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  1. "yo bro, your boi is in alkhazar, you came back from the elf place yet?"

    1. ScreamingDingo


      i think he's in jail for sexual harassment



    2. MarioMixer


      I dont know if thats actually a meme or not, is he actually?

  2. Just going to throw this out, before any more comments. I will be changing the black sprites toxin effects. It's already on thing to change. Just haven't had the chance to edit.
  3. Pretty much that, And When I actually have some sleep and will work on the black sprite toxins, I did have something in mine.
  4. The original land that Sprites had, was rarely used or people visited. Yes I moved the location because from the region owner and having to add the new players to the region was hard and I hated having to bug them, addition to the region owner leaving and I wasn't able to get owner or added as it. So I brought them closer to to an active location where they can actually be seen and take others too. And as I said, the creatures actually do go around and I've heard they do go around. Only reason of the this addition, besides the new colors (raising the cap so more can play) Is the Sprites actually having a chance to fight back, they cant use magic or weapons. Why not use their body? It's not funny being killed all the time. Some plants actually have toxins and ways to defend itself. Hell I could've made something like them growing thorns to be like rose bushes.
  5. From what I've seen and heard about the Sprite players, they do go around different places. Mostly around Druids or CT. I would say I do question at times if I should add more players for an rare creature. Mostly the purpose on the server was to give druids more "friends" or creatures to actually communicate without an ET needed. But somehow, that purpose has changed into strange creatures that people want to study and do things with. From what I get told, most have tested on them,studied them, befriended them, killed, bottled, feed , taught them, Learned from them. There might not be a HUGE purpose to the creature, They are just there to bring some fantasy to this server. They aren't just cute little fairies the auto assumption people think sprites are. Sorry its like 1am so I'm tired..
  6. Theres alot of american and some brit Sprites thats why. Most american Well, Black Sprites were going to be ET when i think of something that evil or whatever or someone that can fit it. I would doubt the player of the Black sprite would do something that stupid. But if it's toxins are THAT OP. it can be easily changed up.
  7. Quiet you fool... But in all seriousness, the Black sprite is not discovered yet, thus being the rarest of the Sprites. Mostly the effects of the Sprites dust(When they die.) is deadly. So don't try to snort or eat them,because it would result in death. Don't eat or snort unknown things. And the Black Sprite is the worst and deadliest Sprite. But at this point, there isn't any black sprites, I prefer to keep that one to be limited to 1-2 players, to avoid an abuse of that.
  8. Change logs [6/28/16] Sprite toxins can be used for alchemy,but will be hard to obtian. Black Sprite Toxins are being changed.
  9. New Sprite color proposals Toxin and pollination lore Written by Liam (gamerdude3) Contributions: Liam Erin Micbox Morrigan Combine (He did a bunch of **** for the orange sprite I guess) Zer0 Edits: Zer0 New Sprite Colors! ❦ Pink ❦ “Intimacy and energy bound by the same soul.” Sprites born with the color pink tend to be ditsy, energetic, and animated. There’s always time to play fun, silly games, and they truly embody the childish trait of every Sprite. However, as much as they enjoy to be immature, they enjoy the prospect of love for other sentient beings. These Sprites are willing to go out of their way to ensure that two people who love each other stay in love. ❦ Brown ❦ “The feral outcasts.” Sprites born with a brown skin are social outcasts, foreign to even the rest of their Sprite community. Often known for taking shelter in secluded, isolated, and rather odd locations, the brown Sprite does not enjoy communicating with it’s kin. They’ll often act as if they’re a wild dog with wings, and will tear up their food before eating it. They’ll rarely speak in any tongue, as they often just don’t care enough to communicate. ❦ Orange ❦ “Heroics lead to ignorance.” The orange Sprite will automatically attempt to solve any conflict it can, without the assistance of any other being. Should someone be in some sort of trouble, or a conflict has unfolded, the orange Sprite will be there to save the day. These Sprites don’t often do heroic deeds out of the kindness of their hearts, but rather for their own reputation. Should they fail, however, they’ll slide into a deep, temporary depression, upset that they didn’t reach their high expectations. Toxins With Sprites having no direct way to defend their tiny, vulnerable bodies, it’s only natural that they’d have some sort of plant-oriented ability to produce a chemical which could act as a makeshift defence mechanism against foreign aggressors, should the opportunity ever come where it’s necessary to level out the playing field. However, as each Sprite color represents a different flower (more or less,) it’s reasonable to say that different Sprites would have different chemicals emitted from their skin. Every chemical has a negative impact on both parties, as the foreign invader would now be subject to whatever effect the toxin possessed, and the Sprite would become tired out. Still able to fly, there would still be considerable side effects to using the poisons, as the Sprites would just generally become physically tired. The following is a list of each chemical Sprites can produce, and what color they correspond with. These toxins can be released at any time, however it should take about two hours