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  1. Lucas84775

    The Formidable Anti-Imperial Coalition

    please mitch please
  2. Lucas84775

    Letter of A.Mournstone, to House Mournstone.

    “They seem to resent you even though you are nothing but kind to them... they must really be rats.” says Vydrek Volaren.
  3. Lucas84775

    Freedom’s Fire Burns Once More

    Vydrek Volaren attempts intimidate Mattheuss with his clearly superior nature.
  4. Lucas84775

    The First King of Agnarum's Speech.

    Gror focuses on the bigger picture.
  5. Lucas84775

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    Gror Ireheart marches to the aid of his old friend Thoak!
  6. Lucas84775

    The Exhaustion of War

    Vydrek Volaren nods at the statement of Luke Dunamis.
  7. Lucas84775

    August Banners Aloft; The March of Bastards

    Azhug'Gorkil chuckles in orcish.
  8. Lucas84775

    Rosikan Guard

    Vydrek Volaren asks glottgut if they can share ryon’s lunch money and go to McBurnsy’s. “Can we share ryon’s lunch money and go to McBurnsy’s?” he asked.
  9. Lucas84775

    The Peasants Tourney

    ((Username)): MCPancakes Name: Vydrek Volaren Age: 112 Clan (If Applicable): Volaren Title (If any): Chancellor Chosen Event/s: All IF IN DOUBLES DUEL: Dueling Partner’s name: Lyulen Daemyr ((username)): TheSilentFriend Team Name: Vydrek and Lyulen............ duh
  10. Lucas84775

    Sleeping on the Dirt

    Jorvik makes of the preparing of the making of the funeral.
  11. Lucas84775

    [✓]The Eternal War, 1687

    first one is my fort, MCPancakes#5413
  12. Lucas84775


    Jorvik Eiriksson Rorik signs his name, looking to his sons Jedrik and Eirik with pride.
  13. Lucas84775

    Community Meeting

    @Fireheart do u hate me? thoughts on some questionable GM actions/decisions recently? can I have my Event Team Actor forum tag yet?
  14. Lucas84775

    The New Earl of Nordengrad

    Jorvik approves this message.
  15. In Honor of Thoromir Ruric, Earl of Nordengrad [!] A notice is sent throughout the Empire and directly to the Emperor himself. “It is with great sadness and disappointment that I must inform the land of the passing of one Thoromir Ruric, Earl of Nordengrad. Thoromir perished during a duel between himself and one Kenswey Fiscere. Shortly after tensions arose, Thoromir submitted a challenge to Kenswey and was bested in traditional combat. With the death of our beloved Earl, we find it necessary to hold a moot of the Chieftains to select Thoromir’s successor as is the way of our people. The moot will take place on the following Ash Day in the Great Hall. Directly following the outcome of the moot, we will hold a brief service for Thoromir Ruric and honor his life and his achievements. Within the next week, we shall hold an official funeral for our late Earl. [!] Following the posted notice are dates and times for one of the aforementioned events. It is important to note that only Chieftains of the Clans of Nordengrad would receive notice of the time for the Moot. Moot (Nordengrad Chieftains Only): Friday 10/26/18 at 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Remembrance Service for Thoromir: Friday 10/26/18 at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time