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  1. Just remember they're not allowed to interact.
  2. starting a petition to burn sutica to the ground 1 rep = 1 vote

    1. Captain Spartanz
    2. Archipelego


      this man has the right idea

  3. honestly they're awesome especially that @Crazed dude somebody give him a promotion
  4. Sometime's I'll just go to someone's account and give them all 10 of my available rep just 'cause I'm nice like that

    1. TheElvenMage
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      Uh where is mine?

  5. Mounsid boys make some noise @Shroud @Celticwolf1990

  6. Once more, day arrives in Sutica. The previous morning had revealed a gruesome murder and an alarming warning; many were worried that when the sun cast away the shadows, they’d find yet another mutilated head driven through a pike. But it was not so. Where the last mangled cranium had been located, there is nothing. Relief and optimism spreads through the city like a warm shower of light. The Sutican citizens exchange optimistic chatter: "This criminal isn't capable of following up on his threats." "We needn’t wander the city in fear." "We’re safe." But one phrase shattered it all. “What’s that in the water?” The attention of the people shifts to the moat surrounding Sutica. There, bobbing face-down in the murky water, is an old man. Shock and horror runs through the quickly developing crowd. What had such an innocent, aged gentleman done to deserve this grisly fate? Eventually, the body is pulled from the water. The man’s old, wrinkled face bears a soaked white beard, and while he lacks a large amount of hair, that which he does have is pale as well. A clever person could determine that the body hasn’t been in the moat for very long, as minimal decomposition has occurred. Similar to the head of the last elven day, this elderly man was tortured before being killed. His fingers and toes have been lobbed off, both eyes are gouged out, and his body is riddled with bruises. Some might recognize him as Bernard, husband to the woman murdered yesterday. In addition to all of this, some words have been carved into his forehead. Just like the last time, the handwriting is crude and jagged. “Two down, one to go.”
  7. Character's Name: Ronan Character's Age: 34 Character's Race: Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Telekinesis Teacher's MC Name: DukeofZufenhaus Teacher's RP Name: Archrim Elmoran Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.
  8. The sun rises steadily, illuminating the city of Sutica and the dense forest that surrounds it. The sweet, crisp singing of the birds resonates throughout the countryside, and a chilly morning breeze drifts through the land. As the sun’s orange hue dispells the darkness of the night, something sinister is revealed. Something that was not there the day before, now is. A pike is mounted at the end of Sutica’s bridge. The pike’s sharp tip has been lodged into the head of a woman. The head is that of an elderly lady, with a wrinkled visage and long, grey hair. Her face is horribly mutilated; her eyes are purple and swollen shut. Her cheek has been torn open, and her entire countenance is wrought with dark, crimson blood. It is apparent that, before being beheaded, this old woman was terribly beat. For those who would recognize her: the head belongs to Nora, wife of Bernard. The gruesome scene has one more oddity. Carved into the forehead of the butchered woman, with sharp, jagged handwriting, is a message: “One down, two to go.” It’s unclear who committed this unspeakable deed, or why, but one thing is certain: there’s worse to come.
  9. ok admins april fools is over you can stop crashing the server *laughs nervously*

  10. "zootopiashalldie" is recruiting on Skyle'z server! Come join and help fight the good fight!

  11. I have no questions just wanted to say hey
  12. Smawton's easy to talk to and patient. He's just what the GM team needs.
  13. way to steal goosey's thunder man