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  1. In all seriousness though when it comes to LOTC this is unique. I like the idea although I feel it needs more refining before we turn it into a server antag.
  2. I've also had problems around item disappearance. Even had a Dev look into it within 10 mins and he couldn't find anything. Was my favorite red item too ;-;
  3. Luv, you literally have an app in for every team right now except for Wiki and Dev. I'm not trying to give you a hard time, but pick a team.
  4. I honestly wouldn't mind either, but the amount of work that would be for the mt would be quite immense.
  5. Perhaps you should add something in the actual lore pertaining to such.
  6. So is this creature meant to be a player based creature, or for the ET?
  7. Erm...so what's its weakness, because it seems to me this thing can take down regiments... REGIMENTS of soldiers????? Don't get me wrong, it'd be nice to have an ET creature for the countless, vast, and empty snowy mountains we have. This however needs to be refined.
  8. The community needed this, thanks.
  9. You do realize I pmed you right?
  10. If the persons soul is altered to the point they can't even use voidal magic, holy magic should hurt them nearly as much if not the same amount as most other dark creatures.
  11. I'll take a csgo skin in compensation.
  12. "Strange, he seemed like such a nice man." Erendriel would shrug before writing a quick note to the Aengoth Co.
  13. Great person, words can't really describe what a great addition she'd be to the team. She recently came out with some pretty good ideas and I feel she has the drive and dedication to really bring and help new players into our community. +1
  14. MPM
  15. "Can we at least go one elven month without conflict? You'd think after the last war the leaders wouldn't be so hasty to start another. Perhaps have a private meeting before publicity shaming the dwarves for the acts of a few. " Erendriel would shrug after his statement and upon hearing the news