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  1. It's probably not a good idea to spam the forums with memes, make not one but two accounts to avoid a moderated content filter to simply harass and pester the FM team, then go on the server and complain about it further. He's not banned he's simply been put in timeout. Give it a rest people, you're creating drama where there doesn't need to be any.

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    2. morrisaye


      FMs are people, too, and going off of their best judgement. Mistakes are made, yes. That doesn't warrant people all out attacking the FMs. If people feel there is a problem, there are much more productive ways to go about it rather than breaking rules, admitting to breaking rules, and doing it for the sole intent of ticking people off. That accomplishes nothing.

    3. von_Aesterwald


      I agree, FMs and all staff are people, and there is certainly the chance mistakes are made, but this has been an ongoing problem for months. I do not know if it is an intentional war against posts that have the potential to offend someone, a collective daftness regarding proper moderation technique, or just a general overreaction by the FM team that has become hiveminded in many cases.


      Also, "indefinite" is a funny word for time out.


    4. Wendigo


      Niccum you do realize that the gyazo you just posted is an alt he used to avoid moderated content in the first place? He's lucky he's not actually banned from the server, avoiding a ban is a serious offense not only on the FM team but if you did it on the server as well. What I don't understand is how people think the forum is any different then the server when it comes to your behavior.