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  1. Congrats on coming out! I support you all the way.
  2. this is soothing
  3. MC Name: Crazed Character's Name: Sam Character's Age: 98 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Human Transformed form: Sorvian Creator's MC Name: knghtArtorias Creator's RP Name: Avenel Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creatures: Sorvians are essentially super-soldiers bound to a set of beliefs, religion or ideology. Everything from appearance to personality is based upon whatever their mission is. For example, an Aspectist Sorvian may very well come to look and act like his wood elven counterparts. Whatever memories, personality traits or looks they had before the transformation are gone. They are simply a husk of their former selves. The primary thing to understand about Sorvians is that they have a dedication to their purpose that cannot be hindered, even for the slightest moment. A Sorvian will never doubt his cause. The only exception to this occurs if the ideology that he pursues is decimated. A Sorvian will not stay true to a flimsy set of beliefs, no matter how loyal they once were. Because of the fact that the minds, bodies and souls of Sorvians have essentially been put on pause, a number of effects ensue, both positive and negative. Sorvians . . - Have a high pain tolerance. - Do not bleed, and their life-force and genus cannot be manipulated. - Can reattach removed limbs, although this process is very painful. - Have extreme tolerance for physical duress. - Are extremely weak to Voidal Magic. - Cannot use any magic. - Are incapable of feeling true emotions; they cannot truly enjoy life, for example. - Are simply highly incapable nomads when lacking a true purpose. - Are incapable of great strength. That said, they can still be fit, but should not wield overly heavy armor or weaponry. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Sam will be incapable of casting all of his magic. This includes: Sensory Illusion, Water Evocation, Electrical Evocation, Telekinesis and Soul Puppetry. I will also link my Mental Magic MA, but I have been unable to cast that for some time now. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I do. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: I do. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  4. This doesn't seem nescesary. As it stands, phantasms are simply the suggestion of an emotion to your target's mind. I see nothing wrong with that. This change just doesn't click with me; but maybe I'm missing something?
  5. You aren't required to follow your bio once you're in-game; meaning, you could have your character be someone completely different than the one who you applied with. That said, it's recommended you stick to your biography. Some advice to finding roleplay: - Stop and introduce yourself to someone passing by. - Go get a drink at a tavern. Strike up conversation with the person beside you. - PM any of the people on this thread who offered, and ask them if they want to RP ^.^ (I'm up for it, if you want to) - Pursue one of your character's goals. Maybe he wants to help the world, by becoming a Paladin or Cleric. Maybe he wants magic. Maybe alchemy, or maybe he just wants to educate himself by reading. The important thing to remember is while doing these things, interact with people. Ask questions, tell them what you're doing there, etc. And those are only just a few! Again, I'm happy to RP if you'd like to. PM me, my IGN is Crazed. P.S: Your bio was very well written! You clearly have a knack for writing.
  6. What do u know about me? Who am I? What are your nicknames? Which do you like the most? What's your favorite book? Are you more likely to avoid a conflict or engage it head on? How many days(if that you weak ****) could you last in solitary confinement? Do you have a whole lot of acquaintances are just a few close friends? Why? What is the best news you ever received? im glad you're feeling better :^)
  7. Deny this wise ass immediately.
  8. Any talented enough puppeteer could pick it up.
  9. 1. Theoretically, any tier -- but it'd be a waste of time before T3, and becoming that talented at making puppets would take lots of experience(about as long as it takes to hit T4, I'd say.) That said, you can still only use curses available to your tier. T1 puppeteers couldn't go around cutting vocal cords, even if they had somehow gotten their hands on a detailed puppet. 2. No, but just like normal puppets, you could only cast curses specific to the material you're using. So for a T4 Puppeteer to make one of these out of clay would be foolish. Good questions, I'll add both of these into the lore post.
