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  1. Spelled decency wrong...TRIGGERED
  2. Why he was removed in the first place idk....+1
  3. I don't understand
  4. Didn't realize golems were a race.
  5. Golems aren't real people, they don't even deserve the right to be on a poll.
  6. Me being salty
  7. Erendriel makes a note in his busy schedule to attend "So much work, so little time."
  8. I guess I should post my salty pics.
  9. Erendriel nods after reading the referendum "Finally, some progress. I look forward to working with the Council to bring back Haelun'or to its former glory."
  10. "Yet you've not once told or announced this to the people? To expect the people to know without saying such is ridiculous, not only that we've had no announcements on currently held positions or vacant ones. You want the citizens to help but expect us to be omniscient. Communication is key and the current Council is lacking such, thus why I have reached out to you in a way pleading for you to do such. Coming forward here is the first step and I appreciate that."
  11. Erendriel sighs heavily "You've had years in your elected position but done nothing of note. To blame poor timing on something that has been going on and still going on for several elven years is pure idiocy. You have bulletin boards and a staff ready to decree your words, and you've not had a public council meeting in nearly 15 elven years. Perhaps your first step as an elected Councilor would be to hold a public council meeting to discuss the issues at hand."
  12. Erendriel quirks a brow "In my speech I clearly said all the blame is not to fall on just the council, but it is the citizens fault as well."
  13. Erendriel would step forward, grey eyes scanning the empty city with near disgust painted across his face. Clearing his throat he'd begin to speak to those who might listen. "It has become increasingly clear the path Haelun’or is taking once again, history repeats itself and our timelessness makes us no different. The Sohaer did his job well and I can say without a doubt that he was the perfect individual for the situation at hand. Yes, some may say he made mistakes but to most he saved the mali’aheral from great grievance. With peace comes lethargy. As peace falls once again upon our home the council has become almost nonexistent. What was once a thriving city in war is now a ghost town in peace. People pass by without a word, our own existence taken for granted. There are no more festivals, the library is eerily empty whilst our labs gather dust. A majority of the blame falls upon the now nearly nonexistent Council, but to purely blame them would be naïve. Tis the citizens fault as well. In times of fear we clung to the city knowing full well the sanctuary it offered. Now that the war has abated we have begun to stretch ourselves once again to foreign soil. As a citizen of our beautiful home I grow fearful for its future. To call it stagnant would be an overused term not suitable to define its idle nature. Some may consider this the rambling of another vain mali, others may think it fearful thoughts brought to light. It’s both for me. To ask the current Council to step down would be insupportable at this point in time. So I say this to you, do something with the privilege the Citizens have bestowed upon you and bring our once thriving city back into its former glory." Finishing his speech Erendriel would take a wide stance hands clasped behind his back as he awaits a reply from those assembled.
  14. In all seriousness though when it comes to LOTC this is unique. I like the idea although I feel it needs more refining before we turn it into a server antag.
  15. I've also had problems around item disappearance. Even had a Dev look into it within 10 mins and he couldn't find anything. Was my favorite red item too ;-;