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  1. free


    The High Prince sends out a missive, "My daughter, by the age of 14, managed to escape the entirety of your 'Warnation'. How dull."
  2. free


  3. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Loriens, sleepysnow Ban Reason Metagaming and inciting metagaming in a guard chat. Players Involved Bluee By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned for inciting the search for a banished person within the Dominion via @here. https://prnt.sc/jhq0d9 Why should you be pardoned? For one, this incident didn't spark any violence or reaction from the Virarim, as I didn't directly call for a rally, nor did I disclose location. This of course doesn't pardon the behavior, as it still ended up inciting a search for the player, though it's something to take into consideration whilst reviewing the appeal. I genuinely intended nothing to come from the ping. Bluee has proven himself to be an extremely toxic entity within the Dominion community, and I meant the ping only as a "heads up" to his presence. He was later pardoned for his banishment by myself later on in the evening after IRP discussion with both him and the military commander of the Dominion. The community around me has taken priority in my mind for a long time now. This is the first I've ever been accused, warned, and inevitably banned for metagaming/metarallying. The last intention I have for this server is for one of the most active player-bases, and home of many new players, to look at this behavior and see it as an example to follow. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? In the future I'll make sure to conduct the proper RP before pinging any Discord. Additionally, I'll include the community guidelines in my ideology more closely in the future. As NL I will lead by example in adhering closely to the rules and community conduct set forth by the Staff. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. The community guidelines preserve our playerbase OOC. The rules handle the in-game and in-character aspect of things well enough, but often times players become absolutely consumed by the RP environment. It's critical for these guidelines to be in place in order to ensure toxicity remains at a minimum, as it is most oft when people take RP grudges as OOC ones that this distaste festers. Encouraging creativity from a literary perspective, rather than a personal one for development solely for oneself, promotes this notion of growth without relying upon an individual's development alone. These guidelines enforce a sense of community (as obvious as this is), which is insurmountably critical to maintaining a healthy environment for roleplayers to enjoy.
  4. free


    "No." Responds the High Prince, "We don't negotiate with terrorists."
  5. free

    [Accepted] MadYeMagician AT Application

    Without a doubt one of the most selfless, kindest players I've had the pleasure of knowing during my time on LotC. This man has the work ethic unrivaled by most. You would be mistaken not to allow him a spot on your team. +1
  6. free

    Thulean Feat Update

    You do you. Elitism always ends well.
  7. free

    Thulean Feat Update

    Ah yes - precisely what we need in terms of magics. More impossible to access, yet ridiculously powerful abilities that are only shared by the same group of circlejerking buddies. Very nice touch.
  8. As a current Immortal - I am happy to see more lore brought into the position. Hopefully this will cause more elitism among us, and drive us to behave ourselves with a heightened sense of honor.
  9. send the pvp goons to fight the ddos cucks OOC.

  10. I can hear the dev team screaming from here.

  11. Stop worldediting ffs.

  12. free

    [Denied] Bluee's Event Actor Application

    Maybe not the most popular in character, but one hell of a lad OOC. He's great at RP and would make an excellent addition to the ET.
  13. i sure would love to play the newest funni maymay from the staff but too bad permissions are fucked

    1. Its_Just_Leap


      use rp.lotc.co apparently the other ip doesn't work.