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  1. HolyTurkey

    Curonia Prints, Fourth Edition

    “Send me a bird immediately.” said Zachery.
  2. HolyTurkey

    Curonic Prints, Second Edition

    Archbishop Zachery’s concerns continue to grow as he mounts his horse and makes way to Curon with great haste!
  3. HolyTurkey

    Curonia Prints, 3rd Edition

    Archbishop Zachery gathers his belongings and makes for Curon with great haste!
  4. HolyTurkey


    THE DEATH OF THE REIVERS A realistic depiction of the “‘Clown’ Lonan Daemyr “The Black” NO BANDITS, NO REIVERS, NO SCRUBS ============================================================================== Scribed upon the 12th of Sun’s Smile 1707 ===================================================================== By the actions of the Imperial Legion, the “Clown” Lonan Daemyr “The Black” has been put to death within the confines of the Renatian crownlands. This interesting development occurred as the Imperial Legion was enjoying the fruitful company of their many women and jesters along the roadside after a fortuitous venture of patrolling. During this time of laughter and celebration, the unsightly Daemyr sallied forth, approaching the Imperial Legion with a band of Reivers, unfit for me a noble scribe to record as soldiers. The powerful Imperial Legion did not give the Bandits any mind, continuing to enjoy their food as well as women until the very moment the rally assaulted the Imperial Legion. The Daemyr charged in after cowering behind his troops for a time and was defeated easily by an Archbishop. Lonan Daemyr “the Black” cowardly show of insufficient martial prowess demoralized his company of Reivers and they were slaughtered by the blade, or through a mere stroke of luck ran wounded and with a fearful look in their eyes. After the encounter, the victorious Imperial Legion were suddenly rushed by an army many times larger than their own, but with valiant blades and strong wills they hacked through the masses and emerged victorious with little fatalities. After coming from the battled unscathed, The Archbishop grabbed the sobbing Reiver by the wet of his ears and dragged him all the way to Helena. Upon the high throne of the Emperor Antonius Horen, the Reivers neck was slit and he bled his diseased blood across the carpets. With fear in his eyes (which have a long and unsightly distance between them) and beads of sweat forming upon his prematurely receding hairline. Suddenly the room burst aflame and the victorious Imperial Legion scaled down the wall side guided by the powerful Mr Sniffles. Upon their landing, the many women of Renatus, both married and unmarried, threw cheers of joy and swooned upon the walls as their hearts felt a tug of admiration directed towards the powerful Imperial Legion. Seeing this all men within the confines of the Renatian citadel fell to their knees and wept bitterly, for the uprisal of all days had been done. And so was written a tale of legend known to all millennia born upon this day. The brave Imperial Legion has found their mark upon history for all ages to come. [!] Marked upon the bottom of the notice is a fingerprint of the “Clown” Lonan Daemyr “The Black” in his sacrilegious blood,a mark of verification of the events claimed to have occured today. §6.5 If you are downed, you may only /d20 if the victor states you may. ○ Using the /d20 command to escape capture is counted as suicide and will result in a PK. @Cya
  5. HolyTurkey


    “Also this is not true, you literally jumped out of a window from a height which would’ve killed all of you, but once again do the skygods turn a blind eye just as when our fighters started vanishing before our eyes.” said Zachery.
  6. HolyTurkey


    “Fake news, you killed an imposter not the real Emperor.” said Archbishop Zachery, having seen the Emperor safe and well in the imperial palace.
  7. HolyTurkey

    A call to trial

    Zachery informs Archbishop Caius to investigate these adultery accusations! @Papa Liam
  8. HolyTurkey


    “I knew it!” shouted Ted!
  9. HolyTurkey

    Reiver Denunciation Act of 1706

    “I beg to differ.” said Zachery.
  10. HolyTurkey

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    Archbishop Zachery plans his attendance!
  11. HolyTurkey

    Transition Mishap

    Why wasn’t this planned beforehand?? Why did we only hear news about the world edit like hours before, surely this is something that would of been shared days before with an exact location and time? Also on a day where is suitable for most players like a weekend not the middle of the week. The fact you said that kowaman did an event to make sure people don’t just randomly appear on a new map shows how completely disorganized and not planned this was. Time and time again we wear ‘Lessons will be learnt’ and ‘We will fix communications between teams.’ The same bullshit apology and scapegoat as always, like every transition map or time the staff **** up, you say the same things and nothing ever changes.
  12. HolyTurkey

    Transition Event into Arcas

    why was the event at 2am gmt on a wednesday? Why was the event only announced a few hours before?
  13. HolyTurkey

    Transition Mishap

    Why not let him do the event then? Holding it at 2am gmt on a wednesday and expecting him to be there is dumb.
  14. why is end of map event 2am gmt?

  15. HolyTurkey

    Declaration of Regency, 16th of The Deep Cold, 1704

    “I wonder how long it is until Curon defects against?” asked an Adrian.