OOC’ly to regenerate. Sprite’s abilities can be used on any living, breathing person. This includes any of the playable races, trolls, and other creatures, however the larger the creature, the less of an effect it will have on them. Sprites can even use their toxins on other Sprites, so long as both parties are of a different color, as one toxin used on another wouldn’t do anything. (The effects of each chemical isn’t as severe as it would be in real life, these are mulled down, weaker forms of each substance.) If the amount of time that an effect lasts for isn’t listed, then assume that it’s thirty minutes OOC’ly. Notice: None of these poisons, with the exception of the black Sprite, can be used lethally. Green - Urushiol; After being exposed to a person’s skin, this Sprite can cause a certain, inflicted area to gain a large, itchy rash. The patch of skin that had been infected would be rashy, red, and extremely irritable. This can wear off after either proper treatment, or simply by waiting a few days. Blue - Formaldehyde; If a blue Sprite were to release this chemical from its skin to harm another, the victim would take on very minor, yet irritable side effects. Anyone subject to exposure would clam up and notice a pain in their throat and nose regions, as well as their eyes swelling up and becoming watery. Sky Blue - Psilocybin; When the sky blue Sprite exerts this toxin onto its foe, the victim will be subject to hallucinations of minor proportions. They'll most likely see distorted figures and discoloration, having everything be bright and brilliant. Grey - Propofol; The grey Sprite has the option to exert a highly anesthetic, drowsy chemical into another person or sentient being. This chemical will become active about fifteen seconds after being applied. It forces the victim to fall into a coma like, drowsy, sleepy state, confused and tired. This will last for around twenty minutes, unless an external effort is made to awake the victim. Red - Hydrofluoric acid; When exposed to skin, it’s initially painless. There’d be nothing to feel to the victim at first, but after about thirty seconds, the skin would start to feel a searing, burning pain in the inflicted area, becoming visibly red and irritated. Purple - Tetrahydrocannabinol; After this chemical touches flesh, over a long period of time, the inflicted person would begin to feel drowsy, dazed, and abnormally tranquil. The person would appear completely normal, none of the normal side effects of THC present, yet they’d still act extremely high. White - LN2; Should you upset a white Sprite, it has the option to release a light version of liquid nitrogen. This will instantly freeze a small patch of skin on a person, turning into a sickly hue of purple. It’d be amazingly painful to either move or touch, and requires proper treatment before becoming active again. The impacted area could probably be revived in fifteen minutes. Yellow - Saxitoxin; If a yellow Sprite were to be angered in any way, or provoked, it would release a small amount of temporary saxitoxin. When inflicted onto the victim, their muscles would become slow, weakened, and paralyzed. They wouldn’t be frozen to the extent where they couldn’t talk, but they’d be considerably disabled for around six to eight minutes. Pink - Dopamine; Pink Sprites are truly unique with their use of defensive toxins, as they fail to directly harm a person in any way. Considerably large doses of dopamine invade the targeted person, causing a rush of “happiness” to flood into their brain. This should cause them to be happier, easier to handle, and act friendlier for those thirty minutes. Brown - Trimethylamine; Should the brown Sprite become irritated, it could easily attack it’s larger aggressor, given it’s violent nature. However, if it should ever need a defence mechanism, the brown Sprite can produce a stench that sticks to any person that comes into contact with, or can affect anyone who sniffs the air around the Sprite. The scent will wear off once you take a bath. Orange - Monosodium glutamate; The orange Sprite has the ability to pump out an extremely irritating, blinding and nauseating substance. The effects should be able to impact a person instantly, quickly blinding them for a solid fifteen seconds, as well as impairing their hearing, which they will slowly regain as they obtain their sight back as well. After those fifteen seconds, the inflicted person should only feel slightly dazed for about another ten minutes. This sprite could easily perform a fly-by, flash a person, and be on their way. Black -Ophiocordyceps unilateralis; The black sprite is unique as it does not release a toxin, but rather releases spores. These spores are released in a large group of fifty to sixty, depending on the sprites’ size. The spores spread on the wind, targeting any insects in the area. The bugs are quickly overtaken by the fungus, their wills now putty in the sprites’ tiny hands. The insects will rapidly gather around the black sprite, moving as a hive mind. They listen to the sprites’ orders, though the timeframe that they will follow is limited. The mushrooms will eventually fall off of the insects, leaving them without a leader. Though, if a descendant were to come in contact with these spores, a rash would quickly spread over the area with blisters forming soon after. The rash would cause a terrible itch, and would remain on the descendant for a full elven day. Though this could be numbed using alchemical agents, there would be no cure to the rash. OOC: Well after lots of talk within the sprite community, we decided to raise the cap just a little and add 3 colors and a defense ability for the creatures. First were vague ideas, then turned into fleshed out ideas. If you have questions myself and @Gamerdude3. I will note, these toxins can not be used for potions or poisons.
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