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  1. Political Compass thread

    I actually just did this yesterday, moderate libertarian here!
  2. Fix Defender Default

    Unfortunately due to the current map design that's just not feasible. All the fts are currently very centered etc etc.
  3. Fix Defender Default

    This. Same thing but 10 or more would include the number 10 or more. Leave it the way it is. If you don't want to rp battle don't go somewhere where rp is prevalent. Go raid somewhere where both sides 'enjoy' it. You get into a lot of arguments with people from raids mostly because 1 side is trying to bait you into pvp or attacking them mostly through ooc antagonistic behavior. 10 is a perfect number and protects and gives both sides(rp and pvp) equal opportunity to defend or attack. I don't want to see squads going around pixel mining on the roads again. Also yeah fixing nexus might help with this.
  4. Farewell For Now

    The wiki is really something to be proud of, seriously. o7
  5. [mart] Deck Of Many Things

    Very cool and I like that multiple people will have the opportunity to see or interact with the deck or person whom used it. +1
  6. October Player Activity Analysis

    Awesome, pure awesome. Good work bud.
  7. i quit

    One final Heh to see you off. Heh
  8. Two Jolly Sparks

    Best of luck y'all.
  9. holy ****, now all of a sudden you're going to take a stance on toxicity? Really? It's been going on for over a year now since the last oren war which is when it got /really/ bad.

    1. SuperDuckyGamer


      better later than never amirite

    2. Space


      all it took was one sjw man!

    3. Wrynn


      I was just about to say the same thing SuperDuckyGamer said.

  10. The events I went to with torkoal as the ET were great. +1
  11. Sooo y'all going to hire more admins or are you just gonna keep leaving till we're left with Tythus?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Telanir


      no you didn't space

    3. Space


      c-crap c-called out

    4. SuperDuckyGamer


      plot twist man, what a :-0

  12. [Actor] Ford

    Great rper, would make a fantastic addition to the team. +1 from me.
  13. [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    We tried that for a bit, everyone moaned and complained. I however liked it.
  14. It's all secretly a coup.

  15. Torkoal_Tom's AT Application

    I think you'd do just fine in this position but I suggest trying out one team for more than a few weeks before picking up another. It's pretty easy to overwork yourself. P.S - That doesn't resemble you at all, she's much too tan.