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  1. I'm sorry @Cpt_Noobman.

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      Thank Safety Admin Noobman

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  2. We're gonna go through mod apps soon!!

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      do they do it for free

  3. We're going to be going through mod applications soon. Get those apps in!!

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      the only apps i care about getting in are my ******* college apps

  4. Original: General Rule 13: You may not abuse mechanics to access areas you cannot get to in roleplay, this includes boat glitching and using horses to bypass walls higher than 3 blocks tall. Update: You may not access areas you cannot get to in roleplay. This includes using boats, horses, or 'horse parkour' to bypass walls higher than 3 blocks in height, or gaps wider than 4 blocks in length. Rational: Clarification of the rule for moderating, as well as setting a more realistic standard for what movement we allow for horses and boats.
  5. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Hello everyone! The Moderation Team will be actively reviewing applications within the next few weeks. If you’re passionate about helping the server and adding towards the effort of keeping this server a safe and enjoyable community, we encourage you to apply to the team. We are looking for a broad range of individuals to represent parts of the community that have been previously unrepresented, with all-encompassing qualities in devotion, level-headedness, diligence, and others. To apply, please visit the form link below. You are welcome to reach out to any moderators to ask about the process. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/56-moderation-staff-application/
  6. Be sure to throw your war feedback in the LotC Community Involvement discord! We'll be closing it up soon. https://discord.gg/gDwBw95zTM

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      I have never heard of this discord