  10. A puppeteer experimenting with a detailed puppet “It was previously thought that Soul Puppetry could not effect overly-specific parts of the body with their curses. As such, puppeteers could not cause a solitary finger to melt from one’s hand, or a single blotch of flesh to decay. This, however, is only true due to the fact that puppets need only loosely resemble the person they are connected to. When a puppet is vague, so are the curses. But when a puppeteer takes his craft a step further, interesting results ensue.” -Anonymous Puppeteer, 1st of the Grand Harvest, 1590 Puppets do not need to be hyper-accurate. A tail and snout for a Kharajyr and pointy ears for an elf is about as in depth as they go. These have always been enough for the regular puppeteer -- they get the job done, so why would anyone bother wasting hours and hours making a puppet more precise? From the average puppeteers perspective, doing so would be a waste of time. However, when an artist takes up the magic, the pastime of forging “unnecessarily” accurate puppets yields shocking boons. When a puppet is made to perfectly resemble their target, startlingly so, a whole new string of possibilities reveal themselves. The red-line prohibiting curses from targeting specific parts of the body does not apply for these creations. In addition, if one had studied the anatomy of the targeted race, they could perform flesh curses on their organs, or insides. This would allow the snipping of vocal cords, or even the puncturing of a heart. Creating a detailed puppet Most puppeteers, if not all, have mastered the art of creating puppets. But making these more elaborate puppets is an entirely new task. A brief glance is no longer enough to mimic a person’s appearance. You would have to know every detail, and missing one thing would nullify the entire process. For example, if someone had a scar running across their knee, and a puppeteer overlooked this factor, the puppet would act as a normal one would. Specific curses would not open up to them, even if they managed to replicate every other detail. There is no in-between; a puppet either has access to the full-range of curses(when extremely detailed) or only the one’s available to a common puppet. The only exception to this rule is that you do not necessarily need to give the puppet organs unless you wish to inflict specific curses that require them. These are works of art, and precision is requisite to their functioning. If one seeks to inflict flesh-curses on a puppet’s insides, you would need to replicate their internal organs inside the puppet. This requires the puppeteer to have studied the anatomy of their target’s race, usually via dissection(not necessarily of their target, but of someone with similar anatomy.) In this way, puppetry becomes similar to conjuration. If your target has an unnatural biology (missing a kidney, or scars inside their body) these would need to be incorporated into the puppet. That said, there’s a tad more leniency with the accuracy of the puppet’s insides. This is in order to avoid puppeteers needing to actually dissect their target before inflicting these curses on them, as this would likely kill their victim and hurt roleplay for the targeted party. Theoretically, any tier would be capable of making these puppets; but the artistic talent associated with making a puppet as accurate as these ones is something only really possible after months and months of experience. In addition, it wouldn't really be beneficial to a puppeteer below T3. These puppets can be made out of any material that the normal puppetry lore allows, but curses are still relative to the material you're using -- just like normal puppets. Red Lines: These are not easy to make. You must be as much an artist as a puppeteer to make them. Bodily items (blood, saliva, flesh, etc) are still required for these to work. Even a minor mistake ruins the entire puppet. That said, failed hyper-accurate puppets could still be used as normal ones. You must roleplay gathering information on your target’s appearance and their race’s biology. Not doing so would be powergaming. These are incompatible with the T5 puppets (puppets with magical properties) because they do not match their target’s appearance well enough. I.e, you cannot make a netherrack puppet and use it to set individual fingers on fire. If at any point the appearance of your target changes, you would need to replicate this on the puppet before proceeding with curses. This would not severe the connection, only temporarily interrupt your curses. Curses available with a detailed puppet All the regular curses are available, only now you can target more specific areas of the body. Individual fingers, toes, or even specific pieces of flesh. As was previously mentioned, you can also now inflict flesh curses on your target’s organs. This can only be done with a puppet that has its insides filled with an accurate representation of their target’s insides. Flesh curses include, but are not limited to: cutting vocal cords, puncturing heart, snapping bones, carving into bones, etc. It’s important to note that puppeteers could already mute their targets, kill them, and inflict excruciating pain. Those three effects, save for killing someone, would end once the connection broke. These, however, would remain, as they are flesh curses. If you wanted to inflict curses on someone’s insides, you would have to first open the puppet up. This does not replicate on your target, unless you intended it to. If this is done clumsily, and in the process you mess up details of the puppet, it would revert to a normal puppet. Red Lines: You cannot inflict flesh curses on the insides of your victim unless your puppet also has “insides.” You must open up your puppet to inflict flesh curses on the insides of your victim. You could make one of these a life puppet.
  11. MC Name: Crazed Character's Name: Sam Character's Age: 95 Character's Race: Wood Elven What magic(s) will you be learning?: Telekinesis Teacher's MC Name: ShameJax Teacher's RP Name: Irhamir Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Mental magic, although I only ever reached T1 in this magic. Again. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes, I do. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.
  12. Assuming you're referencing Medeusculors: these could hardly be referred to as a technological advancement. They're literally purely aesthetic. The only slight boon is an improved aim, but you still need to connect to the void, draw out the element and launch it at your enemy. The trigger doesn't even really do anything. As for the actual lore -- it's well written, but I don't personally believe guns (that actually act as guns) have a place on LotC. That is only my opinion, though. Good luck on the lore!
  13. I approve of this man's magical knowledge.
  14. Your application has been put on [DENIED] Unfortunately, this application has too many errors to accept. You are welcome to reapply in 24 hours. Reapplying sooner will result in denial. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit my forums profile, and send me a Private Message. Alternatively, my skype is “x” and you may add me there if you’d like aid writing your application! I encourage you to do so. This application was denied for the following reasons, - Your application format is plagiarized. Doing this again will result in a ban from applying. Good luck on your next application!