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  1. Same questions as per usual...do your best to stray away from vague answers like 'we're working on that' or 'something is in the works' or 'It's being discussed'. Those aren't appropriate or professional answers to address a concerned community in my opinion. What projects do you currently have, or planning to have concerning or revolving around player retention? I asked about this in December. WTF is going on with this blacklist? The lack of anything regarding this is worrisome. How are donations, and how much running time do we have? Aviary plug in, is anything going to address this issue whilst the plugin is in the works perhaps? Please refer to this: What exactly are the two new admins working on? Maybe this will answer a previous question. I'm concerned about the ETs lack of map story. The community has asked about this a few times and all we get are vague answers 'We're working on that'. Well it's been 4+ months. All for now, may edit in more later.
  2. Sure why not, you have my skype. Never done it before so..
  3. I don't mind the lore itself, just for the love of god keep a better rein on teachers.
  4. If this gets accepted I expect gun lore out of you next! Also that.
  5. Right now as the lore stands there's nearly zero ic reason to do this, there needs to be some positives from the link instead of just negatives and a neutral-negative(images eventually driving the okar insane) besides basically enslaving the okar. Also literally exchanging halves of souls will have a pretty drastic effect on both individuals involved. I understand the need to keep it simple but there needs to be some explanation there.
  6. A mali'aheral writes a quick note to send off via messenger "Try the high elves, we're going to start offering tutoring to outsiders."
  7. The original magic came from the wheel of time series. http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Warder I'll be blunt I feel this lore is 'empty' compared to the previous version of it not to mention the boundless resource of the wheel of time series you have at your disposal. What I'm saying is I think you can greatly improve the lore from what it is right now.
  8. Honestly I'd consider high elves to be somewhat of a cult, not religious but still very...yeah.
  9. Idk what you're expecting...but +1 anyways
  10. I don't believe you have the qualities needed to be a forum moderator. Anyone wanting further details feel free to pm me. -1
  11. I don't think the blacklist had much to do with our low applicants this month. Could be wrong. That being said having our voting system down on some incredibly popular mincecraft browsing sites which is very disconcerting, especially for as long as they have been. I'm aware this isn't your fault really, obviously, I'm just throwing my two cents out there. This isn't panic talk, but...I'm still concerned as most of us probably are. Thanks however for the update, this type of information is pretty important.
  12. Dude...wth
  13. Erendriel nods after browsing some of the entry titles "This shall be interesting."
  14. You don't need approval from us, hard to give you a solid answer just from a small paragraph of information. Write the lore and see what happens.
  15. My only complaint is how large they can get IE covering an entire small town seems like a bit too much, and not having expiration dates on the sign. Yeah it's nice knowing when it was charged but a majority of people(including myself) have no idea how long they last.