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  1. You've seen nothing my son, come visit Haelun'or once in a while.
  2. I don't even use LC and recognize this may have not been the best time to rework the system...that being said who knows what he's working on. May be important(Hopefully/better be)...
  3. Heial’seth Council of the Void The Void has long been a realm of mystery. Magi for eons have sought to not only discover new means of manipulating mana, but to harness this wealth of power and perplexity. Although man has come close there are some who feel we’ve barely scratched the surface. Through trial and error a great mage made a discovery that has too long been squandered. The creation of Circles or the binding of ones mana pool to accomplish a greater feat of voidal engineering, discovery, or creation itself. The Heial’seth is an organization founded by Erendriel, a mali’aheral taught directly by this mage on the fundamental process of creating and maintaining a proper Circle. Although he guides the Heial’seth, all who join are of equal rank and stature and therefore each have an equal vote when it comes to making future decisions. As a participating member the Heial’seth you are guaranteed to be taught the simple Coupling process along with participating in larger acts of research and possible discovery. Your race nor age is of little concern, nor is your skill aptitude. All are welcome. As a council member we will meet to not only discuss current theory on the void, but future endeavors involving Circles. Everyone is implored to bring their ideas to the table, and if the rest of the members vote and agree we can attempt it. Circles offer many avenues for voidal mages, albeit relatively unknown consequences as well. Safety is our top concern when it comes to linking a Circle. Through the grace of Haelun’or and her current council we have been afforded a rather large lab for our distinct purposes. Spacious enough to fit nearly 20 people and fitted with arcaurum and focus crystals inlaid into the stone itself, it is the perfect environment to practice, perfect, and execute Circles and voidal arts of all kind. Joining is a simple process, all we require is some simple information which can be filled below((Feel free to PM your skype if you want to keep it private. If you already have me on skupe, shoot me a PM there)). ((Link to Circle Lore for reference: ((Minecraft Name:)) ((Skype:)) Name: What are your current voidal talents? Do you accept any and all consequences of participating in a relatively unknown and untested voidal craft?((Simple yes or no))
  4. Thus why I suggested the personality change over a blood lust killing spree. It'd make for some interesting character development and for some unique rp.
  5. I think the majority of the server doesn't realize when you archive 300+ posts in one day, there's no such thing as a post to rep ration.
  6. 2/10, Agreed.
  7. It's not a matter of making sense. If you really wanna go into that level of detail how does everyone magically lock their chests when some people don't even have magic?
  8. Added to the poll and title, very good idea.
  9. Pretty simple. As the title suggest would it be possible to lock armor stands? What are your thoughts on this?
  10. ptsd from the Kalenz days
  11. Arguably mental magic as it stands is way more controlling then illusion is currently.
  12. I've also been using illusion for several years now, let me know if you want any input.
  13. I never considered phantasms as inserting emotions, I like to think of it as a nudge to something that's already there. Altering emotions? Maybe but taking a magic that's known for being power gamed and adding that to its already large portfolio may cause issues. IDK though, I'd like to hear what the LT have to say about it.
  14. I don't know how I feel about this.
  15. All of you guys do realize they do this for free, and spend their free time to do this right? It's not their job, stop making demands, stop being rude or maybe one day the devs won't be here. They do a lot and some of it you probably can't even recognize, notice, or have simply taken for granted. Take a chill people. Just bring issues in a respectful manner instead of attacking them for 'Not doing their job.'