battle names that have things like "USA" "NATO" "Lion" or along those lines are going to be treated as metagaming from here on out. I get the funny appeal to it but keep yourselves grounded in roleplay.
  21. Okay anyway guys, Mod Management has discussed and we are unanimous in our agreement: the paste will be blocked until the conclusion of this war (war goal). You may continue to discuss other terms as necessary. I would prefer if the warclaim happened on the 16th, but we can do the 23rd if needed.
  22. Since Krugmar is still technically on cooldown I will need to speak to Mod Management on whether or not the paste will be allowed. As for the dates of the warclaim - it is independent of the decision made above. The warclaim will happen earlier than the 30th, but the question is which weekend. The same is true for the warzone (it doesn’t give you any bonus in the war it’s just for clicks, which doesn’t really need to be agreed upon) Another reason behind pushing for a warzone is we are looking to test out a new technical solution to server software that should allow for increase performance for the main warclaims itself. With the new developments, we are expecting a higher than usual number of players to participate in the warclaim. While we have spent the last month extensively testing the software we haven't had a chance for a full test running on LOTC hardware. The warzone hopefully will allow us to iron out any unexpected issues that may occur.
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