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  1. Can’t wait to start my collection, thank you for bringing some much needed life to flora lore.
  2. Across hundreds of oceans of sinister depth, plains of shimmering stalks of silver grain, through dungeons deep and walls risen high, and through a canopy of vermilion soaring above it all – a sense of presence becomes known to the Keeper’s last of kin. Nearly as though the aged, paled ginger walked through the long streets of the Dominion again, his chattering tones mingling with the business of the city’s once bustling square, which now laid in ruin. Nearly as though he was sitting once more before their Hearth, humming lullabies to the younger Mali’, who had all now grown old and carried blades like the Knights Loriens had told them they would become. Nearly as though he stood beside his brothers again, arms crossed and brows furrowed as they always were when bad news came, which did so all too often. Yet to any who turned their gaze to the Hearth would know the Keeper’s demise true. The Flame of Malin roared on - and thus, The duty of Loriens Silma was fulfilled.
  3. Yes, but that’s arcanum and not machinery. Magic is separate from technology.
  4. Y’all gotta remember that LotC is derived from LotR. I think the techlock we have in place is to mimic that universe (to a very mild degree), and the current lore that is in place doesn’t really create a suitable environment for something like this. As cool as it would be to have vehicles and instill a new “high-fantasy” vibe onto the server, it truly wouldn’t fit the seven year theme they’ve been working to protect.
  5. The High Prince sends out a missive, "My daughter, by the age of 14, managed to escape the entirety of your 'Warnation'. How dull."
  6. "No." Responds the High Prince, "We don't negotiate with terrorists."
  7. You do you. Elitism always ends well.
  8. Ah yes - precisely what we need in terms of magics. More impossible to access, yet ridiculously powerful abilities that are only shared by the same group of circlejerking buddies. Very nice touch.
  9. As a current Immortal - I am happy to see more lore brought into the position. Hopefully this will cause more elitism among us, and drive us to behave ourselves with a heightened sense of honor.
  10. I can hear the dev team screaming from here.

  11. i sure would love to play the newest funni maymay from the staff but too bad permissions are fucked

    1. Its_Just_Leap


      use rp.lotc.co apparently the other ip doesn't work.

  12. current vip perks : my name but in purple

  13. Anyone taking skin requests? Willing to pay a decent sum.

    1. TinyBiceps


      get the #1 slave Duncan to do it

  14. are u still relevant 

    1. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      wtf yes Ren is more relevant than ever
      Ren is best :^(

    2. TinyBiceps
  15. hi yes in the next election i will be establishing a party known as the "boss baby party", please dont forget to register as an official boss baby in the next cycle 


    thank u

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    2. YFKTF


      more censorship by the fm, as usual

    3. MangoArt




      Just figured out the fm is silencing our cause. Sad!

    4. TinyBiceps


      when it comes to boss baby it must be eliminated

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