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  1. You said to message you If I ever came back. And youre right, though Im hoping you tell me why I should remember you haha

  2. boop


    how are you dude

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    2. DiscordantNote


      I’m alright! Just academic stuff and creative writing, mostly. I haven’t been that active on the server, unfortunately.

    3. CowsGoMoo


      awh ****, i haven’t been on the server much either... 

      do you guys have a discord? maybe we can catch up or something 

    4. DiscordantNote



  3. I think your prices are actually a little too low, considering the amount of work you put into your art and the price (£35) you charge for art regularly.
  4. Thank you so much for the awesome art! You finished much quicker than expected and were a pleasure to commission art from.
  5. You probably don’t remember me, but if you ever come back to the server, drop me a message. 

  6. I’m reminded of older applications. I like it, except for the ‘which rule do you agree with/disagree with the most’. It’s kind of pointless.
  7. o7

    1. GodEmperorFlam


      o7, they grow up so fast. Best of luck!

    2. Angmarzku
    3. BathRugMan


      Good luck bb in college

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