  7. I support my friend Erik in becoming a fully fledged aether vip guy. I love you Erik
  8. Statement on the Attempted Assassination of Henry II 11th of Horen's Calling,1814 We have recently received news of an attempt on the life of the King of Haense, Henry II. Thankfully, King Henry survived the event, and those responsible have been captured or killed. Though the Haeseni investigation is still ongoing, it has become apparent to us that two Orenian nationals were implicated: Irene Sarkozy (a Haeseni-Orenian dual citizen and the estranged wife of the Imperial Archchancellor) and the now deceased Elizabeth Tuvyic, Countess-Consort of Dobrov. The Imperial Government denounces the actions of these criminals, and asserts that assassination is never an ethical means of effecting political change. The Holy Orenian Empire offers its full cooperation to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska in the course of their investigation and prosecution of those responsible. Finally, we ask that the Orenian people offer their prayers for the wellbeing of the King of Haense and his family. His Imperial Excellency, the Archchancellor Franz Sarkozy His Imperial Excellency, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Peter Alexander d’Arkent
  9. You didn't think you could get out of me spamming your DMs, did you? Jokes aside, thank you for giving me a chance on moderation. I'm grateful for the times you had to push me. I'm a lot more confident in making change on the server even if it's one small step at a time. You were a great lead, and I'm glad to call you my friend. Time to credit your LotC account and debit your life account.
  10. RP Name: Peter Alexander d'ArkentMC Name: itdontmattaVoted: Yes
  11. THE WEDDING OF NOVELLEN AND D’ARKENT 1810 It is with great joy that we announce the impending union of Her Imperial Highness, Josephine Augusta of Crestfall, and Lord Peter Alexander d’Arkent of Sunholdt. A formal rehearsal dinner will take place at the Duchy of Sunholdt, hosted by General Peter Baldwin d’Arkent. By the end Godfrey’s Triumph, Josephine and Peter will be wedded. The sacrament is to be celebrated by His Holiness, Jude II at the Basilica of the Ascent of Ex. Godfrey in Providence. It is requested that attendees appear in appropriate clothing for the event. All citizens and allies of the Orenian Empire are welcome to attend the ceremony between Josephine and Peter, but special invitations are offered to the following: HIM Emperor Joseph II HIH The Duke of Helena and his esteemed pedigree, HIH The Duke of Crestfall and his esteemed pedigree, HG The Duke of Sunholdt and his esteemed pedigree, HG The Duke of Cathalon and his esteemed pedigree. HIH The Count of Kaphro and his esteemed pedigree, HIH The Count of Aldersberg and his esteemed pedigree, HIH Countess of Rosemoor and her esteemed pedigree, TRH Count of Pompourelia and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Countess of Halstaig and her esteemed pedigree, TRH Count of Mordskov and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Count of Leuven and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Count of Susa and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Viscount of Rillsworth and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Viscount of Valles and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Baron of Rochefort and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Baron of Woldzmir and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Baron of Artois and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Baron of Stahl-Elendil and his esteemed pedigree, TRH Baron of Carrington and his esteemed pedigree. MR. Sohaer Othelu Orrar of the Silver State of Haelun'or MS. Sister Liserli of the Wigbrechtian Order MS. Yuliya Styrne, President of the Imperial Association MS. Athri Onfroi Belrose, Sutican Ambassador to Oren MR. Caledor Laraethryn, Haelunorian Ambassador to Oren MR. Azkel Frostbeard, Urguanian Ambassador to Oren MR. Viktor Kortrevich, Haeseni Ambassador to Oren MRS. Mariya Draghicescu, Haeseni Deputy Ambassador to Oren ((OOC)) Wedding: Friday, March 5th at 7PM EST, The Basilica of the Ascent of Ex. Godfrey Rehearsal Dinner: Friday, March 5th at 5PM EST, Sunholdt
  12. Response to the Cathalon Affair 13 of Harren's Folly, 1809 I regret that this matter should have been handled in public. I consider myself a private person, only concerned with my duties to the d’Arkent family and to my country. However, because of the foreign press’ lust for controversy and lowly lucre, they have taken hold of a certain unsavory narrative about my betrothal. I strongly condemn the Karosgrad Special for propagating this narrative. It is not only false, but was perpetrated with no respect for journalistic integrity; despite the article primarily concerning my own betrothal, I was never contacted to verify the “facts” they went on to report. Worse, the article did not even name their source. I will take this opportunity to personally correct the record. Out of respect for the privacy of the parties concerned, I will be as circumspect as possible. It is accurate that I had an amicable relationship with Lady Margaux, daughter of the late Duke of Cathalon. However, I have been betrothed to the Princess Josephine for several years now. That betrothal was never broken, nor did I intend to break it; I am committed to my and my grandfather’s promise that I should wed the eldest daughter of His Imperial Highness the Duke of Crestfall. There was a period in which Lady Margaux made overtures that I ought to break my betrothal, but I have always opposed these. Out of respect for my future wife, I informed her the Duchess’ daughter had approached me in this way; out of love for me, Josephine said she would hold me to no dynastic promise, and I was free to marry Lady Margaux if I wished. But I love only Josephine, and I am eager to be wed as soon as possible. Certain members of the aristocracy and the public have seized upon the false narrative of the Karosgrad Special, and have made it their quest to seek justice. I appreciate their interest in the fair treatment of myself, Josephine Augusta, and the Lady Margaux, but in this case, they have been misinformed. It is illegal under canon law for a marriage to be contracted involuntarily--it is impossible that I or Josephine should be forced to marry, if we did not want it. All we would need do is tell a priest of the Canon. Yet neither of us did so, because we are happy to be wed. We had faith that none would trust the word of such a tabloid, and that the rumor would pass us by. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and for the sake of our joint happiness, it was necessary that I respond. I would caution those who were taken in by this rumor that unverified articles in the foreign press are not to be trusted. Beyond their monetary interest, such newspapers also have a vested interest in undermining the security of our country. The Holy Orenian Emperor is the symbol of our entire nation. We must distrust any attempt by foreigners to discredit his imperial family in this way, for it is no less than an attempt to discredit our shared homeland. Thank you for your faith, loyalty, and service to Oren, Peter Alexander d’Arkent, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
  13. 𝔄𝔩𝔭𝔥𝔞'𝔰 𝔗𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔯𝔫 Dear Esteemed Citizen of the Empire, With the long voyage and settling into our beloved city Providence behind us, it is time to rejoice as an Empire in celebration. After a long couple of Saint's Days of hard work, I am very excited to announce the grand opening of Alpha's Tavern! Furthermore, in honor of this opening, soldiers will receive one drink of their choice on the house. Alpha's will have live entertainment ranging from some of the best’s pianists in all of he Empire and plays from the most inspirational playwrights in all of Almaris! Be sure to be there or miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity grand opening! Thank you, Conrad Carrington Sebastian Carrington Beryl Carrington ((Wednesday, 5PM EST))
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