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  1. "yo bro, your boi is in alkhazar, you came back from the elf place yet?"

    1. ScreamingDingo


      i think he's in jail for sexual harassment



    2. MarioMixer


      I dont know if thats actually a meme or not, is he actually?

  2. "It's Aethermoor !" A random man yells. "Ready the damn signs!"
  3. So making a render project of nation and settlements. Where should I start first? You

    1. ℤ∃ʁ∅


      So making a render project of nation and settlements. Where should I start first? You decide for me. 

      Might go on the wiki page*

      Thanks mobile 

    2. Space


      Will you use this one to bully people, like your last render series thing?



    3. ℤ∃ʁ∅


      :^] if the mood is right 

  4. Buy it, use it, break it, fix it,
    Trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it,
    Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it,
    Snap it, work it, quick, erase it,
    Write it, cut it, paste it, save it,

  5. Neero feels a Disturbance in the air,slander towards him causes a frown on his face as he looks to his thick dreadlocks.
  6. Well now we can see the true Druid

    1. Gone


      How's your druid Zero? :)



    2. ℤ∃ʁ∅


      Look here. We don't speak of that!

    3. Ardor


      I think we should. You did bring it up :3

  7. As the twist sounds cool. I would like to get some things fixed before adding other stuff.
  8. As the owner of Aethermoor, I will disagree with the no allies heavily. I also have a few points to say as well. Now let me begin with the obvious disagreement. No Allies Okay, so a huge race of savage Orcs are going to not raid but WAR CLAIM a settlement/town. Picture that right? A mass race known for its numbers attacking an settlement under a nation? oh capital even. Would the nation leader just sit there and allow it ? a full nation to attack their settlement with no defense or helping them? No. Its obviously pretty one sided. Even a blind squirrel can see that. Think if an nation went to one of your camps and were wanting to claim it? Doesn't make sense if the Rex/leader of the race was to tell that camp to fend for himself hm? Everyone knows that Orcs are known for having alts, so please do not try to bs the "no alts" we ALL know it will happen. There has been no WC that I've seen where it's like "No allies" If they don't have allies than it sucks for them. But logically, if you are going to attack a nation that has one, the allies are not just going to sit and watch from the sides, especially if the attackers have been causing trouble for them as well. They will want some revenge of their own. NOW for the part that has been itching ALOT more than just few. This event push on the orc plague, how long has this plague been spreading? the event time one could say. It's been at a halt for some time as the big answer when someone is trying to interact with it. "Need to wait for the ET to finish building." Okay yes that's alright but the ET just got a mass bunch of ET people join them, that's not a huge excuse for such delay of the plague builds. I was for it but the time has passed too long. Again, I shall stay to this point of the issue, after a month or so of having us wait. The druids and other groups that could get rid of the plague we're fully ready to cleanse it, the moment it came to spreading so much. But were told "Wait on the ETs to finish." Again, waiting is fine but its taken too long for waiting which is just not cool. Then out of no where the plague wants to spread more? Was the event continued and we that were wanting to cleanse or get rid of the plague taint were merely pushed away so it can continue to spread? We can't do anything to defend or make the plague taint within an area to stop because we have to wait for ET? Big thing i was told if we tried, we'd be warclaimed for interfering with their Spirit work and MANY orcs would be at the borders protecting and making sure no one would touch the plague lands and will know if its being touched. Also seeming one-sided. I highly doubt Orcs will be there in a line watching for EVERY movement that comes to the plagueland borders. The eventline has been on for too long and only seems to just benefit the orcs and allow them to do whatever they want because "The Spirits told us to do it." with no way of defending, even though there is a full way to do so, but "Wait on the GMS and ET." I don't see any progress with this war claim if its just to make more land barren and wasted like the the unfinished land that's there. That's a poor job in my eyes, finish something before trying to get more. Do not eat more than you can swallow. That's all my say on this
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