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  1. I think your prices are actually a little too low, considering the amount of work you put into your art and the price (£35) you charge for art regularly.
  2. Thank you so much for the awesome art! You finished much quicker than expected and were a pleasure to commission art from.
  3. You probably don’t remember me, but if you ever come back to the server, drop me a message. 

  4. I’m reminded of older applications. I like it, except for the ‘which rule do you agree with/disagree with the most’. It’s kind of pointless.
  5. o7

    1. GodEmperorFlam


      o7, they grow up so fast. Best of luck!

    2. Ang


      Bye drax. o7

    3. BathRugMan


      Good luck bb in college

  6. Now, I dunno what I was expecting when I opened this thread, but it wasn't that. Well done. +1 You better name one Sun Wukong.
  7. the absolute madman

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