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  1. HolyTurkey

    Trading for Holy Artifacts

    [!] Posters litter the various settlements throughout the Empire. [!] Holy Relics! Greetings canonist brothers and sisters, it has come to my attention that throughout the realm many have come into possession of church artifacts and ultimately have no use for them so they sit and gather dust. After the Anti-Pontiff, Siegmund, ran off which the holy relics that the church had at the time, I am in search for these relics and am willing to trade them for items listed below. x2 For this one, I require a high value church artifact (( If you have a church artifact that you want to trade for one of the items listed above, quote the image of the one you want with an image of the artifact, these items are not converted.))
  2. @Fireheart_I think LOTC’s 7.0 trailer should include a lot more then terrain, nobody gets hype over seeing empty plains and a few mountains. Show cities and part of a story arc idk, not just plain boring terrain.

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    2. Man of Respect
    3. Nummy


      I love terrain. 

    4. Jenny_Bobbs


      As Camera man, we’re in the works that once every nation has been built up for next map the Content Creators apart of the Media Team will be working on a secondary trailer that features cities / charters.

  3. HolyTurkey

    The Dancing of The Roses 1703

    Father Zachery sews a white cross into his cassock.
  4. HolyTurkey

    The Pontifical Enthronement of 1702

    Father Zachery applauds the new Pontiff.
  5. HolyTurkey

    On Charters

    ever heard of farmland around settlements!!!!
  6. HolyTurkey

    [Your View] Charters, Nation Status and Dependent Status!

    The signature system is flawed for the same reason it failed last time. When somebody posted a charter application, they would pm everybody they knew telling them to sign it. It didn’t matter if they live there or would ever visit it. How would this be regulated to ensure that all the signatures are pure and not friends of friends who are signing because they were simply told to?
  7. HolyTurkey

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    “Didn’t attempt to kill bruce, thats why he dropped the charges.” replied the Adrian.
  8. HolyTurkey

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    “Didn’t Curonians raid Adria and abduct Timeo just after you had won?” asked an Adrian.
  9. HolyTurkey

    Redemption for Incompetence

    which was?
  10. HolyTurkey


    “When the Stauntons stop governing it.” replied Ted.
  11. HolyTurkey

    Duma of the First Seed, 1701

    “A trench was already voted upon, it was in favour. Nobody has gotten around to building it yet.” said Robin.
  12. HolyTurkey

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    With these posts, you’re damaging the orcs more than the admins lol. Who wants to play a race when you got people like this representing them
  13. HolyTurkey


    I wonder how long it is unto the Stauntons re-emerge and Curon hands their land over to them again?” asks Ted.
  14. HolyTurkey


    “I only said Hello!” exclaimed Ted, recalling the incident at the capitals gates.