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  1. happy tuesday!

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    2. satinkira
    3. VonAulus


      happy tuesday

    4. riorr


      Do you wish me a happy Tuesday, or mean that it is a happy Tuesday whether I want it or not; or that you feel happy this Tuesday; or that it is a Tuesday to be happy on?

  2. you really gru on me. you're one in a minion.

    1. Sorcerio


      I wish we still had the downvote button. 

    2. Heero
  3. you gru on me you're one in a minion

    1. JoshBright


      they are regressing from bananas...

  4. hey bro i'm free now xD

    1. Heero


      context, mr matta. CONTEXT

    2. itdontmatta


      we made a plan to catch up and i was free..

  5. yo are you coming to the function tonight at 9pm est haha really miss you and hope to see you there lol

    1. HogoBojo


      Also really miss you. Would love to see you there my friend. :)

    2. Nooblius


      If you miss him why is HeeroZero banned?

  6. easy rep making a ban appeal ig (???)

    1. satinkira


      why would you do this, itdontmatta? you fabricated a ban report on hogobogo??? i am truly disappointed in you, and expect your resignation by the end of the day. 

  7. We’re going through Mod applications soon! Apply if you’re interested in war, economy, forums, or being a ticket donkey 🥸

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    2. Ibn Khaldun

      Ibn Khaldun

      @arockstar28 may I spawn myself in 1mil minas again? If so, consider my mod application submitted!

    3. itdontmatta


      16 hours ago, VonAulus said:

      Hope they get rid of mod team next after world


      cmon grool what was that for

    4. rukio


      Grool is a sad angry little man 

  8. cat hat pic please

    1. GMRO


      strange fellow?

    2. Fireheart


      wth don't want any pictures of my cat???? SAD

  9. ok now bring back vassals

    1. Fireheart


      it's all about dem personal unions now m8 😂

    2. Nectorist


      bring me carts.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      sorry I have enough admin points for coring no need to diplo annex at this moment

  10. actual civ 5 game

    1. Shmeepicus


      Humankind or CK2/3 in my opinion

    2. garentoft


      humankind based game

  11. A lot has happened in the past day. My DMs are open for anyone who wants to talk about our stance on safety. Ultimately, my goal on this server is to ensure people are guaranteed a safe space. 

  12. I'm sorry @Cpt_Noobman.

    1. gandalfo


      Thank Safety Admin Noobman

      Edited by gandalfo
  13. We're gonna go through mod apps soon!!

    1. Fireheart
    2. Salvo


      do they do it for free

  14. We're going to be going through mod applications soon. Get those apps in!!

    1. aiden0023


      the only apps i care about getting in are my ******* college apps

  15. Be sure to throw your war feedback in the LotC Community Involvement discord! We'll be closing it up soon. https://discord.gg/gDwBw95zTM

    1. Lojo613


      I have never heard of this discord


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